Urban Ornithology: 150 Years of Birds in New York City–A Book Review

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Happy New Year, 10,000 Birds readers and writers! Everyone is looking back on their best birds of 2019, so I thought it would be a good idea to look at a book that looks back a little further: Urban Ornithology: 150 Years of Birds in New York City , by P.

Lizards of New York City

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New York City is well known as a city of immigrants so it makes sense that the only lizards living within the five boroughs are immigrants as well. Our northern winters and highly developed landscape make New York City inhospitable to most species of lizard and it is no surprise that the two species that do occur in the Big Apple have their strongholds in the outer boroughs.* Reptiles Lizards New York City

The Woodpeckers of New York City

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Disbelief probably seems like the proper response to the idea that there are woodpeckers in New York City. But Gotham’s many parks have some very suitable habitat for birds from the family Picidae and a birder in any borough of New York will generally find at least a couple of species during an average morning’s birding. Only six regularly appear in the city, however, and only four are year-round residents.

New York City Park Department Contractor Tears Up Imperiled Sparrows Home

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A New York City Parks Department contractor just wiped out a breeding population of sparrows in tons of trouble already, on land owned by the parks department that was supposed to be protected as “Forever Wild.” Saltmarsh Sparrows are listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Great Fall Migration Weekend in New York City

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We have had days of northwest winds in New York and the birds have taken full advantage of the favorable conditions to hightail it south. Though sparrows tend to be the main focus of mid-to-late October birding here in New York City there are still plenty of other birds to see like the Eastern Phoebe up above. Birds autumn migration New York City Queens

Free Housing in New York City

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Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, NY, April 2010 Everyone knows that New York City is an extremely expensive place to live. Birds Jamaica Bay New York City Queens swallows Tree SwallowsIf one is lucky enough to find a place that one likes one must often pay in rent per month what would easily be a mortgage payment in a more sane part of the country.

Watching Whales in New York City from the American Princess

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My parents made the drive down to New York City to visit Daisy, Desi, and me in Queens on Sunday and I had a great plan for the day. In addition to my family I was also joined on the boat by Isaac Grant, who regular readers of this blog will recall as the birder doing a New York City big year. Past Rockaway Inlet we motored, out of New York City waters and into those of Nassau County.

New York City’s First Eurasian Collared-Dove

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But for some poorly (or not-at-all) understood reason, its spread across North America has shown a very northwesterly orientation, so while birders as far away from the epicenter of the North American introduction in Florida as British Columbia get to see Eurasian Collared-Doves regularly we New Yorkers and other northeasterners are deprived. In fact, in New York State, other than a small breeding colony west of Rochester, there are very few records of Eurasian Collared-Dove.

The Wood-Warblers Are Back In New York City!

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Every spring they totally steal the show in the northeast and you really can’t blame birders for abandoning their jobs, their families, and their sanity as they rush to New York City’s abundant and amazing parks to see the show live and in technicolor. We New Yorkers were lucky though, that the wave of wood-warblers crested, for once, on a weekend, so for most of us it was unnecessary to risk our careers. … Birds migration New York City wood-warbler

An April Weekend of New York City Birding

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An entire weekend’s birding in April, the start of spring migration for the wood-warblers, with no new wood-warblers checked off my year list. I moped all the way to Coney Island where I drove with my family on an outing to the New York Aquarium. Birding april migration New York CityThis spring has been rather lousy so far. Like, really lousy. Like, really cold, really wet, really windy, and almost completely lacking in days off work.

New Frog in New York City – In Search of the Richmond Ribbiter

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in the wilds of New York City O.K., Richmond County, one of New York City’s five boroughs. You’re probably incredulous that a new species of frog has been discovered in New York City. It is an extremely rare occasion when any new vertebrate species is discovered in a major population center. The new frog has not yet been described in scientific literature, nor has it even been named.

Snowy Owl Reaches New York City

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The big Snowy Owl irruption this year has finally reached New York City with the sighting of a single bird on Hoffman Island. When will one show up in Queens already? Asides

New York City’s oldest dog, Paco Sosa

4 The Love Of Animals

Paco Sosa, New York City’s oldest dog, is the subject of a new film called Wolf Dog. Wolf Dog, is the story of Paco Sosa and his owner Bernadine’s journey to New Mexico to help him find his peace. Paco, who passed away last year, will be doing helping animals, even after his passing, through sharing his true story as an animal celebrity! When the film is finished, it will be used to support animal causes.

New Frog Species Discovered – In New York City!

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The New York Times has the story of this most improbable of discoveries. Asides frogs

Northern Gannet Show in New York Harbor

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… The post Northern Gannet Show in New York Harbor appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Birds Breezy Point New York City Northern GannetFew birds are as spectacular as a Northern Gannet in a plunge dive.

Pale Male's Mate Lima Dies Mysteriously

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The New York City red-tailed hawk has had a traumatic year and it's still February. He lost his long-time mate Lola and ended up with new mate Lima with whom he had chicks. birds hawks pale male new york cityNow, she was found dead and the question is whether she was somehow killed by toxic herbicides used in Central Park. Awful. Warning. graphic photos.

