Operation Duck Drop

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RE: Operation Duck Drop. Operation Duck Drop was a success. RE: Operation Duck Drop. RE: Operation Duck Drop. Sparrow has successfully completed Operation Duck Drop. A gorgeous and flamboyant duck in one of the most heavily birded parks and they still haven’t found it? RE: Duck Found. RE: Duck Found. RE: Band on Duck. RE: Band on Duck. RE: Band on Duck. RE: Band on Duck. RE: Band on Duck.

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Baby Ducks!

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Why Did They Name This Duck the Ring-necked Duck?

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I’ve heard many people ask “why don’t they call it the Ring-billed Duck?” But if you look closely, you can see the dark violet band around the neck of the male Ring-necked Duck ( Aythya collaris ). During summer and winter, Ring-necked Ducks prefer shallow, freshwater wetlands with stable water levels and abundant emergent and submerged or floating plants. Birding Birds diving ducks ducks Ring-necked Duck

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Mast Landing Brewing Company – A Beer Named Duck New England Pale Ale

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Well, this week’s beer doesn’t quite qualify as one but it’s pretty close: A Beer Named Duck from Mast Landing Brewing Company of Westbrook, Maine is a New England pale ale. Well, some kind of dabbling duck. Mast Landing Brewing Company – A Beer Named Duck.

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Duck Butts

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Duck Butts Duck Butts By Corey • February 28, 2011 • 7 comments Tweet Share We here at 10,000 Birds believe that every bird is beautiful and, moreover, that every part of every bird is beautiful. Even we, however, tend not to stare too long or too hard at the nether regions of ducks dabbling for dinner. Without further ado, duck butts.

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Pink-eared Ducks-a favourite duck

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The Pink-eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus has to be my favourite duck! For obvious reasons it has listed under “other names” in field guides “Zebra Duck” and it is easily identified from all other duck species in Australia by its distinct stripes. The “pink ear” is a very small pink area just above the eye and is not as easily observed as the stripes, so no big surprise that it could be called a Zebra Duck.

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Duck Numbers And Duck Stamp Sales No Longer Correlate

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This has resulted in a reduction of the number of duck stamps sold. Sales of duck stamps have funded the preservation of wetlands and other wildlife habitat, which in turn has supported an increase in waterfowl populations. This has benefited both the waterfowl hunters and everyone else who likes ducks and their kin. The duck populations seem to be up, and doing well, despite the drop in stamp sales. Conservation Duck Hunting Duck stamps Wildlife Conservation Stamp

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The Mottled Duck – A Birder’s Duck

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There really isn’t much to say about the Mottled Duck. It is one of several species in the Mallard -complex of ducks, along with American Black Duck , Mexican Duck , and quite a few others. Essentially the Mottled Duck is the southern analog to the American Black Duck. What the Mottled Duck lacks in color it makes up for in personality…no, honestly, that’s not true at all. Mottled Ducks.

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Duck Migration

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Trips / Duck Migration Duck Migration By Corey • March 14, 2011 • 7 comments Tweet Share This past Saturday I made my way to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s West Pond a bit before sunset in order to try to get more flight shots of ducks like these as they made their way in to the pond to roost for the night.

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Tremendous Torrent Ducks

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Torrent Ducks are the thrill-seekers of the avian world. But Torrent Ducks are fearless and to witness some of their daredevil feats ranks pretty high in the book “1000 Avian Spectacles to See Before You Die” A book that I have not yet written. Although Torrent Ducks are fairly widespread throughout much of South America they are a declining species in most places due to hydroelectric schemes, introduced trout, pollution and erosion of riverside habitat.

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Ducks in Autumn

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One of my favorite parts of fall is the long, drawn out duck migration, which seems to never end, with many birds staying put for winter or only moving out when their ponds and lakes are frozen. In particular, I love ponds loaded with dabbling ducks, the teals and pintails, wigeons and black ducks, mallards and gadwalls. Add in yellow, red, and orange leaves reflecting off of the water that the ducks are swimming in, and, well, wow!

