Washington Town to Become Horse Slaughter Capital?

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Dempsey says if rumblings of a new plan by the giant Canadian horse meat packing company Bouvry Exports-Calgary to reopen the Florence Packing plant on Florence Road for equine slaughter are true, Stanwood soon might become better known as the region’s “Butcher Shop for Horses”. pigs peace animal sancturay State of Washington horses horse slaughter agriculture meatpacking


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This is a few years old, but everyone should read it

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Horse Slaughter Could Start Up Again in One Month

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Slaughter opponents pushed a measure cutting off funding for horse meat inspections through Congress in 2006 after other efforts to pass outright bans on horse slaughter failed in previous years. exotic meats horses legislation horse slaughter usBad news for horses in the US. Of course, right now, they're just being shipped to Canada and Mexico anyway, where health and welfare standards are much, much lower. Read the complete article at pantagraph.com.

Halal Slaughter Causing a Furor In Quebec

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Two political parties in Quebec are speaking out about the ritual slaughter of animals, but a Jewish advocacy group is confident that kashrut is not being targeted. The opposition Parti Québécois and the Coalition For Quebec's Future declared their concerns about halal meat, which comes from animals that are slaughtered according to Islamic law. This type of slaughter slams directly against Québécois values," the Parti Québécois said in a statement.

New Horse Slaughter Rules to Appear in Canada

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The Animal Welfare Institute thinks these new rules could be a blow to the horse slaughter industry, but only if actually implemented. Tags: canada meat horse slaughter Slaughterhouse

Dutch May Ban Kosher Slaughter of Livestock

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THE DUTCH parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ban the ritual slaughter of livestock. Dutch law requires animals to be stunned before slaughter, but has long allowed an exemption for Muslims and orthodox Jews, who can legally butcher animals according to their centuries-old dietary rules. It could have a snowball effect for other countries in Europe, although probably it certainly won't be seen as politically correct. Excerpted from the Irish Times.

Unintended Consequences for US Ban on Horse Slaughter

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I don't support the slaughter of any animal, but if an animal will die anyway, don't we want the best possible conditions? Tags: canada gordon ramsey mexico horse slaughter Unfortunately, a record number of horses are now going to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses, where there is no USDA control over animal welfare conditions. I understand what animal activists are trying to accomplish, but every time I read one of these stories, I wonder if this ban was the right thing.

On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

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While plenty of people pay attention to the question of what it means to raise an animal humanely, far fewer stop to consider the notion—and the ostensible paradox—of humane slaughter." And though being hauled to their death on a bulldozer is terrible, any other form of slaughter at the hands of another, on that other's timeline and terms, is nevertheless slaughter. And perhaps that "better" will distract the reader from the undeniable fact of the unjust slaughter.

Study Claims Islamic Slaughtering More Humane

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I came across this strange article about German research on which slaughter method creates more pain for the animal: the Western method of stunning or the Islamic method of a cut to the neck. The Islamic practice of slaughtering animals by means of a sharp cut to the front of the neck has frequently come under attack by some animal rights activists as being a form of animal cruelty, the claim being that it is a painful inhumane method of killing animals.

Contrarian Nonsense About the Seal Slaughter

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WHO could defend the slaughter of 300,000 harp, hooded and grey seals by hook-wielding hunters out to make a quick buck from the seals' pelts? Ah, nothing like a column defending baby sea killers to get the blood going. I could. The increasingly shrill condemnation of Canada's seal cull is based on a view of humans as bloodthirsty destroyers of nature. I would rather stand with the seal bashers than with these people bashers. And so it goes.

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Efforts Being Made to Halt Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

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It's that time of year in Taiji Japan when they start slaughtering dolphins. You can read about Save Japan Dolphin's efforts here. It looks like there is at least some hope.

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Guy Who Trained Flipper Protests Dolphin Slaughter

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Today, the man who trained Flipper for the popular 1960s TV series is crusading against the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, captured by hidden cameras in a chilling documentary called “The Cove” that’s being shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I just read this story today. The moment Flipper died in his arms, Richard O’Barry was transformed from a dolphin trainer into an activist determined to free captive dolphins around the world. That was 39 years ago.

Egypt Begins Slaughtering Pigs to Avoid Swine Flu

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The Egyptian government has begun slaughtering all of the pigs in the country. From the NY Times: Egypt has begun forcibly slaughtering the country’s pig herds as a precaution against swine flu, a move that the United Nations described as “a real mistake” and one that is prompting anger among the country’s pig farmers.

Montana Horse Slaughter Bill Not Vetoed

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Tell the governor's office that (live) horses are a symbol of the American West and Montana should not want to be known as the horse slaughter capitol of the country. Please read this excellent and compelling letter by former Mayor Paula Bacon about the disastrous effects of having a slaughter facility in her hometown of Kaufman, Texas. From Elizabeth Forel, of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.

