A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink

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In early April, a spectacular parrot that can be found on just one island worldwide made the headlines when a volcano threatened it with extinction: the St. Vincent Parrot of the Lesser Antilles. Those threats have made the parrot even more highly sought after.

Parrots in My Costa Rican Neighborhood

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Costa Rica is a country situated well south of the Tropic of Cancer and like most places without a winter, parrots are an essential part of the local avifauna. Fancy bird like this Brown-hooded Parrot are common in many forested parts of the country. White-crowned Parrot.

Parrot, Parrot, Parrakeet, Hummingbird

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In Australia, ornithologists have finally gotten their hands on a Night Parrot , the first such capture in more than 100 years. By tagging the Parrot and monitoring the area with remote cameras, scientists hope to learn more about this species and how to keep it safe. Twenty-five Puerto Rican Parrots are being groomed to be pioneers: The Critcally Endangered birds have been transported from existing colonies to the Maricao State Forest.

10 Fun Facts About Parrots

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10 Fun Facts About Parrots by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect pet insurance. There are nearly 400 species of parrot There are 393 species of parrots (though more are being found all the time). Parrots also like the heat … Continue reading → guest post pet care

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Rescue Spotlight: Best Friends Parrot Garden

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The Parrot Garden is a special spot at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Luckily, the … Continue reading → The post Rescue Spotlight: Best Friends Parrot Garden appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Pet birds often end up losing their homes, just like dogs and cats. Many of them have special needs, especially because of their long life spans.

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The Parrots of Howard Beach

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But it wasn’t the history of Howard Beach that led Donna and I to Howard Beach a week ago: no, it was the parrots. You see, like many other neighborhoods in and around New York City, Howard Beach has a significant population of Monk Parakeets , a South American parrot species that has adapted well to life in New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas after having escaping or being released from captivity.

Red-winged Parrots

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One of the most common parrots around Broome is the Red-winged Parrot and they can often be seen flying around, but I have rarely been able to get any decent photos of them. The problem with Red-winged Parrots is that they are mostly green and they blend in so well that they often don’t stand out and they are usually very cautious too. Red-winged Parrot. Now I have photos of a wet and sad looking Red-winged Parrot to share! A wet Red-winged Parrot !

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Pet Parrot

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Owning a parrot is very rewarding. However, as any parrot owner knows there is a lot more to ownership than meets the eye. ExoticDirect insurers of exotic pets have compiled a 12 point checklist offering some handy advice and guidance. … Continue reading → birds guest post

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Searching for the Puerto Rican Parrot

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But instead of picking up chronologically from where I left off I have decided to skip ahead to our last evening in Puerto Rico when we were going for the biggest prize of all the Puerto Rican endemic birds, the Critically Endangered Puerto Rican Parrot. The location where we would seek out the parrots was easily decided upon: the Rio Abajo Nature Reserve is now known as the easiest place to see a Puerto Rican Parrot outside of captivity, though success is by no means assured.

Parrots: Brazil’s Colorful Avian Clowns

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Parrots captivate me more than any other bird family. With their strong flight and capability to disperse, parrots have managed to colonize almost every major island group from Tahiti to Mauritius to Dominica. There seems to be a parrot for almost any ecological situation. Brazil, in particular, is the country with the largest number of parrot species in the world with approximately 84 species. No other region in Brazil has so many parrots as the Amazon.

The parrots you have, not the parrots you wish you had

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We birders north of Mexico used to have a parrot to call our own, a sun-faced, spike tailed jewel called the Carolina Parakeet that traversed the southeastern United States preceded by the adrenaline inducing ear piercing squeals that haunt the fever dreams of any birder lucky enough to have made the journey to the Neotropics. I suppose that’s the question posed of the parrots of Texas’s Lower Rio Grande Valley, too. Birds parrots Red-crowned Parrots rio grande valley

Red-crowned Parrots at Irvine Regional Park, Orange County, California

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Southern California is loaded with parrots. Red-crowned Parrot in Irvine Regional Park Despite the number of species involved only one, the Red-crowned Parrot , is considered countable by the California Bird Records Committee. And the problem isn’t limited to parrots and parakeets. No, this post is about the awesomeness that is Red-crowned Parrots on the loose in Irvine Regional Park. I hope you liked these shots of Red-crowned Parrots.

