Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

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We recently got an email from a rescue group that specializes in blind dogs. Every dog deserves a good home! The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a small group of volunteers in the United States and portions of Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs. They help through rescuing dogs in shelters, assisting blind dog owners, and educating the public about these wonderful dogs.

Dog rescued in Japan!

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After being washed out to sea, and somehow surviving on top of the roof of the house that was washed out, this miracle dog was rescued! We were so happy to know that this sweet dog was rescued, and and even more happy to hear that the dog was reunited with it’s owner! Amazing stories of survival keep coming out of Japan, and our hearts are lifted when we see stories like this one.

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Like American Dog Rescue, Help Pets!

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American Dog Rescue has a generous donor who is willing to give $1 to Missouri animal tornado victims for every Facebook fan up to $10,000. Please take a few seconds to “like&# the American Dog Rescue Facebook page. events people helping animals rescuesWill you help them reach their goal of 10,000 Facebook fans? Upon reaching this goal, Arthur E.

Amazing Dog Rescue on Ice!

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Just proves how much we love our dogs! Amazing Dog Rescue on Ice! Untamed and Uncut airs Sundays at 9pm on Animal Planet. For more video, go to [link]. originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on August 6, 2009.

Cutest animal adoption application ever.

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Tah and Kole Whitty have taken to the internet to find the perfect rescue chihuahua. Done in the style of many human adoptions, this creative application is … Continue reading → cute video dogs rescuesAre you ready to see the most creative, cutest, animal adoption application ever?

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Chinese Dogs Rescued En Route to Butcher

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These dogs were rescued by Chinese activists before they could be slaughtered for meat. According to this article from the NPR site , such rescues are occuring more regularly as dogs are increasingly becoming pets. exotic meats animal rescue Slaughterhouse dogs chinaA good story from China for once.

You can help Angels in Fur Dog Rescue with just a click!

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Natural Balance has teamed up with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue to donate one pound of food for each new “LIKE” on the Natural Balance Facebook page ( ). That means that YOU can help feed rescue dogs with just a click of your mouse! Since 2006, Angels in Fur has rescued and rehomed approximately 1,000 abandoned dogs from the pound or neglectful owners, many needing orthopedic surgery and months of rehabilitation.

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Great Video About a Dog Rescue

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This is 5 minutes long, but a great one to watch

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New Reality TV show – Dr Lisa to the Rescue

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Bones replace roses when true, life-lasting love finally comes to TV with the launch of Dr Lisa to the Rescue, a riveting new reality show which finds forever homes for rescue dogs. Dr. Lisa Chimes, of Bondi … Continue reading → The post New Reality TV show – Dr Lisa to the Rescue appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats dogs rescues tvForget The Bachelor!

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The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

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The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs , in Cleveland, OH is a wonderful organization! They take in older dogs and try to find them homes. The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs makes a lifelong commitment to the dogs they rescue. so even if the dog is too ill or too poorly socialized to be adopted into a loving home, that dog stays with an experienced Sanctuary foster caregiver for life. Right now they are part of the Shelter Challenge on The Animal Rescue Site !

Tex For Mayor 2014

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Tex is one of 14 dog candidates running for a two year term to serve as the first canine mayor of Salt Lake County. American Dog Rescue Foundation and its founder Arthur Benjamin need YOUR votes to help Tex win! Tex is a death-row rescue from eight years ago. dogs just for fun people helping animals From death row to possibly becoming the first K9 Major of Salt Lake City!

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Little guy with big heart helping animals!

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Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue , the little guy with a big heart! Not only has he founded his own dog rescue in honor of his beloved poodle Buddy, but he contributed to and helped raise more than $1,000,000 for The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team on during The Humane Society’s To the Rescue! American Dog Rescue, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of “No Healthy Dog Without A Home”.

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Cookie and Coco: Anatomy of an Internet Chain Email

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They are two dogs that once needed to be adopted. Someone told us it involved Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. We are once again getting a lot of hits over the saga of Cookie and Coco. They eventually were (in 2007, I believe. But, the story won't die. You can read about our coverage of it here. People keep forwarding this chain email around. Since our site comes up number two in Google, they find out the story from this website. Or at least a version of it.

