LA Times "Rodent of the Week" Simply PR for Animal Research

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Rodent of the Week" supposedly highlights the "good things" that come out of animal research. Here's a weird little piece I came across. Clearly, a PR instrument. But even this peppy little piece discusses the weaknesses of animal research. So why not just end it?

Cats Are Not “Green Rodent Control”

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And I would like to thank Keith Blackmore for pointing that out. Keep cats indoors! Asides

Z. Alexander Brown: Uncaged – Cabernet Sauvignon (2017)

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The deadly prowess with which their resident Barn Owls hunt rodents allows Z. Birding Food Reviews Barn Owl Birds and Booze California rodents wine

2020 86

Leaping Foxes

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In German, if you are a rodent and you are smaller than – say – a human hand, you’re a mouse. If however you are a larger “mouse”-like rodent you are a rat. Sometimes, red foxes can even be observed hunting during the day when rodents and fox babies are plentiful. Mammals Europe fox Germany predators rodentsGermany is currently experiencing something for which the English have no nice expression.

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Rescue Spotlight: Rabbit Meadows

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As the name suggests, they rescue rabbits, but they also rescue other small animals like ferrets, and other small rodents. Tags: rescue spotlight ferret rabbit rescue rodent Rabbit Meadows is a rescue group out of Seattle. They also have a huge vision and mission for their sanctuary! They are undertaking a great project that sounds like it will be beneficial for both the sanctuary rabbits and the people who love them. Over 1,000 rescued rabbits have roamed the 4.5

White-tailed Antelope Squirrels at Joshua Tree National Park

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Mammals joshua tree rodents squirrels White-tailed Antelope SquirrelWhile eating lunch with Daisy and her family at a picnic area in Joshua Tree National Park the other day a small chipmunk-looking creature ventured out of the rock formation we were eating next to. The cute little critter was clearly looking for a handout which we did not provide. Nonetheless, it stuck around, hoping perhaps that one of the four kids aged six and under would drop some of their lunch accidentally.

The “Birds” in the Brush

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Like most rodents, the ground squirrels of Montana seem well able to persist in the face of human hostility (although species elsewhere like the Mohave ground squirrel and the Franklin’s ground squirrel are at risk in the face of massive habitat loss.) Mammals ground squirrels rodents Ah, late spring. You hear a loud, unfamiliar chirp from near the ground.

2013 64

Chinese Give Gerbils Contraceptives to Cut Population

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Forestry officials are leaving pills by the gerbils' burrows to try to cut back the rodents' exploding numbers. Weird, but I give them credit for doing the humane thing. And I don't give the Chinese much credit in this blog. The gerbils, officials say, are threatening the fragile desert ecosystem in the vast Xinjiang region.

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Green Bay Turns to Hawks to Stop Rats

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The nesting program isn’t to benefit the birds but to try to contain a serious rodent problem. Green Bay, Wisconsin, will put up nesting platforms and boxes in an attempt to lure birds of prey. How cool is that? Asides

Dogs and Rat Poison

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As the weather starts getting colder, there may be a problem with rodents coming into our homes to look for a warm place to nest. It can be ingested through direct consumption of the pellets, or indirectly from chewing on or eating a contaminated rodent. Rat poison is made with blood thinners and is designed to cause hemorrhaging in rodents, and will do the same to your dog. Have an exterminator professionally rid your home of rodents.

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Malaysia Approves Controversial Research Lab

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The lab, which is run by the Britain-based Alpha Biologics, uses monkeys, dogs, rodents and rabbits for toxicology testing. The investigation cleared the animal lab. From Straits Time. MALAYSIA will not shut down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab after investigations showed that the animals were not exposed to torture, a senior official said on Thursday.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of February 2020)

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At least I didn’t have to travel far for great birds; my whole family thrilled to the sight of an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk chowing down on an unspecified rodent in our yard. Have you ever had one of those weekends where every project you took on failed, perhaps spectacularly?

2020 66

British-Funded Lab Under Investigation in Malaysia

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Animal rights campaigners have accused the Progenix Research lab, which uses monkeys, dogs, rodents and rabbits for toxicology testing, of poisoning the animals to death. Malaysia, under pressure from animal rights activists, is going to investigate Progenix Labs. Malaysia is considering shutting down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab if there is evidence of cruelty there, the goverment's top veterinary official said on Sunday.

“Hawk” vs. Hawk

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It takes a lot of nerve—or something that can’t be printed here—to name your rat poison after the animals that so effectively and efficiently control rodents but that are also being poisoned—as “non target” animals—by your product. In addition to that helpful information, they include another thoughtful warning: “The use of this product for the control of protected native rodents and rodent like animals requires permission from wildlife authorities.”

