ALF's Campaign Against Fast Food in Mexico

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Every time I go to Bite Back Magazine , I'm struck by how many times ALF activists in Mexico have targeted fast food outlets. 15 - Spilled paint at KFC They have hit other types of targets, but it seems like the number of attacks on fast food restaurants has gone up in the month of October. I suppose they are easy to get at. Here is just a brief summary: Oct. 24 - They left some sort of awful smelling liquid at a KFC Oct. 21 - Arson at a Burger King Oct.

Southwest Primate Center "Celebrates" 10 Years

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By destroying the health of baboons with fast food. Fast food is bad for you? Without giving away the name so we don't get sued, we modeled the diet after a fast-food value meal,” Comuzzie said Thursday at a 10th birthday celebration for the Southwest National Primate Research Center, which maintains the foundation's massive colony of baboons, monkeys and chimps.

Komen and KFC: A Match Made in Hell

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It's fast food and it is unhealthy. The more fattening food you eat, the more money goes to cancer research. I am not a fan of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Aside from their support of animal research, I have enountered them in my line of work and find them corporate, condescending, and self-righteous. However, I can hardly believe that they would actually partner with KFC (KFC!!!) for cancer research. It's not just a question of animal rights.

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Birding Balangshan, Sichuan, China (part 1)

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Higher up on the Balangshan pass, Yellow-billed Choughs (Alpine Chough) benefit from the local fast food available for sale there, along with the limited environmental consciousness of some of the tourists.

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A Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Heart

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He would stop at fast food restaurants and get 2-3 burgers to eat over the course of a few hours. Usually I say that when people start eating healthy vegetarian food, they WON’T miss meat, but my dad was just such a meat lover that I didn’t know if that would be the case. Tags: Veganism eating habits health vegan food vegetarian Several years ago my now 59 year old father had a heart attack.

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A Dietary Alternative for Feral Cats?

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A kindhearted SPCA worker took Frankie off the streets (or, rather, out of the carpark) and helped him adjust to more traditional cat food. While an all-junk food diet isn’t advised for anyone , it’s especially rough on cats, preventing them from getting vital nutrients; Frankie had health problems that, with a switch to healthy food, seem to have abated. Hey bird lovers, maybe getting feral cats addicted to fast food is an idea worth considering!

On "Food Inc."

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Here's the idea you have to get used to when it comes to Food Inc.: Now, if you can get beyond that, and if you haven't read Pollan and Schlosser and seen King Corn and The Future of Food (both of which are far more thorough on gentically-modified food, corn and Monsanto), you might actually learn something. I tweeted that according to Grist 's " Should You See Food Inc.? If there's a lesson in Food Inc., (Sigh.)

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Birding Shanghai in February 2022

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And some ornamental trees planted in the road divider offer food for Chinese Grosbeak. Like fast food, but free and likely more healthy. Unfortunately, Nanhui – in the past, a great place for birdwatching in Shanghai – is continuing its decline.

Deconstructing Spencer's Comment

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Perhaps Spencer R would like to look into Eric Schlosser 's work, such as Fast Food Nation , and also the recent " Food Inc.," Is cooking food "natural"? As much as I don't like responding to comments that are hostile, they also demonstrate a lack of understanding/education/knowledge on the part of the commenter that perhaps, if remedied, might result in a different opinion. Such is the case with Spencer R's comment from my brief post recommending The Botany of Desire.

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Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat

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The lifestyle associated with the Sunday roast involves sacrifices that those brought up on fast food are unused to making—mealtimes, manners, dinner-table conversation and the art of cookery itself. A great number of animals owe their lives to our intention to eat them. And their lives are (or can easily be made to be) comfortable and satisfying in the way that few lives led in the wild could possibly be.

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Third time lucky for Arabian Babbler

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A couple of roads cut back through the circle to the central area which boasts a fast food restaurant, a mosque and toilets. . For a couple of years now, I have been chasing a bogey bird whenever I visit Dubai. The Arabian Babbler is a reasonably common bird with a preference for arid, scrubby areas. The best place to find them in Dubai is Mushrif Park, slightly west of the international airport, but four visits there had so far been unrewarded by Turdoides squamiceps.

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Twitchers are Losers

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And for every study about how much money a twitch contributes to a local economy – money that would probably have been better spent on something besides gasoline and fast food – I’ll show you a story about a brouhaha that erupted when misbehaving twitchers spoiled relations between local birders and their community. Everyone likes to see a rare bird.

