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Symposium explores psychological impacts of euthanasia, depopulation


Speakers at the AVMA Humane Endings Symposium, held January 26-29 in Chicago, shared their personal experiences with depopulation of cattle and sheep for disease control and euthanasia of pigs after a fire. Other speakers discussed how to help pet owners know when it is time to euthanize a pet and how veterinary professionals can learn to grieve.

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On the Psychological Continuum

Animal Person

There is no philosophical continuum, but there is a psychological continuum, as evidenced by everyone at the workshop taking steps back or forward, denoting their increase in animal use (including no meat to meat, or backsliding, like I did a decade ago), or their decrease (such as when vegetarians go vegan). How about this?


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Can anyone point me to studies of nonsocial animals exhibiting empathy?

Reddit Animals

psychology subreddits are frustratingly restrictive about posts like this and the subject is as relevant here as it is there. Animal lovers, I'd be interested in hearing what you have for me, if anything. submitted by /u/FreepiusBootum [link] [comments]

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Beyond Companionship: How Pets Can Help Your Health

4 The Love Of Animals

Psychological benefits. Studies have found that pets play an important supportive role and can help with psychological health issues such as reducing the effects of loneliness and depression. Naturally, the beneficial effects of owning pets maybe increased by additional exercise often associated with pet ownership.

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Whales Losing the Will to Live?

Critter News

The psychological impact of over-hunting on the highly intelligent and sociable animals has been identified as the latest threat to the survival of the species. And the psychological consequences of our aggression have compromised their will to live.'.

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Chaser, the dog that knows 1000 words! #Chaser1000

4 The Love Of Animals

The story of Chaser actually begins with Yasha, the faithful companion of John Pilley, emeritus professor of psychology at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I found myself getting pulled in from the start, both as an animal lover and one who had once thought about going into psychology.

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Kansas University Tries to Correct Welfare Violations

Critter News

Kansas University Medical Center was nailed by USDA inspectors for violations including improper treatment for sick animals, aging facilities and failing to provide appropriate enrichment opportunities for animals who appear to be under psychological stress.

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