Mammals of Madagascar (Lynx Edicions)

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I birded savannas of Southern Africa, I birded India and Central America, and I always missed having a local mammal guide with me. No, Madagascar is the most famous for an endemic group of mammals: lemurs, sifakas, indri, aye-aye – in total, 112 endemic species and subspecies of lemurs alone!

Mammals of South Asia (Lynx Edicions)

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Ahead of the first trip, I wasn’t thinking much about mammals, and yet, you cannot miss them, from Nilgais near villages to Indian Flying Foxes in town centres, not to mention those ubiquitous and irresistibly cute Palm Squirrels eating seeds left for parakeets. I clearly needed a mammal book.

South Carolina Only State that Bans Capturing Marine Mammals for Display

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The law has been around since 1962 and it's the legacy of an albino dolphin named Snowball.

Echidna-egg laying mammal-500th post!

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In Australia we have two egg-laying mammals. It could be a bird, lizard or a mammal! As most of you know, we do have some incredible birds in Australia as well as mammals. Mammals Australia Echidna

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Be Careful Where You Release Mice

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It might be a good idea to keep an eye out for predators… Mammals hawks video

Mice 79

Voles Can Make Predators Pay

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Mammals CoyoteIt is really worth clicking through to this excellent blog post by Ron Dudley in which a coyote pays a price for catching a vole. The photos are amazing as is the commentary. Watching animals closely can lead to all sorts of discoveries! Hat-tip to Suzie Gilbert.

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10,000 Birds, now with 100% more Narwhal

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Lest you think these are just some boring tuskless marine mammals, a shot from a couple of days earlier, further out. Mammals Arctic Canada Narwhal Northern Fulmar Thayer''s Gull Because I’m likely the only 10,000 Birds beat writer who can go on a drive and photograph Narwhal, I thought I’d put up a quick post with some photos of birds and Narwhal from Sunday evening. Its okay to gloat, right?

2013 77

White-tailed Antelope Squirrels at Joshua Tree National Park

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The White-tailed Antelope Squirrel , sometimes referred to as the White-tailed Ground Squirrel or the Antelope Chipmunk , is the rare diurnal mammal in the deserts of the southwestern United States. If you want to see more great galleries of mammals (and, of course, birds) check out 10,000 Clicks , our big and growing collection of gallery posts! Mammals joshua tree rodents squirrels White-tailed Antelope Squirrel

I Remember Elephants

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Conservation Africa CITES elephants Mammals poachingLate last month, while searching for bears , woodpeckers and spirits of Greece, I deliberately avoided checking any news, especially from my home country. Every now and then, I need to cut the world off and clear my mind.

Another Reason to Keep Your Cats Indoors – Bears!

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Mammals bears catsSome cats, like my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Paul’s pet, Pippa, are not bright enough to realize that, you know, that’s a freaking bear! Then again, there are several videos out there (like the one below) that show cats fearlessly confronting bears and suffering no ill effects, so maybe people should only let cats out when there is a bear to chase off? … a.

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Review: Backyard Birds and More: Looking Through the Glass by Glen Apseloff

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The big stars are still the birds, but there are more mammals and butterflies, as well as other insects – and I do appreciate a person who can see the aesthetic value in a housefly. Reviews bird photography insects MammalsBack in 2013, I had the pleasure of reviewing Glen Apseloff’s Backyard Birds: Looking Through the Glass. Time, unlike a Kiwi , flies, and now Apseloff is back with another book: Backyard Birds and More: Looking Through the Glass.

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Urban birding at its best

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Birding Belgrade jackals Mammals Serbia Urban BirdingAnd then, two canids appeared in my scope field of view… My plan was that the downpour should finally be over in the morning, so I could go birding. The rain had plans of its own and now, 36 hours later, it is still going strong. However, I am a stubborn person. In a boring drizzle, I am driving along the dyke that separates the Danube backwaters from the arable fields (the only dyke in the area where driving is allowed).