Click a Button, Save a Parrot

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Maybe the proposition isn’t that simple, but you can vote to allocate $40,000 from National Geographic Germany to Fundación ProAves to support conservation of the practically extinct Fuertes’s Parrot. Asides Conservation parrotsYes, rhinos, red pandas, chamois, and other charismatic creatures also deserve help, but this is a birding site so you know which way we’re voting!

Swift Parrots of Muckleford

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Her obsession (her word) with Swift Parrots Lathamus discolor , a species that breeds in Tasmania and migrates each year to Australia and is listed as Endangered by BirdLife International, led to some interesting observations and now a 25-minute DVD, Swift Parrots of Muckleford. Debbie Wortland is an inspiration and a reminder that citizen-scientists can make significant contributions, even with an endangered species.

Drunken Parrots Falling From the Skies

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” Darwin locals say there has always been the phenomenon of drunken parrots in the streets at this time of year. Asides parrotsKeep an eye to the sky if you happen to be in Darwin, Australia, at the start of the wet season because that is when Red-collared Lorikeets are most likely to be getting drunk on fermenting fruit. “It’s definitely a seasonal thing because it’s linked to what they are at at the start of the wet season,” Cutter said.

Blue-faced Parrot Finch

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We had a Blue-faced Parrot Finch in our garden!! Blue-faced Parrot Finch and Peaceful Dove Blue-faced Parrot Finch It has a very shrill sound and it calls as it moves around the garden, which is very handy as it flits from one bright green bush or tree to another! Blue-faced Parrot Finch early morning Although the lawn was not desperate for a cut I decided to mow it, because the Double-barred Finch enjoy it when I do. Of course the Blue-faced Parrot Finch joined in!

Eagle, Owl, Shorebird, or Parrot?

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Robert Mortensen just put together a matrix of Birder Personality Profiles. Think you fall into any of these types? Asides

Smugglers Go to Extremes with Argentinian Parrots

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They are dying them to look like Amazonian species which are more valuable on the black market.

Will parrots and falcons soon be moved around in your field guide?

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Here’s a prediction: Parrots , falcons , and seriemas are on their way to new positions in your checklists and, eventually, field guides. Traditionally, of course, falcons have been classified with other diurnal raptors, parrots have been positioned between doves and cuckoos, and seriemas have been lumped with cranes, rails, and other birds in the order Gruiformes. (If In fact, the two groups appear to belong near parrots and passerines, which are now thought to be sister clades.

Smuggled Parrots in South Africa

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A sad reminder of what is ultimately behind the birds you find in cages: birds being taken from the wild and subjected to horrible stress and, often, death. Even birds that were bred in captivity are still not domesticated, have wild instincts, and are not meant to live in cages. Asides

Population of Ground Parrots Threatened by Airport Expansion

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A proposed runway expansion to Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland, Australia, threatens one of only two remaining populations of Eastern Ground Parrot in the state. Though BirdLife International lists Ground Parrot* as a Species of Least Concern , isolated populations are important to preserve both intrinsically and as reservoirs of genetic diversity. BirdLife International does not recognize the split to Eastern Ground Parrot and Western Ground Parrot.

