10 Fun Facts About Parrots

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10 Fun Facts About Parrots by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect pet insurance. There are nearly 400 species of parrot There are 393 species of parrots (though more are being found all the time). Parrots also like the heat … Continue reading → guest post pet care

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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Pet Parrot

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Owning a parrot is very rewarding. However, as any parrot owner knows there is a lot more to ownership than meets the eye. ExoticDirect insurers of exotic pets have compiled a 12 point checklist offering some handy advice and guidance. … Continue reading → birds guest post

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Rescue Spotlight: Best Friends Parrot Garden

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The Parrot Garden is a special spot at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Luckily, the … Continue reading → The post Rescue Spotlight: Best Friends Parrot Garden appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Pet birds often end up losing their homes, just like dogs and cats.

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Smugglers Go to Extremes with Argentinian Parrots

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They are dying them to look like Amazonian species which are more valuable on the black market.

Buddhists Go to the Birds

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Animal Minds

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Also featured on the show are Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her African gray parrot Alex. The March 11, 2007 episode of the Stanford University radio program "Philosophy Talk" focuses on animal minds. Stanford Philosophy Professors John Perry and Ken Taylor host the show. Their guest is Colin Allen of the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior, Indiana University, Bloomington. The episode provides a fascinating look into the nature of animal minds and animal cognition.