Hedgehog basics

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We introduced you to our hedgehog Yuki awhile back, and many of you have reached out with questions on if they make good pets, and if then need special care. Hedgehogs do make great pets, but there are some things … Continue reading → hedgehogs Uncategorized

2017 21

Introducing Yuki, our albino hedgehog

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We recently adopted an albino hedgehog. … Continue reading → The post Introducing Yuki, our albino hedgehog appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. hedgehogsThere’s a new little face in our household, and we are excited to introduce her to you!

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Adorable animals are sharing an important message!

4 The Love Of Animals

Recently, the Ad Council has crafted three aww-inducing Public Service Ads (PSAs) featuring puppies, baby goats, and hedgehogs! Yes, hedgehogs (of course we had to share that one). Everyone loves videos with animals being adorable and cute.

2017 11

Puppy Bowl Co-viewing App presented by Subaru

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I can’t wait to see what it will be like to watch the adorable puppies, the hedgehog cheerleaders, and of course to check out the extra fun the app will bring! Who else is excited for Puppy Bowl Sunday!?

Create the perfect habitat for animals in your garden

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These serve a couple of important roles – foliage provides cover for animals and a defense against predators, and flowers attract insects, which in turn attract insectivores such as hedgehogs, shrews and a variety of birds.