What is the National Bird of Nicaragua?

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? By Corey • March 11, 2011 • 6 comments Tweet Share The national bird of Nicaragua is the Turquoise-browed Motmot. Nicaragua is not the only country to have the Turquoise-browed Motmot as its national bird.

Rancho Naturalista Lodge, Costa Rica, or in the Land of Coffee and Chocolate

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The subpopulation in northern Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua numbered 834 individuals in 2009, but was estimated at less than 200 individuals, equating to c. This equates to a decline of 99% over three generations for Nicaragua and Costa Rica (IUCN 2019).

Another Bird Surprise for Costa Rica- Buff-collared Nightjar!

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There are other birds still expected, I have a few in mind that probably also occur somewhere in the border area with Nicaragua (hello Altamira Oriole and Ladder-backed Woodpecker ). As far as countries go, Costa Rica is at the smaller end of the spectrum.

Enjoy Innovative Electronic Music = Help Endangered Birds

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However, even if songs of the avian kind are more your musical thing, you will still find them in ten innovative, unique tracks that pay homage to endangered birds from Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, and seven other countries. Do you want to help endangered birds?

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Sneak Attack

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Its range extends as far as Nicaragua in Central America, where it is joined, in Costa Rica and Panama, by The Slaty Flowerpiercer. My state of Michoacán has a wide variety of nectarivorous birds. Nectarivorous: that’s my new word for this week!) Most, of course, are hummingbirds.

Millions of Red-eyed Vireos, Eastern Kingbirds, Chimney Swifts in Costa Rica- All Heading North

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I’m sure quite a number just keep on going through the tropical night sky, find their way to woods in Nicaragua or further north but a good number do indeed stop in Costa Rica, go birding there now and you will see them.

Check out Birding Experiences in Costa Rica

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Actively birding in Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua and Panama as well as the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. 10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations.

Birding in Costa Rica, August, 2022- News and Recommendations

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It occurred right in the area where I expected a Harpy Eagle to be seen, in part of an extensive, little explored forest complex connected to the Indio Maiz Reserve, a large, extremely important area of lowland rainforest in Nicaragua that still hosts a population of the large eagles.

Striking Gold in Costa Rica

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In checking eBird images of possible Pacific and American Golden-Plovers, I found several possible records for Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize from the months of November to April. The birding in Costa Rica is always golden but some days, you really do strike gold.

My Pilgrimage

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The first words describing this species in Wikipedia are “poorly-documented” Before 2015, when I first saw it in Paso Ancho, it had only been reported twice on eBird outside of its Sierra Madre Occidental breeding range: once from Taxco, Mexico, and another report from Nicaragua.

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15 Hummingbirds that Can Only Be Seen in or Near Costa Rica

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One of the original true endemics of Costa Rica became a very near endemic when a small population was found in Nicaragua. Although this beauty also lives in the forests of Honduras, Nicaragua, and western Panama, it is most accessible in Costa Rica. A couple of the biggest of bird families are restricted to the Americas.

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The Conspicuous Steller’s Jay

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They are a non-migratory species found in western coniferous and mixed-coniferous forests, breeding from Alaska, western Canada, and the United States south through western Mexico to Nicaragua. The Steller’s Jay ( Cyanocitta stelleri ) is one of the ubiquitous birds seen at Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

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Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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In Nicaragua, the army patrols beaches to protect sea turtle eggs. Thought-provoking article in the Boston Globe.some green thinkers are now coming to a surprising conclusion: In exceptional circumstances, they say, the only effective way to protect the environment may be at the barrel of a gun. In some cases, notably in Africa, biodiversity is threatened by military conflict, or by well-armed gangs of poachers.

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Stairway to Heaven

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The Masked Tityra is a tropical bird found from Mexico to Nicaragua. Last week, I told you about my second visit to the roads on the way to the tiny Mexican town of La Escalera (the Stairway).

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We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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backed Contra’s secret war against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government and has consistently opposed the policies of the democratically-elected pro-reform Latin American presidents. (4) We interrupt regularly scheduled deconstructing, editorializing, commenting and ranting to bring you a letter from John Perkins : Dear Friends Speaking of Democracy, Honduras, and President Obama. In writing my new book Hoodwinked (Random House, Nov 2009 publication date), I recently visited Central America.

