Canadian Group Wants to Free Captive Porpoise

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The Vancouver-based animal rights group Lifeforce wants the Vancouver Aquarium to free Daisy the porpoise. Tags: porpoise captivity canada aquariums vancouver Here is a video from the group.

Whales Share Some Human Traits, Study Shows

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Self-awareness, suffering and a social culture along with high mental abilities are a hallmark of cetaceans, an order grouping more than 80 whales, dolphins and porpoises, say marine biologists. From the AFP. As the future of whales once more comes under global debate, some scientists say the marine mammals are not only smarter than thought but also share several attributes once claimed as exclusively human.

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Saving Marine Animals that Are NOT Cute

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They don't invoke the pathos of the tragic salmon or the merriment of a playful porpoise. We hear about the problem with charismatic land species. It's those species that either have a powerful personality or a cute face that endear people to them and garner news attention. Examples include panda bears, wolves, elephants, tigers, etc. It's easier to motivate people to save them as opposed to other species that are vital, but either boring or ugly. It's the same problem with marine life.

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Offshore Sea Life ID Guide: West Coast–A Book Review

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The two main chapters cover Marine Mammals (Orca; Whales; Dolphins and Porpoises; Sea Lions, Fur Seals, and Elephant Seal; Rarer Marine Mammals) and Seabirds (Albatrosses, Shearwaters and Fulmar, Strom-Petrels, Phalaropes, Alcids, Red-billed Tropicbird, Brown Booby, South Polar Skua, Jaegers, Gulls and Terns, Rarer Seabirds). Tail, fin, blow, and back for whales; fin, back, leaping whole body, and tail splashes for dolphins and porpoises.

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Greater White-fronted Goose in Queens

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I searched the entire northern end of the park, including the golf course, the reflecting pool, the open water by Porpoise Bridge, and every open grassy spot I could find. Back on Friday, 12 February, I was dismayed when I read the weekly New York City Rare Bird Alert email. You see, someone had reported a Greater White-fronted Goose at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. Why would a bird like that being reported in Queens dismay me?

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California’s Autumn Seas

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California Sea Lions porpoised through the clear water. Autumn, or fall, as Americans persist in calling it, is not a season I am experiencing at the moment. Because of my location it is actually spring at the moment, but as a subtropical storm lashing the North island is bringing frosty southerlies at the moment I might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Swimming with dolphins

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This is one of the smallest dolphin species in the world, not much bigger than the common Harbour Porpoise Americans might be familiar with. People ascribe near mythic status to the members of the family Delphinidae (and other related families). Even people with no other interest in wildlife, who couldn’t tell a sparrow from an ostrich (or even a dolphin from a fish) love dolphins. Which has always mystified me slightly. Dolphins are basically just smart sharks that breath air.

Seabirding off Cape Point

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Great Shearwater Yet it is the retrieval of the net that triggers the greatest seabird response as, almost on cue, the otter doors clang on the gantry signalling the next retrieve, and with it the birds converge on the bulging net as it breaks surface surrounded by porpoising Cape Fur Seals and plunge-diving gannets taking immediate advantage of whatever spillage occurs.

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Collaborative list – January 2020

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Flushing Meadows Corona Park–Porpoise Bridge. A new year, a new list. Does anyone have any special plans for the new decade? If you are not already a lister, this could be the moment that you have been waiting for.

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My First West Coast Pelagic Trip

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Pacific White-sided Dolphins , 120 or so Humpback Whales , Northern Right Whale Dolphins , Blue Whales , Fin Whales , and Harbor Porpoises were all spotted to say nothing of Stellar’s Sea Lions , California Sea Lions , and a Northern Elephant Seal. Here in New York we are at quite the disadvantage when it comes to pelagic trips.

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