Emotion vs. Reason

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There's always a dilemma in debating any issue as to whether one should rely on emotion or reason to advance one's argument. Many people say that PETA relies too heavily on emotion to argue its position. Others say that emotion is the only way to move humans to care about anything other than themselves. I can pack an emotional punch as well. You'll find this dilemma surrounding issues such as the death penalty, abortion and gay marriage.

Animal Researchers' Emotional Blackmail

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Here's a succinct letter to the editor that summarizes the emotional blackmail propogated by animal researchers. From the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, WA. The million dollar ad campaign by the Foundation for Biomedical Research (“Critical research,” Nov. 10) is public relations at its worst. It is designed to prey on our fears. It is all about convincing us that a cure for everything is just around the corner as long as we keep funding their animal research gravy train.

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

4 The Love Of Animals

Many animals also display wide-ranging emotions, including joy, happiness, empathy, compassion, grief, and even resentment and embarrassment. It’s not surprising that animals—especially, but not only, mammals—share many emotions with us because we also share brain structures—located in the limbic system—that are the seat of our emotions. In many ways, human emotions are the gifts of our animal ancestors.

Managing Emotional Problems in Rescue Dogs

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Many dogs are rescued out of abusive or traumatic situations, causing them to exhibit a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems. However, with some patience, training, and most of all love, even dogs with horrific pasts can overcome their emotional obstacles and become healthy, happy pets. Only after we got them in good health and eating on a regular schedule did we begin working on their respective emotional problems.

California's Ag Industry Worried that State Committee will Focus on "Emotion"

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My concern is that decisions, laws, regulations, what have you may be based on emotion rather than on sound science, solid data and good facts,” said Jim Bogart, president and general counsel for the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California, Salinas. Basically, it sounds like the ag committee will be including food safety and animal welfare concerns in their discussions. The ag industry does NOT like this. There is definitely a new tide in California, post Proposition 2.

Do Chickens Feel Empathy?

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farm animal welfare chickens animal emotionsHere's an article from the Telegraph regarding chickens feeling empathy. The research is from the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol. I used to hate chickens as a child and thought they were irritating. Now, I think they're wonderful and we sponsor Camilla the Chicken through Farm Sanctuary's animal sponsorship program.

Getting Emotional

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Sometimes being an animal rights advocate is emotionally exhausting. What immediately hit me after getting so emotional about this is how nature is kind in comparison to the horrible cruelties humans impose on non-human animals, especially “food&# animals. Today is one of those days. Last night I was watching Animal Planet, as I often do, and the show was about polar bears in the wild. There was a mama polar bear and her 2 cubs who were not yet full grown, but also not tiny.

11 Amazing Animal Drain Rescues

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View original version (via 11 Amazing Animal Drain Rescues That Will Send You On An Emotional Roller Coaster). The post 11 Amazing Animal Drain Rescues appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals

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Plea to Help Downed Farm Animals

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Hard to read emotionally, but short and informative. Written by Gene Bauer and appearing in the Huffington Post. downed animals USDA gene bauer farm animal welfare farm sanctuary

Hero Dog Tries To Help Wounded Dog

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The whole idea that so many people hold that says somehow humans have a monopoly on emotions kind of gets tossed out the window when you see something like this. This video just melts my heart. It is a great example of how loving and selfless non-human animals can be. We could all learn a little something from this Hero Dog! more about “ Hero Dog Tries To Help Wounded Dog - … “, posted with vodpod.

Deadline Approaching for Animal Essays

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" Creative Nonfiction is seeking essays about the bonds--emotional, ethical, biological, physical, or otherwise--between humans and animals. We're looking for stories from a variety of viewpoints. For the past 16 years, Creative Nonfiction has devoted itself to publishing vividly-written literary nonfiction on a variety of topics. The postmark deadline is April 2, 2010." Submission guidelines are here : PASS IT ON.

