Arizona, or Central Mexico?

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I got back into birding less than a decade ago, long after moving to Mexico in 1983. This would sound attractive even to me, except for one fact: almost all of those exotic and beautiful species are common down here in central Mexico. And save up for that ticket to go birding in Mexico.

The Importance of Citizen Science in Mexico

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Birding in Mexico is not like birding in the United States… especially when it comes to interpreting unusual sightings. There was the Yellow-billed Cuckoo that Mexico’s #1 birders pointed out to me one June, well south of its official summer range.

Mexico Beat BBOTY

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It is one of those interesting few species that winter in South America, but only migrate as far north as Mexico to breed. Rufous-naped Wren: The lowest ranked 2020 lifer on my list, only because it is extremely common in tropical Mexico, and I was bound to see it eventually.

Special ID problems in Mexico

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Between our many residents and migratory species, birding in central Mexico is a joy. But throughout central Mexico, Bluebirds may be either Eastern or Western , year-round. But in the winter, both species head for Mexico. Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán shorebirds

American Oystercatchers in Mexico

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When we sailed to Mexico, I discovered a whole new species, the American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus. From Southern California, thru Mexico to Chile. The Atlantic Coast birds tend to have a bit more white on the wings and rump, than the western Mexico birds do. Birds American Oystercatcher Black Oystercatcher La Paz Mexico

Another Anti-Bullfighting Protest in Mexico City

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Mexico often has such an abominable attitude towards animals that it's easy to paint all citizens that way. mexico blood sport bulls bullfightingYay!!!!! It happened last Saturday the 4th of February. I'm glad there are exceptions like these protesters.

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High-Altitude Birding in Central Mexico

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One of the things I love about birding around Morelia, in central Mexico, is the wide variety of habitats I have nearby. Now, something odd happens when you go really high in central Mexico: the countryside begins to look more and more like the United States’ Pacific Northwest. This photo is from Mexico, not Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The post High-Altitude Birding in Central Mexico appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Isla Isabel – Mexico’s Galapagos

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Isla Isabel, a picturesque volcanic island situated 15 miles off Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit coast, is just such a place. Destinations boobies endemics frigatebirds Mexico Worldwide Birding Adventures Its amazing to me that there are still places on earth where wildlife is blissfully unafraid of humans. The island is half a mile wide and about three-quarters of a mile in length.

Arivaca Lake- The last stop before Mexico

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For most avian migrants heading south towards Mexico, Central and South America, crossing thru the Arizona desert areas can provide very few water, food and resting areas. If they are passing thru Pima County, and the Tucson area, Arivaca Lake is the last stop for water before crossing the US/Mexico border. This 90 acre lake, managed by Arizona Fish and Wildlife is about a 45 mile drive from Tucson, and 9 miles from Mexico, as the Chihuahuan Raven flies.

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New Mexico Governor Opposes Chimp Transfer

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Bill Richardson is asking to tour a former medical research lab in southern New Mexico that houses more than 200 chimpanzees. Tags: chimpanzees animal research animal laboratories Texas new mexico From the AP. Richardson made the comment Tuesday after meeting in Bethesda, Md. with officials of the National Institutes of Health, which contracts with a private company to care for the chimps.

Back in sunny Mexico

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Now that we have returned to our adopted home of La Paz, Mexico, our bones are starting to thaw out from the trip to chilly Seattle. Despite seeing many of our local Bewick’s Wrens in Mexico, this well hidden House Wren is the first tick for the Baja, as well as Mexico. Last Saturday, I was walking around the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, on a cloudy, gray 28F morning.

Urban birding in La Paz, Mexico

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Despite that, I have it in my head to jot down a few of the interesting things about birding here in La Paz, Mexico. Birding La Paz Mexico Migrant Birds Urban BirdingThere is little doubt in my mind, that the topic of urban birding has been well covered on this and every other birding site. What is it that makes this area different from any other urban setting, which might play host to a nice selection of migrant and non-migrant species?

Cattle Egrets in La Paz, Mexico

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Lots of the migrant birds are starting to return to Mexico. Birds Cattle Egret La Paz MexicoDespite the still sweltering heat of the Southern Baja Desert, that beautiful time of year has arrived! Some in great numbers, some, just a single bird or two. I counted over 600 Western Sandpipers out on the tidal flats last Sunday, and on the same day, got a visit to my hide from a very cute little Orange-crowned Warbler.

