Why You Shouldn’t Watch the Kentucky Derby

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Many of these beautiful animals are quite literally raced to death. According to In Defense of Animals , roughly 800 race horses die from their injuries on race tracks each year in the US alone. When they break a leg or fail to win (to create a “return” on their owners’ investment), they are discarded – often sent to slaughter , a profitable end for the owner, but a brutal one for the animal. The much-hyped Kentucky Derby will be taking place this Saturday, May 1st.

Interview with VP of PETA's Laboratory Investigations

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Tags: animal research PETA Interesting short interview with Kathy Guillermo.

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Firefighter Who Killed Dogs Fired

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Tags: animal cruelty idiocy Good riddance. Nuff said.

2009 Animal Rights Conference Scheduled for July 16-20

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Tags: animal law conferences It's in Los Angeles this year.

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Horrible Animal Abuse at Iowa Pig Farm

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Tags: animal abuse animal cruelty pigs farm animal welfare Horrific.

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Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

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Tags: Animal Cruelty Factory Farming Farmed Animals animal suffering international news pictures pigs swine flu Source: NY Times online. The pig you see here being dangled by the leg is still just a baby, and by now he is already dead and thrown away for absolutely no reason, as are the rest of the 300,000 pigs in Egypt.

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Why Do Animals Exist?

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This weekend I got into a rather passionate debate with some friends of friends about animal rights. After a lot of back and forth about how animals are treated, how ethical meat consumption is, and why I’m vegan, we ended up with them stating that animals wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for humans to eat them – as in, they were put on this earth specifically for us to use as we see fit. “To eat animals.&#.

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

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Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Rights Animal Welfare horses videos euthanasia This video nicely highlights the insanity in killing “racing&# horses when they become injured.

Romain Rolland on Animal Suffering

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To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. Tags: Animal Rights Animal Cruelty animal suffering famous quotes For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal.

Poet Laureate of California Questions Animal Testing

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Tags: animal research medical research Here's her piece in the Huffington Post.

Animal Testing Center to Open in Malaysia

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Tags: animal research malaysia Caution on this story. Disturbing picture of monkey being injected.

Animal Rights Lawyers Continue to Emerge

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Tags: animal rights animal law Interesting article in the Gazette, a Canadian publication.

Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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They are loving and loyal animals. Tags: Animal Welfare animal advocacy companion animals dogs pictures I get frustrated when people suggest that all Pit bulls are a danger to society. I work with someone, in fact, who is so prejudiced against these beautiful dogs, that she will leave a dog park with her dogs if a pit bull arrives.

Let’s Catch Up!

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Alec Baldwin wrote a great piece for the Huffington Post about the vilification of Michael Vick, and how in a lot of ways it’s hypocritical of a lot of people – specifically, if you are a meat eater, a leather-wearer, and an animal user. Not that what Vick did can be in any way condoned, mind you, but that we all need to look at what we do day-to-day to contribute to animal suffering, and ask ourselves if it’s really worth it?

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Links/Products You Should Check Out

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Sanctuary Tails – This is a blog written by some of the people who care for animals at Farm Sanctuary. They talk about animal cruelty issues, but also profile rescued animals – my favorite part. There are some very touching stories, and it’s so nice to read about animals being well cared for when it seems like all you ever hear are horror stories.

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“You Want Farm Animals to Go Extinct!”

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This is one of my favorite responses from omnivores when they find out that I would love it if the whole world stopped eating animals. “But what would we do with all the animals that are currently on farms? You want all the farm animals to just die ?&#. Yes, that is why I’m vegan - because I’d like all the farm animals to DIE! Secondly, the fact of the matter is that many farmed animals could likely survive if they were left to their own devices.

What Matters to Animals…

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The weekend of June 13th and 14th I went to an animal rights conference in the Twin Cities called Their Lives, Our Voices. It was called “In Defense of Actual Animals&# , and it was fantastic. As I sit here writing this, animals across the world are being slaughtered by the thousands every second. As I’m sitting here in my comfy chair, chickens and pigs and cows and so many other kinds of animals are being strung up by their legs and getting their throats cut.

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Kathy Bauck: The Face of Puppy Mill Cruelty

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Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennels in New York Mills, MN, was recently found guilty of four misdemeanors: one count of animal cruelty, and 3 counts of animal torture. An officer of the ASPCA reported her to the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act back in 1998 and no action was taken. Apparently animal TORTURE only ranks as a “misdemeanor&#. This monster tortured innocent animals, and will likely see no more than 20 days inside a jail cell.

I’m Vegan, and No, I’m Not a Freak

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The Romain Rolland quote I posted last week has been on my mind a lot lately: To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. I looked around and saw people take big helpings of animal flesh without once giving a thought to the fact that it had been a living, breathing, feeling being not long ago.

