Games for Cats!

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Friskies announced their newest tablet game for cats called “Happy Wings.” This game, which takes place in an electronic garden full of flittering critters, can be downloaded from

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Paw Star Game brings the cuteness!

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Hallmark Channel’s newest show, Paw Star Game, will be airing July 12 at 6pm ET. You’ve seen the “Kitten Bowl” but now the most adorable and adoptable kittens are going … Continue reading → The post Paw Star Game brings the cuteness!

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Pure Love for Pets Purina Prize Package Instant Win Game

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This post is sponsored by Purina.

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iPad Game for Cats (not humans)

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Then this just might be the game for you (or rather, for your cat)! The game is free to download (the laser part is free, the mouse is an upgrade), and is available through iTunes. Do any of you have this game? Do you have a cat and an iPad?

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Peta Releases Anti McDonalds Video Game

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You can play the game here.

Vick to Play in Game 3

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Michael Vick is now eligible to return in Game THREE instead of just Game Six of the regular season. Just realized that we reported this on Critter World News, but never posted about it. Someone up there must like him.

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Apple Rejects Idiotic Seal Clubbing Game

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Thanks to Apple for not accepting this game onto their app store. Designed by, who else, a Canadian! One who can't understand what all the fuss is about. It's just like all that clubbing you usually see in cartoons. Idiot.

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Canines Go for the Gold at Doggy Olympic Games Across the U.S.

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Best Friends Pet Care ( ) is hosting its own version – the Doggy Olympic Games — at more than a dozen locations across the U.S. London isn’t the only town where athletes are bringing home the gold this week.

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Furdiburb – A Virtual Pet Adventure!

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Do you enjoy playing games? There is a fun game called Furdiburb , and like the title of this post suggests, it’s a virtual pet adventure game! Furdiburb is a virtual pet, puzzle, and adventure game mashed into one. Free / Freemium game.

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Football Foods Pets Should Stay Away From

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Unfortunately, furry fans who intercept game day grub are likely to catch more … Continue reading → The post Football Foods Pets Should Stay Away From appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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The highly anticipated four-legged game is hosted by Beth Stern with play-by-play announcers John … Continue reading → The post KITTEN BOWL III appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Are you ready for some cuteness?!

Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Bowl Special Event #FishBowl

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Sunday February 2nd, at 6pm EST, Nat Geo WILD will blow Game Day out of the water! Watch as Goldie makes a splash in the first ever Fish Bowl on Nat Geo Wild! Watch Goldie and friends for 4 whole hours of fishy fun. The post Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Bowl Special Event #FishBowl appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals

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Cute: Freida the Memory Cat

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Freida Kalo is a cat who has an incredible memory and excels at the shell game. She even has her own Facebook page! cute of the day cute video

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Turkeys in Texas Playing Soccer!

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The iconic turkey, star of Thanksgiving, also seems to enjoy playing a good game of soccer! Now here is something you don’t see everyday! What do you think? Could they win the world cup? cute video

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The Oscar goes to… The Pup-nosticators

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After having a successful run during the NFL playoffs, when they went 7-4 in game predictions and more importantly all puppies were adopted, they are now tackling this weekend’s Academy Awards (Sunday, February 26). Petplan’s Pup-nosticators are back at it. … Continue reading → cute video

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On Surreal Lobster Advocacy

Animal Person

Yesterday I received an e-mail alert from the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) regarding " a coin operated game that uses live lobsters at the Royal Palm Ale House in Royal Palm Beach. In this game, the object is to pluck live lobsters out of the water with a joystick-controlled crane." The restaurant doesn't offer lobster otherwise, so the game is a fun way to strive for a meal that would otherwise cost at least $15, said Jorge Cruz, 33, who has tried it a dozen times."

