What is the National Bird of Venezuela?

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I remember the very first time I saw the national bird of Venezuela. The Venezuelan Troupial has a large range, and can be found in Venezuela (obviously), Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, and a number of Caribbean Islands. Though capture for the pet trade has reduced their numbers in some areas, they are protected in Venezuela due to their status as national bird. . Birds national bird Troupial Venezuela

Masked Trogon as Inspiration: The Art of Luisa Elena Betencourt

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I had fallen asleep on the rocking chair close to the veranda in my little cabin up in the cloud forest of Gabante, Colonia Tovar, Venezuela. Inspiration art trogons venezuelaLuisa Elena Betencourt is an artist with a MFA from Washington State University which she got through the Fulbright program in 1992.

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Wildlife Rescued in Trinidad and Tobago

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Over 1,000 animals were rescued, including 500 bull finches and 300 picoplats, The rescued wildlife also included monkeys, parrots, macaws and other species from Venezuela. Three corrupt police officers in Trinidad and Tobago robbed a couple of Venezuelan wildlife smugglers and were subsequently arrested themselves. There was also over 400 lbs of "wild meat" (I don't want to know what that could be!).

Sneak Attack

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There, you can take your pick from a wide array of Flowerpiercers ; they may be Chestnut- or Gray-bellied ; be White-sided , Black-throated , Golden-eyed , Scaled , Masked , or Moustached ; be Bluish , Indigo , Rusty , Glossy , or Black ; or hail from Venezuela or Mérida (Colombia, that is).

Trinidad’s Coastal Forest

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Running end-to-end across the northernmost section of the island, Trinidad’s Northern Range is the final outcrop of the mighty Andes after it bends eastward through Venezuela.

Hilty’s Birds of Colombia field guide review

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He is a renowned bird expert and author, having co-authored A Guide to the Birds of Colombia and authored Birds of Venezuela and Birds of Tropical America: A Watcher’s Introduction to Behavior, Breeding, and Diversity.

Birding Inirida, Colombia, a forest so young that birds still have no names, part 1

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Have you ever birded a place so young that birds still have no names? Ten days ago, I was sitting in a boat in the Colombian Amazonia, listening to the chatter of numerous Large-billed Terns along a vast sandbank in the Rio Guaviare.

A Growing List of Hummingbirds

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Often taken for granted by residents of the islands, these feisty birds are only found within T&T and Venezuela – making them life birds for the majority of visiting birders.

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Birding Inirida, Colombia: practicalities, part 3

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Inírida is the capital city of the department of Guainía in the east of Colombia, mere 25 km (15 mi) from the border with Venezuela. Technically, we were in the Orinoco River Basin of wider Amazonia.

Forest Bathing

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The Northern Range is in fact the northernmost outcrop of the mighty Andes mountain chain, a fact one can only truly appreciate from the unique perspective of a boat traversing the Bocas del Dragón – the narrow passage between Trinidad and Venezuela.

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Rusty-breasted Antpitta in Ecuador

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It is a very small antpitta that lives in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. This antpitta is found in southern Ecuador (near Peru) and curiously also inside the Puluahua Crater which is my residence near Quito in northern Ecuador.

GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

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Only a handful of small, fragmented populations were believed to exist in Venezuela and possibly parts of Colombia. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”.

Southern Lapwings and their Sexy Spurs

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One attribute endowed in T&T by its geological parent Venezuela is a deep diversity of avifauna, including a lot of South American specialties. If you haven’t been to Trinidad and Tobago, you’re missing out on a country that combines many of the best qualities of the Caribbean and South America. So it should come as no surprise that Southern Lapwings abound there.

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Avian Quiz – April 15, 2011

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In descending order, the list starts with those countries with more than 1,000 bird species, so the country is NOT one of these: - Colombia - Peru - Brazil - Indonesia - Ecuador - Bolivia - Venezuela - China - India - Congo, Dem Rep - Kenya - Tanzania - Myanmar - Argentina - Mexico - Uganda 7. Two oceans ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Determine the country, but do not name it. This week’s quiz is geographically GLOBAL in nature.

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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1201-1400 sp: Venezuela; China. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website. It illustrates the bird richness per country. And what does it tell us, other than the obvious “head for South America” or perhaps Indonesia?

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Sword-billed Hummingbird

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Male Sword-billed Hummingbird at Yanacocha Reserve The Sword-billed Hummingbird ( Ensifera ensifera ) is a South American hummingbird found at high elevations (1700-3600m) in the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia. Not all bird species are equally spectacular. Just as we malign the little brown jobs nature churns out with such fiendish facility, we exalt the birds that bring something new and unusual to the table.

