Are Females More Prone to Animal Hoarding?

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It claims that one reason women may hoard animals more often is because we’re biologically hardwired to take care of things. There's a whole slew of articles out there in relation to hoarding in tangent with the new Animal Planet series about the problem. Tags: Animal Planet hoarding This weird little blog post on MSNBC says yes. It makes sense to me.

Animal Hoarding is a Serious Issue

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Animal hoarding is a pretty serious act that causes untold suffering for animals. Tags: animal cruelty animal welfare hoarding From an article in, of all places, "Farm and Dairy: The Auction Guide and Rural Marketplace:".there there are probably several factors that go into how a person develops into an animal hoarder, but “we think it may be related to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.”

Dogtown Episode 2

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Many consider hoarding to be a real mental illness. There are numerous fact sheets about animal hoarding available from animal groups. Tags: mental illness Best Friends hoarding Another episode of Dogtown done! This episode featured three young dogs: Johnny, the golden retriever that was considered too dumb to train; "Baxt" (I think) a puppy with a neurological problem; and Tuffy, the dog attacked and left for dead by other dogs. Baxt and Tuffy were victims of a hoarder.

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Little guy with big heart helping animals!

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Gala, which will be used to save thousands more lives in the coming year from the cruelty of puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarding and neglect cases, and more. It’s no surprise they call philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue , the little guy with a big heart!

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Birding Inner Mongolia

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Like my mother, the Chinese Nuthatch habitually hoards food (HBW). (Note: this post refers to a trip I took a long time ago, in 2015. Still, after I used modern software to turn the originally black-and-white photos into colored ones, some of them may still be worth looking at).

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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sexual abuse, and animal fighting as well as neglect (such as hoarding). Vikki Kittles : Since 1982, Kittles has been run out of four states for hoarding animals. An Oregon prosecutor convicted Kittles in 1993 after finding 115 sick and dying dogs crammed into a school bus, but she has gone on to hoard animals again in Oregon and other states several times since. I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

IATB Needs More Jays

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The blogger sitting on a post about Blue Jay s hoarding acorns or Scrub Jay s putzing around in family groups. You with the photos of gorgeous Green Jay s or unusual Unicolored Jay s or enigmatic Eurasian Jay s (see what I was doing there?). Why haven’t you submitted your stuff to I and the Bird yet? Haven’t you heard the subject is “Jays”? I wasn’t talking about the letter or late night talk show hosts or illegal street-crossers. The birds , man.

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Wanderings in December Fog

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A Common Buzzard in the ground, another on the top of a bush… Buzzards were the most obvious birds, most of them coming from the more northerly countries to overwinter here and serve for target practice to a hoard of trigger-happy poachers. I don’t know what those so-called meteorologists are doing: they all claim a moderately cold morning, but do not say a word about the fog! Yet, tree branches are covered in hoar frost and the fog is so thick one could cut it with a machete!

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of October 2012)

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No wonder folks are hoarding water and batteries! I don’t know how things are in your part of the world, but in my geographic proximity, people are freaking out. Much of the Mid-Atlantic is bracing for what has been endearingly termed a Frankenstorm. On the bright side, a big storm tends to blow in bedraggled rarities… This weekend, I was quite pleased to see that Dark-eyed Juncos have returned to my yard. They seems pretty pleased to be on the property themselves!

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Birds in Winter: A Book Review, Written in Winter

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Here are some of the things I learned reading Birds in Winter: . Birds who store food in advance of winter (corvids, t**s, and nuthatches) have a larger hippocampus (the brain structure that regulates memory) than non-storing birds do.

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Minnesota, a Winter Owl Wonderland

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They were joined by hoards of Common Redpoll and Black-capped Chickadee , along with Red-breasted Nuthatch , Downy Woodpecker , and Hairy Woodpecker. An Imposing Great Gray Owl, by Carlos Sanchez. Great Gray Owl , Northern Hawk Owl , Snowy Owl – this trinity captures the imagination of most birders with their imposing presence, unique adaptations, and beauty as among the most desired species of bird to see in the world.

Why Don’t I Have Any Finches At My Feeder?

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I’ll either be flying over thousands of Canvasback s or standing in a cornfield surrounded by hoards of native sparrows or whirling flocks of Eastern Bluebirds and American Pipits. When trying to attract finches, it can be feast or famine. Some days you get bunches and bunches, other times you might feel totally rejected by them. I recently had a conversation with a colleague who works for the Department of Natural Resources.

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Hula Valley Israel Is A Migratory Hot Spot

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The entire migratory season will bring hoards of birds passing over. I am a migration junky. I love it. No matter how many times I see certain species, I’m happy to see them again when the seasons shift. I also love large congregations of birds. I take comfort in that, when I see a huge flock of birds, I feel so insignificant, it’s liberating.

De arte venandi cum avibus: San Martino Siir (2015) – Aglianico del Vulture DOC

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Birders cherish and hoard books above all other trappings of the pastime, and rather than relegating these tomes to the home library or study, they’re routinely carried out-of-doors as constant and dog-eared companions in field and forest.

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When Feeding Birds Runs Amuck

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Birds definitely need our help when it comes to habitat preservation, but attracting hoards of birds is not the way. Feeding birds is generally regarded as a harmless past-time, a wholesome way for people to share nature and enjoy wildlife with the family. However, more and more news stories are popping up this year of communities cracking down on bird feeding. Sometimes people find themselves the victims of ill-informed home owners associations that have a phobic view of wildlife.

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Vultures, Human Evolution, Global Warming, and Windmills

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On the way, he told me a story of one of the senior (retired) archaeologists in the department sneaking into another archaeologist’s office to read a manuscript he had been hoarding. Yes, these things are all connected. Last weekend, Desiree Schell and I taped a segment of “Everything You Know Is (Sort of) Wrong” ( apologies ) for Skeptically Speaking , a radio talk show and podcast that Desiree hosts.

A Merganser Trifecta!

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These mergs were joined by a hoard of Northern Shovelers, Mallards, Ring-billed Gulls and one lonely male Hooded Merganser. It goes without saying that our three breeding species of mergansers in the United States are amongst the most brilliantly colored birds we have. Common , Hooded and Red-breasted Mergansers all breed here, but Red-breasted is the more northerly of the group.

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