Seal Slaughter Stopped by Russia. Canada? Not So Much.

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Kudos for Russian leader Vladimir Putin for stopping the slaughter of seals. Conservation groups have staged protests in 20 Russian cities this week, demanding an end to the slaughter. Maybe Canada can learn something from the former KGB agent and avid hunter about compassion. The ministry said: “This is a serious step forward to protect Russia’s biological diversity.

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Dogs Slaughtered in Yangxian Co. in China

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From China Smack (link has dead dogs picture): 2009 May 31, an indiscriminate massacre was carried out throughout the entire 3206 square kilometer county of Yangxian in Shaanxi province — the target of the massacre were dogs! No matter whether it has a license, whether it was vaccinated, whether it was leashed, whether it was owned, they were all given the death penalty on May 31.

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On Horses too Thin to Slaughter

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In " Prominent Horseman Faces Questions About Neglect ," Joe Drape of the New York Times reports: Four undernourished and neglected former racehorses belonging to Ernie Paragallo, a prominent New York thoroughbred breeder and owner, were rescued from a New York kill pen last month, one step from being slaughtered. that were sold to slaughter for $680. So he took them to the kill pen to sell them for slaughter. [T]hey

Montana Legislature Proposes Horse Slaughter Facility

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Great, just after we managed to get rid of the last one "It doesn't mean you have to do it. It's that if you don't have the funds, and you don't have the feed, and don't have the place to keep them, and they are old, and they are no longer going to work for what you need them for, it's a place for them to go," said Billings Livestock and Horse Sale's Jenn Parker. A place for them to go? Maybe then can call it Horse Haven.

On Thanking Slaughtered Sheep for Book Awards

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Well, she apparently did such a great job convincing the folks at the Minnesota Book Awards that you can claim to love animals and then send them to slaughter, that not only was she a finalist for their award, but she won it. But slaughtering sentient beings, when you have no need to, is nothing to be proud of, and it's certainly nothing to be awarded for. Jenny sent me a link to a remarkably-ironic story that was very tough to get through.

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On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

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Not approving the institutionalized slaughter of the horses we claim to hold so dear lowers that value. " Surge in Abandoned Horses Renews Debate Over Slaughterhouses " in today's New York Times begs a lot of questions that I wonder how you would answer. Let's deconstruct: The facts of the case: "Emaciated horses eating bark off trees. Abandoned horses tied to telephone poles. Horses subsisting on feces, walking among carcasses.

SeaWorld Upset by Dophin Slaughter Film "The Cove"

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It is not a favorable portrayal. They are basically portrayed as benefiting from the horrific hunting and capture of dolphins in Japan.

Horse Slaughter No More

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citizens have been struggling to bring an end to the inhumane practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption. For previous posts on the ethical issues surrounding the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, see here , here , and here. For several years, conscientious U.S. Happily, that struggle is finally over. As reported in this Northern Star story, on July 5, 2007, Cavel International, the last remaining horse slaughterhouse operating in America, was ordered by U.S.

Spaniards Are Giving Up their Horses Due to Economic Conditions

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animal abandonment economics spain horses poverty horse slaughterand they are ending up in slaughterhouses or are being abandoned.

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Horse Slaughterhouse Proposed in New Mexico

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This article reaffirms my belief that it's more humane to slaughter horses in the US than to ship them for slaughter to Canada or Mexico. mexico meat horses horse slaughter Slaughterhouse farm animal welfare united statesI don't like it either way, but one is better than the other for sure.

Did Sarah Palin Allow Wolf Cubs to be Slaughtered?

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That is the allegation in this Defenders to Wildlife video. If true, that's another reason not to vote for this backwoods goofball hick.

Activists in Canada Found Not Guilty of Getting to Close to Seal Slaughter

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The five were charged with coming within 10 metres of seal hunters on March 26, 2006 while filming the annual slaughter in the Gulf of St. That's good news. A judge has found five animal-rights activists not guilty of getting too close to seal hunters during the 2006 hunt off Canada's east coast. Lawrence, not far from Cape Breton. They are representatives of Humane Society International and Humane Society of the United States.

Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on "Humane Slaughter"

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By all means let us reform the system of butchery as far as it can be reformed, that is, by the total abolition of those foul dens of torture known as "private slaughter-houses," and by the substitution of municipal abattoirs, equipped with the best modern appliances, and under efficient supervision; for there is no doubt that the sum of animal suffering may thus be greatly lessened.

