New Laws to Start in California

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New legislation in California increases the misdemeanor penalty for animal neglect and makes it a crime to sell a live animal on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, or carnival. neglect california legislation shark fins shark animal welfare animal lawFrom Hometown Station AM 1220.

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My second eLearning Blog Article

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Second Chances

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Second Chances A battered pick-up truck rattles up to the curb of a neglected house. The vacant property’s lawn is infused with crab-grass, clover and dandelions. Wispy white puffs of dandelion tufts drift above the yard resembling tiny wayward ghosts. … Continue reading → The post Second Chances appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. guest post pet stories

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Hitler’s 700th Bird

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Though we have already covered the addition of the Nutmeg Mannikin to the official California state checklist we neglected to let you know that the ABA Checklist Committee quickly followed suit. This had bad results for Adolf Hitler, as the video above proves. Birding listing video

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Quote of the Week

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I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Anonymous.

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You can help Angels in Fur Dog Rescue with just a click!

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Since 2006, Angels in Fur has rescued and rehomed approximately 1,000 abandoned dogs from the pound or neglectful owners, many needing orthopedic surgery and months of rehabilitation. Natural Balance has teamed up with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue to donate one pound of food for each new “LIKE” on the Natural Balance Facebook page ( ). That means that YOU can help feed rescue dogs with just a click of your mouse!

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So proud!

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Taking a leaf from my neighbour’s gardening technique, I have embraced the neglectful method of gardening. Whilst my neighbour applauded my wild patches, he has now convinced me of the need for “joined up” neglect.

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PETA Uncovers Horrible Conditions at Land O'Lakes Supplier

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From PETA's site: A new PETA undercover investigation inside a Land O'Lakes supplier facility in Pennsylvania has revealed routine neglect and cruelty to cows who are milked for the Fortune 250 company's products. Not a pretty picture.

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Birds of Visselhövede in Winter

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The garden benefits from benign neglect, and a variety of bird feed is on offer. This sounds like an exciting topic for a blog post, right? Birds of a specific place with an unpronounceable name that you have never heard of?

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Animal Cruelty at Texas Horse Farm

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Most of the horses on the 70-acre ranch are quarter-horses, and most showed signs of neglect and severe emaciation. 50 surviving horses were rescued. For the full story, go here to The Humane Society of the United States, SPCA of East Texas and Humane Society of North Texas worked with the Smith County District Attorney's Office to rescue 50 horses from a Lindale property.

The Warbler Brewery: Canopy 2 Double India Pale Ale

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I think we neglected to identify the Guinness toucans in that review, though they appear to be Toco Toucans ( Ramphastos toco ), close relatives of the Keel-billed.

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University of Utah Cited by Dept. of Agriculture

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A kitten died from dehydration as a result of too much medication, individual primates were neglected for days at a time, mice and Guinea pig cages were found to be overcrowded, and calves may have been exposed to painful situations for too long, but University of Utah officials maintain that none of the most recent animal-testing violations, released Wednesday by the United States Department of Agriculture, were intentional.

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27,000 Animals Rescued in Texas

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An Arlington, Texas, municipal judge ruled that the animals suffered from neglect and cruel conditions, and an appeal by the company's owners to a higher court was denied last weekend. Holy cow! That's HUGE. It was an exotic animal importing firm (why the eff do those even exist?) that was allegedly mistreating its animals. A lot of these animals are reptiles, spiders and amphibians, which explains the large number. This rescue is the result of a PETA undercover investigation.

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New Hub for Animal Rights

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I am Mary Martin, and my first post is " On the Neglect of Animals by The Left." Stephanie Ernst, formerly of , has started a new space called " Animal Rights and AntiOppression " and she has invited yours truly to post there! The tag line is: "Challenging oppression and injustice, against nonhuman animals, humans, and earth — one vegan, environmentalist, feminist, social-justice-loving, all-around-progressive post at a time.

On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

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As the economy continues to falter, law enforcement officers in Kentucky and throughout the country are seeing major increases in the number of unwanted and neglected horses, some abandoned on public land, others left to starve by their owners.". The problem is that people are abandoning and neglecting horses, and to address that problem--to address the problem that people abandon horses--we'll kill the horses?

On Horses too Thin to Slaughter

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In " Prominent Horseman Faces Questions About Neglect ," Joe Drape of the New York Times reports: Four undernourished and neglected former racehorses belonging to Ernie Paragallo, a prominent New York thoroughbred breeder and owner, were rescued from a New York kill pen last month, one step from being slaughtered. Stephanie wrote about horses dying across the pond yesterday.

