Splish Splash, Chicago

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Airline logistics and politics have kept me from Chicago for a while, so a trip there in the latter half of April was eagerly anticipated. I had been in Seattle during the previous week and was surprised to find that Chicago was not so advanced into spring. Trips bathing birds Chicago Magic Hedge The Magic Hedge is renowned as one of the premier warbler watching sites in Illinois.

No Cute Title, Just an Owl Swimming

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Steve Spitzer, a photographer well-known in Chicago’s birding community for his light-filled and lively portraits of (usually) shorebirds near his home, was strolling his usual stomping grounds at Loyola Beach on the city’s North Side. Meanwhile, local Chicago TV station WGN is showing the aftermath , as a very put-upon and soggy owl sits harrumphing on the beach. Spitzer doesn’t have a monopoly of crazy owl-attack captures along Lake Michigan’s Chicago shore.

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Through a Lens, Darkly

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The amiable nature photographer who preserved this special moment was Steve Spitzer, well known in Chicago’s birding community for taking spectacular pictures of even the most common birds. He was just a humble, unassuming guy from Chicago who liked to take pictures of the birds (and bugs, and nature in general) he saw every day, on the beach and in his backyard, and to generously share them with others. Inspiration bird photography Chicago Steve Spitzer

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Wild Notes: Observations over time about birds and other fleeting things

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” The themes that emerge, such as they are, are things like “Birds sure are different than people” and “It’s often cold in Chicago” – which could be the seeds of themes, to be sure, but they never build up to anything grander nor drill down to anything deeper. Reviews books Chicago

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Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats

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We are excited to tell you about Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats new eco-friendly, net-zero cat shelter in Chicago! Opened in June 2012, the Eco-friendly Adoption Center showcases cats and kittens in Chicago’s greenest shelter. Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. New volunteers, supporters and adopters are always welcome.

eBird and Urban Planning: City Green Spaces

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The authors are Bianca Lopez ( The New School ), Emily Minor ( University of Illinois at Chicago ), and Andrew Crooks ( George Mason University ), and the article is “ Insights into human-wildlife interactions in cities from bird sightings recorded online.”.

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1,200+ Canines Don Tiaras & ‘Tails’ This Week for Doggy Proms

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Dog prom season kicked off at Best Friends in Chicago with a block buster event attended by 40 doggy couples. Our clients love special events like this,” said Bruce Blaine, manager of Best Friends Chicago Pet Care Center. “We It’s prom season for teens everywhere — and that includes the canine kind!

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$500 for Bird Poop!

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A man in Chicago was surprised to see Michael Jackson looking back at him from a dollop of bird poop that landed on the windshield of his Cadillac. Rather than just wipe it away like a normal person, he has decided to sell the windshield, vaguely-Michael-Jackson-like bird poop and all. Minimum bid is $500. Asides

The Cat that takes the Purrfect Shot!

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His pictures have been displayed in Chicago and Seattle and sell for $265 dollars a shot. By Casey Selleck, King of the Web. Cooper, an American Shorthair Cat, has helped elevate dogs and cats to a higher level in the art community. I’m sure we have all seen the art left in the front and backyard, in a litter box, or sometimes placed upon the underside of an unlucky shoe, and perhaps failed to appreciate its significance.

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The Warbler Brewery: Canopy 2 Double India Pale Ale

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Birds and Booze News: Imperial Oak Brewing of Willow Springs, Illinois has collaborated with the Chicago Ornithological Society for a second year to release a Piping Plover Pale Ale , with proceeds of its sales going to conservation and education efforts by the Society.

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Cameroon Sets Up Park for Gorillas

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Deng Deng National Park extends 580 square kilometres (224 square miles), an area about the size of Chicago, and will help conserve some 600 western lowland gorillas, one of four sub- species of the great ape, said the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society, which helped in the park’s creation. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it provides effective protection.

The Power of Pets

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The first event will take place in Chicago on September 24. At the YMCA, we believe healthy, active families are the key to building strong and vibrant communities,” said Katy Leclair, executive director of the Lake View YMCA in Chicago. Community Dog Walks Will Be Co-Hosted by local YMCAs in Cities across the Country. Mars Petcare announced it will sponsor a series of “Woof Walk” fun runs as part of THE POWER OF PETS™ program for 2011.

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Fighting Geese With Swans

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That’s one of the valuable takeaways from this tragic tale out of Chicago of a man drowned by the very swans he cared for. Beware breeding and nesting swans! Also of interest is how Mute Swans are employed to deter Canada Geese. Which would you rather: slovenly geese or homicidal swans? Hat tip to Meredith!) Asides geese swans

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San Francisco To Have Bird-Safe Buildings?

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San Francisco is poised to join Toronto and Chicago as a major city with legislation meant to help protect birds from crashing into buildings. In related news, many fewer birds got confused by the “Tribute in Light&# for 9/11 this year. Asides

Take That, Cubs!