Songbird-parrot link strengthened in new study, with implications for vocal learning

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Last month, I wrote about hypothesized relationships between passerines, parrots, falcons, and seriemas , noting a need for further research on the subject. But later in August, Alexander Suh at the University of Münster emailed me about a new paper he and his colleagues have just published: Mesozoic retroposons reveal parrots as the closest living relatives of passerine birds (PDF). Birds falcons parrots taxonomy and systematics

Australian King Parrots

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Australian King Parrots are found along the east coast of Australia and we have observed them on numerous trips to Sydney. Despite their bright colour you don’t always notice Australian King Parrots in the trees if there are leaves on them. They are a large parrot and rarely fly above the tree line, but fly through the trees. The male Australian King Parrot has a completely red head and is the only Australian Parrot with that feature.

Penguins, Parrots and Wine on Matiu / Somes Island

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When it comes down to it New Zealand is all about islands. The whole place itself is an island, but the main islands are themselves the mainland to a number of smaller islands. As I have explained before these islands are the best place for a lot of the birding here because they are more easily protected from introduced mammals which wreck such havoc on the wildlife here. It was to one such island that I went to this week, Matiu /Somes Island in Wellington Harbour.

This Week in Bird(ing) News: Orange Is the New Beak, and a Dead Parrot (No Joke!)

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The last-of-its-kind bird that may have inspired the animated movie Rio is an ex-parrot. If you’ve got some downtime between barbecues and fireworks (or, outside of the U.S., obsessing over World Cup matches), here’s some bird news to peruse: Loss of suitable habitat , instead of insecticides, seems to be the culprit in declining numbers of grassland birds. Know what else kills grassland birds? Ill-timed mowing … which a petition aims to stop in New York’s Hudson Valley.

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Kakariki or Red-crowned Parakeets

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Since everyone loves parrots, I thought I’d post some pictures of one of New Zealand’s many interesting species. One of the small parrots in the Cyanoramphus radiation, the species was recently split from insular forms on New Caledonia, Norfolk Island and Antipodes Island. Birds New Zealand parrots Red-crowned ParrotsJust a quick one this week as life is crazy and rattles relentlessly onwards.

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Buddhists Go to the Birds

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Parrotlets Name Their Babies

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Parrots in the wild are always awesome, but parrotlets hold a special place in many hearts, including mine. Here’s something else to love about these petite pocket parrots: Grrlscientist reports that Green-rumped Parrotlets name their babies. Asides parrotsCool, right? And I suspect the population studied is this group studied by Nick Sly back in 2008.

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Carolina Parakeet: Mystery of the Incas

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And with it the existence of the northernmost species of parrot in the world, the only native parrot in the United States whose provenance is not questioned, and a piece of American natural history that is so bizarre that its existence seems impossible to people living today. Birds carolina parakeet Extinct Parrots Extinct Species Week extinction The 19-teens were not a good time for North American birdlife.

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Death to the Invader!

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A plan to eradicate an introduced species , the Ring-necked Parakeet , from the Seychelles, a small archipelego in the Indian Ocean, to protect the Seychelles Black Parrot , an endemic and the national bird of Seychelles, is going forward. Asides parrots

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir-Singapore

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About halfway between Marymount Road and Upper Thomson Road we had the pleasure of sitting and observing Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots. Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot. Birding Banded Woodpecker Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot Coconut Lorikeet SingaporeDuring our three week visit to Singapore in March we spent a good part of each day walking and birding. By 17th March we were not expecting to find too many more new birds to add to our list.

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The Lost Macaw of Cuba

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Formerly described in 1811 by Johann Matthäus Bechstein, the Cuban Macaw was a primarily red, long-tailed parrot with beautiful orange feathering around the nape and blue feathering on the wings and tail. … Birds Cuba Extinction Week parrots Islands, with their high levels of endemism and specialization, are particularly fragile and vulnerable to human activity.

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The Kaka Nestor meridionalis

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( When Duncan Wright contacted us back in 2010 to say that he thought we might enjoy showing some photos on 10,0000 Birds of Wellington’s big, boisterous parrots, he was 100% spot-on. Let’s revisit this gem about a nifty New Zealand parrot… ). ” Imagine parrots in your back yard! According to Duncan, while most Wellingtonians apparently welcome these awesome parrots, at least a few selfish people are shamefully less forgiving.