California Legislators Call for Wildlife Official's Resignation

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The wildlife official in question is the President of the California Fish and Game Commission. He is a proponent of trophy hunting and was photographed with a dead mountain lion in Idaho. Full story here. fish and wildlife california government mountain lions hunting idaho trophy hunting

Vick is Back

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He'll get to play in 2 preseason games and then will probably get to play after the 5th regular season again. You can read about it here. I wonder which team will be desperate enough to pick him up

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Wolf Killng Begins in Alaska

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of Fish and Game hopes to kill up to 328 wolves in order to protect caribou calves. The Alaska Dept. The LA Times Greenspace blog has the story.

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Alabama Greyhound Track to End Races

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Chief Operating Officer Lewis Benefield said electronic bingo games subsidized live greyhound racing for many years, and live races are no longer feasible now that bingo is shut down. Excellent news! From The financially troubled VictoryLand in Shorter is ending live dog racing, officials said Tuesday.

Dog Meat Still on the Menu in Beijing

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I'm sure it will be more out in the open along with their choking pollution problem once the games end. Looks like the ban on dog meat during the Olympics was a farce. Big surprise.

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Russians Introducing Leopards Back to Caucusus

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While I think the gesture is nice, it appears to be more of a publicity stunt to head off environmental criticism of the 2014 Olympic Games construction. "We Russia won the right to host 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and major construction works are about to begin. They question the need for spending billions of dollars on the games during a financial crisis and say they do not believe all the infrastructure would be ready by 2014.

Will Kitty Play With It?

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A game show just for cats? Each episode of the game show focuses on one specific item, hidden under a cardboard box, to be revealed to a curious cat. You bet! Friskies has come up with a fun new show called “Will Kitty Play With It?”

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Bob Barker Funds Space for HIV-Infected Chimps

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Retired game-show host and animal rights advocate Bob Barker is opening a new area for five HIV-infected chimpanzees at a sanctuary in northwestern Louisiana. As I've often said, Bob Barker is a good man. From The Washington Post. The former host of “The Price Is Right” donated $380,000 to create space at the Chimp Haven near Shreveport. louisiana chimpanzees Bob Barker chimp haven animal sanctuary primates medical research

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King Juan Carlos, Honorary Head of World Wildlife Fund Spain, Caught in Elephant Hunt

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Apparently it isn't the first time the King has been shooting big game in Africa, or elsewhere (Apparently he killed a bear in Russia a few years ago too). From the Wildlife Extra News. April 2012. King Juan Carlos of Spain, Honorary President of WWF Spain, is recovering in hospital after breaking his hip in Botswana where he was on an elephant hunt.

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Dick Vitale vs. Dolphins in Bracket Challenge

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After the first three rounds of the tournament, the Georgia Aquarium dolphins are only one pick off from tying Vitale for total number of correct game picks (30 to 31). Seems that some dolphins are getting in on the March Madness!

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Purina ONE beyOnd giveaway!

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But first, let’s play a fun game to help us simplify our lives too! I am really excited to share this with you, Purina ONE beyOnd now has a simplified recipe! That’s right, only 9 ingredients plus vitamins and minerals!

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Cheesehead for Pets

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We think that this papercraft Big Cheese from Green Bay-based furniture manufacturer KI is totally adorable, and would be a ton of fun to make before the big game. So why not celebrate the Big Game with a few wedges of your own?

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On SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer

Animal Person

Would intelligent beings riot over the out come of a soccer game? I finally read SPECIESISM , by Joan Dunayer, which was published a couple of years after ANIMAL EQUALITY , which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

5 Puzzling Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Entertained for Hours

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Problem-solving skills are as good for your dog as they are for you, and it’s always a delight to see your canine companion beam with pride when they have “won” their game. As a result, even games of catch give your puppy more to think about.

2013 275

Virgina Creates Wildlife Crime Watch Program

Critter News

Wildlife Crime Watch" is a new program implemented by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. This program is a proactive effort to develop a partnership between citizens and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Game Wardens and Department biologists will be available to provide information on wildlife and environmental issues. Sounds intriguing. I was particularly interested in the list of program sponsors.

Pet Portraits by Bethany

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Any type of pet is game, be it dog, cat, horse, ferret, rabbit, etc. There is nothing more special than having a portrait done of a loved one, furry loved ones included!

