Smooches for Pooches campaigns help shelter pets find true love!

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‘Picture Me @ Home’ provides animal shelters with turnkey marketing campaigns to help increase adoptions, community support and donations in February! Animal shelters need … Continue reading → The post Smooches for Pooches campaigns help shelter pets find true love! And just look at how cute these pets are! Who wouldn’t fall in love with them?!

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"Happy Cows" Campaign in California Under Fire

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California dairy farmers have an ad campaign that cows are just darn happy on their factory farms. PETA is not convinced. This article about the situation appears in the Merced Sun-Star which is from my home county of Merced! california advertising cows PETA farm animal welfare dairy

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Purina Pro Plan #MyGreatCat campaign helps feed rescue cats in need!

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Purina Pro Plan is kicking off a social donation campaign, driven by cat photos! The post Purina Pro Plan #MyGreatCat campaign helps feed rescue cats in need! You can help feed cats waiting in rescues, and all you have to do is share your cat photos on social media using the #MyGreatCat hashtag! Pro Plan wants to inspire cat owners to capture moments with their own cats, and then share what makes cats great! Until Aug.

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Campaign Calling for Circus Ban in Britain

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The campaigners claim polls show 90 percent of the public would support such a ban. I hope they can do it. I absolutely despise circuses. Hmmmm.sounds awfully high to me. When they tried to ban circuses in Seattle about 10 years ago, there was this big outcry. It was actually pretty weird.

German Court Bans PETA "Holocaust" Campaign

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PETA wants to run a campaign that compares factory farming to the Holocaust. The German constitutional court has ruled that animal rights organisation PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) must end its campaign in which it draws a comparison between the Holocaust and industrial farming. Touchy subject there in Germany.

Happy Campaign for Throw Aways

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Megan Blake and her dog have taken the Flash Mob idea to new heights, using it to spread the word for pet adoption! We love that she did this, and if you would like to know more about her and the work she is doing you can visit her Megan Hearts Pets website or her YouTube channel where you can see all of the videos. cute video people helping animals

The Belgrade Amazon Campaign or the House of the Eagle

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Worried for the future of Beljarica, LOA launched the Save the Belgrade Amazon campaign, with a video clip that had 310,000 views and 7,100 shares in two weeks and a local online petition which reached 7,300 signatures in the first fortnight. Beljarica backwaters cover the 900 ha of wilderness on the eastern bank of the Danube, between the river and the embankment, by the suburb of Kovilovo, some 15 kilometres upstream from downtown Belgrade.

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ALF Continues Campaign Against UC Irvine

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From Bite Back: On July 10, 2009 3 vehicles and the home of a UC Irvine vivisector were hit by the ALF. 1 of his cars (the fanciest of the 4 in front) was doused with paint stripper. 2 others had red paint poured all over them. More red paint was splattered across his driveway, and "KILLER" was spray painted in huge red letters across his garage door so that all his neighbors could see what a cruel, sick person they live near

Celebrities Joining in Campaign Against Marine Animal Captivity

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This article claims that Raul Julia's son is recruiting celebrities to help end the captivity of marine animals. Supposedly these celebrities include actors Johnny Depp and Wesley Snipes, singer Elton John and rapper RZA. I'm sorry, but considering Wesley Snipes' serious tax problems, is he a help for the cause? But I would be thrilled if Johnny Depp signed on. He's one of my favorite actors.

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Biomedical Foundation Launches Campaign to Show Animal Research is Grrrrrrreat!

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The Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) announced today it has launched a one-year national animal research education campaign. The ResearchSaves campaign is designed to counter this drop in public support for biomedical research. "As From their press release.such BS. Once again, they're just using their most effective weapon.guilt. Since 2004, public support for humane animal research to advance human and animal health has fallen 10 points.

ALF's Campaign Against Fast Food in Mexico

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Every time I go to Bite Back Magazine , I'm struck by how many times ALF activists in Mexico have targeted fast food outlets. I suppose they are easy to get at. Here is just a brief summary: Oct. 24 - They left some sort of awful smelling liquid at a KFC Oct. 21 - Arson at a Burger King Oct. 16 - Fake bomb left at McDonalds Oct. 15 - Spilled paint at KFC They have hit other types of targets, but it seems like the number of attacks on fast food restaurants has gone up in the month of October.

Campaign Whale

Animal Ethics

See here

Turning Losing Campaigns into a Win for Birds

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Though Fergus O’Neill came up with a great way to use leftover campaign posters from a recent Irish presidential election – turning them into birdhouses – it seems unlikely that this will happen in the United States when the Republicans finally choose a presidential candidate.

