Goin' to Portland

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Light posting this weekend, as we are going to Portland to take in the waters. Or whatever it is they have down there

Weekend Protest Against the Oregon National Primate Research Center

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In support of National Primate Liberation Week, the Portland Animal Defense League hung a banner that read "OHSU: Stop Killing Monkeys Now!" From Oregonlive. Animal rights activists stretched a 60-foot banner across the Hawthorne Bridge {Saturday} morning targeting the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU.

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Man Kills Goldfish in Domestic Violence Attack, Gets Probation

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PORTLAND, Ore. — I'm posting the whole article because it's so short. Another example of how animals (even goldfish!) become victims of domestic violence. I know some people may think it's just a goldfish and this punishment is too much, but he wasn't just stabbing the goldfish, he was symbolically stabbing his girlfriend. A lot of times the perpetrator is simply taking out his anger against the victim by attacking something she cares about. Who knows what the next step could be?

5 Surprising Things Your Local Animal Shelter Needs Right Now

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Brooklyn, NY - July 29, 2010: Kelly Clarke, a volunteer at The Pixie Project–an animal rescue and adoption service based in Portland, OR–would love for you to look around your home and think about what you can spare. Hint: you’ve probably got them at home.

Kill the Sea Lions Before They Kill Again!

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Portland judge said Wednesday the Northwest states can kill hungry sea lions on the Columbia River. This is pretty frustrating. The major threats to salmon are the 4 'H's: habitat, hatcheries, hydro(power) and harvest. All driven by humans. But we can't get rid of humans, of course, and we need to punish someone who can't fight back. Let's pick the sea lions! The animals eat salmon as the fish try to pass Bonneville Dam each spring.

The Power of Pets

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San Diego; Austin, Texas; Miami; and Portland, Ore. Community Dog Walks Will Be Co-Hosted by local YMCAs in Cities across the Country. Mars Petcare announced it will sponsor a series of “Woof Walk” fun runs as part of THE POWER OF PETS™ program for 2011.

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One of the Grossest Stories I've Ever Read

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Jasha Lottin, Portland Nudist, Broke No Laws by Killing, Gutting Horse, then Posing Naked Inside Carcass (NSFW Pics). This woman is just not mentally fit. horse animal cruelty Stupid idiocy

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

James Siegel Portland, Me., To the Editor: Re “ The Carnivore’s Dilemma ,” by Nicolette Hahn Niman (Op-Ed, Oct. 31): Living “green” is not easy. Yes, every decision we make results in more or less of an impact on our environment. As a parent of young children, I have much to worry about regarding what my children eat—a balanced, wholesome diet, free from antibiotics, hormones or bacteria. Need we feel guilty about being carnivorous? The best advice Ms.