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15 expat-friendly countries for a birder to move to

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Venezuela (1365 / 1383). What are the best countries for a passionate birder to move to? And why? I discovered this map a while ago, hidden somewhere at the not so easy to navigate BirdLife International’s website, and I have used it as my computer wallpaper ever since. Usually, I interchange some birdy wallpapers several times per month, but this one has stayed for several months already. It makes me think what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Why am I here?

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Birds of Ecuador by Juan Freile & Robin Restall

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Restall painted all these birds diligently over many years from museum skins (mostly at the Phelps Collection in Venezuela), so all the details on his illustrations are actually present on a bird. Helm Field Guides, Paperback – May 2018. As we birders like to see ourselves, we aren’t tourists but travellers, even explorers. And hence we do not carry tourist guides with us. Our tourist attractions have feathers and unlike crumbling temples or colonial buildings, do not stay in one place.

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The Newest Beat

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As his passion for birding grew he decided to travel Latin America; he has spent time in Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela and a great deal of time in Brazil. The Beat Writers at 10,000 Birds are perhaps the single greatest conglomeration of nature writers ever to be assembled in the history of the internet. We are pleased to announce that such a stellar crew of scribes has yet another impressively talented member interpreting the natural world for the readers of 10,o00 Birds.

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Photo Essay: Green-rumped Parrotlets from Egg to Adult

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Nick wrote a guest post on Forpus passerinus and the Ornithologists of Masaguaral which was full of passion, humor, and insight into his work while on location in Venezuela. To set the scene, we’ve re-posted the opening paragraph and photograph from Nick’s first post for us… 13 September 2008 Hato Masaguaral Guarico, Venezuela Photo copyright Rae Okawa The dawn sky breaks almost cloud free.

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Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle & Sharpe

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Chris Sharpe is a biologist who has worked on the conservation of Neotropical birds for more than 30 years, having been based for most of that time in Venezuela. Or How a Serbian Suave Playboy Promoted Birding the Caribbean. Oh, the joys of slipping through the pages of a new book that has just arrived, the Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle and Sharpe. I am checking the References and one name, expectedly, stands out: Bond, J.

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Birding the Gilpin Trace, Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Tobago

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But the best sighting of our entire walk was of this female White-tailed Sabrewing , a Near Threatened species according to BirdLife International , which is found only in the Main Ridge Forest on Tobago and in northeastern Venezuela. When was the last time you birded in the oldest forest preserve in the western hemisphere? If you have never been to the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve on the island paradise that is Tobago, the answer is never.

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The Fate of the Florida Anis

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Interestingly, perhaps explaining their widespread distribution that includes many islands, I have observed anis soaring in Venezuela much like a vulture or raptor. Smooth-billed Ani ( Crotophaga ani ) is a widespread and ubiquitous bird in disturbed grassy areas throughout much of the neotropics, including most of the Caribbean Islands. It is one of three species of ani ( Groove-billed and Greater Anis are the other two) and together form a unique branch in the cuckoo family.

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Selling Birds Short: A Heretical View Of Avian Intelligence

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Almost as soon as you leave the nest, you have the strong urge to migrate to a place called “Venezuela” Can you imagine how many potential choices and decisions are involved in flying from Alaska to the Atlantic Seaboard, flying down the eastern U.S., A profound and deep understanding of birds is hard to complain about. When people like Arthur Cleveland Bent and John James Audubon would be envious of your skills, there is reason to rejoice.

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The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago: Two Guides, One Book Review

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Robin Restall is principal author of the two-volume Birds of Northern South America and was executive director of the Phelps Ornithological Collection, Caracas, Venezuela. There were three profound questions my birding group discussed while we birded Trinidad and Tobago, back in December 2012: (1) How many Bananaquits could fit on a banana? (2) 2) Which hummingbird was more beautiful—Tufted Coquette or Ruby-topaz Hummingbird? (3)

Twenty Hummingbirds To See Before You Die

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Found in Colombia and Venezuela and the only member of the genus oxypogon , this freak of nature is not only one of the strangest-looking hummers but it is also one of the most resilient. The Sword-billed Hummingbird , like our number 4 candidate, is a high altitude hummer and can be found in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. You are wandering through a tropical rainforest. It is late morning and the humidity seems to rise with every step.

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