What is Mexico’s National Bird?

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It is found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico, taking its place as one of Mexico’s official symbols. In fact, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology , “The Golden Eagle is the most common official national animal in the world – it’s the emblem of Albania, Germany, Austria, Mexico, and Kazakhstan.” Golden Eagles have a global breeding population of around 300,000 birds, 3% of which spend at least part of the year in Mexico.

Birding Adventure in Mexico, Part I: Colima

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Back in early March, Andrew Spencer asked me if I would like to go birding in western Mexico with him and another friend in May. Before I knew it, it was late May, and I was on the road in Colima, Mexico with Andrew Spencer and Nathan Pieplow on a birding adventure! Boldly patterned and full of character, this endemic sparrow was the highlight of my first day in Mexico.

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Birding Adventure in Mexico Part II: Durango Highway

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Mexico is great for those who love biogeography! The landscape and birds along the road continued to change, and I felt like we were traveling through Colorado rather than Mexico at this point — the various tropical species were almost all gone, replaced by Chipping Sparrow , Common Raven , Killdeer , and others. Birding durango highway mexican birding Mexico

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Mexico and US Go at it Again Over Dolphin-Labeling and Tuna

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The long-running dispute between the US and Mexico over Washington’s ‘dolphin safe’ labelling practice for tuna products is likely to see a WTO appeal, after the two parties together asked for an extension of the appeals deadline. World Trade Organization economics dolphin mexico tuna trade fishing usFrom the Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest.

Raptors of Mexico and Central America: A Book Review

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Raptors of Mexico and Central America by William S. This is the first identification guide that I know of that covers Mexico (technically North America but rarely included in North American raptor guides) and Central America. Wheeler, Raptors of Mexico and Central America has a two-part structure: (i) Plates—artwork by Schmitt on the right, detailed plumage descriptions on the left; (ii) Species Accounts—two to six page descriptions of each species with photographs and range maps.

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Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

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ALF activists in Polanco Mexico bombed a Max Mara clothing shop. Max Mara is an Italian fashion house. You can read about them here. According to a communique received by Bite Back , they did this in protest of Max Mara's use of furs. With this sabotage we join the international week against MaxMara. The explosion that damaged the facade of the store was not a coincidence.

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North from Alaska: The Surfbirds return to Mexico

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Birds La Paz Mexico Migrant Birds Surfbirds It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was writing about the Surfbirds, and the long trip to their Alaska breeding grounds. Well, they are back. This last week we took a trip over to the Pacific side of the Baja to see who had arrived back from their summer up north. Given the large amounts of birds that have arrived in the La Paz area, I felt is would be a worth while trip. For the most part, I was quite disappointed.

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ALF's Campaign Against Fast Food in Mexico

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Every time I go to Bite Back Magazine , I'm struck by how many times ALF activists in Mexico have targeted fast food outlets. I suppose they are easy to get at. Here is just a brief summary: Oct. 24 - They left some sort of awful smelling liquid at a KFC Oct. 21 - Arson at a Burger King Oct. 16 - Fake bomb left at McDonalds Oct.

Little Big Year – Week 36: Southern New Mexico hotspots.

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Not so with our visit to Bosque de Apache NWR in southern New Mexico. The second half of the week was spent near the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The post Little Big Year – Week 36: Southern New Mexico hotspots. Rarely am I caught too off guard, when it comes to visiting a National Refuge. Most of the time, I know enough about an area, or have done some research into what is found there, that I am pleasantly surprised at best.

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What is the State Bird of New Mexico?

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In fact, they are central to many Mexican and Native American spiritual beliefs, and have been named the state bird of New Mexico. Birds New Mexico Roadrunner state birdI saw my first real Greater Roadrunner on a cold winter day in the Southwest. Walking along a dirt track next to a prairie, my friend and I were on the look-out for different sparrow species when a large bird suddenly darted into the clearing.

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in La Paz, Mexico

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The La Paz, Mexico waste treatment plant is actually quite near to town, mostly due to the residential growth creeping closer and closer. Most long time birders, at some point in their birding career, spent time at a wastewater treatment plant. I am sure there are many reasons why these nasty pools of varying degrees of “black” water seem to be magnets for a large number of species. The amount of insects that are prevalent is, I am sure, a huge one.