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Soon the Chicago Cubs will know the sting of not winning a World Series for over 100 years! Mwahahahahaha! My master plan is coming to fruition! What’s that? It’s already been 102 years? Mwahahahahahaha! You are now free to return to your normal birding activities. Asides

The Parakeet of City Streets, the Monk Parakeet

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Stephen Pruett-Jones, an evolutionary biologist who has extensively studied the Monk Parakeets of Chicago, only says that the nests offer a successful alternative to the tree hollows or palm trees utilized by other parrot species. A 2009-10 survey of Monk Parakeet nests in the greater Chicago area found 42% of the nests were in trees and 58% were in man-made structures. Speaking of Chicago, this is where I first encountered Monk Parakeets. Parakeets in frozen Chicago?

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On Being Vegan "Friendly"

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Vegan-friendly : I remember going to Morton's Steakhouse in Chicago a bunch of years ago with a client of my husband's and ordering a plain baked potato, grilled asparagus with lemon, and a salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The Factual table I posted yesterday annoyed me a bit, and here's why: the categories "vegan," "vegetarian," and "vegan-friendly." Vegan: Got it. I can order anything on the menu without having to ask any questions.

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Minnesota Activist Indicted for Animal Terrorism

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don't see any mention in this article (or in this one from the Chicago Tribune ) about threats to human life in this incident. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.I Straight vandalism and economic loss. Is this a valid prosecution? Is it terrorism? Scott DeMuth, who is being held in jail in Davenport, is scheduled to make his first appearance in U.S. District Court Friday.

Lovely Cozy Spaces for Our Furry Friends

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Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Architect COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio. Give your bona fide, furry members of the family an integrated cozy and stylish space of their own in your home. More and more families nowadays keep their furry friends indoors. If your family is thinking of remodeling your home to integrate your pets’ living quarters, make sure that their sleeping quarters are as cozy (and stylish) as yours! Here are a few ideas that might work in your home: Shared Bedroom.

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What is a Black Hawk?

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Discussion of such an uncommon raptor in northern latitudes seems all the more inexplicable when Black Hawks are mentioned in the same breath as Chicago, as if we’ve ever known an ABA-approved sighting of Common Black Hawks in Illinois… Of course, hockey fans know that the Chicago Blackhawks have set the first months of the abbreviated 2013 NHL season ablaze with a record-setting scoring streak. Now the Chicago Blackhawks , one of the original National Hockey League U.S.

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Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Retirement Community

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About the Author: Monarch Landing is a Chicago senior living community located near the city in Naperville, Illinois. Not all retirement communities are created equal. And while many are similar, there are always certain things that set the best ones apart from the rest. One of these things is how the retirement community regards its residents owning pets.

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Pet Love Closes its Doors in Beverly Hills

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If a pet store can be closed down in the iconic Beverly Center, it can happen anywhere in the country – New York, Chicago, Boston and other large metro areas.” This is awesome. Pet Love is a business that sells animals from puppy mills.) The Beverly Center, an upscale shopping mall in Beverly Hills, California, has announced it will terminate Pet Love’s lease sometime in the next few months. Best Friends made the announcement at a news conference Tuesday.

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First Post-COVID-19 Birding Trip: Wisconsin and Horicon NWR

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On the drive back to Chicago, I made a brief stop at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center , a 185-acre preserve on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, that is well worth a visit. Once I was fully vaccinated and air travel became an option, I looked for a location for my first birding trip since 2019.

What is an Alouette?

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Recent news that the NFL Chicago Bears just hired Marc Trestman, former head coach of the CFL Montreal Alouettes, as the team’s newest head coach. This unexpected hire has triggered a number of interesting questions like, “Who knew Canada had a football league” and “How is an offensive mastermind supposed to rejuvenate that aging defense?” ” But the biggest question has to be, “What the heck is an alouette?!”

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The Elusive Goal of Bird-Safe Skyscrapers

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And here in Chicago, local architect Jeanne Gang has won accolades for her undulating Aqua Tower , which features deeply recessed windows that aren’t as attractive to birds. Full disclosure: I see this carnage every spring and fall, as I volunteer with Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.) Or perhaps I should say “illusive.”

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There’s More to Birding than Birds

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In New York and Chicago, they’ve been pretty mundane—a White-tailed Deer here, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit there. We’ve got coyotes in Chicago and its suburbs, but I’ve never bumped into one in the field. Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field.

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How cold is it?

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It’s cold enough in Chicago—where our high temperature for the day was –2 degrees Farenheit—that the polar bear at the zoo spent the day inside. The hardy Mallards above seem to be weathering the chill alright in Chicago’s North Pond, as Instagrammed by Benjy Lipsman.). Glad you asked. It’s cold enough to freeze vodka. It’s colder than both the South and North Poles. Is this “polar plunge” that’s gripping much of the U.S. Midwest (and, soon, the East) bad for birds?

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Say Hello to Our New Nature News Beat Writer!

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She’s a relative newcomer to birding, but it’s already taken her to some amazing places, from Plum Island in Massachusetts where she saw baby Piping Plovers during blackfly season, to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh where the birds were not countable as lifers, but still very cool, to the streets of downtown Chicago, which she walks early mornings during migration season as part of Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.

