Cooking With Cats Coloring Book (and a giveaway)

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Do you love cats? What about food? Do you also like to color? This book combines all of those wonderful things together for a fun coloring experience! The cats take the cake in their “food cosplay”, such as cat sushi. … Continue reading → cats

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Compassionate Cooks Worth Visiting

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I really like this website for vegan cooking. Compassionate Cooks also has a podcast I used to subscribe to, but it was a bit overwrought for me. Still, they have a great website and they do important work.

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Easy-to-Make Dog Treats For Your Furry Best Friend

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When it comes to cooking, you love to whip up an incredible meal for your family; from yummy casseroles, to delicious crock pot apple crisps. Your family appreciates your cooking, so why not create something special for your pet too?

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Why Top Chef Makes Me So Mad

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Is that all these people can cook? Today's vile episode is one featuring French cooking. I have yet to see an episode featuring vegetarian cooking. Add cooking schools to the list of animal exploitation promoters, along with medical schools. Tags: exotic meats meat cooking I'm just watching the fourth or fifth episode of the latest season of Top Chef. It just irritates the hell out of me. First of all, it highlights the deficiencies of today's chefs' training.

Gordon Ramsey Disappoints Me

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A Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Heart

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My mom asked me for healthy vegan recipes, and has been cooking completely differently than she had been. Several years ago my now 59 year old father had a heart attack. It wasn’t a major heart attack, but it has definitely caused him problems. He’s been on medication since it happened, and has regular stress tests to see if the damage to his heart has progressed.

Jeter’s Favorite Sweet Potato Chips

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Cook for around 40-50 minutes. Cook 30 to 40 more minutes or until slices are crisped and the edges and the centers are still orange, but not brown.

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Holiday Vegan Recipes

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I've been posting a lot about vegan cooking lately. I'm not ready to take the plunge, but am ready to start experimenting. Here are some tasty ideas for the holidays.

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“Cheese Affair Pin to Win” Sweepstakes

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Check out the GRAND PRIZE – 3 trips for two to New York City to attend a cheese soiree and cooking class with Liz Thorpe – cheese expert, author of The Cheese Chronicles, and cat owner!

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The Animals We Use

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I don't know what the effectiveness of online support is, but I do know that talking to people, eating with them, shopping with them, surfing the Internet with them, sharing cooking tips with them, cooking for and with them, and making yourself available for sharing the emotional and social difficulties of a transition from using animals to using them less, does work.

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On Teaching Children

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Farmer writes about the Creative Cooks Culinary Center in Brooklyn, where kids 5 to 11-years old are taught cooking in a place "that treats the culinary arts as an anthropological adventure." Are the kids cooking monkey, cat, dog, alligator or turtle? There are more professional male chefs than females, yet women do and are taught to do most of the cooking.

On Veganism and Adoption

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I do the shopping, cooking and baking, and I find vegan accessories for him to choose from. I've been under the radar for a bit, anxiously awaiting the adoption finalization of Baby Sky.

On "The Road" and Humanity

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They corral them, lock them up, and take them out to kill, cook and eat them as needed. Last night I watched 2009's " The Road " (based on the Cormac McCarthy novel , which I haven't read), a post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive.

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Which One Cookbook Do You Recommend?

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And some people want that; they don't necessarily want to change their current calories or fat or sugar or gluten or cooking process. A gaggle of people have asked me this question recently. They all have some sort of holiday list, money is tight, and if they could buy just one cookbook to help them in their conversion to veganism from their current omnivorous state, what should it be and why. The why part is important, as some cookbooks are a bit junk food vegan-ish.

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On Mixing Bowl and Vegan Education

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From today's Publisher's Weekly : In January, Meredith Corporation quietly launched Mixing Bowl , a social networking site about cooking. Emphasizing user-generated content, the site invites home cooks to exchange recipes, share photos, participate in contests and post messages. The site is approaching 12,000 members, which Meredith v-p and general manager Jeff Myers said is “ahead of expectations.”

