10000 Mink Released in Denmark

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Animal activists released 10 thousand mink from two fur farms in Denmark. Media in Denmark have reported that more than 10,000 mink were released from cages at Danish fur farms this week. During the night of October 6, 6000 mink escaped from a farm near Søndervig after cages were opened and fences surrounding the property were destroyed. Then, early on October 9, 5000 mink were freed from cages at a farm in Fousing.

Siku the Danish Polar Bear

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cute denmark polar bearI don't usually post anything cute, but I have to do this at least once.

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Seal Import Ban Passes EU Committee

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Nordic EU countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland have opposed such a ban, and EU legal experts say it could violate world trade rules. But the bill still needs the the approval of the entire EU assembly and EU governments in order to become law. It will be tough. Canada and Greenland have warned the EU that they could challenge such a ban before the World Trade Organization.

Seals 100

Battle for Control of the Arctic Looms

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Canada, Russia, the US, Denmark [via Greenland] and Norway want a piece of it. WONK ALERT! The Arctic, and foreign claims to it, are discussed in this dense piece by globalsecurity.org. It will probably make your head spin. Suffice to say that untapped oil reserves are at stake. AND the Arctic is getting even more accessible due to global warming (knew it would be good for something!) Will control of the Arctic become another national security issue?