Animal Hoarding is a Serious Issue

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It’s not just one animal that was abused or neglected, it is usually hundreds that have suffered in deplorable conditions, many of these animals enduring a slow and painful death. Animal hoarding is a pretty serious act that causes untold suffering for animals. From an article in, of all places, "Farm and Dairy: The Auction Guide and Rural Marketplace:".there

Ontario Animal Welfare Law Goes Into Effect

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Veterinarians are now required to report any instances of abuse or neglect. It is now law as of March 1. The provincial government says it's gone from "worst to first" and Ontario is now the only jurisdiction in Canada with special protections for law-enforcement animals like police dogs and horses. The legislation also imposes new rules on the province's dozens of roadside zoos, giving the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals the right to inspect them.

$50,000 Worth of Birds

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All too often they are neglected. Notice that the “owner&# of the birds, Doug Ratcliff doesn’t seem to care about anything but their monetary value. But, you know, at least he was going to take care of them: “I volunteered to feed and water them every other day, but on Wednesday they took a whole bunch of birds,&# Ratcliff said. Another reason why wild birds should not be kept as pets. Asides

Detecting Animal Cruelty

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Per the ASPCA's cruelty FAQ , here are some signs. Animal cruelty occurs when someone intentionally injures or harms an animal or when a person willfully deprives an animal of food, water or necessary medical care.

Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover Premiere Jan 7, 2012

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After Dog Whisperer, Philly Undercover, the new six-part series in which the PSPCA’s undercover police team works to eliminate dogfighting and protect all animals from abuse and neglect, premieres. You will even get to watch as Nat Geo WILD joined a two-day stakeout that leads to one of the biggest dogfighting busts in Philadelphia’s history — 14 suspects are arrested, and several horribly neglected, abused and injured dogs are saved.

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On Taxes, Veganism and "Pets"

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Someone wrote me and, though the person clearly was trolling to insult someone, s/he accused me of not being a vegan because of greyhounds Violet Rays and Charles Hobson Booger, III (no mention of Emily, which made me feel terribly neglectful). Because I'm a highly-social, party-loving gal who loves to get gussied up and enjoy an all-nighter on New Year's Eve, I. did my taxes yesterday.

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of July 2018?

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I’m working part of the weekend but home to finally spy some shorebirds, which I’ve been assiduously neglecting. Weekends, particularly those sweet summer ones, possess a remarkable elasticity, stretching and spilling over its shoulder days and beyond. We savor three-day weekends, crave four-day ones, and treat vacations as interminably long stretches of Saturdays and Sundays. You may already be immersed in your weekend or just gearing up for one.

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Is Shelter Appreciation Week a Sham?

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HSUS’ latest public relations gimmick is part of a larger attempt by the very animal control officers responsible for this neglect and abuse to reform their image from one of “dog catcher” to “humane law enforcement.” Nathan Winograd has an interesting piece in the Examiner about the recent HSUS Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. It's not that he's unappreciative of people that work with animals, but rather the state of many of the shelters that are being appreciated.

Walk for Farm Animals Scheduled for this Fall

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Meredith Turner, Farm Sanctuary, 646-369-6212, 2011 Walk for Farm Animals Aims to Raise $1 Million for Abused and Neglected Farm Animals Thousands of People in More Than 35 Cities Across North America to Gather for Family-Friendly Event That Promotes Compassion for ALL Animals WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. From the Farm Sanctuary.

On Helping Individuals and Utilitarianism

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I find that though utilitarians like Peter Singer do have a certain consistency that lulls me into thinking all is well and fair and just, the flip side of that is a startling neglect of the individual. I'm not a utilitarian.

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Furdiburb – A Virtual Pet Adventure!

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You can neglect him, and he’ll just be sad and starving when you come back. Do you enjoy playing games? Then today’s post is for you! There is a fun game called Furdiburb , and like the title of this post suggests, it’s a virtual pet adventure game! Furdiburb is a virtual pet, puzzle, and adventure game mashed into one. After vacationing on Earth, Furdiburb’s alien parents accidentally leave him behind.

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A Walk in the Desert

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During our tenure there, we had exceptional views of Africa’s largest ( Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl ) and smallest ( African Scops Owl ) owls, the largest bird on the planet, not neglecting numerous hornbills, sunbirds and weavers.

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Organizations Putting Animals First

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Between running errands, working late and worrying about the bottom-line, it’s no wonder our four-legged and winged friends so often go overlooked and neglected. In the fast-paced world of today, it seems people are always on the go. Thankfully, there are some organizations out there that make it their business to look after and care for our animal counterparts.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

I cannot begin to say how many incidents I’ve seen involving animal abusers who commit violent acts against humans, and animal neglecters who have also neglected their children or other human dependents.