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Freckled Ducks and field guides

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There have been some incredible duck observations in Australia over previous years. A Tufted Duck and Garganey have caused some excitement and also more recently a Green-winged Teal. We can only guess what causes these ducks to go well beyond the range that is indicated in the field guides. However, you will see the field guide for Freckled Ducks does say “rare, irruptive, nomadic” and that means they can show up anywhere in Australia as far as I can work out!

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Greenport Harbor Brewing Company Black Duck Porter

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Having grown up in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York, I made the reasonable assumption that the Black Duck Porter made by Greenport Harbor Brewing Company was named for the American Black Duck , a locally common dabbler found throughout the East End’s many bays and saltmarshes. But the Duck’s luck finally ran out on December 29, 1929. Three of the four smugglers aboard the Black Duck were killed. Greenport Harbor Brewing Company Black Duck Porter.

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Wood Ducks! Need I say More?

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There is a hidden cove in Anderson River Park in Northern California where birders know they can almost always find Wood Ducks (Axi sponsa). Since I hadn’t been to Anderson River Park for awhile, I stopped by last week and found some Wood Ducks at the usual spot. There were five Wood Ducks in the cove this early April morning, four males and one female. Birds Cavity nesting birds ducks Wood Duck

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In Praise of Ducks

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I admit that sometimes I am pretty negative about ducks. But this, this above all redeems ducks: they sit still long enough that you can show them to your non-birding friends. Ducks, on the other hand, have a charming tendency to just sit. Maybe they dive, or maybe they stick their butts up in the air, but for the most part, you can get any non-birder, be they two or one hundred and two, on a duck. And in spring, there are such lovely ducks to show them.

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Manky Muscovy Ducks

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Manky Muscovy Ducks Manky Muscovy Ducks By Mike • March 2, 2011 • 6 comments Tweet Share The Muscovy Duck ( Cairina moschata ) attracts more attention than most ducks, at least in North America. When a Muscovy is seen anywhere else, the result is rarely as positive: “What kind of duck is that and what happened to its face?!?&#

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Wood Ducks in Central Park

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In North America there is really only one duck that could even come close to competing with the Wood Duck for the title of most fair, and the Harlequin Duck is just too much of a trollop to really compete. Wood Ducks are essentially in a class of their own and seeing a drake in good plumage is usually the highlight of any birding outing. And, as it turns out, confiding doesn’t quite express how willing to approach people these ducks are.

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Pink-headed Duck: The Search is On!

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About four years ago I first wrote about the Pink-headed Duck , a charming species related to the pochards (although how, exactly, is up for grabs, like so much duck taxonomy.) Image: Pink-headed duck art decoy by Philip Nelson, courtesy of Global Wildlife Conservation. Conservation diving ducks endangered birds extinction Myanmar

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Plumed Whistling-Ducks

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One of the most common ducks that you see in Broome are the Plumed Whistling-Ducks and they are exactly that! There are also Wandering Whistling-Ducks around Broome, but they are less common. They don’t have the pink legs and the plumes that they have are not upswept like those of the Plumed Whistling-Duck. Plumed Whistling-Ducks Juvenile Plumed Whistling-Ducks Adult and juvenile Plumed Whistling-Ducks We hope you like our Broome ducks!

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Counting Feral Muscovy Ducks in Florida

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I knew that I could count the introduced Muscovy Ducks in front of me but did I want to? You see, Muscovy Ducks are countable in the American Birding Association area due to wild birds from Central America making their way up into Texas. Despite their questionable background, the feral Muscovy Ducks of Florida are on the state checklist, which only makes sense as they have spread across the state wherever people have settled and provided habitat.

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Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Ducks and geese may not be a particularly unusual sight in the wild, but have you ever thought about keeping them as pets? Ducks and geese make excellent pets because it is interesting to watch them as they go about their activities and engage with their environment. As well as ducks and geese bringing their character and personalities to your life, females also lay eggs that you can cook with. The post Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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An invasion of Plumed Whistling-Ducks

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Last week I mentioned the steady increase of Plumed Whistling-Ducks to the Broome Poo Ponds and that they now number in the thousands. As the land starts to dry out the Plumed Whistling-Ducks head for remaining fresh water around Broome and the ephemeral lakes are good locations for them to move to, but the Poo Ponds are also ideal. The Plumed Whistling-Ducks spend most of the day lining the edges of the ponds and then move onto the grass to feed later in the day.