San Antonio Zoo Accused of Elephant Mistreatment

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In Defense of Animals has taken up the cause of Lucky the elephant, the only elephant at the San Antonio Zoo, alleging poor conditions and emotional distress. What amazes me is Lucky's age.49 years old. She has been at the San Antonio Zoo for 47 years. Is this right?

A Victory for Turkeys

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Having heard my whole life how stupid turkeys are, I was surprised to see that they’re actually quite bright animals, and that they, like pigs, cows, dogs, and other animals, have rich emotional lives. All too often even the most egregious cases of animal abuse go without any substantial punishment. This seems even more true when the victim is a “food&# animal.

How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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Expert cites scientifically-proven therapeutic, physical and emotional health benefits of loving and caring for a pet. But, pets also become bona fide family members with which we establish genuine relationships—incomparable emotional bonds that can have extraordinarily positive physical and psychological impacts on humans. For children, pets provide many emotional and physical benefits, including: Children who grow up with pets not only have less risk of allergies and asthma.

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Quote of the Week

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To encourage cruelty in the name of science can only destroy the finer emotions of affection and sympathy, and breed an unfeeling callousness in the young towards suffering in all living creatures. -- Eleanor Roosevelt. It seems to me of great importance to teach children respect for life. Towards this end, experiments on living animals in classrooms should be stopped.

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Animal Research Scientists Sponsor Billboards

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Well, you know how they are.going for the emotion and oversimplifying the issue. Certainly not showing what they do, how they are funded and how the licensing of their "altruistic" work nets them a tidy sum. This billboard poses the issue as an either/or.save the child or the rat. Bullshit. It's not that simple. How many of these experiments are even necessary? How many of them are of the quality of checking to see whether junk food makes someone fat? Please. animal research

According Animals Dignity

Animal Ethics

In this New York Times op-ed column , Frank Bruni predicts that our understanding of and concern for animals is only going to grow as scientific advances help us to understand the rich psychological and emotional lives of animals. Tom Regan was right: Many of the animals we routinely exploit are experiencing subjects of a life just like us

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Catalonia is First Region to Ban Bullfighting

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Lawmakers in Catalonia's regional parliament approved the controversial ban, 68-55, with nine abstentions, after emotional speeches that mixed expressions of support for preserving tradition with denunciations of bullfighting as institutionalized cruelty. I hope it withstands any challenges. This is really big news.

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Meditation on the Cheap

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You can learn yoga, Pilates and meditation , and after having meditated for nearly two decades I can say that, for instance, the " Meditation on Emotions " is a perfect introduction to meditation and is actually very much like what I do at least a couple of times a week. We vegans have a lot of feelings associated with why we do what we do and I, for one, find it necessary to do a lot of work around my emotions.

Roger Cohen Realizes Dogs=Pigs, Sort Of

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The theory that the mind finds inescapably well-formulated is often overwhelmed and overturned by human emotions. However, remember that he understands that emotion ("the heart") is what ultimately governs what most of us do, and certainly what he does, so he won't be eating any more dogs. " Dog Days in China " is a small piece with no gruesome slideshow.

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The Animals We Use

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I don't know what the effectiveness of online support is, but I do know that talking to people, eating with them, shopping with them, surfing the Internet with them, sharing cooking tips with them, cooking for and with them, and making yourself available for sharing the emotional and social difficulties of a transition from using animals to using them less, does work.

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On Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems

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What I do appreciate, and what Mind and Life does, is when meditation is discussed in relation to actual emotional, physical and mental benefits. This has nothing to do with god or transcending spiritually; it's about calming and clearing the mind and the emotions so that you're less crazy. Next year's Mind and Life Conference is called "Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems: A Dialogue Between Economics, Neuroscience and Contemplative Sciences."