26 Dogs saved by the ASPCA

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They also had signs of neglect, broken bones, wounds and infections. The ASPCA continually does amazing work on behalf of our animal companions. On February 17th they rescued 26 Pit Bulls near Sandersville, Georgia. The dogs had been left to starve, no food, water or even shelter from freezing temperatures. Sadly, there were also 27 dead dogs found on the property. It is believed that the dogs were part of a dog fighting ring.


Is fostering the answer? We think it is.

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Some were abused or neglected. NEW JERSEY – Animal shelters are full, they have no space, they often have no money, and they have a small amount of dedicated volunteers. Animals in the tri-state area are euthanized daily, rescue groups are unable to save as many lives as they wish, and animals spend years in boarding kennels while awaiting adopters to fall in love with them. Many of these boarding animals are forgotten.

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On Going Vegan

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I neglected to take the camera into the courtyard in the beginning, though I did bring the hounds and their beds. First I have to say that my husband and I were in our courtyard last night, with wine, vegan pizza with shiitakes, portobellos and chanterelles (still working through that five-pound bag of Daiya cheese), and Diana Krall playing. It was about 8:30 and we had seen 100+ kids in search of treats.

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Little guy with big heart helping animals!

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Gala, which will be used to save thousands more lives in the coming year from the cruelty of puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarding and neglect cases, and more. It’s no surprise they call philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue , the little guy with a big heart!

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Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest by Matt Williams

10,000 Birds

The selection of species is interesting and wide-ranging – obviously endangered and charismatic birds like the Kirtland’s Warbler and Whooping Crane are not neglected, but there is also a solid focus on common birds in steep decline like the Field Sparrow , Snow Bunting , and even the Herring Gull (whose recent gains along the Atlantic coast are more than offset by losses on the Great Lakes).

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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sexual abuse, and animal fighting as well as neglect (such as hoarding). Time and again, she has been caught housing dozens of sick, neglected animals in squalid conditions. We operate shelters in the hopes of giving abandoned pets a second chance at a loving home, not subjecting them to lives of continued abuse and neglect,” Florez said. “A I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

On "The Age of Stupid"

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Though I don't want to criticize the filmmakers for not making the film I thought they should have made, I do think that if you're going to tell people in 2009 what they can do to help save the planet, you're not doing your job if you neglect to tell them--in a meaningful way--about how their diet fits into the equation. Did you ever wonder why people become subjects in a documentary when they know that they're going to look like fools?

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“New York’s Kindest” includes Rock & Rawhide!

4 The Love Of Animals

As the only organization in New York City whose doors are open to any animal in need, AC&C rescues thousands of New York’s homeless, neglected, abused and abandoned animals each year.

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Puppy Mills Exposed on Animal Planet

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No matter how inhumane, over 10,000 puppy mills continue to do business across the country—many of them legally—as neglect runs rampant and countless lives are ruined. A Special Episode of Animal Cops: Philadelphia Premieres Monday, April 27, at 10 PM (ET/PT). Boney legs poke out from between harsh metal wires. Food and water dishes remain empty for days. Ailments go untreated as puppies bide their time among the dying and the dead.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of November 2017)

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I know I neglected to ask you where you were birding this weekend, but don’t ever think that means I don’t want to know. Any good bird sighting deserves to be shared and enjoyed. So fire away! I was pleased to discover that my resident Carolina Wren , unseen for months, appears determined to ride out another Rochester winter. Better lay out some suet once the real cold arrives.

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Raising Money For the RSPCA with MusicMagpie

4 The Love Of Animals

They also have the power to prosecute those who neglect and are violent towards animals. Raising money for charity doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, thanks to musicMagpie (in the UK) it’s never been easier. All you need is a few of your old unwanted dvds, cds and video games. Recently, MusicMagpie has launched a new initiative to increase awareness and financial support for charities such as the RSPCA looking after many unfortunate animals. Get Involved.


Want to Help Feed Homeless Animals?

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The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. The Animal Rescue Site's corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals inexchange for advertising.

Brooklyn Woman Assaults Two ASPCA Agents

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Responding to an anonymous tip about a neglected cat, the Humane Law Enforcement agents arrived at Stewart’s residence to find a seven-week-old, one-pound orange tabby with his whiskers cut off and a serious injury to his right front paw. On July 23, ASPCA Supervisory Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Kristi Adams arrested Brooklyn resident Andrea Stewart, age 39, after the woman attacked the two Agents.