Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide

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Schmitt is a lecturer on Ponant Antarctic cruises who lived in Chile from 2005 to 2015, and helped develop the eBird online birding tool for Chile and the rest of South America. The conclusion is, Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide is a recommended piece of work.

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Humboldt Penguins in Chile Face Extinction

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rats chile extinction penguins endangered speciesFrom the Huffington Post. Invading rats with bodies up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) long have begun eating eggs and chicks, and some experts fear that unless the rats are eradicated, they could tip the Humboldt penguin toward extinction.

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Birdwatching Santiago de Chile Part-2

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Continued from: Birdwatching Santiago de Chile – Trip Report. To be continued… Trips La Campana Montemar Reñaca Rio Maipo Santiago de Chile We stayed at the foot hills of La Campana National Park with the hopes to get a look at the Rufous-legged Owl. By the time we had dinner and arrived to our hotel we were so exhausted that it became impossible to go search for this endemic bird.

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Birding Santiago de Chile – Trip Report

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Farellones – Santiago de Chile. Since we could get cheaper air tickets going through Santiago de Chile we started at this location to pick up some specialties that can be picked up rather easily. To be continued… Trips Argentina Santiago de Chile South America This is a continuation of Birding Argentina – Planning Stage.

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5 ways to help the animal rescue efforts in Chile and Haiti

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These three groups are already operating mobile veterinary clinics and other services in Haiti, and planning to go to Chile when they’re allowed in: IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). Veterinarians, technicians and others can volunteer to travel to Chile to help groups such as World Vets. 5 ways to help the animal rescue efforts in Chile and Haiti originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on March 29, 2010. Contribute to rescue efforts.

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Emiliana Natura Rosé (2020)

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However, closer inspection of the fine print revealed this wine is actually from Chile, where t**s – or any members of the family Paridae , for that matter – don’t even exist. The Natura label makes uses of organic grapes grown at vineyards in Chile’s Central Valley.

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Farmed Fish Are No Easy Solution

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Here's an article spotlighting farmed fishing in Chile. Tags: fisheries chile fish latin america environment Many believe that the solution to our wild fish problems is to promote farmed alternatives. But, as with any kind of mass production, this is filled with all kinds of risks. It's really damned if you do and damned if you don't. Eat wild runs and cause their extinction. Eat farmed fish and create other environmental perils. Best not to eat either.

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Great Mexican Bird Names

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I’m not sure that the Eastern Meadowlark really says Tortilla-con-chile, but I love the idea. Tortilla con chile! Tortilla con chile! By the time this post is published, I will be on a short trip to Spain, though not principally for birding purposes. So I decided to make it easy on myself, and follow up on the whole name theme we did a couple of weeks ago.

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700 Year Birds in Costa Rica?- Coming Into the Home Stretch for 2021

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The mosaic of wetlands, forest, and other habitats here and near Los Chiles are the only places to see Nicaraguan Grackle and are really good for connecting with a host of local species and uncommon wetland birds. It’s getting to be that time of year.

The Andean Gull

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This gull inhabits the high Andean plateau of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina at elevations ranging from 3300 to 4400 m (10827 to 14436 feet). Photo by: Chile Satelital. On the series “North American birds with Neotropical Counterparts”, this time I introduce the Andean Gull. Gulls are often referred as “seagulls” due to their general association to the sea or sea shores. The Andean Gull could not be further from this general association.

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Easy, Bonus Birding at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

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Ironically, thanks to the non-sustainable, land poisoning agriculture seen en route, there is a straight, fast, good road that zooms right on up to Los Chiles, the closest town to Cano Negro. From the Arenal area, it’s a pretty quick hour and a half deal up to Los Chiles. Not to mention, we knew that good bonus birds were awaiting at Los Chiles and Cano Negro anyways. Get those bonus birds at Los Chiles and Cano Negro!

