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Mistletoebird breeding update

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I thought I should update you all on the Mistletoebirds that are nesting close to home, because I walk by the nest every day. Since I wrote about the nest a couple of weeks ago it has become a lot more obvious with the loss of leaves on the tree. Tree with Mistletoebird nest.

Dreaming of Congo rainforest: Gabon, Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic

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Hot summer days, often reaching 40C/104F, time to open another beer and dream of birding some cooler place, a place where deep shade of tall trees controls the heat… Perhaps the world’s second largest rainforest?

Plant Shop or Birding Hotspot?

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The Secret Perfume of Birds: Uncovering the Science of Avian Scent–A Book Review

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Do Brown-headed Cowbirds really smell like freshly baked sugar cookies? Do Dark-eyed Juncos really smell like leaves and dirt or “ferns and Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach Passion Tea? Do birds use odors and a sense of smell to communicate with each other?

Test webinar 6/10 10am

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Common Hedgerow Birds of Costa Rica

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Hedgerows are living fences and windbreaks, lines of green space that bisect fields and pastures. They can’t provide the same ecosystem value as natural forest and woodland but in places intensely modifed by people, hedges are vital sanctuaries for birds and other wildlife.

Now You’re Just Showing Off

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I went absolutely crazy a couple of weeks ago. Since my botanist friend Nacho (Ignacio) was on vacation, I did back-to-back major birding outings with him. As it happens, I had not gone out at all the week before, so I gave myself special permission.

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A Brief Return to Trinidad

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For those who have been following my posts here, some months ago I swapped islands and moved to Tobago. Having spent all my life in Trinidad, it was the first time I would be stationed away from the island of my birth.

Woodpeckers and Woodcreepers of Tobago

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The exploration of triads within the avifauna of Trinidad and Tobago has taken me through various families and species groups on this blog. It’s taken a life of its own to be honest. While this post isn’t entirely following that trend, it loosely is.

A flock of Spoonbills

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In Broome, one of the most reliable places to observe Royal Spoonbills is from the Broome Poo Ponds Barndarlmada Hut. The Royal Spoonbills roost inside the fence when they are not feeding on the mudflats of Roebuck Bay.

Critically Endangered Birds in Costa Rica- How to See Them, How to Help Them

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Sadly, horribly, we live in an era of mass extinction. Go for a walk in a local park in near the capital of the USA and the statement seems far-fetched, absurd even. Most of the usual birds seem present, a frog or two call from a small wetland, and a few other expected animals are there too.

Summer Days

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Baihualing – The Trequel

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I was looking for a title for this third part of a blog post on the birds of Baihualing, and thought that the made-up term “Trequel” would sound fitting.

Solid Air: Invisible Killer Saving Billions of Birds From Windows–A Book Review

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In 2007 I was working in a university building that was just begging for bird feeders.

Not enough Woodpeckers

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It is hard to imagine any birder not liking woodpeckers – they are the “motherhood and apple pie” of the avian world. So, writing a post about them is easy.

This is my dream – this is my nightmare

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Located in the Kutch District of Gujarat, the Naliya Grassland is the smallest reserve of India, covering only 2 square kilometers (yes – 0.77

Test webinar 6/9/22 9:40am

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Rarely Seen Costa Rica Birds That Aren’t Rare

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A birding trip is more than arriving to your destination and watching birds. It’s also getting ready for the trip and in a sense, once you buy that plane ticket, when you begin with serious planning, you are on your way!

Different, but the Same

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An eternity ago, when our now-adult children were young enough to watch Sesame Street, that show used to have segments about diversity with the phrase “We’re different, but the same. The same, but different.”

The Wryneck: Biology, Behaviour, Conservation and Symbolism of Jynx torquilla: A Book Review

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The Eurasian Wryneck is the woodpecker that doesn’t look like a woodpecker, the bird with the portmanteau name that is also a medical condition (and which may remind some people of a Nora Ephron essay).

Give, and it shall be given unto you

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Down here in Mexico, many of the longest life lists belong to full- or part-time birding guides. Now, I’m no professional, but I am more than happy to take people to meet the wonderful birds of this country’s southwest.

Attend third

Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Birding the Kruger Park (3): Malelane area

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I usually do not write much about traveling to and from birding places but my friend and I arrived in Malelane in the afternoon. We had been driving through Eswatini (Swaziland) for a few hours during the day, coming from Ndumo. Eswatini must have the worst paved roads I have ever experienced.

Birding Chongming Island in summer

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Shanghai’s Chongming Island is a well-known destination for birders, and will probably become even more important given the continued destruction of Nanhui. Yet it is generally recommended to go there in winter. In this post, I want to show that going there in summer may also be worth it.

Broome’s Pied Oystercatchers are breeding again

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Well, it is that time of year again and shorebirds are breeding. Hopefully all of the migratory shorebirds that left Roebuck Bay earlier this year have been successful at breeding in the Northern Hemisphere and will soon be heading back to our shores.

eBird Trip Reports

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eBird Trip Reports were introduced relatively recently, in December 2021.

May Flowers

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Birding the Kruger Park (2): Bateleur area

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Bateleur is a very small camp in the Kruger Park – a bit remote, but worth visiting. The one bird I did not see here, however, was the Bateleur Eagle … One highlight in the area is the Saddle-billed Stork , likely to be the tallest species in the stork family.

Martin Mania

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As I have commented in previous posts here, I consider myself very fortunate to have a good (and still increasing) number of highly-qualified birders with whom I can consult and, sometimes, bird. All are Mexican.

Mistletoebirds nesting in Broome

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It really is starting to feel like Broome is going to break a few winter low temperature records this year. Since we moved here in 1999 we have never needed to wear socks for so many days in a row in the early hours.

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Binoculars Review: Swarovski NL Pure 10×32

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After testing both Swarovski NL Pure 10×42 and 12×42, I – a self-confessed lover of smallish full-size binoculars, felt the urge to try the latest 32 mm NLs.

Animals in Space 3


Agave Honey

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As I mentioned last week, upon my return last month from California, where I had birded a couple of hours each day, I was ready for a bit of a break. Oh, no, I didn’t stop birding entirely. That would be absolutely crazy. But I did pick easier targets during the first two weeks.

Sacred Kingfishers

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Sacred Kingfishers are observed more easily around the townsite of Broome during our winter months and I have been observing them close to home for a few weeks now. We have been lucky enough to have one in our garden over the last few days and it carefully balanced on our pretend power line.

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Home Again, Home Again

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Well, it was a good run… I managed to write four weekly posts about the five days I spent in California last month. Which shows just how desperate I was to write about somewhere, anywhere, other than the area around my home, which I had not been able to leave for more than two years.

Collaborative List – Q2 2022

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During the second quarter of 2022 (April, May, and June), the Collaborative submitted 581 checklists from 7 countries ( China , Costa Rica , Mexico , Trinidad and Tobago , Saint Lucia , the United Kingdom , and the United States ). The 2022 year list is up to 1,124 species.

Test webinar 6/9/22 3pm

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