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Kakapo are having a great year.

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The world’s largest parrot is also a flightless inhabitant of the night, because of course it is. Conservation New Zealand Conservation New Zealand endemics parrotsIt sometimes feels like being a conservationist is like being a punching bag, blow after blow of bad news after bad news hits us day after day. So let’s celebrate some good news today; Kakapo are having one of their best ever breeding seasons since European settlement. . Kakapo are strange birds.

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Bid for the chance to raise Kakapo!

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Asides Kakapo New Zealand Conservation parrotsThe Department of Conservation in New Zealand is giving you, yes you , the chance to spend two days and one night raising Kakapo chicks ! Bidding is on TradeMe (New Zealand’s eBay), and the money raised will go to clearing the Antipodes Islands of introduced rats ( a story we talked about before ). So it’s win-win really. Bidding ends Sunday in New Zealand, Saturday in the US.

Wicked, tricksy, false!

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Kea ( Nestor notabilis ) Kea are a species of alpine parrot endemic to New Zealand. They are excellent opportunists, and have developed a taste for meat to an extent almost unrivalled in the parrot order. They have certainly won over New Zealand, which regards them with a slightly bemused pride as one of the world’s most unusual parrots. Birds New Zealand endemics parrots South IslandThey stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

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Mango loving birds

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The Red-winged Parrot has been one of the well-camouflaged birds to visit and feast on the mangos, but it arrived noisily and spent a long time feasting on the mangos high up in the mango tree. Red-winged Parrot enjoying mango. Birding Australia bowerbirds Broome deformities Friarbirds parrots

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Protecting the Hyacinth Macaw and the Cerrado

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Big, bold, beautiful parrots full of character and charm, macaws make us long for some of the world’s wildest places and assure us that, as long as they fly free, those magical wild places are still intact. One of the most majestic macaws is the Hyacinth Macaw ( Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus ), a brilliant blue South American bird that weighs in as the largest flying parrot in the world. You might also want to see how the World Parrot Trust works to protect parrots in the wild.

Photo Essay: Green-rumped Parrotlets from Egg to Adult

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If you want more detailed knowledge of parrotlet behavior and nesting, check out these two references in particular: Beissinger, SR, and JR Waltman (1991) Extraordinary clutch size and hatching asynchrony of a neotropical parrot. Birds baby birds features parrots South America

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Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru By a Guest • March 18, 2011 • 2 comments Tweet Share Some of the most popular birds in the world are parrots, particularly the large, multi-coloured Ara Macaws.

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The Rose-ringed Parakeets of Heidelberg

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This article is about the parrots we have, not the ones we wish we had. Yes, Germany has parrots, or parakeets to be more precise. Birding Germany parrots rose-ringed parakeetA Birdy New Year! Here in Germany, we don’t wish we had. Because we never have had. But now that we do have, and while we may or rather should wish we had not, we might as well roll with the punches and accept that we have.

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Jamaica Birding Trip 2013 Part II

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Heading out of Ecclesdown Road on the second day of my trip, I had nailed all of my targets save four species ( Caribbean Dove , Yellow-billed Parrot , Jamaican Owl , and Stolid Flycatcher ). Tomorrow would be the day to pick up the parrot and the flycatcher, choosing Burnt Hill as the point from which to explore the Hill Country that morning. Here, Jamaican Tody was absolutely abundant and the calls of unseen parrots echoed throughout the valleys.

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Sirocco the Kakapo

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They are rock stars in their family (or group of families, depending on what taxonomists have been smoking lately), a family that includes Scarlet Macaws , Crimson Shining-parrots , Golden Parakeets and Rainbow Lorikeets , and that is no mean feat. Part of it is because they are parrots, and most people really like parrots. Parrots are easy to identify, are smart and personable (well, the larger ones are smart) and often attractive. Birds listing New Zealand parrots

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