Burning Bunnies in Sweden

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In Sweden, the way they deal with rabbit problems is to shoot them and burn them for fuel. Six thousand were killed last year, frozen and their cadavers sent to a special heating plant in Karlskoga, central Sweden. Tags: Sweden rabbits The targeted rabbits are the unwanted inhabitants of capital Stockholm's parks, which are culled to protect the shrubs and trees which they gorge on. Many of them are domestic pets released by uncaring owners which then go on to breed.

ALF Activists Burn Down Dog Racing Clubhouse in Sweden

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ALF activists in Sweden burned down a greyhound racing clubhouse in Sweden. They took a picture of it burning too.

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100,000 Salmon Released in Sweden

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From Biteback: On the night of 21 November more than 100,000 salmon were liberated from two fish farms in northen Sweden. These two fish farms are a part of the huge Swedish fish farming industry that kills over 5 billion fish every year. In a fish farm, tens of thousands of fish live cramped in net-cages without any chance to engage in their natural behaviors, like traveling long distances.

Swedish King Wants to Cull Country's Wolf Population

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Because every year the good king runs an elk hunt in Sweden, along with his son Prince Carl Philip. Despite the fact that some 100,000 elk are shot every autumn in Sweden out of an estimated population of 3-400,000, King Gustaf believes that the presence of 200 wolves might spoil his annual hunt, so has been advocating the culling of as many wolves as possible. elk conservation Sweden blood sport World Wildlife Fund hunting wolves

The Cute Show Jumping Bunnies

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These little furry bunny rabbits compete in the Rabbit Grand National in Sweden every year – bopping down the jumping course while showing off their speed and ability, and dreaming of winning the first prize trophy! Just in time for Easter, the latest from VICE’s The Cute Show, features Swedish Jumping Bunnies! You think horse jumping is awesome?

Sea Shepherd Goes After Japanese Whalers Again

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That is one stinky slippery ship," said Sea Shepherd 2nd Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden. I guess I haven't been paying attention, as I didn't know this was going on again. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin closed in on one of the vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet at 0730 Hours GMT (1930 Hours Sydney Time) on December 26th off the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory north of the Mawson Peninsula.