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On Flourless Cakes and Injuries

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I began my journey by discovering something you all probably know, which is that you can substitute cooked black-eyed peas or adzuki beans for flour, like in the recipe for the above vegan flourless chocolate cake. This, dear readers, is my new obsession.

On "Cheating" and Cookbook Authors

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Recommendations included: know the people who produced your food, get out of the supermarket (go to a farmer's market), and cook at home more (especially junk food, as if you had to make your own french fries you'd eat a lot fewer of them). I'd imagine that the more resources available to the mainstream about going vegan and cooking/preparing vegan food, the better the odds that more people will go vegan. There was nothing surprising about Oprah's most recent show about food.

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What Foods you should Avoid Feeding your Dog?

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Raw foods can occasionally contain parasites that cooking destroys. Still, your dog should avoid certain kinds of meat, cooked or not. Lean cuts of meat that have been thoroughly cooked work fine as long as all fat and skin have been removed. Similarly, dogs can eat pasta or plain white rice providing it has been cooked. Dogs seem like pretty hardy animals for the most part, perfectly capable of eating all sorts of foods.

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Purina Waggin’ Train Treats Giveaway

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The three real chicken varieties are slow cooked to make the most delicious snack for your dog. Purina Waggin’ Train dog treats are sure to be a hit with your dog!

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On Changing Tastes

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The texture apparently is "slimy" (which is true, mid-cook, which it wasn't when she tried it. Our guest this weekend, Jackie, is transitioning to veganism. Her hurdle, you might not be surprised to learn, is cheese made from the milk of cows. She eats cow cheese daily.

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Palin Now Going After Endangered Whales

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At issue is the population of {the Cook Inlet beluga) whales, which were put under the protections of the Marine Mammal Protection Act eight years ago, which scientists argue hasn't sped their recovery: Palin begs to differ. The State of Alaska has worked cooperatively with the federal government to protect and conserve beluga whales in Cook Inlet," Palin said last week. First wolves, then polar bears, now beluga whales.

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Thai Police Rescue Monkeys Bound for Restaurant

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Thai Highway Police in Sa Kaeo province have rescued 24 baby crab-eating monkeys, arresting a Thai driver and five undocumented Cambodians attempting to smuggle the endangered species to Cambodia, where they were destined for cooking pots in.Chinese specialty restaurants in Cambodia. Just awful. Thank goodness these were rescued.

Ezra Klein Bemoans Vegetarian Fare at Restaurants

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But this is another example of the general ignorance displayed in restaurants and cooking shows like Top Chef. This is an article that really hits the mark. Ezra Klein talks about the lack of vegetarian options at a restaurant he attended. Why do people assume that vegetarians eat nothing but vegetables? We eat LOTS of things. I find it very insulting that we are pigeon-holed in our food choices.

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Animal Ethics

Look at all the animals you can kill, butcher, cook, and eat in one city. It makes me want to go out and slaughter a gopher

From the Mailbag

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I just wanted to introduce myself, as I thought you might be interested in knowing about my organization, Compassionate Cooks , and perhaps add us to your Links list. The mission of Compassionate Cooks is to empower people to make informed food choices and to debunk myths about veganism. I do this through the vegan cooking classes I teach and the articles and essays I write. (I

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US a Hub for Eatin' Them Endangered Species

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Be warned there's a horrific picture of a cooked monkey head in this article.) And here I've been yelling at China all this time. (Be From The United States is one of the world's largest, if not the largest, consuming nations for wildlife products. This includes wildlife used for food, whether for cultural reasons or luxury markets," says Leigh Henry, a senior policy officer for the World Wildlife Fund and the international wildlife-trade monitoring network TRAFFIC.

On Vegan Grenades

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And four long years later he said: "The only reason I still eat animals is because you keep buying them and cooking them for me." I'm no prize to be married to, but I do shop and cook and bake and forward links from The Discerning Brute. You know those jokes that you get a minute later that are referred to as joke grenades? Well, I think the grenade metaphor also applies to conversion to veganism.

