Sea Turtle Breeding Threatened by Oil Spill

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Here's an article about the potential impacts on sea turtles, many starting to show up dead or sick. Tags: 2010 oil spill sea turtles Gulf of Mexico Each day, I'm having a harder and harder time wrapping my mind around the enormity of this disaster and its ecological impacts.

Dead Sea Turtles Near Oil Spill Site

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According to this article, "at least 25 sea turtles have washed up dead on Mississippi beaches over the past few days, according to multiple media reports. So far, there is no evidence that the oil spill killed the turtles, but tests are ongoing." Tags: oil spill marine life marine animals turtles Gulf of Mexico The web page also has a video.

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All Sea Turtles Finally Protected in the Bahamas

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Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species inhabit the Bahamas, and previously it was legal to kill any sea turtle species found there except one, the hawksbill. Tags: turtles Bahamas endangered species About time. Now, they are all protected.

Nice Story for the Week

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A six-year donates his life savings to help sick sea turtles at the Florida Aquarium. It was only $53.50 (the kid's only six!), but I hope it's the first step to a long life of love and compassion for all living things.

Oil to Hit US Shore Either this Sunday or Monday

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The animals threatened most by the spill are bluefin tuna, sea turtles, brown pelicans, shrimp and sharks. That's when the full impact of the oil spill on wildlife will be seen. Right now, there are still no confirmed deaths due to the spill, but rescue groups are gearing up for the worst.

Cold Stunned Turtles Warm Up at SeaWorld

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SeaWorld aquarist Jenny Albert covers up a “cold stunned” endangered green turtle to keep the animal warm at SeaWorld’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This influx of turtles gives the park’s Sea Turtle Rescue Program more than 1,000 turtles rescued since its inception in 1980.

Tiny Turtles

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This is a little late, so I am sure they have grown by now, but just look at how adorable these little sea turtles are! I adore turtles, and am happy to know that SeaWorld Orlando saved these hatchlings from Hurricane Bill.

Living Planet Aquarium ticket giveaway!

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I also really love the sea turtle, and the “petting” area where you can touch little sharks and rays. We are huge fans of The Living Planet Aquarium , and are so excited to visit the new building when it’s done.

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Another Depressing Oil Spill Story!

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With some 400 species estimated to be at risk — from the tiniest oil-eating bacteria to shrimp and crabs, endangered sea turtles, brown pelicans and sperm whales — experts say the impact of oil and chemical dispersants on the food chain has already begun, and could grow exponentially. “A It's the "gift" that keeps on giving. From the Khaleej Times Online/AFP.

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SeaWorld Orlando Caring for Two Hawksbill Turtle Hatchlings

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We have a real love of turtles, so it is always great to hear of people helping care for them. Recently the SeaWorld Orlando animal rescue team received two hawksbill turtle hatchlings that were about two months old. This turtle was covered with algae and fauna, as seen in the photo.

Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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In Nicaragua, the army patrols beaches to protect sea turtle eggs. Thought-provoking article in the Boston Globe.some green thinkers are now coming to a surprising conclusion: In exceptional circumstances, they say, the only effective way to protect the environment may be at the barrel of a gun. In some cases, notably in Africa, biodiversity is threatened by military conflict, or by well-armed gangs of poachers.

See OCEANS, Save Oceans!

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This captures the spirit, the very essence of the sea.”. Featuring spectacular never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest underwater technologies, OCEANS offers an unprecedented look beneath the sea in a powerful yet enchanting motion picture that unfolds on April 22, 2010.