Light Colored Bald Eagle

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It’s an area beloved by photographers for all the Tundra Swans and Bald Eagles that hang out in the area and the surrounding habitat makes for a beautiful backdrop. I was assigned BJ Matzen and he won me over when we nonchalantly leaned over and asked, “You have any interest in seeing a dilute plumage Bald Eagle?” ” I think the only answer to that question can be, “Why yes, yes I am interested in seeing a dilute plumaged eagle.”

Bald Eagles of Boundary Bay

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A large concentration of eagles makes for spectacular viewing and I wanted to share my excitement with you after a morning at Boundary Bay to the south of Vancouver in BC. It was an early start and the Bald Eagles were evident before I even alighted from the bus at 96 th St. onto the shore of Boundary Bay to be greeted by screeching from five eagles squabbling over a scrap of teal. Dozens more eagles were roosting way out on the bay by the low tide line.

Open Season on Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagle image is by Francois Portmann and is used with permission You know, I’ve been thinking about this whole dustup over hunting cranes in Tennessee and now Kentucky. And while we’re at it, I think it’s time to open a limited season on Bald Eagles. We’ve always hunted Bald Eagles. Bald Eagles were nearly exterminated from the Lower 48 by the mid 1970’s. There was a lot of hunting for Bald Eagles—it is traditionally a game species.

Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest: A Photographic Journey through the American Bald Eagle Nesting Season

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The Bald Eagle is not just an American symbol, it is also a quintessentially American story. Nearly wiped out by human heedlessness, development, and pesticide use, under the protection of the Endangered Species Act this handsome fish eagle has made a stunning comeback, rebounding in numbers and recolonizing areas where many thought they were gone forever. Koppie, captures a key component of the eagles’ success — their capacity to make more eagles.

Two Bald Eagles Survive Crash Landing

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Well, that brings a new meaning to the phrase “ the eagle has landed.” ” In the case of two Bald Eagles at the Duluth International Airport in Minnesota, the landing was of the not-so-smooth variety. During transport to a rehab center, one eagle made a quick escape. Birds News Bald Eagles The birds had locked their talons during a mid-air battle and plummeted to the tarmac together.

Come@Me: Bald Eagles Are Tools

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I remember my first Bald Eagle so vividly. I dragged the guy I had just started seeing (reader, I married him) on a frosty February morning to an eagle walk at Croton Point Park (Croton-on-Hudson, NY). We pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car, and before I’d even had a chance to pull my binoculars out of my backpack, an adult eagle soared right over our heads. But before it could go down the hatch, a Bald Eagle swooped in and snatched it.

Bald Eagle Catching and Eating a Blue-winged Teal

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Back in January, when I was enjoying my attendance at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival down in Florida, I had an enchanting encounter with our national bird , the Bald Eagle. Such was the case with the Bald Eagle that I spotted. Considering that Bald Eagles are known for their scavenging I thought that I would soon see it grab a dead fish or something and then land back on the stub where it would eat it.

A Leucistic Bald Eagle Makes Its Appearance at the Winter Wings Festival

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Many people go to the Winter Wings Festival to see Bald Eagles, and there are plenty of them to observe. According to one of the residents in the area, this leucistic Bald Eagle has been spending a few months in the Klamath Falls area for the past four winters! Birds Bald Eagles eagles leucism Winter Wings Festival The Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls Oregon was awesome!

Bird Litigation: Sonoran Desert Bald Eagle

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Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently decided that the Sonoran Desert population of Bald Eagle is not a listable taxon under the Endangered Species Act. The Bald Eagle is one of the true American conservation success stories: the iconic national bird was listed in 1967 when there were less than 500 breeding pairs in the lower 48. In 2012, FWS determined , for a third time, that the desert eagle was not a listable taxon and CBD again filed suit.