Alistair Darling Refuses to Eat Seal Meat at G7 Meeting

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Real emotional blackmail on the part of the Canadians. Alistair Darling, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, is in Canada for a G-7 meeting. He refused to eat the seal meat that the local Inuit community offered to the meeting participants, instead eating Arctic char. Good for him! They're basically making participants choose between eating seal meat or pissing off the Inuits and risk being called racists. The Canadian are just using its native peoples as a guilt rod. Stay classy Canada!

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Animal Stories Wanted

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U PCOMING THEME: Animals For an upcoming issue, we're seeking new essays about the bonds--emotional, ethical, biological, physical, or otherwise--between humans and animals. Now's your (/my) chance! In my inbox yesterday evening was the following from the Associate Editor of Creative Nonfiction . We're looking for stories that illustrate ways animals (wild and/or domestic) affect, enrich, or otherwise have an impact on our daily lives.

PROJECT: Pet Slim Down (giveaway)

4 The Love Of Animals

Studies have shown that there are benefits of regular exercise/play for pets, with the most important ones being emotional. Project: Pet Slim Down is a free online program designed to help your pet lose weight. Target and Purina have joined forces to create this awesome program which includes downloadable tools, and even a $1 coupon for any Purina ONE brand product. With more than half of America’s pets being overweight, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

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On Cannibalism

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When we left off , the New York Times' Roger Cohen had eaten dog while in China, and wasn't thrilled about it emotionally. Logically, he admits it does make perfect sense to eat dogs if you eat pigs and cows. He writes: There is a rational, and for some people a spiritual, case for being a vegetarian: Killing animals is wrong. However I cannot see a rational argument for saying eating dogs or cats is barbaric while eating pork or beef is fine.

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Are Women More Compassionate Than Men?

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And I find that in conversations, women are more likely to listen and think about what I say than men, who often brush me off as an emotional female. It's an intriguing question that would probably get quite a response at any dinner party. Frankly, I don't know. All I know is that the majority of vegetarians, ex-vegetarians, animal rights supporters, animal rescuers, animal shelter volunteers, and feral cat colony stewards that I know are women. Not all, but the majority.

Diabetes and Vetsulin Recap

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Doing a blood glucose curve at the vet isn't necessarily best, as emotions do play a part in the blood glucose puzzle and they are different while at the vet. The following factors affect blood glucose: emotions, exercise, food and insulin.

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Unlikely Animal Friends

4 The Love Of Animals

These friends show us the emotional power of animals to bond with other species. Are you ready for hours of the cutest animal video ever? Then be sure to tune in to Unlikely Animal Friends over this Thanksgiving break. NAT GEO WILD is sharing some of the most unlikely of animal friendships! From dolphins and dogs who are swimming buddies, playful cheetahs and puppies who are best friends, owls and kitties playing leapfrog and much more!

On Timelines

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Moving people along is more art than science, and for some people it's far more emotion-based than logic-based. The idea that each person has their own timeline for converting to veganism met with the following comment from All Means Justifiable : "I have to say that writing "everyone has their own timeline" is a sentence I personally don't like to hear. Because even if it is true (in a way), its grounds are immoral."

Ringling Brothers Wins Court Case Over Elephant Abuse

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Mr Rider's self-serving testimony at trial about his personal and emotional attachment to these elephants also is not credible because he did not begin to make complaints about how FEI treated its elephants until after he began accepting money from animal activists.". Pretty heavy blow. US District Judge Emmet Sullivan signed the December 30 ruling in favor of Ringling's owner, Virginia-based Feld Entertainment Inc.

Join America’s Pet Debate!

4 The Love Of Animals

veterans by providing the mental, physical and emotional support of cats and dogs through animal-assisted therapy. To help end the age-old debate of whether America is a nation of cat or dog people, Purina® is calling all pet owners and lovers to join in the “America’s Pet Debate.” From now until Nov. 8, you can vote for your favorite pet at www.americaspetdebate.com once a day. Purina will proudly declare whether America is a cat or dog nation on Nov. 9, 2012.