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The First Bird Tracking Station Is Up and Running in Costa Rica

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Part of a series of coordinated radio telemetry arrays, this station is found between other MOTUS stations in Nicaragua and Panama that automatically log data from radio transmitters attached to Alder Flycatchers, Cerulean Warblers , and other species. Bird migration! In October, it’s what’s happening in Costa Rica.

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Birds of Central America: A Field Guide Review

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Birds of Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rican, and Panama , just published in October, is a field guide that was ten years in the making. Press, 1989); A Guide to the Birds to the Birds of Panama, with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, 2nd ed. , Birds of Nicaragua: A Field Guide by Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux, David C Hille, and Robert Dean has recently been published by Cornell Univ. One field guide, seven countries.

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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9 Nicaragua (6.8 % – 781 sp. / Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website. It illustrates the bird richness per country. And what does it tell us, other than the obvious “head for South America” or perhaps Indonesia?

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Easy, Bonus Birding at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

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Nicaraguan Grackle only lives in marshes around Lake Nicaragua. I guess that isn’t too surprising since a quick 30 minute float down the river goes right into Nicaragua. There are lots of great birding sites in Costa Rica. In fact, go anywhere with a good amount of natural forest and the birding is gonna be good.

Things I Learned While Birding at Laguna del Lagarto, Costa Rica

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The “who knows what else” comes from this site being situated among good-sized tracts of lowland forest connected to the big forest block in Nicaragua. Last weekend, I guided a trip to Laguna del Lagarto for the Birding Club of Costa Rica. Since all sorts of rare species are possible at this remote lowland rainforest site, I was looking forward to this trip for a while.

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Easy Endemics and Photography at Myriam’s Quetzals, Costa Rica

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Quetzal is THE beloved, sacred bird of Guatemala and they do live there (and in southern Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama) BUT are more accessible in Costa Rica. Myriam’s Quetzales ! Are they her’s? Can there be a more enticing name than for a place that that? To be honest, quetzals aren’t seen that often right at Myriam’s but they are seen just down the road.

Ten High Mountain Specialties from Costa Rica

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Quetzal also lives in cloud forests in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mountains are a boon for birding. Although marching up and down and up and down can be a literal pain, the feathered rewards come in the form of super cool local species that rarely or never make it down to lower elevations. At least that’s the case for Costa Rica.

The Top 25 Target Birds to Look for in Costa Rica

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Endangered and awesome, it’s pretty easy to experience this big parrot in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica from Tarcoles north to near Nicaragua. “Target birds” The term can foster excitement but is easily contentious. It would be uber cool to lay eyes on a rare lifer, on species that only seem to live on the pages of a field guide but isn’t that somewhat discriminatory? Aren’t all birds worth watching?

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The Blackbird that is a Meadowlark – Red-breasted Blackbird in Trinidad

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Considering that they only recently colonized Costa Rica and have since been spotted in Nicaragua, it seems that there will be Red-breasted Blackbirds for a long time to come, good news for fans of brilliant birds! Blackbirds are blackbirds. Meadowlarks are meadowlarks. In the new world all meadowlarks and blackbirds, along with grackles, cowbirds, orioles, oropendulas, and some others, are members of the family Icteridae , the New World Blackbirds.

The Most Birds

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The checklist is from 2005 in Nicaragua and the observer who wrote the notes, David Fraser, one of three observers named on the checklist, freely acknowledged that the number is an estimate: Actual counts difficult to do given the numbers, for the commonest species (Neotropical Cormorant; Great and Snowy Egrets, Little Blue and Green Herons, Laughing Gull, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Northern Jacana) the numbers here are estimates.

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Gulls Simplified: A Gull Book Review

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We talk about Gulls Simplified, Birds of Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, The Feather Thief, and some books I have not had a chance to review yet, like Daniel Lewis’s Belonging on an Island: Birds, Extinction, and Evolution in Hawai‘i and Birds of Nicaragua: A Field Guide. I’m not a larophile*, but some of my favorite birders are. It’s hard to escape the mystic pull of wanting to excel at gull identification.

