Huge Ivory Seizure in Malaysia

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Malaysian authorities have seized a staggering 15 tonnes of elephant ivory in Port Klang, just west of Kuala Lumpur; the sixth and by far the largest major seizure involving Malaysia in recent months, quite possibly the largest ever. ivory wildlife trafficking smuggling elephants malaysiaPossibly the largest ever. full story here in Wildlife Extra News. December 2011.

Tiger Dies from Poaching Injuries in Malaysia

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Tags: poaching tigers malaysia endangered species

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Weird Meat Seized in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, 12 tonnes of exotic animal meat was seized from smugglers. Tags: exotic meats smuggling malaysia Ewwww.I don't know how I come across these weird stories. It consisted of bear, iguana and owl meat. Any kind of meat is gross to me, but owl? That's new to me!

Animal Testing Center to Open in Malaysia

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Tags: animal research malaysia

Malaysia Approves Controversial Research Lab

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MALAYSIA will not shut down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab after investigations showed that the animals were not exposed to torture, a senior official said on Thursday. Tags: animal research malaysia The investigation cleared the animal lab. From Straits Time. The veterinary services department launched a probe this month after animal rights campaigners accused the Progenix Research lab based in the northern state of Penang of cruelty to animals.

Malaysia is One of the Centers of Wildlife Trafficking

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Malaysia is a transit hub, a supply source, and a consumer hub for endangered wildlife. Tags: wildlife crime wildlife trafficking malaysia endangered species A deadly combination.

British-Funded Lab Under Investigation in Malaysia

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Malaysia, under pressure from animal rights activists, is going to investigate Progenix Labs. Malaysia is considering shutting down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab if there is evidence of cruelty there, the goverment's top veterinary official said on Sunday. Tags: animal research malaysia

Attempt to Recover Sumatran Rhino Species

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A breeding program in Malaysia will attempt to breed a rescued Borneo Sumatran rhino in order to save the endangered species. Tam, whose species is known for its solitary nature, has been resettled in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia's Sabah state, the last preserve of the Borneo Sumatran rhino _ a subspecies of the bristly, snub-nosed Sumatran rhino. Tags: captive breeding rhino asia malaysia

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Malaysian Firm to Establish New Animal Testing Facility

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Tags: animal research pharmaceuticals primates medical research malaysia

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Pangolins Saved from "Harvesting" by Trafficker

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In its biggest seizures of pangolins this year, Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department confiscated 98 animals from a house in Alor Setar in the northern state of Kedah. Tags: wildlife crime Traditional Chinese Medicine trafficking china malaysia I had no idea what a pangolin was, but, thanks to Wikipedia , I now know it's a scaly anteater. And, surprise, their "harvesting" is tied back to.CHINA! From Red Orbit.

Malaysian Official Says God Made Animals for Testing

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The activists say Malaysia has no regulations on animal research, which could lead to test subjects being abused. Tags: animal research animal laboratories malaysia This is pretty vile in my opinion. From the AP. A Malaysian government official defended an Indian company's plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans. The plans by India's Vivo BioTech Ltd.

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TRAFFIC Says Malaysian Raid Proves Organized Crime Link

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Tags: organized crime wildlife trafficking malaysia

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Singapore a Transit Hub for Trafficking

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Vietnam, Malaysia.) Seems like every other month I post an article about some SE Asian country being a " hub" for wildlife trafficking (eg. How many more are there?

Connecticut Oil Company President Illegally Owns Primate

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Pierce Onthank, the president of an oil and gas company, was charged in January with illegal possession of a primate for keeping a siamang, a type of gibbon that is native to rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia and can weigh up to 30 pounds and stand 3 feet high. I'm starting to wonder about Connecticut. It's the same state where the Travis incident occurred. However, this time the owner is an oil and gas company president , not some eccentric woman on Xanax.