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Animal eCards for the new year!

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Winster is a website where you can play games with friends, earn points in the games which can then be redeemed for prizes. I know many of us didn’t send out paper cards this year, but it’s not too late to have a little fun and spread some cheer for the New Year!

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For Your Health, the Planet & the Animals: VBM

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And it limits you in that you can't just go anywhere to watch a football game if you plan to eat anything. I recently watched Earthlings and cried the whole way through. There has to be something I can do to reduce all of the suffering of the animals we use as food, I thought. And then I read THE CHINA STUDY and was shocked to learn how unhealthy the Standard American Diet is--even cow's milk, which I thought I should be having three servings of per day!

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The 2010 Olypmians (and Pets)

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Have you been watching the 2010 Winter games? We have been! We love to watch as the athletes compete for their countries. It’s so much fun, with so many different sports to watch. Did you ever wonder if your favorite athlete had a pet? And did you wonder what kind of pet they had?

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Don't Forget What China Has Done

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What a beautiful opening ceremony!," "what a great basketball game!," I haven't watched a minute of the Olympics, but I've heard enough praise from those who've watched it. and "did you see Michael Phelps?" Yadda yadda. This is why I want NOTHING to do with the Beijing Olympics.and, no, it's not just about the animals. I'll be glad when this marketing blitz is over. Then the American sponsors will be happy and we can get back to normal.

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Phoenix Restaurant Serves Lion Burgers

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And now Selogie himself is questioning whether the meat was fair game. "I Game meat such as lion can be sold as long as the species isn't endangered, and the CDC hasn't prohibited importation of African lion, although its Asiatic cousin is on the endangered list. No, I'm not making this up. From the Associated Press. A restaurant owner who put lion burgers on the menu in honor of the World Cup has felt a roar of anger from outraged animal rights activists.

Beijing Olympics End, Let the Cruelty Begin Anew

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I didn't watch a single minute of the games. And yet, the IOC President Jacques Rogge called then "truly exceptional games". What a truly exceptional game they've played. From what I understand they were a wonderful testament to the combination of totalitarian governance married to vast corporate wealth. Yippee. Note - this is not a knock against all those that competed. I don't have issues with them.

Raising Money For the RSPCA with MusicMagpie

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All you need is a few of your old unwanted dvds, cds and video games. To start donating, all you need is an internet connection, a computer or laptop and a pile of cds, dvds and video games that you no longer want. The next step is to select the RSPCA as the charity you wish to donate to and then send off the cds, dvds or video games to the supporting website. Raising money for charity doesn’t have to be hard work.


On The International and Father's Day

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Interesting quandary if you're playing the I'll-find-it-somewhere-next-week game. Someone on Twitter said The International was the best film he'd seen in years. I think it was in theaters here for all of a week, which is a good sign, as the better a film is, the shorter its tenure at the local multiplex in South Florida. But you only find out how long it's in the theater when it leaves, and by then it's too late to see it.

Celebrity Casino Royale Benefiting Charity

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Try your hand at various Las Vegas casino games. Celebrity Casino Royale, hosted by The H.O.M.E. Foundation , will take place at Avalon in Hollywood, CA on May 24th, 2011. The star-studded, red carpet event benefits spcaLA, as well as the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation.

Why No Fuss About Michael Vick?

Critter News

I know plenty of people still detest Vick for what he did, but if there are protesters at his games or outside the Eagles’ training facility, I haven’t heard about them. And in his cameo appearances in the two games since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell lifted his suspension, Vick hasn’t done anything to cause a commotion, either. It’s now clear that the odds of Vick starting a game for the Eagles are roughly equivalent to those of coach Andy Reid being named Mr. Universe.

On Wipeout and Lion Burgers

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there may be any number of restaurants serving game. Have you seen the ridiculous television show, Wipeout ? There's something hilarious about people intentionally putting themselves in a position to be beaten up like Wile E. Coyote. It's all in fun, with much of the humor coming from the commentators and the special sound effects. It does get old, however, after about 10 minutes.

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