2012 116

Kings County Brewers Collective: Safe Flight IPA

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On one gray, drizzly morning this week, I set out to bird my local patch in Albany, New York, and found 56 species in a few hours of aimless, unhurried traipsing. This is the third fall migration for which Kings County Brewers Collective has brewed Safe Flight IPA to benefit New York City Audubon’s Project Safe Flight. Safe Flight is a hazy New England-style IPA, brewed to 6.2% Some days just turn out really well.

2019 59

Make Sure to Change Your Birdbath Water

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Especially if you live in New York City ! Asides birdbaths New York City

2012 54

Awful Horse and Carriage Crash in NYC

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horse carriages horses new york cityCan crashes into carriage. Just so inhumane and dangerous. They have them here in Seattle. I just hate them, although it sounds like NYC is particularly bad.

Horses 109

Pale Male and Lola Fan Arrested - Again

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birds hawks pale male new york cityHe was arrested some years ago when Pale Male's nest was destroyed. Now, he's been arrested for actions surrounding the death of Pale Male's latest mate Lima. He is very passionate about these hawks and I've followed his blog and beautiful photography for years. But he apparently took the dead bird to his place illegally. Read the story here and decide for yourself. Too much this time?

2012 109

Feral Cats More Important Than Humans?

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Such was the sad fate of a New York City veterinarian who refused to release a stray cat she treated back to a feral cat freak who planned to release the cat back into a feral cat colony. News cats New York City Be careful if you cross the feral cat freaks – they might protest your business, sue you, and drive you to suicide.

Pale Male Has New Chicks

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Sadly, Lola disappeared a while ago, but Pale Male has a new mate named Lima. birds hawks pale male wildlife new york cityI've been following Pale Male (the red-tailed hawk that lives in Central Park) since over 5 years ago when his nest was destroyed by ritzy apartment dwellers and it created a major international outcry. The nest was rebuilt, but Pale Male and his mate Lola never had another successful nesting.

2011 116

Manhattan’s first nesting Common Ravens

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Over the last five or six years, Common Ravens have been sighted with increasing frequency in New York City, part of a resurgence throughout the Northeast after more than a century of regional extirpation. They’ve also recently nested in the Bronx and nearby in New Jersey. The New York Times wrote about the city’s new residents , interviewing several local observers and experts. Birds Common Raven Manhattan New York City ravens

2015 84

Birders Should Attend the People’s Climate March

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And, for those of you who live in or near New York City or are visiting here this coming weekend, we are hosting what is undoubtedly going to be the largest mass action about climate change in history. In fact, my employer, the New York State Nurses Association, has joined the march and that is with whom I will be marching on Sunday. Don’t be afraid of joining a large march in New York City, even if you have never been involved in activism before.

2014 81

Red-tails in Lust

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You see Christo and Dora, the insurgent New York City Red-tail celebrities who bid fair to replace Pale Male (or whoever he is ) like yesterday’s meme, got themselves in a bit of a tangle. Birding hawks New York City Red-tailed HawkI have written before of the intersection between the human need for entertainment and the bird need to live bird lives and make more birds: it partakes of both the compelling and the ridiculous at the best of times.

2018 52

Kirtland’s Warbler in Central Park

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Second, the Kirtland’s Warbler was the last “eastern warbler” I needed to see not just in the United States but in New York State. Third, Kirtland’s Warbler has only recently made the New York State checklist with two sightings in 2014. ( After all, at least one recent rarity in New York met a disastrous end. It’s hard to think of a species I would rather see in New York State.

2018 57

Birds at Bryant Park

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Almost every year there are a few birds that stick around at Bryant Park long after they are gone from the rest of the New York City area. But I think I’ll be able to find time to stop at Bryant Park again on Monday morning… Trips Bryant Park Manhattan New York City Imagine for a moment that you are a bird. You have been flying all night, migrating, and now the sun is starting to come up and you can see what is beneath you.

2014 82

A Say’s Phoebe at Edgemere Landfill, Queens, New York

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Daisy agreed to the outing because it was sunny and nice and Edgemere, once mosquito season is over, is actually a really nice place for a family outing what with the long view of the New York City skyline and the refreshing air blowing off the bay. Trips Edgemere New York City phoebes Queens rarities Say''s Phoebe On Sunday morning I was out birding across several Queens hotspots with my friend Seth.

Northern Wheatear at Plum Beach, Brooklyn

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… Trips Brooklyn New York City Northern Wheatear Plum Beach Twitching Not having to work until the afternoon on a Wednesday, I took advantage and decided to go birding yesterday. At seven in the morning I had just refound the Eurasian Wigeon at the north end of the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and turned around for the long slog down the east side of the pond when my phone buzzed with an email.

2014 74

They’re going to kill more geese

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This morning a plane taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York City hit a bird , which caused engine failure. This is after two years of geese killings in New York City , ostensibly to thin the flocks and protect civilian aviation. Asides New York CityThe plane landed safely and no one was hurt. Anyone want to bet that they double down and start killing more geese?

