Cookie and Coco: Anatomy of an Internet Chain Email

Critter News

Now if you get one from the brother in law of the recently deceased Finance Minister of Nigeria, that's probably real. We are once again getting a lot of hits over the saga of Cookie and Coco. They are two dogs that once needed to be adopted. They eventually were (in 2007, I believe. But, the story won't die. You can read about our coverage of it here. People keep forwarding this chain email around. Since our site comes up number two in Google, they find out the story from this website.

On "The Age of Stupid"

Animal Person

A young woman in Nigeria (can you say Shell Oil?) There is one horrifying scene where the young woman in Nigeria is cleaning several live fish (at first I thought they were dead, but then they started moving) with detergent, because they are too filthy to eat. Did you ever wonder why people become subjects in a documentary when they know that they're going to look like fools? Or maybe they don't know that, and that's why they participate.