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Those Sea Serpents

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Birding Europe Mammals otters Serbia One Common Raven is disappearing towards its nest among the branches of the poplar plantation, only to reappear a few minutes later to give a good chase – aerial acrobatics included – to its first neighbour, the White-tailed Eagle which breeds in the vicinity. I am parked at the bridge over the Reva Pond in the suburb of Belgrade, Serbia, mere 150 metres away from the nearest buildings behind me, but facing the fascinating undeveloped 1.2

2015 76

White Squirrels of Rochester

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Those of you acquainted with albinism have already realized that this squirrel lacks the utter absence of pigment and pink eyes that typically marks albino mammals. Mammals leucism leucistic squirrelsAs a native New Yorker, I’ve seen my share of squirrels. Our standard Sciuridae is the Eastern Gray Squirrel ( Sciuridae carolinensis ) and while most of these rambunctious rodents are indeed gray, they sometimes come in other flavors.

Nyala, Southern Africa’s Stunning Antelope

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Mammals antelope South AfricaI’m a big fan of the antelopes, a group that is most commonly associated with Africa but which also occurs in Asia and, if you stretch the term to be cladistically meaningful, Europe and North America. By this I mean applying the term antelope to cover all of the family Bovidae, which would include the sheep, goats and ox.

2015 73

Rarer than Tigers: the Indian Wild Dog

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Trips Dhole endangered species India MammalsIndia, February 2013. I am camping in the dry-deciduous jungle in eastern Maharashtra, near the geographic heart of India. It is February and evenings are cold. We have rented army-style tents erected on concrete platforms surrounded with shallow but steep-walled ditches. What are these ditches for,” I asked my friend Nitin Bhardwaj. Against snakes,” he said.

2015 80

Spectacled Bears at Machu Picchu

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A detailed post on this incredible rally is already overdue but in the meantime I felt the need to share a once-in-a-lifetime sighting of one of the scarcest mammals in South America. This is a mammal that I have been yearning to see properly in the wild, having only once caught a brief distant glimpse in Ecuador on a previous adventure. Birding Mammals bears Peru Worldwide Birding AdventuresHappy New Year everyone!

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Being a Tolai Hare’s life Human

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One of the pleasures of birding through a landscape no man has gone before is that one has frequent encounters with individuals – birds, mammals, herps, whatever – that have never seen a human in their life. Mammals Kazakhstan rabbits Such has frequently been the case in my survey area deep within Kazakhstans barren Mangghystau province, and the most memorable reverse-lifer experience has been with a Tolai Hare just recently.

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Shadows of Africa

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A dusty-red road leads me through Marico bushveld deeper into the 750 square kilometers large wilderness of the Madikwe Game Reserve – the 4th largest reserve in South Africa, home to 350 bird and 66 mammal species, some 4 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. Related to starlings, like woodpeckers they move over large mammals feeding on ticks, but also on their hosts’ blood. Trips Mammals South Africa

Not Exactly Flying Squirrels

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Mammals squirrelsAnyone who dares fill bird feeders in the hopes of actually, you know, feeding birds knows well the menace hungry squirrels present. Entire industries are built around preventing squirrels from completely devouring provisions intended for birds. The bird feeder arms race demands incessant innovation because of the utter fearlessness and abandon driving squirrels to plunder feeders.

The “Birds” in the Brush

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When you move on to Montana, you discover that there are worse things that one species of tiny screaming mammal tricking you each year as you try to cope with an influx of songbirds and a winterized memory bank that contains only Black-capped Chickadees and Dark-eyed Juncos (and only about half their calls at that.) Mammals ground squirrels rodents Ah, late spring. You hear a loud, unfamiliar chirp from near the ground.

2013 77

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Gaur Morning

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burning bright, In the forests of the night… Trips India Mammals February 2013. In front of us, in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve one wild Grey Junglefowl runs across the road. It is one of the ancestors of domestic fowl. Traveling the rural Maharashtra on previous days, every village had its share of small, slim and long-legged domestic chickens crossing in front of us, not unlike this wild cousin at all.

