Helping Feral Cats in Your Neighborhood

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Cory Williams, of the famed "Mean Kitty" YouTube videos (which are really funny), has a good how-to video about doing a trap, spay/neuter, and release of feral cats in your neighborhood. The video was done on behalf of the Stray Cat Alliance. Tags: feral cats

Feral Cats More Important Than Humans?

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Be careful if you cross the feral cat freaks – they might protest your business, sue you, and drive you to suicide. Such was the sad fate of a New York City veterinarian who refused to release a stray cat she treated back to a feral cat freak who planned to release the cat back into a feral cat colony. Dr. Shirley Koshi was a woman who devoted her life to caring for animals and sought to prevent a cat from the miseries of living out-of-doors.

Economic Troubles in Portugal Lead to More Abandoned Animals

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Figures released by the National Veterinary Authority, Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária, show that in the Lisbon area alone, a total of 5,629 stray cats and dogs were caught last year, up from the 4,442 caught in 2010. From the Portugal News Online.sad stuff.

Heavy-weight aerial combat

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It goes after the falling fish… …almost… …but no, the older eagle misses the fish, which falls to the ground, to make some stray cat a very happy cat. The forecast said „rain all day“ and with a mug of coffee in the morning, seeing a bright blue sky through the window I was thinking some not so nice thoughts about meteorologists and their trustworthiness.

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Some time ago a neighborhood stray cat came to the yard to have her kittens. This little mama cat was super smart and found her way into the hot tub, and here are her little kittens snuggled up in a flower pot. Sadly, shelters and rescues are full of cats and are already full. We tried to find a rescue group to take the little family so they could hopefully find a loving home.

Socks the Cat Dies

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The Clinton cat Socks has died. Former First Cat Socks, one of the world’s most famous felines, died Friday at the age of 20 after battling throat cancer since November. A stray cat rescued by the Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, Socks lived in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and later moved with the family to the White House. Tags: cat obituary

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City of Albuquerque Being Sued for Trap-Neuter-Release Program

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From the American Bird Conservancy : The mayor of Albuquerque and the director of the city’s animal welfare department have been named in a lawsuit alleging that the officials have committed animal cruelty by allowing certain illegal and improper animal management practices to occur related to abandonment of stray cats. And if you want to take a moment to donate a few dollars to the American Bird Conservancy’s Cats Indoors program that would be absolutely awesome.

Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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Years ago, I became a wildlife volunteer and advocate because of a cat who caught a bird. Now, he lay frightened and ruffled in my hands, his tail tattered, his feathers damp from the maw of a cat named Puck. Back then, I didn’t know enough about birds, but I knew a lot about cats. I’d been volunteering at rescues through my young adulthood, and I was training as a cat socializer, teaching terrified felines — the unlucky victims of cruel people — to trust humans again.

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The Hummingbird that Answered My Heart’s Calling by Noelle M. Meade-Izzi

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Even many of our clumsy and destructive attitudes towards our fellow creatures — the horrors of early zoos and circuses, the irresponsible feeding of stray cats, the impulse to grab up fledglings who are just trying to get their air-legs under them after leaving the nest and ‘help’ them — often spring from a deeply rooted desire for interaction, a belief that it will lead to something profound.

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Race for the Rescues

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This is Los Angeles’s premier animal-related fundraising event benefiting the following non-profit rescue organizations: The Rescue Train, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Alliance, A Dog’s Life Rescue, Stray Cat Alliance, Four-Legged Friends Foundation, and Molly’s Mutts & Meows. Each year these groups combined, rescue and find homes for over 2,000 abandoned Southland dogs and cats, animals that most likely would otherwise have lost their lives.

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