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The Whistling Ducks of Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

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On a sandbar in the center of the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, hundreds of ducks swirled around each other or lay down to take cover against the punishing wind. The waterfowl flock was made up of two very unique looking species: the Fulvous and Black-belled Whistling Ducks. Not only had I never seen the two together, I had never seen Fulvous Whistling Ducks at all! While the whistling ducks may have been the highlight, there were birds everywhere.

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African Pygmy Geese – Diminutive Ducks

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I discovered that there are actually a fair number of ducks and other waterfowl that are wrongly called geese. True geese belong to the tribe or sub-family Anserini within the larger family Anatidae that encompasses ducks, geese and swans. So any birds that don’t belong to these genera can be considered either ducks or swans or something else. Well, the Pygmy Geese complex are actually all ducks belonging to the genus Nettapus.

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Ducks Invade CVS!

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Nothing much, but it is entertaining to see a bunch of ducks wandering around in a drugstore in Saratoga Springs, New York. What happens when a bunch of Mallards and Manky Mallards invade a CVS? Hat-tip to Gothamist. News Mallards Saratoga County

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Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Ducks and geese may not be a particularly unusual sight in the wild, but have you ever thought about keeping them as pets? Ducks and geese make excellent pets because it is interesting to watch them as they go about their activities and engage with their environment. As well as ducks and geese bringing their character and personalities to your life, females also lay eggs that you can cook with. The post Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Sexy Saxony Duck

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Some domestic duck breeds, however, present new forms of beauty unseen in their wild counterparts. And, like most domestic ducks, she presents a lot more of it that the wild ducks she towers over! female Saxony duck by Mike Fuller. Birds ducks Mallards manky mallardsIn the realm of waterfowl, not all that are manky are malign. Many domestic Mallards do indeed offend the eye with their mutant messiness, though Muscovies are even worse in that regard.

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Tufted Duck in Australia

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The above photo of a Tufted Duck was not taken here in Australia, but in Europe by myself. However, there have been a lot of photos taken of the Tufted Duck that is currently in Australia. It is very disappointing that this Tufted Duck overshot the north of Australia and ended up at the Western Treatment Plant at Werribee, which is 30 kilometres/19 miles west of Melbourne. Apparently this Tufted Duck is being called a “ Goth Duck ” in New York already!

Hunters Shoot Rare Ducks

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The seventh occurrence of Harlequin Ducks in Utah is now over. Because a hunter or hunters shot all three. They were apparently shot from the Antelope Island Causeway, where birders had been reporting them from, and, even worse, it seems that the hunters might have learned of their presence from birding listservs. This would seem to be yet another example of the interests of birders and hunters not coinciding. Asides

ID Quiz: Afternoon Odd Duck

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During the last week, I received some terrific photos from two readers who had encountered a very distinctive duck at Brazos Bend State Park in Texas. Odd duck © Chris Hirsch Odd duck © Tom Ellis Did you identify this duck correctly? Birds ducks ID QuizThey weren’t quite sure about its identity, but I bet you have some ideas. Take a guess, then check out the link after the photos to see if you’re right!

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Bad Duck!

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Presented without comment. Hat-tip to Shawn. Asides

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The Million Dollar Duck (2016) – A Film Review

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As a birder, this 72 minute documentary film about the Duck Stamp Contest didn’t accomplish what I was hoping it might – get people excited about the Duck Stamp, or at least wildlife conservation. In the early years of the newly created 1934 Duck Stamp Act, the stamps were designed by commissioned artists, but in the 1940’s the selection process was opened up to the public in the form of a nationwide contest – the Duck Stamp Contest.

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Know Your Audience: A Ring-necked Duck in Germany

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Like … the Tufted Duck ! Yes, the Tufted Duck is the ideal suject for this blog: it is reasonably common here in Germany and not hard to photograph, yet to you it is probably the subject of countless day dreams scanning through endless flocks of Lesser Scaup. See how it went… Arriving at the scene, it was easy to spot a few Tufted Ducks, but hard to get decent views at them. Then desaster struck: a vagrant, stage hog Ring-necked Duck!