Northern Arapahoes Given Right to Kill Eagles for Religious Purposes

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A federal government decision to allow a Wyoming tribe to kill two bald eagles for a religious ceremony is a victory for American Indian sovereignty as well as for long-suppressed religious freedoms, the tribe says. Fish and Wildlife Service granted a permit March 9 to the Northern Arapaho Tribe allowing it either to kill or capture and release two bald eagles this year. bald eagle us fish and wildlife religion native americans hunting us tribes

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Eagle Deaths by Wind Turbines Increasing, Study Finds

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Wind turbines at Altamont Pass in Northern California (a known eagle-fatality site not included in the study); image by Bonita de Boer/Flickr/Creative Commons License. . A recent study has documented a rise in the number of turbine-related eagle deaths in the United States. . Data from the wind-power companies notes the deaths at least 85 Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles since 1997, with at least 67 of those deaths occurring with in the past five years.

Year of the Eagle

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Year of the Eagle is his third book. You can click here for more information about Year of the Eagle. After three years of observation at a Bald Eagle nest in Washington state, I believe that young birds do, in fact, learn to fly — and they appear to learn much the same way we do. My work focused on a consistently productive bald eagle nest in Kirkland, Wash., The Bald Eagles were full of surprises – one of the main reasons this project took three years.

It’s Nestcam Season—Take Your Pick and Take a Peek!

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The First Couple —a pair of Bald Eagles nesting at the U.S. News Bald Eagle hummingbirds nesting birds Ospreys pacific great blue herons Peregrine Falcon puffins webcamIn the Northern Hemisphere, at least, spring has sprung. Which means spring fever. Which, in the bird world, means babies. And who doesn’t love cute baby birds? Luckily, with March Madness almost over (go ’nova!), there are plenty of nestcams competing for your workday procrastination.

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Birding Before Hurricane Irma

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As if a nod to my quiet appreciation for the force of nature, a lone Bald Eagle opened great wings and sailed across the sound, heedless of the breeze trying to push it back. Birding Bald Eagle Florida Hurricane IrmaI was lucky. Living so far west in the Panhandle, projections of Hurricane Irma’s path never crossed near Pensacola.

2017 50

The Beautiful and Colorful Mourning Dove

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Reduces the risk of harming other wildlife, particularly Eagles and Condors, from getting sick and dying from lead consumption. Birds Conservation Bald Eagle California Condor doves gamebird hunting Mourning Dove non-lead ammunitionThe Mourning Dove ( Zenaida macroura) is among the most abundant and widespread terrestrial birds endemic to North and Middle America.

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This Week in Bird News: Junk Food Junkies, Snacks on a String, and More

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This Bald Eagle, photographed by Corey, was after Blue-winged Teal in Florida, not Atlantic Puffins in Maine. From the “careful what you wish for” files, in the face of climate change–related drops in fish populations, a resurgent Bald Eagle population appears to be developing a taste for Maine’s seabirds and shorebirds. News angry birds Bald Eagle bullfinches crows feeding flocks grackles Gunnison Sage Grouse magpies MaineLook out below!

2016 43

The Eyes Have It

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The Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ) nestling has a dark brown iris… which becomes a buffy brown within a year… and then pale yellow at maturity as is the case with this leucistic Bald Eagle. Birds Acorn Woodpecker Bald Eagle Iris Osprey Red-tailed HawkThe Osprey ( Pandion haliaetus ) pictured above were photographed while the nestlings were still in the nest.

2017 40

His Regal Grumpiness

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On August 21st, Maryjane Angelo of Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania received a call from a man who said his nephew was standing in the middle of a rural road, guarding a Bald Eagle. People who say they have found an eagle have rarely found an eagle. But as Maryjane drove over the crest of a hill, she found five teenage boys waving and flashing their iPhones, all standing in a semicircle around an adult male Bald Eagle.

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Wolves & Eagles No Longer Endangered in Michigan?

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Michigan's removal of the bald eagle and gray wolf from the list will be the most significant change in species protection the state has seen in years. Tags: bald eagle Gray Wolf us endangered species That's what Michigan's State Department of Natural Resources says.