2015 81

Sperm Whales in Kaikoura

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What put this once small fishing town on the map was not birds but mammals, specifically whales and dolphins. Being a convenient stop between the ferry town of Picton and the city of Christchurch didn’t hurt, but it was the chance to get up close and personal with marine mammals that turned the place into a popular tourist destination. Marine Kaikoura marine mammals New Zealand whales

The Lion Forest of India

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This park protects the largest remaining tract of dry deciduous forest in the west of India, offering visitors 37 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals and, not to be forgotten – almost 300 bird species. As a consequence, most of the guides know only mammals, and even those who claim to know birds will be able to show you only the commonest species, those that you have learned to ID on your Indian day one. Trips India Mammals

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Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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billion mammals annually. Our findings suggest that free-ranging cats cause substantially greater wildlife mortality than previously thought and are likely the single greatest source of anthropogenic mortality for US birds and mammals. Mammals cats Invasive Species Week The ranger stood on the dirt road, facing south, and the rest of us, scattered about the parked safari truck, facing north and paying close attention to what she was saying.

2014 81

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Tiger Afternoon

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Conservation endangered species India Mammals tiger Maharashtra, February 2013. Trying not to inhale so much of the dust cloud that envelops us, I am sporting a bandana tied bank-robber style. A winding track through dense woodlands takes us to the Telia Lake in the southeast of the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

Morning Coffee with Eastern Imperial Eagle

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Birds eagles Europe Mammals SerbiaMay 2009. After a wakeup call at highly uncivilized 3.45 am, at the crack of dawn I am sitting in a car by the Suslik (European ground squirrel) pasture. It is still cold. No Susliks are to be seen – they are waiting for the sun. Actually, I am not waiting for them, but for the Eastern Imperial Eagle to come here to hunt Susliks – an eagle from one of the last two remaining nests in Serbia. Alas, there is no eagle to be seen either.

2017 53

Loner, Drifter: More on the Hoary Bat

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I never knew, until my ill-fated encounter , that these are among the most birdie of the North American flying mammals. Mammals batsI cannot get the Hoary Bat out of my head. Hoary Bats roost in trees, not caves.

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Nine-banded Armadillos in Florida

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Mammals armadillos Florida Nine-banded Armadillo Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival One of the wonderful experiences when birding away from your home turf is the potential to come across creatures other than birds with which you may not be familiar.

2015 69

Olympic Chipmunk (Tamias amoenus caurinus)

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The Olympic Peninsula is known for a host of endemic creatures, including some mammals like the Roosevelt Elk. If you liked this post and want to see more great images of mammals and other creatures make sure to check out 10,000 Clicks , our big (and growing) page of galleries here at 10,000 Birds. Mammals chipmunks Olympic National Park Pacific Northwest

Smart and Getting Smarter

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Mammals Beat on Assignment raccoonsMost readers of 10,000 Birds know that nature is full of surprises and that we aren’t the only ones with a lock on intelligence and creativity. Still it is always nice to add to the evidence of animal intellect. This all happened as I was suffering from the photographic affliction known as “light denial,” where I’m convinced there is still some light but sadly the day has ended and darkness reigns.

2012 82

The Nemesis Cat Defeated!

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If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more great images of mammals and birds, go to our 10,000 Clicks section where you will find our big (and growing) gallery page here at 10,000 Birds. Mammals Trips Gallery Leopard Madikwe Mkuze South AfricaIf I were to describe my long time wildlife nemesis, my ultimate dip of dips, I would reach for a nemesis cat, not a nemesis bird. For there is no species that I had more comprehensively failed to see than the Leopard.

2015 53

The Endangered Florida Bonneted Bat

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MammalsYou may not have heard about the Florida Bonneted Bat (Eumops floridanus) , and that is fine, not many know this bat even existed. This bat is rare and range-restricted in South Florida, which are some of the reasons it was recently listed as an endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The Florida Bonneted Bat is the largest of Florida’s bats weighing 1.2 ounces, a body length of 6.5 inches, and a wingspan of 21 inches.