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Expectations and Suggestions for Caribbean Lowland Birding in Costa Rica

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But, if you want to go further afield, fear not, there is some wonderful lowland forest birding up near Nicaragua and down south by Panama as well. Costa Rica is situated right between two oceans. To the north of this mountainous isthmus, we have the Atlantic. In the other direction, the Pacific. The pair of seas are close enough for the occasional adventurous frigatebird to just soar way up and right over to the other salty basin.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Northern Central America: A Book Review

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The end result is that the whole “biographic” area (NCA plus southern Mexico and northern Nicaragua) is home to 41 endemic bird species. Birds know habitat. They don’t read treaties or draw maps or build walls and, as far as we can tell (since we can’t talk to birds, yet), they have no concept of political boundaries.

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Aplomado Twitch in Costa Rica

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Given the ground it covered in a matter of seconds, it was easy to see how this species could visit Costa Rica in the morning and just fly back to Nicaragua or onward to Panama that same afternoon. In Costa Rica, we don’t get many chances to chase birds. While we could chase a number of local, rare residents, looking for super tough species like Pheasant Cuckoo and Tawny-faced Quail is more akin to searching and lurking in appropriate habitat and just hoping to get lucky.

The Birding is Always Good at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

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There are two main wetland areas in Costa Rica, one in the Tempisque River floodplain, and the other in wetland areas associated with Lake Nicaragua. As birders, we tend to spend more time in wetlands than most of our peers, neighbors, and family members. Unless those non-birding folks happen to be duck hunters or love to go fishing, they tend to stay away from the marshes, the riparian zones, the bottom lands.

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The 2016 AOU Supplement and the Costa Rica Bird List

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Since the closest Mexican Violetears live a hop, skip, and jump away in Nicaragua, it also means that we have to pay close attention to violetears seen in Costa Rica in case a vagrant from the north decides to takes a short vacation to the land of Lizano sauce and silky-flycatchers. Birders concerned with ticking off bird species from a list in North America already know all about the AOU Supplement.

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What is the National Bird of Denmark?

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Stalking a Kiwi Icon What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / What is the National Bird of Denmark? What is the National Bird of Denmark? By Corey • March 4, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share The Mute Swan Cygnus olor became the national bird of Denmark in 1984, replacing the Skylark Alauda arvensis.

What is the National Bird of Honduras?

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• Explore These Related Posts Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru Stalking a Kiwi Icon What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / What is the National Bird of Honduras? What is the National Bird of Honduras? By Corey • March 18, 2011 • 1 comment Tweet Share The national bird of Honduras is the Scarlet Macaw.

New Field Guide: Central America

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Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama make up Central America. Anyway, those countries have about 1261 species of birds, and the newly minted Birds of Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (Princeton Field Guides) by Andrew Vallely and Dale Dyer covers 1,194 of them (plus 67 probably accidentals).

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The Amazing Exploding Dove Meets Montana

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What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / The Amazing Exploding Dove Meets Montana The Amazing Exploding Dove Meets Montana By Carrie • March 11, 2011 • 5 comments Tweet Share Like most Northern Hemisphere birders, I’ve been monitoring the signs of spring like a dog watching the driveway for a beloved owner.

Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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Share Your Thoughts « What is the National Bird of Nicaragua? home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds By David • March 12, 2011 • 8 comments Tweet Share There I was (I’ve been reading Thurber) on board a boat off Baja California, reveling in cormorants (three species!),

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Birding in Costa Rica, Birding in Guatemala

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In addition to Spanish, several other languages continue to be spoken, the pines and cypress trees of the Guatemalan highlands only occur as introduced species once you travel south of Nicaragua, and dozens of bird species that occur in Costa Rica and Panama don’t even make it to Nicaragua. Central America is much smaller than the land encompassed within the borders of Canada and the USA.

Twenty Hummingbirds To See Before You Die

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Found in Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua, this tiny hummingbird is placed within its own genus microchera. You are wandering through a tropical rainforest. It is late morning and the humidity seems to rise with every step. Life is crawling, buzzing, slithering, climbing, burrowing all around you. Brightly-colored poison dart frogs light up the dark undergrowth like mobile glow-sticks. Fantastic caterpillars, otherworldly insects, ghoulish spiders, tiny scattering creatures.

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