Birds and Bling

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Sharron Montgomery went through the same thing with a badly-behaved educational Bald Eagle named Booker T. Birds American Crow Bald Eagle brown-headed cowbird great-horned owls Red-tailed Hawk sandhill crane wildlife rehabilitators Wildlife rehabilitators are not known for our bling. First of all: most of us don’t have much, because we spend all our money on gauze, antibiotics, and frozen rats.

2013 80

New U.S. Rule Extends Length of Eagle-Death Permits for Wind Farms

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As mentioned earlier in these pages , wind farms and eagles don’t always go well together—the birds, which often scan the ground for prey instead of looking straight ahead while they’re flying, thus don’t see wind turbines until it’s too late. (It’s It’s not just eagles, either; other bird and bat species also fall victim to the turbines.) News Bald Eagle Golden Eagle wind farms Wind turbines

2013 61

Who needs brakes?

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Birds Bald EagleThere was a slight crosswind, I’ll give him that, but our pilot seemed rather puffed up after a competent landing. He was rather more self-impressed than was seemly, given that this was his job. So perhaps there had been some hydraulic complications. It’s not as though we ran out of coffee! Yes, yes, the brakes were a bit soft and we only had four-and-a-half miles of runway to play with.

2016 40

Battle Creek Cellars: Unconditional Pinot Noir (2017)

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Next Thursday is the American Thanksgiving holiday – which means it’s time to trot out that old legend concerning Benjamin Franklin’s opinions on two iconic American birds: The Wild Turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo ) and the Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ).

2019 70

A Red-tailed Hawk with a Very Bad Idea

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Pro-tip: If you are a Red-tailed Hawk don’t attack a Bald Eagle on its nest. Such an idea when put into practice will not end well for you. Birds nests raptors

2013 87

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of September 2020)

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Though the late night Barred Owls were nice and the Bald Eagle hanging out on the lake was very pleasant, Corey most preferred when he came across a mixed flock of wood-warblers.

2020 102

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of February 2021)

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He was pleased that the birdseed he brought with him attracted a variety of common woodland birds, but the highlight of the weekend was the sheer volume of Bald Eagles.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of June 2019)

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Of what he did see, a pair of Bald Eagles at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge was the highlight, a species that didn’t used to be around in June in Queens at all. So, Bald Eagles as his Best Bird of the Weekend. Mid-June may be the most perfect time of year, offering maximum nice weather with minimal catastrophic natural events. Even the birding is decent. With a foundation this firm, you can’t help but have a great weekend, right?

2019 50

What is the National Bird of the United States?

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The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. No explanation of his decision is known to exist, though he did simply state “The Escutcheon is born on the breast of an American Eagle without any other supporters to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own Virtue.&# Benjamin Franklin was famously not happy about the decision to use the Bald Eagle as a symbol of the United States (he preferred the Wild Turkey ).

Emiliana Natura Rosé (2020)

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When I first spotted the label of this week’s wine in my local shop, I took one look at the songbirds on it and rightfully assumed this 2020 Emiliana Natura Rosé was from some European winery. I think most birders would, given the ornithological evidence presented.

2020 87

Golden vs. Bald: Which Eagle is the Baddest?

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A thoughtful reader just pointed me towards one of the coolest posts I’ve seen in a long time, one which asks and then answers the question regarding whether the Golden Eagle or the Bald Eagle is the fiercest predator. Asides eaglesThe brutality here is mind-boggling! Sure, this post has been around for a while, but I had no idea… a.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of January 2014)

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Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was a Bald Eagle that he watched (and photographed) hunting and eating a Blue-winged Teal at Viera Wetlands. Sure, Corey saw rarer birds, more colorful birds, and birds that he wanted to see more than a Bald Eagle but the experience of watching such a show was amazing. My part of the world and many others still anguish under the icy rule of the polar vortex.

2014 75

Birds on Utility Poles – The Electrocution Solution

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But occasionally people see it – especially when it’s a hard-to-miss bird like this Bald Eagle. Within walking distance of her house were a pair of Bald Eagles with two chicks. The downed adult eagle was electrocuted on March 31. Picture this.