Blinded by the Light: Hornby’s Storm-Petrels in Lima-Peru

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The Hornby’s storm-petrel ( Oceanodroma Hornbyi ) is a fairly common bird along the coast of Peru and Chile. There is no doubt they nest somewhere along the cost of Peru and Chile. Featured photo: Alfredo Fernandez. Most, if not all pelagic birding trips in the region record this species, often by the hundreds. But as common as they may be, nobody knows where they nest. The Hornby’s (or ringed) storm-petrel occurs along a relatively narrow band on the Pacific Ocean.

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Shorebirds and Gulls of Florida’s Treasure Coast: Where the Tropics Begin

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During the months of December, January, February, and March, the bird community along Florida’s east coast is similar to that along the coast of Central Peru and North-Central Chile. The composition of the bird community is remarkably similar in the region encompassing Central Peru to Central Chile. But in reality, this may be the same bird community; one that happens to start in this part of Florida and extends south to Central Peru and Chile.

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American Oystercatchers in Mexico

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From Southern California, thru Mexico to Chile. Having grown up and spent the majority of my birding life in the Pacific Northwest, it was not uncommon for me to see Black Oystercatchers , wandering the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean. Their solid black bodies, and reddish orange bills, have always been one of the highlights of coastal birding up north. When we sailed to Mexico, I discovered a whole new species, the American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus.

Federal Public Lands: Pacific Seabirds

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Naturally, many wide-ranging seabirds breed in other countries along the vast Pacific, including: Sooty Shearwater (Chile and New Zealand), Pink-footed Shearwater (Chile), Buller’s Shearwater (New Zealand), Flesh-footed Shearwater (Australia and New Zealand), Wilson’s Storm-Petrel (Chile and Antarctica), and Black Storm-Petrel (Mexico and small numbers in California).

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We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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I kept hearing people who claimed that it was a matter of record that Chiquita (United Fruit) and the CIA had toppled Guatemala’s democratically-elected president Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 and that International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT), Henry Kissinger, and the CIA had brought down Chile’s Salvador Allende in 1973.

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Surfbirds at Humbolt Bay North Jetty During Godwit Days Bird Festival

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The Surfbird outside of the breeding season can be found along almost the entire Pacific Coast of the Americas, from southeastern Alaska all the way to Tierra del Fuego in southern Chile. The Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival in Arcata and Eureka on the north coast of California was fabulous! I added several birds to my 2013 year list during my four day stay, including the Surfbird ( Aphriza virgata ).

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Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of June 2013?

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Look up, at least if you are birding coastal Chile like Renato was ! Looking for boobies? Birding and parenting don’t always go together well. In fact, many attempts to combine the two end in compromised results in both endeavors. Many dads (but interestingly few moms) have documented their successes in simultaneously birding and parenting on this blog and others.

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Swarovski NL Pure – the Sexiest Binoculars Ever

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Once at home, I looked at Wildfowl by Steve Madge and Hilary Burn, to quickly discover that I was watching the Chiloe Wigeon , indigenous to Chile and Argentina.

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The Endangered Andean Flamingo

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The largest of the Andean flamingos is native to the wetlands and shallow alkaline lakes of the high Andes mountain range, from southern Perú to northwestern Argentina and northern Chile. Egg harvesting to sell as food was intensive then, with thousands taken annually from the breeding colonies in Chile. The Andean Flamingo ( Phoenicopterus andinus ) is one of the three flamingos occurring in the high Andes of South America.

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Andean Condors On The News

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I just read on the news that about 20 Andean Condors (Vultur gryphus) were poisoned in Chile. Unlike the unintentional poisoning of these Condors in Chile, people in other parts of the Andes set poisoned bate to eliminate condor. The birds were observed crashing into the rocks high in the Andean mountains near a hydroelectric power plant. Other birds were seen crash landing. As Chilean officials and volunteers rescued 17 birds they noticed the birds were foaming from the beak.

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Situated on Chile’s Pacific coast, the Atacama Desert is one of the driest areas in the world with rain falling on only a handful of occasions over a century. The poorly defined borders of the region were disputed by Chile and Bolivia. That’s when the strain was felt and Chile began to push. Bolivia found support from Peru, but this alliance was ultimately defeated by Chile after a four-year naval and land campaign.

