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largest cattle

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What is the largest cattle animal. Is it the Indian gaur or not submitted by /u/UnderstandingLong192 [link] [comments]

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Cattle Egret in breeding plumage in June in Derby

10,000 Birds

It was clearly a Cattle Egret , due to the orange feathers, but it is June! Cattle Egret should not be in breeding plumage in June in the north of Australia! Cattle Egret have been recorded in Australia since 1948. They are usually observed in flocks around cattle, but this one was alone. Cattle Egret.

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Symposium explores psychological impacts of euthanasia, depopulation


Speakers at the AVMA Humane Endings Symposium, held January 26-29 in Chicago, shared their personal experiences with depopulation of cattle and sheep for disease control and euthanasia of pigs after a fire.

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The Cattle Egret Expansion

10,000 Birds

I’d like to introduce you to a diminutive heron, the Cattle Egret Bubuclus ibis. The Cattle Egret is native to Africa, where it is a familiar sight among herds of large mammals. Cattle Egret is more closely related to herons in the genus Ardea then the species termed egrets in the genus Egretta. ibis and the eastern B.

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Cattle Egrets Eating Herps at the Viera Wetlands

10,000 Birds

One of the creatures that didn’t so much cross my path as follow it was a Cattle Egret that seemed to think my car was a suitable substitute for cows. And, when a Leopard Frog moved to escape my car, the Cattle Egret was proven correct. But I wasn’t done with Cattle Egret yet! Brown Anoles are a pretty squiggly meal.

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Cattle Egrets in La Paz, Mexico

10,000 Birds

The real shock came, when at the last minute, I realized that they were not Greater Egrets , nor the smaller Snowy Egrets , but Cattle Egrets – Bubulcus ibis. With one chance to fire off a quick shot, my camera fixed with the 500MM lens, thru the trees over my head, I was rewarded with a blurry, terrible shot, of Cattle Egrets !

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Modern Day Cattle Rustlers

Critter News

Here is an interesting article about cattle rustling. Known for a distinctive hump at the base of the neck, Brahman cattle are rare here and would be easily spotted at a local auction, leading investigators to think the rustlers already had a buyer — or a butcher — lined up.

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