Seeking the Bahama Nuthatch

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Jim Wright is an author and birding columnist. His latest book is The Real James Bond , available as a hardcover, an eBook and an audiobook. For more Bahama Nuthatch information and links, check his blog, [link]. Jim’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds was A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink.

A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink

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Jim Wright’s latest book is The Real James Bond , the biography of the ornithologist whose name Ian Fleming stole for his secret agent 007. He writes “The Bird Watcher” column for the USA today newspapers in N.J.

Swarovski Skills Camp, or men and their toys

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Yesterday evening I got home from the second Swarovski Skills Camp at Lake Neusiedl in the east of Austria. I am still tired from the long drive, but it was great to play with the very best toys for birders, to be able to share experiences and to ask the factory staff all sorts of silly questions.

We Want to Help the Birding Tourism Industry

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With a worldwide pandemic still raging the tourism industry has taken a massive hit.

May Flowers

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What I Learned in Costa Rica from October Global Big Day, 2021

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Another October Big Day has come and gone and thus made its way into the sacred birding archives. Similar to 2020, more than 32,000 people participated, 78,000 checklists were submitted, and more than 7,200 bird species were identified.

Quality Lowland Caribbean Birding in Costa Rica at Centro Manu

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Birding in the Caribbean is about islands, beautiful beaches, extra special endemics, rum, and smiles. It could also be much more, maybe less, it all depends on how you want to rock an international birding trip.

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Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica: A Field Guide–A Book Review

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Bird Talk: An Exploration of Avian Communication–A Book Review

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There was a time when I thought each bird species had its own individual song. Then I found out that there was this vocalization called a ‘call,’ so I thought each bird species had its own individual song (but just the males) and individual call.

Beljarica Backwaters: Some good news announced (but not yet official)

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I am not used to good news, and am suspicious of them. What could be the big picture here, my suspicious mind keeps asking? But let me go back – you do not know the news! My readers are already familiar with Beljarica Backwaters, as described in half a dozen posts here at 10,000 Birds.

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“Peacocks and Picathartes: Reflections on Africa’s Birdlife”

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When was the last time you chose a book by its covers? I did that with Peacocks & Picathartes – Reflections on Africa’s birdlife (published by Penguin Random House South Africa ). In case you didn’t know, yes, there is an indigenous peacock living in Africa, the Congo Peafowl.

April Showers 4.30



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Every now and then you read a book which you believe should be read by everyone on the planet. Nature’s Best Hope by American entomologist and conservationist, Doug Tallamy, is such a book. The reason why is that it preaches simple truths: 1.

National Audubon Society Birds of North America: A Guide Review

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Audubon guides to birds have been around since 1946. The first guide bearing the National Audubon Society imprint was Audubon Bird Guide; Eastern Land Birds , written by Richard Hooper Pough, and illustrated by Don Eckelberry.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of August 2021)

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As August comes rushing to a close, the doldrums of the last few weeks have already started to give way to a new mass movement of birds. Move with them! Late summer in many parts of the U.S.

What’s Going On

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For the past few weeks, my posts have been thematic, rather than reporting on my latest outings. To be honest, this is because the birding has been a bit slow of late.

March Madness 4.0


Salvias and the Hummers that Love Them

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During my time writing for 10,000 Birds, I have made no secret of my love for salvias — especially Michoacán’s native salvias.

Mangrove Birds of Costa Rica

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Forest doesn’t just grow in mountains, hills, and valleys. Give certain, special trees the right conditions and they also take root in the shallow mud of estuaries and other coastal situations.

Black-necked Storks close to Broome

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We are very lucky here in Broome to be able to observe Black-necked Storks quite easily. They can often been found along the beaches of Roebuck Bay near the Broome Bird Observatory. They also like the grassy areas at the upper reaches of Dampier Creek, which runs behind town.

Birding Balangshan, Sichuan, China (part 2)

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Balangshan is a mountainous area in Sichuan complete with a pass at an altitude of 4500 meters. And it is a great place for birding. In fact, it is so good that it merits two separate blog posts. This is the second part.

China 87

New Year February

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It May Not Seem Like Much But

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This post does not contain serious eye-candy nor riveting text. In fact it slipped me to upload this earlier as I was completely swamped with some other (bird-related) responsibilities. Over the past few years we have been rewilding our yard here in the suburbs of the island of Trinidad.

A juvenile Wedge-tailed Eagle

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In April 2012 I wrote about A close encounter with a Wedge-tailed Eagle. I can’t use that heading again! This time the Wedge-tailed Eagle was closer and only involved ourselves and no other creatures.

Arizona, or Central Mexico?

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I got back into birding less than a decade ago, long after moving to Mexico in 1983. So I can hardly speak with authority on birding in the U.S. But even I have heard of how exciting southeast Arizona is for American birders.

Birding with 12s: Swarovski NL Pure 12×42

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“I don’t know anyone else crazy enough to try 12s,” my friend answered when told that I am about to test NL Pure 12×42. And he stood behind his words: he bought an NL 8×42. What do you think? Are 12s right for birding? Or have you ever birded with 12s? Back in the 1990s, I did.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Montezuma Winery: Carbonated Rhubarb Wine

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“This beautiful and singular bird, although a constant resident in the southern extremities of the peninsula of Florida, seldom extends its journeys in an eastern direction beyond the State of North Carolina.

Costa Rica: You Only Live Twice

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Indeed, you only live twice: your second life starts when you bird Costa Rica for the first time. And, yee-haw, this would be my second attempt at a second life: three weeks ago I was invited to bird Costa Rica! And that is how this mess I am in, started.

The Elusive Aztec Thrush

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Many thrushes live or winter in Mexico, but their taxonomy is mostly quite simple. Eight of our large thrushes (the American Robin , western Mexico’s own Rufous-backed Robin , and eastern Mexico’s ubiquitous Clay-colored Thrush , among others) belong to the genus Turdus.

2017 87

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of August 2021)

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The beginning of August raises all kinds of mixed feelings, especially if you live in a temperate zone north of the Equator. Are we excited that we still have a month of more of summer weather left or bummed that fall migration is still that far off?

December Cheer

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How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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I am so happy to be back on 10,000 birds – I have missed Mike and Corey and my fellow Beat Writers! Normally I rant about environmental dangers and describe heartwarming/mind-boggling/headscratching wild bird rescues.

New Birding Site in Costa Rica: Snowcaps, Raptors and More!

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Snowcaps are simply surreal. Not the sublime chocolate ones crowned with sugar but the live feathered ones that look like they have been dipped in choice burgundy and topped with a luminescent satin cap. The adult males sport that look; a bird created with crayons and an imaginative mind.

The Warbler Brewery: Canopy 2 Double India Pale Ale

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For a second time in a month, we have a new double India Pale Ale featuring a species of bird famous for its appearance on the classic vintage Guinness advertisements drawn by artist John Gilroy in the 1930s and ‘40s. Two weeks ago, it was a pantless thunder goose – er, ostrich.

India 87

Birding for One Species: American Goldfinch

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I settled into the wooden rocking chair on my parents’ porch at about 8 in the morning, early for some but hopelessly late for most birders. Taking a sip of coffee, I knew I had none of my usual birding accoutrements with me – no binoculars, no bird list, no field guide.

PPT 11/19/20