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Seal Industry Tries to Capitalize on Medical Researchers Conjectures

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Pibarot has yet to begin collecting data through testing rodents and he says that a clinical trial in humans is hypothetical at this point - at least a decade of positive results and funding would have to be established first. While I'm not a fan of using animal hearts for transplants, I'm far more sympathetic to that than to simply using their parts for human vanity consumption. But the seal industry doesn't care.

Rats help save humans.

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The sizeable rodents are helping to detect tuberculosis (TB). Long before CAT scans, X-rays, blood samples and colonoscopies, physicians used the good sense they were born with: their sense of smell. That’s because bacterias, cancers and infections create unique smells. Sweet, fruity breath could mean diabetes. A foul-smelling wound might spell an infection. Liver disease? Fishy-smelling breath. Kidney disease makes a mouth smell like urine. Tuberculosis smells like tar. (In

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Rats Taking Over from Mice in Labs

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Morse, corporate vice president for research model services at Charles River Laboratories, a Wilmington company that started by breeding lab rats in 1947 and has become a major supplier of rodents for research. I recently fostered the sweetest little rat and I currently have two mice. Therefore, this Boston Globe article saddens me on both levels. And, of course, our old friend, Charles River Laboratories, will be a major supplier of lab rats.

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West Virginia University to Build Animal Research Lab

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It will house rodents for use in experiments. Thanks to your tax dollars, federal stimulus money is being used to build a $14.5 million dollar research lab. It is the largest grant thus far under the stimulus package. Why would this West Virginia University project be the recipient of federal stimulus money? Because it will create JOBS! And research for drug development, which means more MONEY and JOBS! From West Virginia Metro News.

What’s In the Freezer for Tonight?

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A wildlife rehabilitator friend, newly licensed, recently called to ask if he could feed a recovering Turkey Vulture anything besides defrosted rodents. He ate through my remaining supply of rats and mice, as well as all my pinkies (hairless, day-old rodents, easily digestible and good for starvation cases). My scheduled rodent pick-up day wasn’t for another two weeks, so I called my friends at the local zoo and begged for help.

2013 70

Positive Responses from Animal Testers?

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Testing a single chemical takes up to five years, involves 800 rodents and costs $3.8 I guess it depends on how much you believe them. The article from UPI is below in its entirety. Drug and chemical companies say they endorse a Europe-wide initiative intended to eventually end the use of animals in research and safety testing.

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Aniweb Roundup

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If you do, then you may have met a lot of fun anipals including an ROUS (rodent of unusual size). We are starting a new feature here called the Aniweb Roundup! We will pick some of the fun animal related posts, videos, ect, from all around the web and share them with you! Let’s get started! Come visit our guest post on the awesome Paw Talk website. It’s about choosing products for your pet. Do you Twitter?

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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We regularly subject rodents to pain, starvation, solitary confinement, and grotesque disfigurement. The animal-welfare groups have failed in their most ambitious efforts to protect laboratory rodents. "We With rodents off the table, though, it's not clear what's left for the activists to do.

2009 118

Mammals of Madagascar (Lynx Edicions)

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Strictly speaking, Mammals of Madagascar is not a field guide, because some larger groups (rodents, bats) cannot be identified down to a species level following the concise descriptions and a single illustration.

Grassy Green Space in the Central Valley- Trash Habitat or Prime Real Estate for Oddball Birds?

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Keep birding and you might see a White-tailed Kite hovering as it hunts rodents and one of the few Bat Falcons in the Valley might dash into view. When looking for birds in Costa Rica, the Central Valley isn’t the first place that comes to mind.


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Rodents seem to be less popular, or less available. I am probably one of the least qualified people to write a post with this title, as my interest in food is quite limited, as long as I do not go hungry.

2020 72

Questionable Practices at the Calgary Zoo

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The Calgary Zoo is again under scrutiny as details emerged Friday about how a capybara, a species of giant South American rodent, died after becoming caught in a hydraulic door last weekend as it was being moved from one area to another. Another animal dies at the Calgary Zoo and more questions are being raised about their practices. Look at all these incidents that have occurred there (listed in the Montreal Gazette article in the above link).I

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Birding northern Serbia, or a sudden bird tour

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Another Roller en route (they responded well to recently posted bird boxes), and we found ourselves in the Tamis river floodplain, where a White-tailed Eagle with a large rodent prey (either a Muskrat or a young Coypu , a.k.a.

Good News for South Georgia Island’s Pipit Population

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If no signs of rats are found by 2017, the island will be determined rodent-free for the first time since humans set foot on it more than two centuries ago. A bird species battling an onslaught of invasive rats just got a glimpse of hope. Researchers say that South Georgia Pipits have hatched chicks. Image above by Brian Gratwicke/Wikimedia Commons).

Calgary Zoo in Big Trouble

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The audit was requested after a capybara, a giant central American rodent, was pounded to death when a staff member shut a hydraulic door. We've written about the Calgary Zoo here before. Not a stellar reputation. Now, the results of a long-awaited audit shows that this place truly sucks and needs a lot of improvement. From To many people, the number of animal fatalities at the Calgary Zoo in newer years seemed very high.