The Duck Stamp and Lack of National Wildlife Refuge Funding

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Due to some erroneous numbers thrown about by Duck Stamp advocates, I feel that some explanations are in order. To be clear, Duck Stamp proceeds make up only a portion of the 3% of refuge land purchased by the MBCF. Now, as the popularity of hunting has declined, so too have the sales of Duck Stamps. 2. Duck Stamp sales to non-hunters are not accurately calculated to reflect their contributions – which tends to short change the conservation goals of non-consumptive users.

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Escaped vs Wild Whistling Ducks

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Three White-faced Whistling Ducks showed up in Villa Marshes in Lima-Peru. However, the ducks’ behavior killed the festive mood for some and left others with a glimmer of hope. Three White-faced Whistling Ducks are currently on the southwest pool of Villa Marshes! They are such good-looking ducks, and according to the literature, this sighting constitutes the second record in the region after about 100 years. Ducks at Villa Marshes. Ducks at Villa Marshes.

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Duck Hunt 2013

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In light of this, and after nearly three hours with nary a sign of either the teal or the Wood Ducks it was reputed to keep company with, we chucked it. “Surely,” we rationalized, “the ducks will hunker down in this weather, so any further waiting will be fruitless.” ” Which was all well and good in theory, but made it even more frustrating when the duck was sighted again about an hour after we left.

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WPAs: America’s Duck Factories

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The region has justifiably been referred to as the “Duck Factory of North America.” WPAs provide critical breeding, resting, and nesting habitat for millions of ducks, geese, and swans, as well as shorebirds and grassland birds. Key waterfowl species include Redhead , Northern Shoveler , Blue-winged Teal , Mallard , Gadwall , Wood Duck , Canvasback , and Canada Goose. For birders, the easiest and most direct way to support WPAs (and NWRs) is to buy a Duck Stamp.

Cute Snuggle Ducks!

4 The Love Of Animals

Snuggled ducks are just so cute! Could these ducklings be any cuter all snuggled up together? We think not! We’re glad that the owner had a camera handy to capture the moment.

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A duck’s wing

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Beauty can be found in the most commonplace. I was struck the other day by the perfect patterns created by a preening Mallard. Appreciation of the ordinary in a new light can be as fulfilling as a many a birding experience. Each feather was attended with care by the drake and each fell back perfectly into its allocated position. Having recently re-feathered after the eclipse stage, his feathers were in pristine condition and he seemed keen to keep them that way.

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Duck Migration On The Upper Mississippi River

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Our job is to fly above the Mississippi River at a about 120 feet going about 100 mph and count and ID ducks. The birds in red are Canvasbacks, the birds in blue are Ring-necked Ducks and the birds in yellow are Gadwall. ” If you can do those sorts of estimations while zigging and zagging in a plane without throwing up–then you may have what it takes to count ducks in the fall too. Birds ducks features Mississippi River waterfowlOkay.

Ruddy Duck with Black Cheeks

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I don’t know if I am just really lucky this year or more observant but I found another oddball Ruddy Duck recently. The dark-cheeked Ruddy Duck was in the same spot as the leucistic female – Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond – and I even spotted and digiscoped it from the same vantage point. Nonetheless, I was pleased to find such an odd Ruddy Duck , though it turns out that black-cheeked Ruddy Ducks aren’t such an oddity.

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Long-tailed Ducks on Lake Ontario

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In the UK, we have a long-running soap series called ‘Coronation Street’ A set of three flying ducks graced the muriel (sic) on the wall of Hilda Ogden’s back room at No.13, Coronation Street. Greatly loved by Hilda, she credits the ducks and her scenic wall, for keeping her ‘hand from the gas tap’ on her bad days. An idea came to me as I watched Long-tailed Ducks from the shore of Lake Ontario. Birds Long-tailed Duck Toronto

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Mother & Duck & Duckings Tour White House Grounds

Animal Person

I couldn't resist.

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