Critically Endangered Birds in Costa Rica- How to See Them, How to Help Them

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Sadly, horribly, we live in an era of mass extinction. Go for a walk in a local park in near the capital of the USA and the statement seems far-fetched, absurd even. Most of the usual birds seem present, a frog or two call from a small wetland, and a few other expected animals are there too.

A few more birds and streetlights

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After last Sunday’s post featuring a few of the birds that use the streetlights around Broome I thought I really should show you a few more! We had a surprise early morning storm on Good Friday, so that brought some clouds for a change and a welcome 10mm of rain.

Not enough Woodpeckers

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It is hard to imagine any birder not liking woodpeckers – they are the “motherhood and apple pie” of the avian world. So, writing a post about them is easy.

What’s Up with the ABA?

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Jeff Gordon resigned as president of the American Birding Association, effective November 30, 2021. A week later, on December 7, 2021, the ABA got around to making an announcement on its website.

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This is my dream – this is my nightmare

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Located in the Kutch District of Gujarat, the Naliya Grassland is the smallest reserve of India, covering only 2 square kilometers (yes – 0.77

How much time do you devote to birding?

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How high is birding on your list of activities – is it the very first or merely one of? Are you happy with an occasional morning here and there or do you need more? And how much more?

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Rarely Seen Costa Rica Birds That Aren’t Rare

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A birding trip is more than arriving to your destination and watching birds. It’s also getting ready for the trip and in a sense, once you buy that plane ticket, when you begin with serious planning, you are on your way!

Owling in Trinidad & Tobago

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While preparing an article this week for a local newspaper on the nighttime denizens of Tobago, it crossed my mind that I never considered owls as a group, far less target species for any particular outing (except for a select few, upon which I shall expound here).


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I bought my first plant for the garden, with my own money, when I was eight years old. I have no idea how I gathered enough money for the purchase, since I distinctly remember my allowance at that age being ten cents each week. Admittedly, a dollar went a lot further in the sixties.

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What’s Up with the ABA Now?

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The American Birding Association has not had a leader since November 2021. The Board of Directors has been searching for a candidate since that time, but it does not appear to have found one.

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The Wryneck: Biology, Behaviour, Conservation and Symbolism of Jynx torquilla: A Book Review

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The Eurasian Wryneck is the woodpecker that doesn’t look like a woodpecker, the bird with the portmanteau name that is also a medical condition (and which may remind some people of a Nora Ephron essay).

Once upon a time in Bojcinska Forest

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Once upon a time, vast forests of Quercus robur , known as common, pedunculate, European or English oak blanketed the Sava River floodplain, all the way from Croatia down to the river’s confluence in Belgrade, Serbia.

Out Birding to Help an Endemic Sparrow in Costa Rica

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I won’t be answering any messages this morning, won’t be available. Won’t be taking any phone calls either but I’ve got a good excuse.

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes

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Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes – Coracina novaehollandiae are a common bird species around our home in Broome, Western Australia. They are present throughout much of Australia and as their name would suggest they have a black face!

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Birding Jianfengling, Hainan (A-H)

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Jianfengling National Forest Park is a park in the West of Hainan – the tourist websites claim that it is “the largest and best-preserved tropical original forest in China”, which – if true – is a rather sad statement given the wide inroads that commercial agriculture has made into the park.

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Big Day on a Tiny Island

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The island of Tobago isn’t the smallest in absolute terms, but it’s pretty tiny at approximately 25 miles long and just under 7 miles wide at its widest point. For Global Big Day on May 14th, we decided we’d try our hand at birding as much of the island as possible.

Willie Wagtails in Broome

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The Willie Wagtail – Rhipidura leucophrys is one of Australia’s most widespread bird species, but it is not observed all year round close to our home in Broome. Willie Wagtails are present across much of the mainland and they are a large fantail.

The Antics of Pewees in Costa Rica

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Bird names say much about human perception, they can also give us insight into the people who invented names for official bird descriptions.

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Weird Towhees

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Towhees are large, ground-hugging sparrows that occur only in North America. They belong to either the Pipilo or Melozone genera, or perhaps both, as their taxonomy is still a point of contention.

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Baihualing – The Sequel

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At this moment, Baihualing is the eBird hotspot in China which has by far the largest number of species – 486. With 398 species, Nanhui is trailing far behind despite being covered by a much larger number of checklists (2225 compared to 608).

The Long and Bumpy Road

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Necessity being the mother of invention, and all that, the almost-total disappearance of Mexico’s second-largest lake in the spring of 2021 forced me to try a new birding route last May.

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Laughing at you, not with you

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While I am still not so sure about China’s sense of humor – though admittedly, the issue is mostly a mismatch between what I think is funny and what the average Chinese thinks is funny, an issue that I have had in other countries as well – the country sure has its fair share of Laughingthrushes.

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My Global Big (half-)Day, May 2022

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In the previous period I wrote mostly book reviews (but of some really great books ), yet I cannot remember when the last time was that I wrote of birding itself? Perhaps in my December posts on birding Colombian Amazonia ?

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Gull for a Godwit in Costa Rica

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Godwits and curlews are shorebird royalty. The macaws of the sandpiper clan, these long-billed, long-legged, loud calling birds are large and in charge. Unlike peeps and other smallish sandpipers, identification of godwits and curlews doesn’t even require the use of a scope.

Birding Singapore

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Writing this post, I have been in lockdown in my Shanghai compound for 60 days. The only bird-related activity I can think of is looking at bird photos I took in Singapore in 2015, and adding some irrelevant comments to them. Presumably, birds living in Singapore do not understand German.

One Good Turn

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(No, this is not a reference to my personal worst birder joke ever, that One good tern deserves another. Although that joke does apply to Faraaz Abdool’s latest post.). I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have several birder friends who are biologists.

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Black-necked Storks at Myalls Bore near Derby

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Whenever we make a trip to Derby we pull over seven kilometres before we get to town at Myalls Bore and the 120 metre long cattle trough.

Outer Range Brewing Company: Pluck Pluck Pluck Rice Lager

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The temperature soared to 85 degrees yesterday here in Albany. That’s not entirely unheard of around here in May, but it was an unexpected foretaste of summer considering we haven’t even hit the peak of spring migration yet.

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Birding St Lucia, South Africa

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St Lucia is a small town on the Southeastern coast of South Africa. It seems to consist mainly of hotels and restaurants, as the local economy depends on visitors to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Accessibility Matters II:  Birdability Q&A

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For those plugged into birding social media, it has been hard to miss the non-profit Birdability. The mission of Birdability is to “share the joys of birding with people who have disabilities, and to ensure that birding is accessible to everybody.”.

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