On ANIMAL EQUALITY, by Joan Dunayer

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But I found that if my goal was for my message to be received, I had to judiciously use accurate terms because there was an intense emotional reaction to them that prevented the message from being received intact, or unadulterated by the emotional baggage. A handful Animal Person readers since May of 2006, when I started this then-daily blog, have asked me if I've read Joan Dunayer. And now that I've read Animal Equality and begun Speciesism , I think I know why.

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On "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals"

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But instead, we go in the treatment direction and develop a negative emotional connection to factory farming that can probably be ameliorated, if not extinguished, if we remove the factory. " That's Why We Don't Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things ," written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, has gorgeous and haunting illustrations. And it gently tells the story of why we shouldn't eat factory farmed animals.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home Coming to Orlando

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With strikingly honest interviews and rare footage demonstrating the emotional lives and intense family bonds of animals most often viewed as living commodities, PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME shatters stereotypical notions of farmers, farm life, and perhaps most surprisingly, farm animals themselves. From the makers of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is finally here!

On Helping Individuals and Utilitarianism

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Of course, I have an emotional attachment to that one individual, Violet Rays. I'm not a utilitarian. And when it comes to doing the math regarding the way I help individuals, though I never regret the decision to help, I understand that some might say, for instance, that for the amount of money I spent on Violet in one year (I think $15,000 was her most expensive year), I could have paid for the surgeries for several broken-leg greyhounds. Or paid for food for a year at a rescue kennel.

Sen. Franken to Introduce Bill to Increase Use of Service Dogs for Vets

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My bill will help train a statistically significant number of dogs to measure the benefits to veterans with physical and emotional wounds. Al Franken (suck on that Bill O'Reilly) has introduced a bill to increase the number of service dogs for vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The program would be monitored and refined over a three-year period to optimize its effectiveness. Frankly, I believe it is enough simply to improve the lives of those of whom we asked so much.

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5 Vital Questions When Adopting A Rescue Dog

4 The Love Of Animals

Rarely do shelters know anything about the dog’s history when they first come in and the longer a dog lives at the shelter the more impact it will have on their emotional well-being. The longer a dog is at the shelter the more it will impact their emotional state. Either way it’s best to consider other dogs if you’re not experienced in handling dogs with emotional traumas. The decision to add a canine companion to your family is certainly a big one.

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Ringling Brother Accused of Violating ESA

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Animal Welfare Institute and other activist groups say they will prove that Asian elephants are injured physically and emotionally by their treatment in the circu. Good. I don't care what anyone says, I can't stand circuses. And they certainly have no right to use endangered species as performers. These are ENDANGERED species.

A Chance for Bliss

4 The Love Of Animals

We are set up to completely cater to their needs and wants, and focus on healing them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A Chance for Bliss takes in and provides lifetime care for senior and special needs animals, as well as those others who are facing end of life circumstances. The purpose is therefore to provide a Forever Home for those companion and farm animals that have virtually no chance of being adopted due to their age or condition.

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On "Wild Justice"

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But whether of not there is wide agreement on the existence of wild justice within social mammal communities (there isn't), we do find that the cognitive, social and emotional lives of these animals are far more developed and rich than most people are willing (or educated enough to) admit. " Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals ," By Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, is the most recent (for me) book that debunks myths about the differences between human and nonhuman animals.

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On Coping Mechanisms

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Yesterday , Abby wrote: Off topic, but I was wondering if you have any advice for those of us who are highly emotionally sensitive and also interested in animal welfare issues? I get so sad when I hear about the mistreatment of animals that it really affects me, but at the same time I want to be able to create change in the world. How do you deal with this and diffuse the anger and sadness that you must feel? Can you please share your spiritual beliefs or coping mechanisms? Thanks so much.

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Dogtown: So Far So Good

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In many ways, they are probably easier to change because they don't have the same emotional baggage. I just watched episode 1, season 1, of Dogtown , the National Geographic Channel TV show about Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. We really enjoyed it.