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Three Interesting Things

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Second, and this is recent, new research indicates that Birds that migrate at night enter a state of sleepless mania and gorge on foods by day, behaviors mediated by their biological clocks. Fast food, caffeine and deadlines fuel your day’s full schedule. I have a larger post coming out next week as part of a special 10,000 Birds topical extravaganza, so for now just three little things. First, and this is OLD news, dating to several years go.

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Iguanas Love Roti!

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Hidden away in that boatyard is an amazingly good spot to buy roti, which rivaled doubles as my favorite food that I sampled while in Trinidad and Tobago. But, as Wikipedia points out, it has taken on a new meaning in the Caribean: The roti wrap is the commercialization of roti and curry as a fast-food item in the Caribbean. But you don’t have to take my word for how good the food was.

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

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Eurasian Spoonbills are foraging, some of them literally running through the water chasing some fast food. I dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer. While crossing Gramos Mountain in northern Greece, a Dendrocopos woodpecker flew over the road and landed in a pine tree. First I noticed a red cap – a male, then striped flanks and pale-red undertail, but couldn’t see its wing because some part of the bird remained hidden by a branch at any given time.

A Guide to Parking Lot Birds of the Southeast

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And in the free-flying aviary that is Florida you can easily be shocked by what you find, but White Ibis seem to show a surprising affinity to the local fast food joints. Every part of the world has it’s suite of parking lot staples, those urbanish species that seem to prefer to linger about humanity subsisting in no small amount to the magnanimity, or more likely the laziness, of humankind.

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Don’t Feed The Birds!

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Let’s say you’re at a fast food restaurant and you have a few french fries left over and a gull is eagerly staring at you and the fries. Wild birds should not be coming up to people looking for food. And any birder who has ever gone on a pelagic trip has seen chumming , where food is thrown overboard to attract birds to the boat.

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Awesome Birding at Aripo Savannah

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And unlike a cheap meal at a fast food joint, this banquet of birds remained satisfying long after we left! Have you ever enjoyed one of those brilliant birding expeditions, the outing where every target species takes its cue with machine precision? Of course we’ve all experienced the excruciating opposite of such an excursion, but when waves of new birds practically clamor for attention in quick succession, the feeling is exhilarating.

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Twitching a Gray Kingbird in New York

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The long drive back to New York was filled by more lousy, incidental eBird checklists, more fast food, and more road kill. Gray Kingbirds are rarely seen in New York State and when they are they usually are only seen by the person or people who find them or those in the immediate vicinity. They don’t tend to stick to a spot and allow themselves to be seen by the hordes of birders who like chasing state-level rarities.

No Snow on Long Island

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We made a fast-food stop before finally making our way to Shinnecock Inlet where a Snowy Owl had been around for days and we also hoped to find other good birds in the inlet. Saturday was set aside for birding. Redgannet was in town and had all day to get out looking for birds so I had booked us for the pelagic trip out of Freeport and our plan was to find his life Snowy Owl and then get on the boat and enjoy a host of alcids, gulls, and gannets.

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South Florida Specialties Birding

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And could we just do a quick drive through at a fast food joint? We had to eat some wonderfully prepared Lebanese food including some outstanding hummus. In conclusion, don’t use Carlos as a guide unless you want to see all of your target birds (plus bonus birds) while being ferried from stop-to-stop perfectly and enjoying delicious food along the way.

Transit in Dubai

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It is mainly scrub and woodland in a dry area with a mosque and fast food restaurant in the central area. Dubai is a huge international airport, perfectly placed for connections around the world. Many people find themselves with a few hours to kill during transit and could potentially add a few ticks to their trip list as they pass through. This post might give you a few ideas for what to see during a stop in Dubai and a few tips on where to go and how to get there.

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Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

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Over 95% of all animals raised for food in the U.S. Rest assured that if you are purchasing meat from your favorite fast food restaurant, your favorite sit-down chain restaurant, or your local grocery store, you are purchasing the flesh of a tortured animal. So, we are given the "cull the herd for its own good" defense, or the "cull the herd to prevent automobile accidents" defense, or the "I hunt to put food on my family's table" defense.

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Birding while Holiday Shopping

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Common Myna , a fairly recent introduction, is practically a specialist in dumpster diving at fast food joints, roosting under vehicles near shopping malls, and nesting in neon store signs. Most visiting birders look at me in disbelief when I point them in the right direction for this range-restricted ABA species — away from good, mature forest habitat and towards the nearest fast food restaurant.

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