Class "B" Animals Sold for Medical Research

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I had never heard the use of the term "Class B." DeRose will address the use of “Class B” animals in veterinary schools and research labs. Class B dealers are animal brokers who acquire animals from places such as pounds, flea markets and newspaper ads for the purpose of selling them to research institutions or veterinary schools. I learned something new from this article.

Endangered Birds: 50th Anniversary for the Class of 1967

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The “ Class of 1967 ” includes 36 species of birds, and they range from those delisted due to recovery to those lost to extinction. The class also includes some of the most iconic endangered birds, including the California Condor, Whooping Crane, and Puerto Rican Parrot. The following is a roll call of the Class of 1967, five decades later. Before the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA), there was the Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966. The first list of U.S.

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Learn Pet CPR – Save a Life!

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If you are in NYC, please consider joining this important class. Sat May 3 from 10am-1pm in Manhattan. Get certified while learning what to do if your dog or cat is in trouble. $80 80 per person. No actual animals will be at this event. All proceeds will benefit the shelter animals that we support! To register email Rock & Rawhide. The post Learn Pet CPR – Save a Life! appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. events

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Teaching Ornithology in High Schools

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Based on his own experiences teaching ornithology to high school students in California, he believes that high school student often just need the spark of an interesting elective class that fills a graduation requirement. But his class was only one of two in the U.S.,

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Paws at BlogPaws

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Roxy the Traveling Dog takes a nap during Dino Dogan’s SEO class. Roxy was very sweet and even came to visit my lap a few times during the class, and she had the prettiest little painted toe nails too! We had a great time meeting all the furry attendees at BlogPaws this year. There were some seriously adorable pets in attendance, in addition to many great pet brands and wonderful speakers. Here are just a few of the adorable animals we met.

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“Cheese Affair Pin to Win” Sweepstakes

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Check out the GRAND PRIZE – 3 trips for two to New York City to attend a cheese soiree and cooking class with Liz Thorpe – cheese expert, author of The Cheese Chronicles, and cat owner! August 11: Trip for two to New York City to attend a Cheese Soiree and cooking class with Liz Thorpe (3).

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“FedEx Panda Express” Brings Giant Pandas to France

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Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to create a world-class enclosure to house our newest additions, which will offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view these extraordinary animals”. Two giant pandas made their way from China to ZooParc de Beauval in France today. FedEx Express donated services to transport the giant pandas in a special plane named the “FedEx Panda Express”!

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Proposed Nebraska Legislation Angers Horse Activists

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Basically, it would mandate that humane societies and horse rescue operations would have to accept a horse if one was presented to them, or they would face a class four misdemeanor," said Larson. From the Lexington Clipper-Herald. click here for the full article. Two bills introduced in the Nebraska Legislature are drawing fire from the largest animal advocacy organization in the world. Newcomer to the Legislature Sen.

Classy, Elegant Bird Art from Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, lately, I have been enjoying the class and elegance of bird poster art produced by CaraCara. Not only is this the right way to go about using paper, but it also adds a touch of old-school class.

Back to School with PetMD University

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The nice part about doing these classes online is that you can get started anytime you want to, and you can come back to them anytime you want to as well. When I heard about PetMD University , I was excited to get back to school! Of course, it didn’t hurt that all the topics were about dogs and cats, and how we can help them live healthy, happy lives.

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Suit Filed Over Cows Killed to Drive Up Milk Prices

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The class-action lawsuit accuses companies of slaughtering thousands of cows just to decrease supply. If the dairy companies were doing this, well, that's cold! Excerpted from the Seattle P-I. A Seattle law firm is taking on dairies, claiming that a price-fixing scheme has consumers paying too much for milk. Animal rights group Compassion Over Killing was the first to uncover the alleged systematic slaughter of healthy dairy cows in California.

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As long as it's legal, who am I to judge?

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Funny thing is that the professor of the next class disagreed with some of that, and there's a class devoted to the history and function of our laws. Billie commented on a bull riding post from January of this year, writing: "And whos [ sic ] to judge someone for what they enjoy as long as it is legal!" (I I had condemned bull riding and stand behind that.) Let's deconstruct.

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Rancho Naturalista Lodge, Costa Rica, or in the Land of Coffee and Chocolate

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The next area was the Pacuare River Gorge, which features Class III and IV rapids. On that glorious day, I observed ten critically endangered birds, representing 8% of their Costa Rican, or 2% of their global population!! But, let’s start at the beginning.


