Russian Tortoise

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One of the most popular breed in tortoise domestication is the Russian tortoise, also go by several other names like – Horsefield tortoise or Steppe tortoise etc. They are usually found in dry climates – like deserts and grassland areas … Continue reading → The post Russian Tortoise appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

Tortoise Smuggling on the Rise

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Rare Tortoises Found in Luggage

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Here is one of their stories about tortoises being smuggled in luggage.note the drug connection. Enforcement agencies discovered 300 tortoises from Madagascar bound and packed in two suitcases that also contained drugs at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week. The bags contained 285 Radiated Tortoises Astrochelys radiata, 14 Spider Tortoises Pyxis arachnoides and a single Ploughshare Tortoise Astrochelys yniphora, one of the rarest tortoise species in the world.

Pakistani Man Caught Smuggling Rare Tortoises

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British Man Arrested in Illegal Tortoise Trade

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Yikes! Two TONS of Snakes & Tortoises Seized

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Cambodian police confiscated two tons of live snakes and tortoises and arrested two men trying to smuggle the slithering cargo up a river from Cambodia to Vietnam, authorities said Thursday. They found 3,640 pounds (1,655 kilograms) of snakes, mostly pythons, and 263 tortoises that weighed a combined 697 pounds (317 kilograms), said Col. Tags: wildlife smuggling cambodia wildlife trafficking reptiles tortoises snakes Yes, that's right. TWO TONS. In Cambodia.

Aloha Vet- Trouble in Paradise

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So what happens when a tortoise shell needs some help? Watch as he performs a bit of shell maintenance on some of the world’s biggest (but still precious) tortoises! Call Dr. Sims! Tune in tomorrow for the full episode on … Continue reading → The post Aloha Vet- Trouble in Paradise appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. tv wildlife

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Turtles of the World: A Guide To Every Family–A Book Review by a Turtle Lover

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Birders are always happy to see a turtle or tortoise, and there are times of the year when my social media feeds are sprinkled with photos of turtles beings removed from roads or crawling to land to lay eggs. Or that tortoises and terrapins are considered part of the turtle family.

Well, I Have Something

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The latest example is an extinct Galapagos tortoise species. Bringing back extinct species. Scientists keep saying they can do it. Should they? I just don't feel it's right, as great as it would be to correct the mistakes we've made. It cheapens life and makes the original seem replaceable. What next? Mass-production of blue dodos? Designer velociraptors? Remember Jurassic Park?

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Odd Friendships

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National Geographic Channel’s upcoming show, Unlikely Animal Friends, will bring you stories about Christian the Lion and his humans, a baby hippo and a giant tortoise, a lioness and a baby oryx, an orangutan and a hound dog and more! A baby hippo chooses a giant tortoise as a surrogate parent. Is there any better story than that of animals becoming friends? Animals that wouldn’t normally hang out together?

“A Little Bird Told Me” … Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

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However, this is not the case with the Galapagos Tortoises. Some of the tortoises have shells and necks and heads configured for picking leaves off of bushes (involving a lot of reaching upwards) while others have shells, necks and heads that go more with grazing off the surface. But the Tortoises and Iguanas (and some other animals, probably) did not come from the nearby South American landmass via what is now Ecuador.

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What is the National Bird of Aruba?

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These owls use the tunnels of other species as their nesting burrows, and so can be found associated with ground squirrels, tortoises, and prairie dogs. Many of us picture owls in the sky, silently soaring, or perched atop tree branches or light poles as they sleep or keep an eye out for prey. However, on my first trip to Aruba I scanned the ground for a very special type of small owl, known for its terrestrial antics.

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Birding on a Busted Foot

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Even a Leopard Tortoise dropped by! I was laid out with a bad back last week, which didn’t really affect my birding as I wasn’t planning any at the time. But what happens when you’re on a trip and you can’t get out? I found out on my second day in Mkuze, a great game reserve in South Africa, earlier this year when on my first dark night, poor visibility, uneven ground and unsteady footing resulted in a twisted ankle and a day in camp keeping weight off it.

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Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

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A mature Leopard on the prowl in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve by Adam Riley A young female Leopard from Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park by Adam Riley The little – the Leopard Tortoise, so named for its attractive yellow and black blotched shell that resembles the patterns of a Leopard’s pelt, is the 4th largest species of tortoise. The Leopard Tortoise is quite frequently spotted in the famous game reserves of Africa, especially Kruger, Etosha, Serengeti and Samburu reserves.

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Animal Ethics

To the Editor: It’s good to know that Verlyn Klinkenborg is among those of us who stop to help tortoises on their way on a busy road (“ Edges and Order ,” The Rural Life, Jan. I have done that, and afterward felt at least virtuous if not godlike. But not long ago on a lonely road in northern Connecticut, I stopped to administer similar compassion, only to be stoutly rebuffed by a vicious snapping turtle that refused to be helped.

Annual Animal Care Gala in NYC

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And not just dogs and cats: goats, cows, and even tortoises have been rescued by Animal Care. Animal Care and Animal Planet Co-Host the Annual ANIMAL CARE Gala Fundraiser on Thursday, October 22, 2009 at PACHA New York. Animal Care & Control of New York City is pleased to announce their second annual fundraising gala, which will be co-hosted by the popular cable network Animal Planet.

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Animals of Kruger National Park: A Book Review

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Tall grass, grass in burnt areas, leaves stems, small mammals, large mammals, invertebrates, birds, bird eggs, even hyena feces (that’s the Leopard Tortoise). I’ll never forget my introduction to the mammals of Kruger National Park, South Africa. We –participants of the ABA South Africa Safari—were on a small plane when one Lori Conrad looked out the window and screamed, “There are elephants down there!” and everyone ran to Lori’s side of the plane.

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Galapagos Birds in Costa Rica

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Although Cocos Island is halfway between Costa Rica and the Galapagos, we are still talking about hundreds of kilometers of ocean between us and the place of the big tortoises. The Galapagos Islands? Costa Rica? How can a remote archipelago made famous for Darwin, a bunch of finches, and other cool endemic birds be related to the land of quetzals and “gallo pinto” (that would be the local version of rice and beans)?

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide — A Review by a Penguin Groupie

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Fortunately, the authors’ website, Roving Tortoise Photos , gives attribution for 55 photos from this book, so I can say that all three authors are indeed incredible photographers. Last month woodpeckers, this month penguins. Some are cute, some are dignified (and royal!). None fly, most are curious and social, which probably contributes to our cultural perception of penguins as one step away from human.