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Everything You Want to Know about the Gulf of Mexico/Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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All here at the Encyclopedia of Earth site. It keeps being updated so check in from time to time.

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Salvias and the Hummers that Love Them

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and both are native to Mexico — just not my part of Mexico. Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán hummingbirds salviasDuring my time writing for 10,000 Birds, I have made no secret of my love for salvias — especially Michoacán’s native salvias.

Matt Damon at a Bullfight? Say It Isn't So!

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He attended a bullfight in Mexico City. mexico blood sport entertainment bullfightingIt's true! That sucks!

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The Elusive Aztec Thrush

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Many thrushes live or winter in Mexico, but their taxonomy is mostly quite simple. Eight of our large thrushes (the American Robin , western Mexico’s own Rufous-backed Robin , and eastern Mexico’s ubiquitous Clay-colored Thrush , among others) belong to the genus Turdus.

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Mexican Activists Protest Bullfighting

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Stilts on Parade

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After 38 years of life in Mexico, I rarely have the sort of stomach trouble tourists supposedly get here. My first trip into non-touristy Mexico, I was so worried about the Tijuana Two-Step that, let’s just say, I had the opposite problem for a week.

A Lake Reborn… sort of

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Those infinitely patient saints who read all my ramblings know that over the past year I have been obsessed with the gradual disappearance of Mexico’s second-largest lake, Lake Cuitzeo, just north of my home city of Morelia.

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What Happened This Winter

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As I mention each year at this time, the beginning of the birding year, up north, is the end of Mexico’s peak birding season. As I have mentioned in previous posts, this winter’s biggest story was a tremendous abundance of Cedar Waxwings throughout central Mexico.

Back to the Canyon

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The Rusty Sparrow is a bird of Mexico and Central America that looks remarkably like the Rufous-crowned Sparrow , but is considerably larger. But you must come to Mexico to meet the also-common Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrows and Slate-throated Redstarts.

Warblers that Warble

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I have commented before in my posts that most of our Warblers here in central Mexico never actually warble. southwest, but it is a permanent resident in western Mexico and parts of Central America. The adorable Red Warbler lives only in Mexico.

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What’s Going On

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A very vocal (though not too visible) family of Steller’s Jays turned up, which was a shock, because here in central Mexico I had never before seen this conifer-loving species below 2900 m (9500 ft). Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán

Lifer! But, which one?

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and Canada and winter in northeastern Mexico, while the sedentary wrens of central Mexico, Central America, and South America are now to be identified as Grass Wrens. Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán Sedge Wren

Birding with a Botanist

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And figuring out the IDs for wild plants in central Mexico on my own is difficult. It is fascinating to me how many common garden flowers grown around the world originate in central Mexico. Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán Indigo milk cap

The Devil Made Me Do It

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Since I am an evangelical pastor down here in Mexico, I always feel a bit odd when I give visiting birders their first encounter with Lucifer. Here in Mexico we have many hummers that are much larger, but most hummers in the United States are indeed smaller.)

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Enjoy Innovative Electronic Music = Help Endangered Birds

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However, even if songs of the avian kind are more your musical thing, you will still find them in ten innovative, unique tracks that pay homage to endangered birds from Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, and seven other countries. Destinations Caribbean Costa Rica Mexico

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Sneak Attack

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And yes, Mexico is part of North America, not Central or South America.) Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer FlowerpiercerMy state of Michoacán has a wide variety of nectarivorous birds. Nectarivorous: that’s my new word for this week!)

Mexican Male Caught Smuggling Titi Monkeys

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Caught at the airport in Mexico City, he had 18 of these monkeys and two of them were dead. Tags: wildlife smuggling mexico primates endangered species

The Beach is Back

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Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán Lake CuitzeoDisclaimer: Technically, Lake Cuitzeo is surrounded by mudflats, not beaches. But the return of my lake makes me a bit giddy, and I couldn’t resist using this title.

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Guamúchil Mania

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The most common one, Manila tamarind, is wildly inaccurate, since the tree is native to southwestern Mexico, not Manila, and its only connection to tamarind trees is that both are in different subfamilies of the huge legume family. Birding Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán

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