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The Power of Pets Initiative

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Chicago; and Portland, Ore. Chicago – The Hastings Lake YMCA, October 23. Mars Petcare recently launched The Power of Pets! What is The Power of Pets? It’s a great new new initiative to help people live a healthier life! Mars Petcare is collaborating with the YMCA in 5 cities to start, to bring pet-friendly health and physical activity education and programming to communities. For it’s first year the program will premiere in YMCA locations in Washington, D.C.;

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Arizona, or Central Mexico?

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You can fly direct to Mexico City from many American cities; while you can fly direct to Morelia from Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. I got back into birding less than a decade ago, long after moving to Mexico in 1983.

Solid Air: Invisible Killer Saving Billions of Birds From Windows–A Book Review

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And, then there are the pick-up-dead-birds initiatives in major cities in North America–New York City’s Project Safe Flight, Chicago’s Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, Toronto’s Bird Collision Monitoring Patrols, Washington, D.C.’s

City Cracks Down on Unseemly Birdfeeders

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The city of Evanston, a suburb just outside Chicago, is sometimes known for its fractious civic engagement. To wit, this is the place that has on the books (and threatens to enforce) a law forbidding more than three unrelated people from living together, a measure derided by off-campus Northwestern University students as the “ brothel law.” It is also home to a sizable community of birders, including the very active Evanston North Shore Bird Club.

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Birding Hongbenghe, Yunnan

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A Barred Cuckoo-Dove showed somewhat atypical behavior or had not read its eBird entry about it being “seldom seen out in the open … quick to flee when approached” Of course, Hongbenghe, Yunnan is quite far away from Chicago.

“The Lark Ascending” – Domaine de la Chanteleuserie: Cuvée Alouettes (2017)

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From the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. This past Tuesday marked the centenary of the première of The Lark Ascending , a work for solo violin and orchestra by the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

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A Valentine For Bo

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The doggy day campers at Best Friends Pet Care in Chicago were paw deep in paint this week, creating a special Valentine card for First Dog Bo Obama. The six panel fold-out card reads “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Doggy Day Campers at Best Friends in Chicago” and was paw-printed by 24 camp dogs including Sasha, Mavis, Indigo, Asa, and Rosie, as well as Max, Spike and Huckleberry. “Bo Canine Campers Express Puppy Love for Bo with Paw-Print Valentine.

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Birds and music

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Don’t worry. This is just one of the usual blog posts from me, trying to get you to look at some of my bird photos via adding some semi-funny words.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of May 2012)

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I was in Chicago (actually, I might even still be here by the time this post goes up considering my first flight was cancelled and my second has already been delayed once) and managed to sneak an awesome morning’s birding in the Chevalier Woods Forest Preserve. It is May! For those in the northern hemisphere migration fever is upon us and employers who employ birders are wondering where everybody is. Have the birds really started moving where you live?

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15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

Proactive Talent

I spoke at this conference last week and was blown away by the content, networking with other EB managers and Recruiting Leaders, and learned a ton while enjoying the great city of Chicago. Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. It’s a constant, always-on responsibility, but there’s a reason you choose to invest in it. All over the world, companies dedicate time and resources to promoting and managing their EB because it truly does pay off.

Bird Video With An iPhone

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For example, here is the video of a ton of birds working a treeline on Saturday morning in Chicago. An iPhone 4S is an amazing tool for birders, as Sharon Stiteler has already let readers of 10,000 Birds know. And while using the iPhone in conjunction with optics is pretty cool, I have discovered that sometimes you don’t even need to use anything but the phone itself.

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A Post Chock-full of Bird News

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… because my husband and I have done some migrating of our own, from Chicago to Philadelphia, over the past few weeks, and bringing 10,000 Birds readers the freshest and best bird news sadly had to take a back seat to packing, driving, unpacking, and furiously scouring Craigslist for Ikea furniture.

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10,000 Birds - Untitled Article

10,000 Birds

There’s lots of disheartening stuff going on in the bird world this week, so let’s start with some love in the air, in honor of Valentine’s Day: An avian version of “The Dating Game” at a Chicago-area zoo aims to reveal how best to manage mating in captivity.

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Predators Paid to Pester Problematic Pest Birds

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For the record, I would submit that our “Chicago tough” gulls and pigeons, both of which live in close proximity to active Peregrine Falcon abodes, would simply shruge their shoulders, roll their eyes, and say “whatever” to such a project.). If this Red-tailed Hawk was wearing a T-shirt, it might say, “I’d rather be hunting nuisance birds.” ” Garrulous gulls and stealing starlings, beware: the falcons are coming. (No,

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The Economic Impact of Birding on National Wildlife Refuges: Creating Local Jobs

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Creating a dozen jobs in a small rural community is far more important to that community than creation of a dozen jobs is to San Francisco or Chicago. Every few years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) attempts to calculate the economic contribution of National Wildlife Refuge visitation to local communities. The most recent effort was released in June 2019.

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