McKee Project Expands Work into Guatemala and Other Latin American Countries

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Although they are best known for their work in Costa Rica, they also work in Mexico and Panama. This is a great group that I've spotlighted before. At the end of 2007, the World Society for the Protection of Animals selected the McKee Project to work on spay/neuter programs in Guatemala. I recently subscribed to their newsletter which comes out in both Spanish and English versions.

Where Does Vegan Baby Sky Get Her Protein?

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Maybe even some 80% dark chocolate ( slavery-free , care of Equal Exchange--Panama's the kind we get). I'm constantly asked about the details of Baby Sky's life. Where does she get her protein? How are her bones going to grow without cow's milk? You mean she's never eaten bacon? Are you a communist? At Baby Sky's 15 month checkup she landed at about the 75th percentile for height and weight. She comes from small stock, so I do see that decreasing a bit.

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We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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The cozy relationship between Honduras’s military coup leaders and the corporatocracy were confirmed a couple of days after my arrival in Panama. We interrupt regularly scheduled deconstructing, editorializing, commenting and ranting to bring you a letter from John Perkins : Dear Friends Speaking of Democracy, Honduras, and President Obama. In writing my new book Hoodwinked (Random House, Nov 2009 publication date), I recently visited Central America.