Witherspoon in Trouble for Python Purse

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For some bizarre reason (hopefully just ignorance), Reese Witherspoon has pissed off animal rights activists by purchasing and carrying around a purse made out of python skin. Python skinning is horrible, brutal and repulsive. wildlife trafficking california Stupid python entertainment exotic skins snakes

Followup: Witherspoon Will Stop Carrying Python Purse

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california python entertainment exotic skins snakesI don't know what she's going to do with it, but at least she'll stop carrying it. She's supposedly a vegetarian and is friends with Walk the Line co-star Joaquin Phoenix who is a huge animal rights activist and vegan. I still don't understand what she was doing. She knew it was an animal skin.and she spent $4,000 on it? CRAZY! PETA is very happy.

African Pythons Targeted for Removal

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The invasive Burmese Python ( Python molurus ) is well established in the Florida Everglade. Another species of Python, the African Python ( Python sebae ) has established a small population in the 2,877-acre Bird Drive Area (BDA) in South Florida. The African Python has a reputation of being more aggressive than its Burmese counterpart. The impact that pythons are having on native wildlife is not well understood. Rock Python.

Python Caves and the Very Dangerous Bats

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The Python Caves. The Python Caves, as you’ll recall since you certainly read my article (and in some cases actually did, and even told me so and bought the book!) I had planned to do another story today, but my laptop, sick of endless David Attenborough DVDs, Skyrim and searches of birding in South Africa made a break for it and took a swan dive off my bed. The resulting damage to the screen means that I am exiled back to my very ancient desktop.

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Fearless Cat Faces Dog

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This reminds me of the Monty Python Confuse a Cat sketch.

She Turned Me Into A Newt

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The entire scene from which that bit of dialogue comes, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail , is one of my favorite scenes ever from a movie. Amphibians features Monty Python newts videoPeasant: She turned me into a newt! Sir Bedevere: A newt? … … … … Peasant: I got better.

Chinese Authorities Seize Bear Parts

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The load included 173 bear paws, one python skin and the carcass of a pangolin — a type of sticky-tongued, toothless, nocturnal anteater that is a menu item in southern China. I suppose it shows they are making some effort , but it's still a huge problem. Bear paws are also considered a delicacy in southern China where exotic animals are favored by diners despite the impact on populations of endangered species. Disgusting.

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Yikes! Two TONS of Snakes & Tortoises Seized

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They found 3,640 pounds (1,655 kilograms) of snakes, mostly pythons, and 263 tortoises that weighed a combined 697 pounds (317 kilograms), said Col. Yes, that's right. TWO TONS. In Cambodia. Luckily, they were alive and released back into the wild. From the AP last week. Cambodian police confiscated two tons of live snakes and tortoises and arrested two men trying to smuggle the slithering cargo up a river from Cambodia to Vietnam, authorities said Thursday.

Birding the Danzhou Bay area (Hainan, China) by day

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The Spring Festival – or Chinese New Year – is a big period for traveling in China. While not on the scale of bird migration, it is routinely and somewhat lazily described as the biggest annual migration of humans in the world.

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Every sperm is sacred

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Meanwhile, until those answers are found, just relax and let Monty Python explain it all. … especially if you’re a lady bird in heat. Because unlike those of mammals, avian ova need penetration by multiple sperm in order to successfully develop into baby birds. That’s the finding of researchers from the University of Sheffield in the UK, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. (If If you’re feeling particularly science-y, the full paper is here.).

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Birding Shanghai in March 2022

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And now for something completely different (Monty Python): It seems birds are generally quite adept at matching their plumage color with the plastic objects around them. Strangely, one of the easiest birds to see on Chongming recently is the non-native Black Swan.

8 Reasons Why Bringing Your Dog To Work Is A Good Idea

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And, certain restrictions should apply, like no pythons or snapping turtles, or similar. Office Life – 8 Reasons Why Bringing Your Dog To Work Is A Good Idea. Today’s guest post is from Lloyd Burrell. Lloyd is an animal lover and enjoys blogging on the office theme. He writes detailed reviews on modern office desk furnitures ; computer desk, office desks with hutch, u-shaped desks, computer armoires, l-shaped desks, etc. People who have pets or companion animals know why they do.

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Bicknell’s Thrush in Trouble on Wintering Grounds

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But, to paraphrase Monty Python, every species is sacred. Any birder who has committed to accumulating an impressive ABA-area list knows about the rare and elusive Bicknell’s Thrush. Believe me, after hiking up a mountain in the middle of the night just to catch a glimpse of this bird, I have mixed feelings about whether we even need it in a world with abundant Gray-cheeked Thrush , its more copious counterpart. Conservation of migratory species must be an international affair.

