Can My Rat Eat That?

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If you’re keeping rats you often need to find out quickly whether you can give them a snack, maybe something from your own meal, or you want to know whether it’s worth buying in something you think they might enjoy. … Continue reading → The post Can My Rat Eat That?

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Rats help save humans.

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Recently, another powerful little nose has joined the diagnostic force: that of the African giant pouched rat. Read more about these amazing rats and the work they are doing by visiting the full article here. Rats help save humans.

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Dogs and Rat Poison

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Since wild mice and rats carry disease, ruin household foundations and leave a general mess everywhere… it is very wise to get rid of them as soon as possible. Many dog owners don’t realize, however, that rat poisons are extremely dangerous for dogs. Dogs eating rat poison is not an uncommon problem for dog owners. Rat poisons can be fatal even in small amounts. Symptoms of Rat Poisoning. Dogs eat rat poison because they sometimes mistake it for kibble.

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Defending Laboratory Rats

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Nice article about people who are committed to defending "lab rats" used for medical research. I've worked with rats and I find them charming and intelligent creatures. You see people shut down if you talk about how a rat can suffer," says Chad Sandusky, director of toxicology and research at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group that fights for animal rights and advocates vegetarianism.

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New Rat Dissection App for iPad

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rats technologyAnything to help stop the dissection of real mice in schools.

Humboldt Penguins in Chile Face Extinction

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Invading rats with bodies up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) long have begun eating eggs and chicks, and some experts fear that unless the rats are eradicated, they could tip the Humboldt penguin toward extinction. rats chile extinction penguins endangered speciesFrom the Huffington Post.

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Military Used Pigs in Brain Injury Research

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For an 11-month period that ended in December, researchers subjected pigs and rats to about 200 blasts, according to Pentagon documents and interviews. Tags: rats animal experimentation military pigs Lovely. Military researchers have dressed live pigs in body armor and strapped them into Humvee simulators that were then blown up with explosives to study the link between roadside bomb blasts and brain injury.

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The Function of Art is to Disturb

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Modest Mouse's "King Rat," directed by Heath Ledger "The function of art is to disturb." --George Braque What do you think?

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Cute of the Day: Beethoven

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We think Beethoven is an adorable weather rat. Beethoven says “Hey, mom! It’s raining outside!&#. Cute of the Day: Beethoven originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on July 26, 2010.

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What Matters to Animals…

Creature Talk

Someone is doing an experiment on a chimp or a rabbit or a rat. The weekend of June 13th and 14th I went to an animal rights conference in the Twin Cities called Their Lives, Our Voices. Much like last year, it was awesome.

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Do dogs get colds?

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Not just dogs though, pet birds, ferrets, and even pet rats are all able to catch a cold from a person. It’s that time of the year again when the humans start sniffling and sneezing! If you have ever wondered if your dog can get a cold, the answer is yes !

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Increase in Dutch Animal Testing

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The increase was largely due to new EU rules on chemical compounds, which have led to an increase in testing on rats, the inspectors said. From the Dutch researchers carried out 592,665 experiments on animals last year, a 2.5% increase on 2008, government inspectors said on Friday. More than half the experiments were carried out for academic research and one third of those were for medical research.

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Rattus Rattus

Animal Ethics

Here is a New York Times story about the lowly rat. Rats have feelings, just as you do.) Do you suppose stories such as this will change people's attitudes toward rats? I'm being facetious. If so, will that make experimentation on them less likely

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Animal Research Scientists Sponsor Billboards

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This billboard poses the issue as an either/ the child or the rat. Well, you know how they are.going for the emotion and oversimplifying the issue. Certainly not showing what they do, how they are funded and how the licensing of their "altruistic" work nets them a tidy sum. Bullshit. It's not that simple. How many of these experiments are even necessary? How many of them are of the quality of checking to see whether junk food makes someone fat? Please. animal research

Hamsters Celebrate 70 Years in the US

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Sadly, though, some 200,000 hamsters were used for research in the United States in 2000, third behind rats and mice. Interesting article. Prior to the 1930s, hamsters were pretty much in the wild. Prior to the 1970s, virtually all were descended from one breeding pair. Now, one million hamsters are kept as pets, an increase of 41 percent since 2001. This includes the two sitting on the shelf in our house!)