Australian Animal Rights Campaign to Help Calves

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ANIMAL rights groups have begun a campaign against the dairy industry's treatment of bobby calves. Here's the full article from the Weekly Times Now. Australian Dairy Farmers says calves can be left unfed for 30 hours before slaughter but the RSPCA says the practice is "cruel". Animals Australia has a video on its website showing calves being roughly dragged off utes and thrown to the ground.

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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If you wrote to Tennessee in the 10,000 Birds campaign this winter, you can cut and paste your letter, changing “Tennessee&# to “Kentucky.&# home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! By Julie • March 14, 2011 • 18 comments Tweet Share ACTION ALERT!

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Angel Tree Campaign To Help Homeless Pets at 70 Shelters

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I was really excited to hear about an Angel Tree program for pets. The program, which is run by Best Friends Pet Care , is now in it’s 11th year! You can help pets in need through the month of December by donating food, supplies or cash which will then benefit more than 70 community animal shelters across the U.S. There are 42 Best Friends Pet Care centers, and all of them have an Angel Tree in the lobby.

12 Reasons Why Dogs Help With Depression and Anxiety

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The World Health Organization declared April 7th, 2017 as World Health Day, a day focusing on mental health, but it’s also a year-long campaign which aims to educate, raise awareness and help people suffering from mental illness. Depression, Anxiety, and … Continue reading →

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South Korea to Become 4th Nation to Hunt Whales

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This announcement is considered a major blow to the campaign to end global whaling. It sucks big time. whales South Korea Japan hunting

Funny Samsung Ad

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OK, this is one of those "viral" ad campaigns, but I'll bite anyways because it's funny

Join us in the effort to Save Them All

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When Best Friends Animal Society reached out to us to help spread the word about their new campaign, we couldn’t wait to help. Best Friends, the only national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to ending the killing of dogs and … Continue reading → The post Join us in the effort to Save Them All appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats dogs people helping animals

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Dog Wants a Kitty

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Founded by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the PAL campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership and encourage increased animal adoption. For more information visit PAL online at or [link]. cute video dogs people helping animals

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Help Release Chimps from Medical Research

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Project R&R is a campaign of the New England Anti-Vivisection Society. Visit this site.

A Historic Moment

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Congratulations to him and all the people that worked on his campaign. Barack Obama is the next President. Yes we can

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Pets Add Life; Guinea Pig Interview

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PAL recently started a great pledge campaign on their Facebook page. This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. We were laughing out loud when we watched this interview of Rory the guinea pig! “Have you seen what turtles can do?” ” he asks, but more importantly he will let you know the real reason why being an only pet isn’t much fun! You can see more pet interviews on the PAL YouTube channel.

Tex For Mayor 2014

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Read all about Tex’s campaign and initiatives at [link] , and then be sure to cast your vote for Tex. You can keep up with campaign updates on Facebook and Twitter. Tex is one of 14 dog candidates running for a two year term to serve as the first canine mayor of Salt Lake County. American Dog Rescue Foundation and its founder Arthur Benjamin need YOUR votes to help Tex win! Tex is a death-row rescue from eight years ago.

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You can help Angels in Fur Dog Rescue with just a click!

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The campaign will run from July 30th to August 31st to donate up to 5,000 pounds of food to this very special group. We’re a non-profit organization that is solely supported by donations so we truly appreciate every LIKE received for this campaign!”. Natural Balance has teamed up with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue to donate one pound of food for each new “LIKE” on the Natural Balance Facebook page ( ).

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Shirts to save animals

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The B-Cause: Pets campaigns benefit a wide … Continue reading → The post Shirts to save animals appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Throughout the month of August, Booster is showcasing and supporting t-shirt fundraisers launched by pet lovers to save homeless animals, and to raise awareness and much needed funds for animal-related 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

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Frog Leg Pizza?

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Animal rights campaigners in the UK aren't too happy with the Eco restaurant chain's new frog leg pizza. I suspect this dish won't be on the menu very long. Here is a link to their website

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Prop 2 Opponents Accused of Laundering Money

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on Prop 2 - Californians for Humane Farms - has uncovered an election scam and is charging the measure’s opponents with laundering money in violation of state campaign finance laws. on Prop 2 charges that the United Egg Producers (UEP), the No on 2 campaign, and its donors are concealing out-of-state contributions to the political campaign against Prop 2 , in clear violation of California campaign finance laws.

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Want a Career in Animal Rights?

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CAA volunteers lead all our campaign efforts and daily operations. Now might be your chance! Compassionate Action for Animals in Minneapolis, MN is now hiring! Compassionate Action for Animals is a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Minneapolis, MN focused on eliminating cruelty to animals through vegetarian outreach, education, and community building. The volunteer leadership holds primary decision-making authority over the direction of the organization.