Can A Hawk Carry Off Your 12-Pound Pet?

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There’s one more option, if you’d like to combine learning and entertainment: 4) watch this Monty Python clip, which does a fabulous job of explaining exactly what we’re talking about using a coconut, European Swallows, and King Arthur: Once you watch it, every time someone posts about a murderous hawk carrying off twelve pounds, you’ll be able to set them straight. The answer is: no. No hawk can carry off a 12-pound pet. No hawk can carry off a 3-pound pet.

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From Today's New York Times

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There is a list of human victims of captive snakes, including a 2-year-old girl who was strangled in her crib by a pet Burmese python who had escaped from its enclosure. To the Editor: Re “ Snake Owners See Furry Bias in Invasive Species Proposal ” (news article, Jan. 9): The Fish and Wildlife Service is right to propose a ban on the sale of nine large constricting snakes for the pet trade.

Barred Creek

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Google Earth image of Broome to Barred Creek The first bit of excitement on the trip was a rather nice looking Black-headed Python Aspidites melanocephalus. Black-headed Python We then reached Barred Creek just before high tide and parked the car in the shade of the natural bush. This week we decided to do a day trip about 40kms north of Broome in search of a Beach Stone-curlew , as they had been absent in Roebuck Bay for some reason this year.

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Won’t Someone Think Of The Children?

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One of my favourite Monty Python sketches involves a rather enthusiastic documentary into the sordid sex lives of the mollusks. Without ever meaning to I’m afraid a similar base article is being written by me right now for you, so please, send the children away, this isn’t suitable for them.

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Evening Grosbeaks Really Do Exist

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struck out on the “common feeder birds” But I’d never had much luck with irruptives in the east — no Common Redpolls , no Bohemian Waxwings , and my quest for a Pine Siskins was a Monty Python farce. Not an urban legend From the time I was a small child, I would flip through the pages of field guides and imagine the stumbling across this or that amazing bird.

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Do Not Feed Baby Birds Ham

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Perhaps she had been watching Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.). “I Wildlife rehabilitators are a multi-tasking lot. Not only do we take care of zillions of injured and orphaned birds/mammals/reptiles/whatever, we also have to deal with and educate the public. The baffling, mind-boggling public. Luckily for rehabbers there’s FaceBook, where we can b h and moan and vent and swap can-you-top-this stories with other rehabbers.

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Black Butcherbirds killing a snake

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I am not sure what kind of snake it was but I think it was a harmless python. The Australian butcherbirds are a genus ( Cracticus ) of striking and aggressive passerine predators, so it is hardly surprising that when they were first discovered they were placed with the shrikes familiar to Europeans. The genus includes six medium sized butcherbirds and the much larger and terrestrial Australian Magpie (formerly assigned its own genus), and are found across Australia and New Guinea.

Proposal for the National Bird of Australia

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Is this really the nation that gave the world Monty Python?). I start today with an update from last week, were I spoke about New Zealand’s muted reaction to the official shortlist of tea towels… I’m sorry, flags , that have been picked as part of a longwinded and dull process to not pick a new flag.

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Birding across the north of Australia in July

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We saw three snakes in two days and one was a very large Black-headed Python moving across the highway as we were unable to slow down sufficiently to photograph it. In Australia it is winter in July, but the weather is as perfect as you could hope for in the north of the country with daytime temperatures around 30c/86f and the night-time temperatures being around 20c/68f and rarely a cloud in the sky.

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Bellwoods Brewery: Bring Out Your Dead (2018)

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Imperial stouts are big, rich, dark beers that are favorite choices for aging in old spirits barrels, and with that name – an obvious Monty Python reference – I knew I could have a little fun writing the review (Dead parrot, anyone?). I was really looking forward to this week’s installment of Birds and Booze. Last night was Hallowe’en, making tomorrow – in some Christian traditions – All Souls’ Day, the annual “Commemoration of All Faithful Departed”.

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Birding beyond Brisbane

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The other snake was a Carpet Python lying on the trail at Kondalilla Falls. As I mentioned a few weeks ago , it was our time to go and find some new birds! We left Broome on 5th February to fly to Brisbane and arrived at 05:30am on the 6th. Due to the fact that we are not interested in city life, but more about the birdlife we headed for Nudgee Beach straight away! By 6am we had our first Australian Brush-Turkey as shown in the above photograph and the list was soon started.

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