Record-breaking eagles? nests, coastal Georgia, and a wicked sunburn

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It was my hope to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle’s nest since the Southeastern recovery plan had a goal of counting 20 that year across the whole state of Georgia. Most impressively Chatham County had 27 eagle nests this year – the highest eagle residence county in the state! Bald Eagle. There were Atlantic bottlenose dolphins frolicking in the water, and eagles perching in the pines! Featured image – Bald Eagle.

Even Eagles Aren’t Immune …

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These “allegedly artsy” Golden Eagles courtesy of Corey. Fish and Wildlife Service caps at five the number of Golden Eagles that members of the Hopi tribe can collect from neighboring Navajo lands. The Navajo also use eagle feathers as part of rituals, but don’t believe in killing the birds. The ruling is important because as recently as three years ago, several Hopi were prosecuted for illegally killing eagles. News eagles

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of August 2019)

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What could be better than the New York State Fair, especially after a Bald Eagle deigned to circle overhead in honor of everything that makes the Empire State great? The end of August keeps most of us in the Northern Hemisphere busy, what with the impending end of summer and all that. Enjoy what today has to offer while looking forward to what is to come. My extended family from The Bronx visited us this weekend for some upstate festivities.

2019 62

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of March 2014?

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Keep your eyes to the skies for uncommon birds like this leucistic Bald Eagle ! Daylight Savings Time falls this weekend in those areas that observe this tradition. Remember, springing forward means one less hour of sleep this weekend, not one less hour of sleep! I’ll be out and about in the Rochester area enjoying this sudden influx of sun. Corey will be birding the heck out of some random part of New York. How about you?

2014 80

The Birds of March Madness

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The Liberty University Flames, represented by their American Bald Eagle mascot, Sparky, were also bounced from the tournament, while the Marquette Golden Eagles, Oregon Ducks, and Louisville Cardinals advanced from their first-round matches. Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. Liberty Flames (represented by their American Bald Eagle, Sparky). Marquette Golden Eagles. Greetings, 10,000 Birds readers!

2013 71

Peterson Reference Guide to Bird Behavior, by John Kricher — a review

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The structure of wings is addressed in Chapter 8, “Feathers and Flight.” Among their other uses, wings are also employed for balance during copulation, a not unimportant or inconsequential usage, as the male Bald Eagle ably demonstrates in the photo, above right.

2020 87

A Tale of Two Eagles

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The White-tailed Eagle is one of the easiest birds to observe in Belgrade, Serbia (almost guaranteed). And with a wingspan slightly bigger than a Bald Eagle, it is really no wonder that almost every local eBird list contains a sighting of one to several birds.

My Birding Spot During COVID-19: Willow Lake Preserve

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My birding there in normal times tends to be in winter and early spring: I’m getting Common Mergansers and Bald Eagle for my year list in January, scouting for the Christmas Bird Count in late November and early December, and making sure to find Wilson’s Snipe in the early spring.

2020 86

The Cherokee National Forest just got bigger!

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Bald Eagle. 616 acres added in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s still possible (amidst the scurry to take from public lands) to protect our pristine wilderness areas. Through multi-partnerships, cooperation, federal funding, and the private conservation efforts of one family, 616 acres were officially added to the Cherokee National Forest in September 2018.

2018 70

Good Birds on the Queens County Christmas Bird Count

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Clapper Rail , American White Pelican , Snowy Owl , Cackling Goose , Blue-winged Teal , Bald Eagle , Lark Sparrow , Clay-colored Sparrow , Pine Warbler , and Turkey Vulture are all good birds for the count. We found three Bald Eagles for the count, but only one of the Willow Lake birds and it was at Meadow Lake. Here are the Bald Eagles where they’ve been spending their time, at Willow Lake.

2015 50

Come to the 2016 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival!

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Watching a Bald Eagle catch and eat a Blue-winged Teal at Viera was amazing. I can’t wait for January! To be exact, 20-25 January 2016. The 19th Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival ! I’ve had so many great moments at previous festivals and now I can’t wait for the next. As an inducement to get you to come, here are five of my favorite moments from the last several years at the festival. The story behind each can be reached by clicking on the image.

2015 77