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There’s More to Birding than Birds

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Birding Lizards Mammals Reptiles Trips animals Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field. In New York and Chicago, they’ve been pretty mundane—a White-tailed Deer here, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit there. And of course, way too many chipmunks and squirrels and raccoons and turtles to count.

2013 76

Leaping Foxes

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Mammals Europe fox Germany predators rodentsGermany is currently experiencing something for which the English have no nice expression. We call it a “mouse gradation year” I was not able to find a catchy English term for “gradation year” – it’s what happens when a certain species showing population cycles reaches a peak year.

Fox 63

Is my Rhino Still Alive?

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Conservation Africa Mammals poaching South Africa The annual number of rhino poached in South Africa last year rose to 1,215, Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa told a media briefing in Pretoria two weeks ago. On average, over 100 rhinos were illegally killed each month. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said the figures showed a 21% increase in poaching from 2013, topping that year’s total by 195. Molewa added that so far this year 49 rhino had been killed countrywide.

Snow Leopard hunt by Adam Riley (INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours)

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Mammals Blue Sheep Hemis National Park hunting India Ladakh Snow Leopard It was our third day in high elevation Hemis National Park, we had awakened before dawn and chugged down a mug of life-giving coffee before ascending a few hundred yards to a knoll above our tented camp in the Rhumbak Valley. Our group watching the first Snow Leopard from a knoll above our camp in Hemis National Park.

The Why of Ferrets

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For two years — years when I was learning to walk, talk, and name the animals that lived in the woods behind my parents farm, years when the roots of my own engagement with the environment were planted — the black-footed ferret was North America’s premier extinct mammal, gone forever with the Passenger Pigeon and the Great Auk. Mammals black-footed ferret Charles M Russell NWR

Gyr fodder

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Mammals Arctic Canada Arctic Hare Lepus arcticusGyrfalcons are big birds. A male Gyrfalcon , the smaller of the pair, can clock in at 24 inches tall and weigh up to 3 pounds. Females can get up to 4.5 pounds and a couple of inches taller. After spending most of my time watching them at an aerie some 150 feet up a cliff I never really appreciated just how big they are until I held an injured one in my hands.

2013 79

A Day Active Little Brown Bat in Queens

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… If you liked this post and want to see more great images of mammals (and birds, of course) make sure to check out 10,000 Clicks , our big (and growing) page of galleries here at 10,000 Birds. ……… Mammals bats Oakland Lake Queens On Saturday’s nature walk at Oakland Lake, a small park in Queens, Desi and I got to enjoy the antics of a very active Little Brown Bat before our friend Kerry arrived to join us.

Bats 58

Can Stewart Island become Pest Free?

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I’ve written at length in the past about the circumstances of that extinction event, how the rich endemic fauna was utterly vulnerable to introduced mammals and how waves of invaders wiped out different groups of species. The initial solution was translocation, but there were a limited amount of islands on which you could place species without mammals being a problem, and they were only very small islands.

2012 69

Hoary Marmot (Marmota caligata) at Mount Rainier

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If you liked this post and want to see more great images of mammals and other creatures make sure to check out 10,000 Clicks , our big (and growing) page of galleries here at 10,000 Birds. Mammals Hoary Marmot marmots Mount RainierHoary Marmots , also called Whistle Pigs , inhabit rocky areas near the treeline in northwestern North America up into Alaska.

2011 70

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Black Bears

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Mammals Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge bears Black Bear North CarolinaThough I grew up where the Hudson Valley meets the Catskill Mountains, in the heart of Black Bear country, I can count my encounters with said bears on the fingers of one hand. In my young teenage years I was walking through the woods and was suddenly startled by a young bear dropping out of a tree only about five meters from me but before I could even react it was running away.