Palin: We'll Always Have The Laughter

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But as far as her national campaign, I'm her biggest fan. Hell, I'd contribute to her campaign if I knew she wouldn't blow it on something with rhinestones or PBR for the Toddster. My laughter, not hers. Bill Shatner reading Palin isn't really critter related, but since we've been covering her since before Tina Fey knew who she was, I think this deserves a posting. The funniest part about her is that conservatives think that we "hate" her.

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Europe Votes to Ban Seal Products

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A resolution at the end of a three-year campaign, triggered by a public outcry at the annual seal culls in Canada and Norway, condemned the slaughter of seals as "inherently inhumane". Labour Euro MP Arlene McCarthy, who helped steer the ban through the European Parliament, said: "This law is a victory for people power and a credit to the campaigners involved.". That's good news.

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#LightForPets Remember Me Thursday

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If they don’t know about the campaign, tell them about it! This Thursday, you can be a light for pets waiting in shelters. The message of Remember Me Thursday is to remember the millions of orphan pets who lost their lives over the last year. By uniting animal lovers across the world on one very special day, we can help raise awareness about animal adoption, and hopefully save the lives of more pets. If you are active on social media, please help spread the message.

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Proposition 2 Poll

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As the quarterly campaign finance period closed today, the YES! on Prop 2 campaign reports a tidal wave of voter and donor support from Californians backing the effort to stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals on industrial factory farms. In contrast, the donations raised by the No on Prop 2 campaign have come from a handful of corporate factory farming interests—most from out of state and many which are embroiled in a national price-fixing scandal.

Another Critical Article Directed at CITES

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This article is by the President of the Blue Frontier Campaign. The CITES irresponsible treatment of marine animals made it to Huffington Post too. I'm glad others share my disgust with CITES and the UN. Hopefully, regular citizens will read this and not just other activists. (I I forwarded an article about this to my book club members. Knowing them, I bet they were hoping for fish and chips instead!).

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The Shelter Pet Project

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The Shelter Pet Project is a wonderful public service campaign from The Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council! The campaign motto is “a person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet”! Write about the campaign on your own blog. You may have seen one of their ads on TV, like this one below. The project goal is to help the many great pets waiting in shelters.

Janet Jackson Continues as Spokesperson for Mink Fur Company

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Janet Jackson will reprise her role as the spokesmodel for Blackglama’s ‘What Becomes a Legend Most’ ad campaign. Jackson was named a ‘Legend’ in last year’s campaign, as well, so this is familiar territory for her. What is the attraction of fur? I just don't get it. Wear your own damn skin! I'm disappointed in Janet Jackson and am totally taking her stuff off Rhapsody. No way will I add Jennifer Lopez either. Excerpted from Popcrush.

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Book Chronicles History of Animal Rights

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In a brisk, readable narrative, The Longest Struggle traces the campaigns of animal rights pioneers like Henry Spira, Alex Hershaft, and Ingrid Newkirk, as well as leaders who have come more recently on the scene like Heidi Prescott, Karen Davis, and Bruce Friedrich. The Longest Struggle concludes with an overview of current campaigns and tactics, and an assessment of the state of the movement as we enter a new century, including the threat represented by an overzealous "war on terror".

Stamps to the Rescue

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This campaign continues the Postal Service’s 50+ year tradition of raising awareness of serious social issues with special commemorative stamps. With so many great pets waiting to be adopted, we are happy that the Stamps to the Rescue campaign is helping spread the word about the cause. There is even a running tally of how much food has been donated thank to the campaign, and also a place where you can create an adoption certificate for your rescued pet(s)!

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6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest

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Founded by APPA, the non-profit PAL campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership and encourage increased animal adoption. Last call! American Pet Products Association (APPA) President and CEO, Bob Vetere announced today that the organization’s 6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, February 28 , 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

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Beljarica Backwaters are finally protected!!

10,000 Birds

Worried for the future of the backwaters, a local NGO League for Ornithological Action launched the Save the “Belgrade Amazon” campaign, with a video clip, an online petition, lectures, public protests, media appearances, an award winning 40 minutes documentary (by VICE), etc.

Puppy Bowl Co-viewing App presented by Subaru

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campaign. Who else is excited for Puppy Bowl Sunday!? We sure are, and what is even more exciting is the new Puppy Bowl Co-viewing App presented by Subaru. The app will bring you special content and engagement during the airing of the Puppy Bowl. Be sure to download the app here so you can be ready to go on Sunday! The Puppy Bowl content will only be available during the Puppy Bowl!

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Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

Animal Person

The campaign to moralize meat has largely been a failure. Hal Herzog’s “ Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat ” (Harper 2011), though fascinating, is ultimately depressing for vegans and animal rights activists. Over at Animal Rights and AntiOppression , we’ve been discussing tactics and sharing our thoughts and experiences about what works and doesn’t work when it comes to advocacy.

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