Geese 54

NYPD Brass to Cops: Stop Birding!

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Well, maybe that isn’t exactly what happened here but police officers from New York were told to stop messing around with Fred the pigeon. Asides New York CitySeriously. Don’t the cops have some occupiers to arrest or something?

2011 61

Spring in Manhattan

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Manhattan, April 2010 In the busiest and most developed borough of New York City, Manhattan, which is what most tourists think of when they think of New York City (if they are thinking at all), the signs of spring are sometimes subtle, but most are, like much of Manhattan, in your face. Aaaah, spring in the city. Inspiration Bryant Park Central Park Manhattan New York City seasons spring

2012 56

Saving Tourists from Foaming at the Mouth

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Lest you think that I am overstating the likelihood of the raccoon being rabid please take into consideration that signs like the one below hang near every entrance to the park and rabid raccoons have been found not only in Central Park but all over New York City of late. Mammals Central Park features New York City raccoonsCentral Park, Manhattan, April 2o10 I have spent many of my lunch hours over the last several months in Central Park.

2012 72

An Owl-Full Day

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That kid just loves Barred Owls I guess… Trips Bronx Forest Park New York City owls Pelham Bay ParkSunday morning dawned clear and cool, perfect weather in which to find some owls. Sunrise found me in a car with Rich Kelly and Seth Ausubel, on our way to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx where we would be joined by Bob Dieterich and Gene Herskovics for an owl prowl.

Owls 73

Whale Watching on the American Princess

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… Trips dolphins New York City pelagic Last October Daisy, Desi, and I, joined by my parents, had a grand ol’ time whale-watching aboard the American Princess. We made a repeat visit this past Saturday (14 June) minus my parents but in the company of our long-time friend Bonnie and her son Javi, who is a year older than Desi.

2014 61

May Migration in Queens

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Queens, New York, May 2009 May is the month of migration in North America. Sure, some species move earlier and, of course, in the fall everything turns around and goes the other way, but May stands out as the month when birds that haven’t been seen since the previous fall come back in natty new breeding plumage and blow birders’ minds again the same way they did the previous spring (and the spring before that and the spring before that and so on and so forth).

2012 65

Hitting Bottom in Brooklyn, or, A Boat Aground

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Seven birders, a boat for hire, and a cruise around lower New York Harbor and vicinity looking for good birds. A surprise was a Common Merganser , a bird we don’t see much in New York City and especially not flying over the coast in Brooklyn. Sadly, the rarities that we all were imagining stayed in our minds as we cruised across lower New York Harbor from Queens through Brooklyn waters and into Richmond County, otherwise known as Staten Island.

2012 71

Still the Same Hawk: A Review of a Book about Nature and New York by a Native New Yorker

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It was seeing this incredibly huge bird sitting against the backdrop of the dignified buildings that line Fifth Avenue, and seeing New Yorkers walking their fast New York pace below the hawk, ignoring my pointing finger. I thought of this experience as I read Still the Same Hawk , a collection of twelve essays about nature and New York City, edited by John Waldman. Still the Same Hawk: Reflections on Nature and New York John Waldman, editor.

2013 56

City Birds

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Returning to New York, however briefly, has been a joyful reunion — not just with old friends, but with my beloved, quirky New York City birds. Birds New York City Urban BirdingShortly after I arrived I got word of the Gray-hooded Gull at Coney Island, and of course I went after it right away. Unlike the last megararity at that end of Coney Island, I got the gull right away (thanks in part to a helpful phone call from Corey.)

2011 56

Sparrows Coming and Going

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In the New York City area the number and variety of sparrows a birder can see in mid-April is astounding. So what species, exactly, can a birder expect to see with reasonable effort in mid-April in New York City? Song Sparrow I hope this short primer on sparrows in and around New York City was helpful. Birds migration New York City sparrows

A Visit to Riverbank State Park

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I never would have guessed what was beneath us as there was no smell or other unpleasant association with the plant, and our high perch afforded great views up and down the Hudson River and of New Jersey. The topper for the day, though, was getting a new species for my Manhattan list when a flock of five Monk Parakeets flew by. And, really, in New York City parks of every kind are needed to relieve some of the stress of being packed so closely together.

2011 56

Male Ruddy Ducks Oxyura jamaicensis in Basic Plumage

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Male Ruddy Ducks Oxyura jamaicensis in Basic Plumage Male Ruddy Ducks Oxyura jamaicensis in Basic Plumage By Corey • March 17, 2011 • 4 comments Tweet Share Lately, I have grown a bit obsessed by Ruddy Ducks , those lovable little stiff-tailed ducks that are nearly ubiquitous on any sizable freshwater body of water in New York City this time of year.

Ducks 61

First State Record of Couch’s Kingbird in New York State!

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On Christmas, Gabriel Willow, a New York City birder and Naturalist Editor for New York City Audubon, posted a picture of a kingbird on the New York Birders Facebook page that had been sent to him by a resident of the West Village in Manhattan, Zack Winestine. New York State’s first Couch’s Kingbird – in the West Village of all places!