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Why a #RichellPet pet gate is the perfect fit.

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And with so many people visiting, and cooking, it’s not always the safest place for a dog! This post is sponsored by RichellUSA and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.

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Celebrate your dog’s breed with Dogs Incorporated!

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There is something for everyone, from the coffee lover, to the cook, and even for music lovers, there is sure to be a design that will show your personality as well as that of your pup!

A Chance for Bliss

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The couple cooks for the dogs each day, not only to provide the proper care and nutrition the dogs need, but also to provide comfort to the dogs through the loving care that goes into each meal.

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Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo, Part Deux

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Our clubhouse is a large house, complete with a kitchen made for entertaining and I'm going to survey the neighborhood for interest in a vegan cooking class. Coincidentally, last night was a board meeting for our homeowner's association, and though I wasn't on the agenda there's always time for homeowner comments about, say, the petting zoo and pony rides that are scheduled for the spring "BBQ" ( here 's part one of this story).

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On Talking With Veterinarians About Vegan Food

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Home cooking for Violet was difficult because her carb/protein/fat ratios need to be consistent in order for her blood sugar to be predictable. We have a request, and it's an issue I've written about a handful of times but never had this particular question answered by readers: How do you talk with your vet--who is against feeding your dog vegan food--about your choice to do so? What do you say?

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You and Your Pets Can Stress Less This Holiday Season!

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We may feel obligated to shop, cook, bake, host parties, visit people, purchase gifts, travel, socialize with people we may not like, worry about inclement weather and more. For example, cooking may entail shopping that may involve navigating through heavy traffic, standing in long and crowded store lines, choosing items to buy and spending money. Once you get home and start cooking, making tasty dishes can be worrisome and anxiety producing.

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A gourmet menu for your cat.

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Supper: Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Slow-Cooked Chicken Recipe – Food made with natural ingredients like real chicken and brown rice, carrots and greens in a delicious sauce says “comfort food” and “love”. I have been compensated for completion of this article.

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Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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Feed dogs raw, meaty bones but never cooked bones. Cooked bones can splinter and kill your dog. If you want to feed cooked foods, ensure that the primary component of all meals is meat. Feed healthy food to your dog.

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Guest Post: Understanding Pet Food Labels

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Fresh Cooked diets are becoming more popular as an alternative to the raw. Fresh cooked diets offer the convenience of a fully cooked product – eliminating the handling issues associated with raw meats – while still being all natural, free from preservatives or processed food, and just as easy for the pet to digest. Look for foods cooked to minimum FDA cooking temperatures for safe handling.

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Deconstructing Spencer's Comment

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Is cooking food "natural"? As much as I don't like responding to comments that are hostile, they also demonstrate a lack of understanding/education/knowledge on the part of the commenter that perhaps, if remedied, might result in a different opinion. Such is the case with Spencer R's comment from my brief post recommending The Botany of Desire. Spencer R writes: Vegans sound exactly like religious fundamentalists.

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Greenleaf Gifts

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I gave it the ultimate test and tried it after we had cooked curry. People with pets know all to well that at times things get smelly. Our home is not immune to this, so I was really excited when I got to try out an awesome product from Greenleaf.

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Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets

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As well as ducks and geese bringing their character and personalities to your life, females also lay eggs that you can cook with. Ducks and geese may not be a particularly unusual sight in the wild, but have you ever thought about keeping them as pets?

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New Book on Animal Rights Activism

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For instance, they caution that if "we're at a restaurant and there's a veggie burger on the menu but we give the server the third degree about the ingredients or about how it was cooked, we're most likely doing more harm than good." It's titled "The Animal Activists' Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World" by Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich. One guy runs Vegan Outreach and the other is a VP at PETA (they have those?). Here's a review on Huffington Post.