Welsh Report Shows Increased Animal Research at Cardiff University

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In four years it experimented on 157,839 mice, 17,324 rats, 11,096 fish, 1,941 birds, 1,253 guinea pigs, 933 pigeons, 884 frogs, 207 cats, 54 rabbits and 18 tree shrews from the tropics of south-east Asia. Here's an article about an increase in animal experiments at Cardiff University in Wales. According to a Wales on Sunday investigation, the number of animals used at Cardiff has risen by 13 percent since 2006.

San Francisco Considers Banning Pet Sales

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All companion animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, and lizards would be considered as pets. Pet sales would be banned altogether, except for the sale of pet fish. If it passes, San Francisco residents would have to go to a shelter or rescue group to adopt an animal. Sounds good, but I just don't believe this will pass. It would set a national precedent, even if it is San Francisco.

Do Animals Laugh?

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Those patterns hint at the ancient origins of human hilarity and suggest that other social species - including apes, dogs and rats - really, truly laugh as well. I personally think that a credible laughter concept can, and already has been, extended to mammalian species as lowly as the rat.". There are researchers out there who say that they do. I certainly think they can laugh and have fun. I've seen it.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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Engber mentions that in 1972, the USDA put into place "a special exemption for rats, mice, and birds, allowing scientists to treat them however they saw fit—in cages of any size, in experiments with any degree of pain and suffering. He concludes this segment with: Meanwhile, rats and mice are subject to some of the most extreme and invasive experiments in biomedicine. Scientists mapped out the entire mouse genome in 2002 and the rat genome in 2004.)

On "Knockout Animals"

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Before you answer, here are some details to inform your decision: The first "knockout animals" were laboratory rats, whose anterior cingulate cortex have been damaged/blocked so that though they might still feel pain, they do not find it unpleasant.

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Malaysian Official Says God Made Animals for Testing

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A Malaysian government official defended an Indian company's plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans. That's why he created rats and monkeys. This is pretty vile in my opinion. From the AP.

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On "Animal Activism"

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If you believe your dog has a right to a life free of torture and slaughter for no reason, then you really ought to think about extending that right to mice, rats, chickens and fish. I've used the term "animal activism" lately as an experiment. I'm trying to gauge people's receptivity to what I'm about to say. I notice that if I use "animal rights activist" or anything with the word "rights" in it, because it's loaded and misunderstood, my listener often has an immediate bias of some kind.

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Appeal Denied for Six Activists Convicted Under AEPA

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Huntingdon used mostly mice and rats , but also some dogs, monkeys, fish and guinea pigs , in its research in New Jersey. It was a 2-1 decision by the US Court of Appeals. From the Philadelphia Inquirer. Six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were convicted at a 2006 trial in New Jersey of conspiracy to violate the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act. The law, since revised, aimed to protect animal research laboratories from illegal, sometimes violent protests.

Teaching Kids Animal Compassion

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For these folks, I recommend a nontraditional pet like a rat or a guinea pig. Rats are extremely cuddly, they don’t bite and they only live two years. Choosing the right pet for your child is key. By Dr. Tim Hunt, DVM. Children can learn so many valuable lessons by caring for a pet. Having pets at a young age instills kids with a sense of confidence that they can take care of an animal and help it to live a thriving life.

Two Examples of Mice Experiments - Valid or Not?

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However, it involved exposing rats to chemicals at levels that humans are usually not exposed to. this study was mainly about the effect of high doses of a chemical called phthalates on the number of rats born with undescended testicles, it is premature to report that stress has a part to play in reducing fertility in men. I came across these stories about two different medical experiments using mice. In this experiment, scientists tested whether lighting can cause depression.

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Seizures In Dogs: Could Your Dog Have A Seizure?

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You can prevent your dog from environmental toxin related seizures and other ill effects by making sure there is no possible exposure to rat poison, snail bait, flea powder, bug spray, pesticides, lead paint and household cleaners.