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Birding Mendoza and Tafi del Valle Argentina

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Continued from: Birdwatching Santidago de Chile Part 2. A great way to travel in Chile and Argentina is by bus. We took two overnight buses to get us from Santiago de Chile to San Miguel de Tucuman in northern Argentina. They have very comfortable overnight buses so you save on the lodging and wake up the next day at your new destination. On our first night-travel we reached Mendoza in Argentina by 6 am and we spent the day visiting wineries (yum!)

Birding Argentina – Planning Stage

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Also we found some cheaper flights going to Santiago de Chile and leaving from Buenos Aires so we decided to put together a birding trip to take advantage of all of these savings. At the early stages of our planning we were aiming to spend a few days in Santiago de Chile and then move to the North-west Argentina where we planned to spend most of our time and then to finish near Buenos Aires. Plush-crested Jay.

The Andean Avocet

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This is partly because it leaves at such high elevations (11,811 – 15,090 feet above sea level) along the high Andes of Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. I am starting a series of posts where I introduce little known birds we can relate. These would be mostly Neotropical birds that have a North American counterpart most are familiar with. Today I introduce the cool Andean Avocet. The Andean Avocet is not a rare bird, but not a lot of folks have seen it.

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Collaborative list – December 2019

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Entrada Los Chiles (El Parque) hasta Caño Negro. Entrada Los Chiles (El Parque) hasta Caño Negro. Entrada Los Chiles (El Parque) hasta Caño Negro. Entrada Los Chiles (El Parque) hasta Caño Negro. Entrada Los Chiles (El Parque) hasta Caño Negro.

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Tussock Jumper: Cabernet Sauvignon (2017)

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King Penguins breed in Antarctica, the Falklands and a few other South Atlantic islands, and in Argentina and Chile, along that odd border between the two countries in Tierra del Fuego. Only a few days ago this week, we passed the midpoint of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s more than halfway over now, but there’s undoubtedly plenty more cold weather to come. Time for another bottle of red wine to get us through to spring.

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The Falcon Thief: A Book Review

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The beauty of these scenes of falcons and raptors nesting in Africa, Canada, Wales, and Chile are thrilling, but the accompanying scenes of Lendrum stealing the eggs, sometimes with the parents flying in distress above him, are disturbing. September 2017, Cerrado, Brazil.

Spotted Sandpiper at Van Saun Park

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Actitus macularius , as spotties are known to the scientific set, are widespread across North America and winter across Central and South America, even as far south as Chile. Spotted Sandpipers are cool little birds, easily identified by a host of field marks and behaviors.

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Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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Here are the results: 3 per cent of respondents (in no particular order): Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Tanzania, Madagascar. I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results. I was just curious what the US birders dream about, so I posted a question in the ABA’s FB group: a) what are the most popular foreign destinations and b) where would you go with unlimited funds?

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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401-600 sp: Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay; the Sahel countries (Africa), Namibia and Botswana; Central Asian countries and Cambodia. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website.

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Florida’s Top Annual Pelagic Trips

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For those who have been on pelagic trips in places such as California, Chile, or Australia, keep in mind that pelagic trips in Florida almost always feature long birdless stretches interspersed with brief spurts of activity. The period between May and September offer the best potential for an assortment of pelagic species (species which live most of their lives far from land) off the Atlantic coast of Florida.

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Great Great Grebe.

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The nominate is found to the west in Chile with a separate population in NW Peru. Despite having only revealed 6 pictures on my Kylie Minogue calender so far, I may already have a candidate for Best Bird of the Year. The Great Grebe , Podiceps major , is a bird of South America where it frequents large waters and coastline on both sides of the continent. From southern Brazil on the east coast, it extends down through Uruguay and Argentina as far as the cape.