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Shipping via USPS First Class mail is already included in the price. Are you looking for a fun way to identify your pet? PL8S 4 PETS are just the thing you are looking for! These unique ID tags feature your pet’s name on the front on your state license plate. On the back, your pet’s photo and information, in the style like a drivers license. We loved that there were additional choices for the information other than just name and number.

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Our Favorite Bird Books (and one pair of Binoculars) of 2022

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Dragan]: What puts Philip Briggs’s Sri Lanka into a class of its own is a special emphasis on nature and wildlife-watching tourism. This, 2022, has been a curious year for books about birds and birding.

Therapy Dog Helps Boy

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But that day, with our regular class missing, I wondered if we could help at all. Could we visit another class?” There is a class that would enjoy seeing…”. The teacher asked the class if they’d like to meet Alex. It was a small class, maybe 10 kids. “Hi, This is a great story about how a therapy dog helped a boy overcome depression. Dogs, as well as other pets, have been shown to improve quality of life.

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Manila Zoo Sounds Like a Nasty Place

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Opponents like to think that animal welfare is only an issue in developed countries amongst the white middle class. PETA is trying to prevent more animals going to the Manila Zoo. They are working with local animal welfare groups on this issue. Joining PETA as the petition’s signatories are the Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.

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How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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Many organizations exist throughout the United Kingdom to assist farriers and people desiring to be farriers to become registered and remain well educated through classes, training and competitions. A Farrier is a professional with a very unique set of skills, they are able to care for and treat ailments found in hoofed animals including horses, ponies and some other animals.

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On "Discarded" Greyhounds

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The RSPCA believes: " at least 20 greyhounds a day - either puppies which do not make the track, or 'retired' dogs aged three or four - simply 'disappear', presumed killed " Many vets will admit to killing healthy greyhounds – by definition it cannot be classed as euthanasia – for a cut price fee, for fear the dogs will be disposed of in a less humane manner and you have to accept the vet’s justification of this when you hear of stories similar to Dougie’s.

If You Are Ever in Istanbul

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Still, it is a world-class city, so we chose to spend 24 hours there. Turkey seems to be having a moment right now. A surprising number of our Mexican friends would like to go there — get this — because they love Turkish soap operas.

Stephanie Ernst Leaves

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I work, volunteer, take classes sometimes, run a household and care for five animals and a husband, so I'm not as involved in the blog community as I wish I could be. However, I certainly tried to read Stephanie Ernst's posts at's Animal Rights blog. Now I find out from Digging Through the Dirt that Stephanie has left and started a new project called Animal Rights & Anti-Oppresssion.

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Dog Collars

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Middle class adoption of dog ownership required affordable collars, just like today’s mass marketed collar industry. By Augie Berings, Bering’s Hardware. Nearly every dog owner buys a collar for their new pet but few are aware of the long history and many different types of collars. Archaeology has demonstrated that humans were crafting collars for their animals at least 7000 years ago and the possibility that this is a conservative estimate is large.

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Creature Update

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Dogs have died from hypoglycemia due to Vetsulin and there is a class action lawsuit. As many of you know, 2009 was chock full of creature-related drama for me. From the feral cats of Project Treadstone to Charles' back surgery to problems with Violet's Vetsulin (insulin for dogs), we had more than our share of issues. If I told you what I spent last year doing work-wise, you probably wouldn't believe me and you'd definitely suggest I write a book about it.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Keith, Here is an online ethics and animals class I developed for the Humane Society of the United States. Perhaps its content would be useful for your readers. Thanks Nathan Nobis , Ph.D.

Come See Birds and…Everything

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But we frame these birding highlights within a broader, more comprehensive experience, visiting world-class museums, archaeological sites, and cultural landmarks.

Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo, Part Deux

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Our clubhouse is a large house, complete with a kitchen made for entertaining and I'm going to survey the neighborhood for interest in a vegan cooking class. Coincidentally, last night was a board meeting for our homeowner's association, and though I wasn't on the agenda there's always time for homeowner comments about, say, the petting zoo and pony rides that are scheduled for the spring "BBQ" ( here 's part one of this story).

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On Quieting the Mind

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You get a lot of education and coaching for that $2000, but you can learn mindfulness meditation or various Buddhist meditation techniques, free of charge, any day of the week from either your home via the Internet, or at a free class. I've been using Transcendental Meditation (TM) as my meditation technique for over a decade. I still do some Mindfulness Meditation a la John Kabat-Zinn , but TM is what I do regularly.