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Are We Much Better than Michael Vick?

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Homemakers employ deadly rat traps and poisons to rid their dwellings of vermin. In university labs nationwide, scientists inflict spinal-cord injuries on dogs and cats, inject rats with carcinogens, test dangerous drugs on monkeys, and do all kinds of evil things to guinea pigs in the name of scientific research. This is an excellent opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The author, an assistant professor of sociology at Tulane University, poses some important questions.

Top 5 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

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And, speaking of poisons, talk to your vet before putting down any rat or ant poison, which can sicken your pet before it reaches its intended target. Take one look at the viral blog, Pet Shaming , and it’s difficult to retain any illusions about our furry friends.

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Southwest Primate Center "Celebrates" 10 Years

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And let's not forget the required sanctimonious quote from an animal researcher “Our primates are essential partners in medical progress, as are mice, rats, guinea pigs and opossums. This place is celebrating its 10th year with ground-breaking research into what makes us all fat. By destroying the health of baboons with fast food. Fast food is bad for you? Really?)

Exposing the Pharmaceutical Industry's Interest in Animal Research

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It's so much cheaper to buy, use and dispose of a bunch of voiceless chimpanzees and thousands of rats than to invest in alternative R&D. In the United States, we are in the midst of a health care debate in which the pharmaceutical industry disguises itself as a champion of the people. It is funding stealth organizations that support "patients' choices" and that assist in organized mob disruptions of town hall meetings.

Breast Cancer in Pets

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In fact, I experienced it first hand when my pet rat developed breast cancer late in her life. While breast cancer awareness month for people might be over, it’s important to realize that we humans aren’t the only ones affected by the disease. Here are some great facts about breast cancer in dogs and cats. Thanks to PurinaCare for sending them our way. BREAST CANCER IN PETS FACT SHEET. Many people don’t realize that pets can also suffer from breast cancer.

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Custom Pet Portraits from Little Tank

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You may remember that our dear little rat Yoshi crossed the rainbow bridge in February, so getting a fun portrait of her means so much to us! Recently, we got a pet portrait from Little Tank.

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European Union Screws Apes Used in Medical Research

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The EU's executive Commission last year proposed a range of measures to improve the welfare of the 12 million vertebrate animals used in experiments each year, mostly mice and rats. Here are the results of the EU flirtation with restricting research on primates. It's from a Reuters article from last May.I will try not to smash my computer screen in frustration.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Note from KBJ: I take it that rats are not a "charismatic species To the Editor: Your reporting on the illegal ivory trade (“ Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits ,” “The Price of Ivory” series, front page, Sept. 4) is a chilling reminder of just how high the stakes have become today for elephants in the wild. Our experience on the ground confirms your reporting that this trade is increasingly tied to organized crime.

Quantico Has No Compassion for Feral Cats

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The raptors feed on these things (mice, rats), snakes feed on these things, it’s in the wild food chain and the cat interrupts that because it’s not part of the natural setting.” Quantico Military Base is really behaving cruelly when it comes to the feral cats on its base. They've prohibited feeding and want the animals trapped. If they are not adoptable, oh well, kill them. Please. It is NOT the animals' fault that they have been abandoned to miserable lives. (Of

Fizzle’s Story

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He’s only about the size of a rat.”. Hi, I’m Debra Stang , author of Hospice Tails and guest writer for today’s blog. Hospice Tails is a series of true stories about my experiences with pets and patients as a hospice social worker. Although I adore my own cats, I had not realized what an important role animals can play as life draws to a close. They are the comic relief, the furry shoulder when you need to cry, and the pain medicine when it all seems unbearable.

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Tails of Aloha

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Our animals range from a small pet rat to miniature horses. Tails Of Aloha is an all volunteer Animal Assisted Therapy Organization, located on Oahu in the state of Hawaii, with animals on all of the major Hawaiian Islands. Tails of Aloha was established in 1994 and received its Non-Profit designation in October 2008. We were fully funded by our founder from 1994-2007. What is the mission of your organization?

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