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Protection for a fee: Band-tailed Gulls and Red-legged Cormorants

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Frigatebirds don’t occur in the cold waters of the coast of Peru and Chile, but Band-tailed Gulls (Larus belcheri) have developed similar strategy. Kleptoparasitismis is a word that just means parasitism by theft. With birds, this happens when one takes prey or other food caught or collected by another. Klepstoparasitism seems to be more prevalent among birds associated with water; those unable to dive often take food from those able to catch their food underwater.

2014 79

Watch for Shorebirds with Colored Flags!

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Even more exciting has been the public response, with over 7,000 resightings reported in less than a year by recreational birders spanning the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to Chile. As I write this note, probably hundreds if not thousands of shorebirds are heading south to the wintering grounds. Some make stopovers along Florida’s coast, others fly straight from stopovers in the northern states to the coast of South America.

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Of Nesting Spoonbills, Nestling Flamingos, Left-the-Nest Shearwaters, and Mystery Gulls

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The far-inland Chattanoogan newspaper in Tennessee shares a story about an international team of researchers tracking half a dozen Pink-footed Shearwaters from Chile to North America and back in hopes of learning about the at-risk birds’ habits and how better to protect them. Pink-footed Shearwater image by Felonious Jive. What do all these birds have in common? They’re (at least partially) pink. And they’re making the news, too.

2013 61

Birding Chaco at JV Gonzles – Trip Report

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We started with a cheap flight to Santiago de Chile and birding around Farellones: * Enjoyed the birding around Santiago de Chile for a couple of days including La Campana National Park, Montemar Reñaca, and birding the Rio Maipo river mouth: * Then we took the night bus to Mendoza and visited a local winery and birded in the mountains, then we took another night bus to Tucuman and birded Tafil del Valle. * Continued from: Calilegua National Park Birding Trip Report.

2014 76

Common Gallinule, the lost Moorhen

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The Common Gallinule , is the most wide spread of all the members of the rail family, being found from Canada, to Chile, Europe, Asia, Africa, much of the Pacific, and the Galapagos Islands. After getting to spend some time with a few of these birds recently, I decided to feature them in my story this week. That and the fact that I have barely been able to get out in the field for the last three weeks. Hurricane Season on the Baja is not always an enjoyable thing.

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The Brown and Peruvian Pelicans

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The Peruvian Pelican is restricted to the cold water of the Humboldt Current along the coast of Peru and Chile. The Brown Pelican and the Peruvian Pelican are closely related and once were considered the same species. They are indeed very similar in all plumage stages, but the Peruvian Pelican is nearly twice as big as its northern counterpart.

Fall Migration on Facebook

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Shorebirds appeared in posts by folks from Peru, Chile and Argentina not from folks from Central America. Fall migration comes and goes, in Florida, a little too fast. The first Semipalmated Sandpiper and Sanderling along the shores of Florida’s Treasure Coast announce the beginning of a new season. The fall migration is underway. The first shorebird arrivals are apparently birds that failed at a breeding attempt and don’t have time to re-attempt; they might as well head south early.

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My Loo List

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In Chile I got the best view of an Andean Condor of the entire trip while having a cheeky poo under a monkey puzzle pine on the side of a volcano. And it wasn’t just birds either: also in Chile one time I sped out of my tent and jogged into the forest for an urgent night poo. Mark Carter is an independent professional birding guide and wildlife surveyor living in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

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“A Little Bird Told Me” … Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

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The link between Darwin’s earlier observations on the Falklands and his later observations on the Galapagos is seen in this passage regarding mockingbirds: These birds are closely allied in appearance to the Thenca of Chile or Callandra of La Plata. I imagined however its note or cry was rather different from the Thenca of Chile?

2012 80

The Cattle Egret Expansion

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The following decades continued the great expansion, and it was recorded breeding in Canada in 1962 and Chile by 1970. Will Raup is a birder from upstate New York who helped Corey learn a lot about birds when Corey was first starting out as a birder. He blogs at The Nightjar – The tales of an Upstate New York Birder and otherwise stays busy being an eBird reviewer, taking care of his kids, and, recently, planning a trip to Europe where he hopes to see lots of new birds.