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Freaky Dog People

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Want to show the world just how much you love your dog? If so, Freaky Dog People has just what you need. I recently got a chance to try one of their shirts, now known as the most comfortable shirt in my entire closet, and not only is it well made, it has started more than one conversation about our dog! Not only does their site have a lot of great items for dog lovers, but they also have a mission to help make a difference in the lives of dogs.

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Fun Time Dog Shop (and giveaway)

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Fun Time Dog Shop is a brand new online shop for modern pets (and people)! It’s stocked full of high quality dog treats, interactive toys & accessories and artistic dog themed products. But the truly special part is all profits from the shop are donated to non-profit dog rescue groups! Here is how to enter: Visit Fun Time Dog Shop and have a look around. For an additional entry become a friend of Fun Time Dog Shop on Facebook.

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Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

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And by the way, he debunks the idea of dogs and unconditional love, as well as the idea that pet owners are less lonely than people who don’t own pets. At least his research on pit bull-types of dogs demonstrates the injustice they face. . If that means volunteering at a dog rescue or giving money to PETA, all while eating and using animals, at least you’re doing something.

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10 Reasons Street Dogs Deserve to be Defended

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No dog is happier to be rescued. She put a dog bed outside with some food and water, and I’d see her checking on me about every five minutes. We dogs are wired by nature to be humans’ companions. After all, dogs have the longest history of co-habitation with humans of any animal. But there’s a special bond between a dog and its human rescuer. Get a street dog. People are always asking my human what kind of dog I am and where I came from.

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Write a Post, Help a Dog!

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Pedigree is resurrecting is insanely successful Write a Post, Help a Dog program. In 2010, 391 bloggers wrote about the program and with each post, Pedigree donated 20 pounds of its Healthy Longevity dog food to shelter animals. In all, 7,820 pounds of food was donated to two shelters renowned for their care of senior dogs: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco and Castaway Critters in Harrisburg, Pa. Ryan Rice at Houston Dog Blog.

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Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover Premiere Jan 7, 2012

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Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover have their season premieres tomorrow, January 7, 2012 on NatGeo Wild! Once again, Cesar Millan works with dogs and their owners to help dogs suffering from phobias and obsessions! There will be an intervention for ex-gang members who have turned their lives around but still battle turf wars with their dogs at home. Video: Terrier vs. Terrier sneak peek from: Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan: Why Dogs Fight.

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DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

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I recently got a copy of DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption for review on this site. Be sure to have tissues handy, because if you love dogs, your bound to shed a few tears. You will also be uplifted by the spirit of the dogs, and those who work with them. The book features stories of 15 different dogs at DogTown, which is part of the Best Friends Animal Society located in Angel Canyon (Kanab, Utah).

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5 Vital Questions When Adopting A Rescue Dog

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With the growing awareness of pet overpopulation more and more families are choosing to adopt a shelter dog and save a life. When adopting a rescue there are added considerations on selecting the right dog for your lifestyle. Right at the top of the list is the awareness that your new rescue has a shady history, especially if it was a stray. 1) What is the dog’s temperament? Make a mental note of the dog’s reaction to touch and sounds.

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

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Dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of impending heart attacks and strokes. We were told that Marco, one of the rescued chimpanzees, does a dance during thunderstorms during which he looks like he’s in a trance. Dogs Sniffing Out Disease. As we know, dogs have a keen sense of smell. Dogs can differentiate dilutions of 1 part per billion, follow faint odor trails, and are 10,000 times more sensitive than humans to certain odors.

Angel Tree Campaign To Help Homeless Pets at 70 Shelters

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The tree is decorated with paper ornaments featuring photos and information about dogs and cats waiting for forever homes, along with a wish list of supplies, toys and treats needed to care for them. The holiday season can be challenging for local shelters and rescues, says Renee Coughlin of Best Friends Pet Care. I was really excited to hear about an Angel Tree program for pets. The program, which is run by Best Friends Pet Care , is now in it’s 11th year!