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RATS, Raptors, and Reckitt Benckiser

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The rodents eat the bait, stagger out of the building looking for water, and are easy prey for whatever carnivore happens to be passing by, be it wildlife or someone’s pet. A poisoned rodent can kill whatever eats it, and death by poison is a very bad way to go. They pass around the website of Safe Rodent Control , which gives alternatives to poisons. Mice/rats in your house or business? Call the pest control company.

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No More PU

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Not only is the yard an eyesore, but the rodents inhabiting the yard are a threat to the neighborhood. Sometimes life just stinks, but Tidy Cats® is here to help. Today kicks off the Tidy Cats “No More PU” campaign. Tidy Cats brand cat litter Scoop formulas with new Odor Erasers™ technology helps with the PU in the litter box, and now Tidy Cats is on a mission to help with the PU in life.

2012 116

On the threshold of flight

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” We don’t call any rodents “flightless rodents” though almost all of them are. Flight has evolved multiple times; it has emerged in lizards, snakes, fish, bats, maybe bats again, distant relatives of primates, regular primates, rodents, and a few other unlikely taxa, in a rather half baked fashion, not “true” flight.

2015 66

White Squirrels of Rochester

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Our standard Sciuridae is the Eastern Gray Squirrel ( Sciuridae carolinensis ) and while most of these rambunctious rodents are indeed gray, they sometimes come in other flavors. As a native New Yorker, I’ve seen my share of squirrels. The Bronx was beset by hordes of Black Squirrels , melanistic members of this common species. So black squirrels have never been a surprise to me.

Owls of Galapagos Islands

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On the main Islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, and Isabela it is found near the garbage dumps where food (rodents) is plentiful. The most common owls in the world are also in the Galapagos Islands and are considered subspecies that only occur in Galapagos, so one could almost say they are endemic subspecies. The Barn Owl subspecies is the Tyto alba punctatissima and can be found on Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandida, Santiago, San Cristobal, Pinta, and maybe also in Floreana.

Owls 69

Mammals of South Asia (Lynx Edicions)

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Strictly speaking, Mammals of South Asia is not a field guide, because some larger groups (rodents, bats) cannot be identified down to a species level following the concise descriptions and a single illustration.

Glue Trapped

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The Carolina Wren pictured above was caught in a Walmart in a trap set for rodents. See Safe Rodent Control. Glue traps: For compassion’s sake, please do not set, place, or hang them. Here’s why. Sentient people recoil at the idea of leg-hold traps, those medieval–torture devices which cause so much pain and suffering before their victims eventually die, are killed, or (very occasionally) are rescued.

2014 87

GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

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Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”.

Lakshmi’s Owl

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Common throughout India with a range that covers much of South-east Asia, it can often be seen around habitation where it catches small rodents, insects and invertebrates. As we pass the autumnal equinox, days shorten and nights become colder and longer. Many countries have celebrations to stave off the cold of approaching winter. In the UK we are eternally pleased that Guy Fawkes chose November for his fireworks party, which we commemorate annually by blowing up the Houses of Parliament.

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The Devil Is In The D-Con

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Safe Rodent Control will tell you how to rodent-proof without poison. This is a story of how an evil corporation was … I’d like to say “was brought to its knees,” but will settle for “was forced to endure a setback.”. Last week the poison manufacturer Reckitt-Benckiser announced it would pull 12 of the most toxic forms of D-Con, its popular rodenticide, from store shelves.

2014 83

National Audubon Society Birds of North America: A Guide Review

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610)) to a little history (“The elegant White-tailed Kite was formerly shot in large numbers by farmers who thought it threatened their chickens, although these birds feed almost entirely on insects and a few rodents” (p. Audubon guides to birds have been around since 1946.

Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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And for rodents and reptiles as well. And for thousands of years the lizards, rodents, and birds of North America adapted to Fishers, Badgers, Wolverines, Ermines, etc. This means that they eat a lot of rodents and birds. It is probably true that there is a near 100% overlap in the rodents and other small terrestrial animals, as well as ground bird eggs, eaten by Coyotes and feral Cats.

2014 81

Loggerhead Shrikes breakfast

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Loggerhead Shrikes are well known for their hunting skills, chasing down lizards, various insects, small rodents and even an occasional snake. It is not uncommon to find results of their skills, in the form of a lizard or other trophy, left on a cactus thorn or barbwire, there for a future meal. A couple of weeks ago, I was in one of my favorite arroyos, when one of these beautiful birds landed right above my head.

2017 49

Swainson’s Hawks in Plumas County

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Like most buteos, the Swainson’s Hawk feeds its young rodents, rabbits and reptiles but not so during non-breeding season. This past weekend I took a trip to the small town of Portola in Plumas county for a Northern California Audubon Council meeting hosted by Plumas Audubon Society.

2014 56