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Vile Practices at Tulare County, CA Animal Shelter

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ALDF is asking that you send a letter to the USDA asking that Sargeant's Class B license-which allows him to round up dogs and cats from animal shelters, auctions, private individuals and other "random sources," and then sell them for experimentation-be revoked. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and am familiar with Tulare County. That's why this action alert from the Animal Legal Defense Fund strikes a cord with me. From the ALDF blog. Arrested in June 2007, Michael J.

Notable Trees

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I always knew this on some level but my appreciation was renewed and focused when I took a tree identification class in Prospect Park this past weekend. If you get the opportunity, I recommend that every birder take a class or two on their local trees. Most birders of my acquaintance are also broader naturalists.

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5 Tips for Helping Pets in Crisis

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Check with your local veterinarian, humane society or American Red Cross for classes. April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Knowing how to treat minor cuts and scrapes is just part of keeping our furry friends healthy and safe. Here’s what else you should know: 1. Know who to contact. In addition to the phone number of your regular veterinarian, you should know the location and phone number of the nearest emergency veterinary facility.

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Birding Dulan County, Qinghai

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Being a mammal myself, I am understandably much less fond of this animal class than I am of birds. Dulan County is a large county in east-central Qinghai, China.

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Summer Tanager at the University of West Florida

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Three evenings a week, I trek exactly 51 minutes from my house or 97 minutes from my office (depending on the day) to the University of West Florida campus in Pensacola for graduate classes in strategic communications. In 2018, I have set a goal of birding at least 15 minutes each and every day, which means I’m usually spending the last few moments of daylight before class wandering around the college buildings.

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Melange Monday

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If you cannot videotape, how about a photo of your group/class/pets club holding up a sign asking for Nosey to be rescued from her daily torment ? So many things to say today. First, check out " The Vegan Solution: An Ideal Whose Time Has Come " over at Care2. And what do you think about the word "ideal"? But more important, commenter Daniel Manahan could use some gentle education.

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Birding Breezy Point

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I count myself particularly fortunate that I live in a world class city with access to some wonderful natural places.

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These Poems Are for the Birds

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Prizes include cash, a creative writing class in Wales, a tour of East Anglia with British nature writer Mark Cocker, and publication in British poetry magazine The Rialto. Literally. Because what’s better than some good, soul-stirring poetry? Reading some good, soul-stirring poetry about birds—and nature—of course. The good folks at BirdLife International remind us that there are 4 weeks left to enter this year’s RSPB/Rialto Nature Poetry Competition.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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I think he also doesn't know that not all of us think that chasing down Class B dealers is as important as working to shut down animal experimentation and create more alternatives. For those who didn't read the five-part Slate series " Pepper, the stolen dog who changed American science " by Daniel Engber , I recommend it for the history, but also for the misconceptions and assumptions that you might want to discuss on the Facebook discussion about the series.

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The Bird 10K Project

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The establishment of this project is built on the success of the previous ordinal level project ([link] which provided the first proof of concept for carrying out large-scale sequencing of multiple representative species across a vertebrate class and a window into the types of discoveries that can be made with such genomes… The extraordinary diversity of Galapagos finches discovered during the 1826 voyage of the H.M.S.

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What’s Up with the ABA?  Part II (Some Suggestions)

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Virtually all of the identification articles are geared towards world-class ID experts. I recently wrote about the ABA , particularly the lack of communication regarding the search for a new president, its financial condition, and its role in the birding community.

Birding Hluhluwe, South Africa

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I have to admit that I also tend to feel a bit itchy after a long flight in economy class. Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park is the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa – it was established in 1895.

Nanhui, Shanghai in late autumn

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Spotted Redshanks , apparently waiting for a doctor`s appointment … … or practicing line formation (beginner`s class). November and early December can be a frustrating time here at Nanhui – on the one hand, there are fewer and fewer birds as migration slows down.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of 2014)

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From atop a terrific sledding hill, I enjoyed watching American Tree Sparrows lend class and native charm to flocks of House Sparrows. What a thrilling weekend, rich with epic snow and playoff football and all those other things that happen in January to people who don’t live near me. Hope you enjoyed at least part of the excitement! Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was any one of the forty-five Canvasback he counted at the World’s Fair Marina in Queens.

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A Field Guide to the Birds of Mongolia

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The species are illustrated in 154 plates, showing the local subspecies, plumage variation between sexes, seasons and age classes, as well as the upper side and underside of birds in flight.

Talking Starlings

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The bird is now bonded to humans and an ambassador to her class and the bird has quite the vocabular y. A European Starling in New Zealand made the news this week. This particular species is not native to New Zealand (similar to its status in North America). The woman in the video found it as a chick at a few days old and hand reared it. In areas where starlings are introduced, the laws for keeping them as pets are relaxed.

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