October, 2021

What I Learned in Costa Rica from October Global Big Day, 2021

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Another October Big Day has come and gone and thus made its way into the sacred birding archives. Similar to 2020, more than 32,000 people participated, 78,000 checklists were submitted, and more than 7,200 bird species were identified.

Quality Lowland Caribbean Birding in Costa Rica at Centro Manu

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Birding in the Caribbean is about islands, beautiful beaches, extra special endemics, rum, and smiles. It could also be much more, maybe less, it all depends on how you want to rock an international birding trip.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica: A Field Guide–A Book Review

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Salvias and the Hummers that Love Them

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During my time writing for 10,000 Birds, I have made no secret of my love for salvias — especially Michoacán’s native salvias.

May Flowers

PPT 5.28

Birding around Qinghai Lake, China

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Located about 2 hours from Xining by car, Qinghai Lake is China’s largest lake. It has some interesting characteristics – its high elevation at about 3200 meters, its salt content, and its alkalinity (as it does not have any outflows).

China 78

Patience in Birding

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The slate of birds available to the ardent birder in a particular place is a constant cycle of regulars, not-so-regulars, visitors, rarities, and vagrants. We’re always thoroughly entertained and occupied. For me, my personal ethos is simply to see what’s available. Yup, that’s it.

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A Birder’s Guide to The Wilderness Act

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Birders who venture off the beaten path may run across a sign like the one above. But what is “wilderness” and how does it differ from any other federal land?

Collaborative List – Sept 2021

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The Chiffchaff and Blackcaps are no longer singing locally, the hirundines are concentrating their numbers and the nights are noticeably earlier. It must be September. Beats are getting restless too with a couple of them venturing further than of late.

Birding Nanhui, Shanghai, in September 2021

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Got to cover the home front occasionally, even though it gets harder and harder. Construction is still ongoing at Nanhui, there are constant rumors that key birding sites will be made inaccessible … you have to take every Nanhui visit as it is your last (yes, another clichee).


Mammals of Madagascar (Lynx Edicions)

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When you bird afar and wander wide, you carry a field guide to the birds of the region you are exploring, a pair of binoculars, likely a camera, perhaps a spotting scope and a tripod too, plus clothing, medicines, toiletries, electronics, money and documents… Did you notice the missing item?

Animal Rights: Direct Action$ % ! &

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of October 2021)

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October can be a fantastic birding season in the right places. With hope, you’ve found yourself in one of those places! My weekend was actually pretty slow from a wildlife appreciation angle, but the bare husks of coneflowers in my garden are still drawing curious American Goldfinches.

Brown Quail around Broome

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We are lucky around Broome that we can quite easily observe Brown Quail. They like overgrown grassy areas and there are plenty of those areas around Broome. The environment at this time of year is mostly dry grass and the Brown Quail are busy digging up the grass seeds.

The Beach is Back

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Disclaimer: Technically, Lake Cuitzeo is surrounded by mudflats, not beaches. But the return of my lake makes me a bit giddy, and I couldn’t resist using this title. Also, if you are offended by the implied word I used, please blame Sir Elton John.

Ducks 66

A new bower in Cygnet Park-Broome

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The Great Bowerbird bowers around Broome don’t last forever despite their solid construction. We have extreme weather during our wet season with cyclonic winds and torrential rain.

Attend third

Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Black-breasted Buzzards and their wing panels

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In October 2015 I shared some photos with you of a Black-breasted Buzzard drinking and bathing on a hot day. One of the distinguishing features of Black-breasted Buzzards are the pale wing panels in flight. Quite often the wing panels almost appear white and the wings are upturned in flight.

2015 62

Death of the Downy Woodpecker, or, Dunlin at 10,000 Feet: The Eighth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit

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This past Saturday, 09 October 2021, was the Eighth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit. As regular readers of 10,000 Birds know, the Big Sit is my favorite birding event of the year, narrowly edging out the Christmas Bird Count.

Birding around Xining, Qinghai

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Early August is a bit of a dead time for birding in Shanghai unless you like your birds as little white spots at the far end of a telescope. So, I asked around and was told that Qinghai is the place to go to for birds in China in August.

Rainy Day? New Hometown Birding Spot!

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It was a rainy Sunday. After a day full of house projects, my husband, toddler, and I felt jittery, desperate to be outside before sunset ended the weekend. But where to go? We opted for a local green-space we had often driven by but had never visited: Tom Brown Park.

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Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Devils Backbone Brewing Company Vienna Lager

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I thought we had bid farewell to Barn Swallows ( Hirundo rustica ) for the year with last week’s post , but we’ll have them back one last time before we get any further into autumn.

South East Queensland [SEQ] Birding Destinations – Lady Elliot Island.

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Black Noddy and chick, Lady Elliot Island. Lady Elliot Island is a gem and a rewarding destination for any birder and naturalist. It is a sub tropical coral cay, the most southern in the Great Barrier Reef.

Amazing Birds of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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It has come time to put together another blog entry and I find myself bed ridden with a bad back so I will share a brief description of some of my local birds. With this headline, and my bias, I am tempted to include every bird however I will restrict myself, on this occasion to just three species.