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More Alleged Abuse At Iowa Egg Farms

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Tags: animal abuse eggs farm animal welfare factory farm chickens Another undercover video from the Humane Society.

A Victory for Turkeys

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All too often even the most egregious cases of animal abuse go without any substantial punishment. This seems even more true when the victim is a “food&# animal. Around Thanksgiving last year, People for the Ethical Treatement of Animals (PETA) released undercover video footage of Aviagen Turkeys Inc. I am happy to report that last week three of those workers were indicted on 19 counts of animal abuse, 11 of them felony charges that could carry significant jail time.

Meat with No Feet!?

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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) offered $1 million to any company or person who could come up with a cost effective way to produce cloned meat on a large scale, the goal being that people could still satisfy their meat cravings, but that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered for that purpose. In this country alone, we raise about 10 billion animals each year for food.

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Chimpanzees are NOT “Pets”

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Travis, like all other chimps, no matter how many amazing “human-like&# behaviors they exhibit, are still wild animals who do not belong to anybody else, and who will undoubtedly revert back to their instincts eventually. “Keeping an animal like that as a pet and force-training it goes against all of its natural instincts. “The state has no business issuing permits to people to keep these animals as pets,&# said Feral.

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Primate Death at a Charles River Laboratories Facility

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Tags: animal research The macaque was not removed before the cage went through the commercial cleaners. Bad stuff.

McKee Project Helps Latin America's Strays

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Tags: animal cruelty spay/neuter latin america strays companion animals This is a good group. Check them out. link].

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Oregon Man Charged with Letting Dog Freeze to Death

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Tags: animal cruelty I can't even comment on this, the anger is too intense. Happy New Year {insert sarcasm here!).

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NASA May End Monkey Radiation Experiments

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Tags: animal research primates NASA Not sure yet, but it could happen per this action alert from Physicians for Responsible Medicine.

Animal Rights is a Social Justice Issue

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Tags: animal rights social justice Thanks to Provoked for posting this video. It states our case eloquently.

World Week for Animals in Laboratories is April 16-26

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Tags: animal experimentation animal research medical research I like this short opinion letter that gets right to the point.

Monkeys Beat Cruel Trainer in China

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Tags: animal abuse animal cruelty china monkeys If only they could have escaped to a better life.

PETA Leads Anti-Animal Research Protest at University of Utah

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This protest comes after an undercover PETA investigator collected evidence of alleged animal abuse in the University laboratories. Tags: animal research utah medical research PETA

Utah 109

Colorado State Cited for Animal Research Violations

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The animal research supporter I know says "we can do a better job of treating lab animals." Tags: animal research colorado state university Another university cited. Yah think?

PETA Suing Utah County

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Tags: animal research They're trying to get documentation regarding the 100 dogs and cats sold to the University of Utah for medical experiments.

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How To Care for Wild Babies

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Tags: animal rescue wild orphans If you find any out there during these cold winter months, or at any time of the year, read this before you act.

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New Microchip Simulates Human Lung

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According to technewsdaily.com , this "lung on a chip" imitates the inner workings of a lung and could help lessen the need for animals as research subjects. Tags: animal research

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Animal Studies as Predictive Models are Fallible

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Tags: animal research Here's a good post stating why these studies are not good predictors for human/drug interactions. It wonders why there are so few debunkers out there.

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Anti-Research Advocacy in Madison

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Interesting article on anti-animal research advocacy in Madison, WI. Tags: animal research medical research university of madison-wisconsin Madison is a key battleground because it is one of only 8 cities with primate centers in the country.

Profile of "Pro-Test"

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Here's a scathing overview in Primate Freedom of the new organization "Pro-Test," an organization of animal researchers who want to advocate for their work. Tags: animal research medical ethics medical research Long and impressive expose.

Excellent Analysis of AETA

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This is an excellent analysis of the potential impacts of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Tags: animal enterprise terrorism act It appeared in the McNair Research Journal. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Animal Study Shows Junk Food Can be Addictive

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This is the perfect example of an UNNECESSARY animal study. Tags: animal research Stupid Come on. I could have told you it's addictive. How many more candy bars do I need to eat to become an expert?

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Examples of FBI Tactics Against Animal Rights Activist

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Tags: animal enterprise terrorism act FBI animal rights This post is from the blog Green is the New Red. It briefly discusses some of the tactics used by the FBI against Scott DeMuth, Carrie Feldman and Peter Young. These methods include diary reading, informants, a YouTube video, MySpace, LiveJournal, etc. Interesting.

Biggest Dogfighting Raid in US History

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Tags: animal cruelty law enforcement blood sport dog fighting It happened about a week ago with up to 350 dogs seized in 5 states. About 30 people were arrested.

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What's the Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights?

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Tags: animal rights animal welfare Here's one perspective. See if you can figure out when the author starts talking about PETA. She doesn't mention it by name, but who else could it be?).