Why You Shouldn’t Watch the Kentucky Derby

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When they break a leg or fail to win (to create a “return” on their owners’ investment), they are discarded – often sent to slaughter , a profitable end for the owner, but a brutal one for the animal. Filed under: Animal Cruelty , Animal Rights , Animal Welfare Tagged: horse racing , horse slaughter , horses , In Defense of Animals , Kentucky Derby. Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Rights Animal Welfare horse racing horse slaughter horses In Defense of Animals Kentucky Derby

Palin Pardons Turkey, Gives Interview With Turkeys Being Slaughtered Behind Her

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This woman is a complete dumbass. And yes, you will be hearing more about her here. We've been following her destructive policies since before she brought her trailer trash values down to the lower 48, and we'll keep following her until she leaves office.

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It's Back! The Horror of Horse Slaughter in DeKalb

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that slaughters horses for human consumption. you might wonder how it is that Cavel has been able to brutally slaughter horses for human consumption right here in the U.S. but that leaves open the possibility of slaughtering horses for human consumption abroad. In response to citizen outrage over horses being slaughtered in Illinois, the Illinois legislature decided to tie off the loophole for good by passing House Bill 1711.

Undercover Video Sparks Calls for Canadian Ban on Horse Meat

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canada animal abuse meat quebec horse slaughterExcerpted from CTV.CA. Animal rights groups are calling for a ban on the sale of horse meat after disturbing video at a slaughterhouse in west Quebec was sent to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. The footage was shot with a hidden camera inside Les Viandes de la Petite Nation near Montebello. It shows a parade of horses being stunned with what's called a captive bolt pistol.

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Proposed Nebraska Legislation Angers Horse Activists

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nebraska horses horse slaughterFrom the Lexington Clipper-Herald. click here for the full article. Two bills introduced in the Nebraska Legislature are drawing fire from the largest animal advocacy organization in the world. Newcomer to the Legislature Sen. Tyson Larson introduced LB 305 on Wednesday, which would create a state meat inspection program, which would in turn allow horse meat to be transported across state lines.

Montana Passes Horse Slaughterhouse Protection Measure

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Montana has passed a law making it difficult to challenge the building of a horse slaughtering facility in that state. Judicial review of equine slaughter or processing facilities -- surety bond -- attorney fees -- venue. (1) Tags: horse slaughter The last such facility in the US closed in 2007. This bill specifically makes for groups that might oppose it to use the court system to do so. From the bill, which you can read here : Section 2.

"Educate, Investigate, Liberate"

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Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Abolition Animal Rights Pig slaughter Spain Veganism

Missouri Legislature Attacks Horse Activist

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Tags: Stupid legislation horse slaughter Missouri

On The Respectful Emperor

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Farmers were bragging about how much they "loved" the animals they would soon betray and slaughter, and many omnivores who had discovered how animals are treated wanted to assuage their consciences a bit by "at least" giving the animals a better life prior to their untimely slaughter. Tags: Current Affairs Ethics Food and Drink Language animal rights chicken slaughter language Sara Lipka The Atlantic veganism

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Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

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According to the New York Times, “Egypt ordered the pig slaughter even though there hasn’t been a single case of swine flu there and no evidence that pigs have spread the disease.&# Source: NY Times online. The pig you see here being dangled by the leg is still just a baby, and by now he is already dead and thrown away for absolutely no reason, as are the rest of the 300,000 pigs in Egypt.

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Escaped Cow Goes to Sanctuary

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A cow that escaped from a slaughter house in NY City has been allowed to go to an animal sanctuary.

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Mr Ed, Trigger, and My Friend Flicka

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Here is a New York Times story about horse slaughter

Meat with No Feet!?

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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) offered $1 million to any company or person who could come up with a cost effective way to produce cloned meat on a large scale, the goal being that people could still satisfy their meat cravings, but that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered for that purpose. More importantly, those animals suffer greatly during their short lives, only to end up at a slaughter house where they will be killed for food.

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Why Do Animals Exist?

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Those crops are then largely fed to “food animals&# , which are then slaughtered and fed to humans. This weekend I got into a rather passionate debate with some friends of friends about animal rights. One of them was pretty educated about the evils of factory farming, and said that she didn’t eat much meat because she had to know where it came from.

Let’s Catch Up!

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It is a haunting, disturbing, thrilling, and often heartbreaking film about the dolphin trade and consequent slaughter in Japan. Most are abandoned or euthanized, or sometimes sold into slaughter. There have been SO many things I’ve wanted to write about lately, but I’ve let summer get the best of me and been a bad little blogger.

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Chinese Dogs Rescued En Route to Butcher

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These dogs were rescued by Chinese activists before they could be slaughtered for meat. According to this article from the NPR site , such rescues are occuring more regularly as dogs are increasingly becoming pets. A good story from China for once. exotic meats animal rescue Slaughterhouse dogs china