Birds of Malaysia – Covering Peninsular Malaysia, Malaysian Borneo and Singapore

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When you think of the best birding in the south of Asia, it is Malaysia that comes to mind, although you are likely not to even think of the country as such: you are dreaming of the (Malaysian) province of Sabah, in the north of the island of Borneo.

Huge Ivory Seizure in Malaysia

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Malaysian authorities have seized a staggering 15 tonnes of elephant ivory in Port Klang, just west of Kuala Lumpur; the sixth and by far the largest major seizure involving Malaysia in recent months, quite possibly the largest ever. ivory wildlife trafficking smuggling elephants malaysiaPossibly the largest ever. full story here in Wildlife Extra News. December 2011.

Tiger Dies from Poaching Injuries in Malaysia

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Weird Meat Seized in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, 12 tonnes of exotic animal meat was seized from smugglers. Tags: exotic meats smuggling malaysia Ewwww.I don't know how I come across these weird stories. It consisted of bear, iguana and owl meat. Any kind of meat is gross to me, but owl? That's new to me!

Malaysia Approves Controversial Research Lab

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MALAYSIA will not shut down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab after investigations showed that the animals were not exposed to torture, a senior official said on Thursday. Tags: animal research malaysia The investigation cleared the animal lab. From Straits Time. The veterinary services department launched a probe this month after animal rights campaigners accused the Progenix Research lab based in the northern state of Penang of cruelty to animals.

Animal Testing Center to Open in Malaysia

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British-Funded Lab Under Investigation in Malaysia

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Malaysia, under pressure from animal rights activists, is going to investigate Progenix Labs. Malaysia is considering shutting down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab if there is evidence of cruelty there, the goverment's top veterinary official said on Sunday. Tags: animal research malaysia

Pulling Birds at Panti Forest in Malaysia

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JOHOR, MALAYSIA, DECEMBER 2012 – If you’re traveling to Singapore for birding, you might want to think outside the box or, in this case, the island. Some of the best birding in the area is just 90 minutes or so north in peninsular Malaysia, home of the infamous Panti Forest. Con is a master at his craft and an uncanny resource on the birds of Singapore, Malaysia, and much of Asia. 57 species total ( includes commute from Singapore to Malaysia ).

Birding Taman Negara, or the dubious joys of rainforest birding

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Then you arrive in a place such as Taman Negara, Malaysia, eager to start birding and possibly getting nice photos of all the beautiful birds you wish to see. Birding Malaysia rainforest Taman Negara

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago: Greater Sundas and Wallacea 2nd edition – A Field Guide Review

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The peninsular Malaysia is not covered, yet it lies within the distribution maps and the bird ranges are depicted in it, too, but only of the species living within the Indonesian Archipelago and not those from the Asian mainland exclusively.

Smuggled Boa Constrictors Bust Out of Luggage

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Birding Fraser`s Hill

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Fraser`s Hill in peninsular Malaysia is another one of these almost legendary birding locations in Southeast Asia. Birding Trips Fraser`s Hill Malaysia The NationalBirding Fraser`s Hil.

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Birding crème de la crème: Asia – Corbett to Taman Negara

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Malaysia has 14 hotspots with more than 300 bird species, and I will focus here on #1 and #2, Fraser Hill (Bukit Fraser) and the Taman Negara National Park. Malaysia Two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Fraser’s Hill (1300 m / 4300 ft a.s.l.)

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Malaysian Firm to Establish New Animal Testing Facility

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Pangolins Saved from "Harvesting" by Trafficker

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In its biggest seizures of pangolins this year, Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department confiscated 98 animals from a house in Alor Setar in the northern state of Kedah. Tags: wildlife crime Traditional Chinese Medicine trafficking china malaysia I had no idea what a pangolin was, but, thanks to Wikipedia , I now know it's a scaly anteater. And, surprise, their "harvesting" is tied back to.CHINA! From Red Orbit.

Attempt to Recover Sumatran Rhino Species

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A breeding program in Malaysia will attempt to breed a rescued Borneo Sumatran rhino in order to save the endangered species. Tam, whose species is known for its solitary nature, has been resettled in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia's Sabah state, the last preserve of the Borneo Sumatran rhino _ a subspecies of the bristly, snub-nosed Sumatran rhino. Tags: captive breeding rhino asia malaysia

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The longest way to Costa Rica goes around the world!

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The birdiest part of neighbouring Malaysia is the Sabah Province at Borneo, with about 600 species. Trips Africa Asia Borneo Costa Rica Ecuador Ghana Guyana Malaysia PNG Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe South America Sri Lanka Tahiti Thailand Uganda world birdwatchPresuming that you want to bird Costa Rica, you would book a southbound flight (from N. America) or westbound (from Europe). Yet, for most people, birders are all eccentric. What if you were truly eccentric?

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Malaysian Official Says God Made Animals for Testing

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The activists say Malaysia has no regulations on animal research, which could lead to test subjects being abused. Tags: animal research animal laboratories malaysia This is pretty vile in my opinion. From the AP. A Malaysian government official defended an Indian company's plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans. The plans by India's Vivo BioTech Ltd.

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TRAFFIC Says Malaysian Raid Proves Organized Crime Link

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Crested Serpent Eagle

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FRIM (Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia) is open to the public who come to bathe in waterfalls, cycle, walk, picnic and attend educational events, but most of this takes part in a small section close to the entrance. Birding Birds Crested Serpent Eagle FRIM Kuala Lumpur MalaysiaTo the north of Kuala Lumpur, is a section of forest, easily accessible from the city.

Singapore a Transit Hub for Trafficking

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Vietnam, Malaysia.) Seems like every other month I post an article about some SE Asian country being a " hub" for wildlife trafficking (eg. How many more are there?

A Few Kingfishers

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Rufous-collared Kingfisher (Taman Negara, Malaysia, Nov 2019). Stork-billed Kingfisher (Singapore, Nov 2015 and Taman Negara, Malaysia, Nov 2019). In a way, kingfishers may be the poor man`s pittas – almost as colorful and exciting, but much easier to observe.

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24 Hours (or so) in Kuala Lumpur

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The first of these was in the fine capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Birding city birds Malaysia South East Asia urban habitatLiving in New Zealand is fun and all, don’t get me wrong. Sure, there are no woodpeckers here and very few places you can get a decent donut, and everything is quite a bit more expensive than you think it should be, but I still choose to stay.

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Collaborative List – May 2017

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Countries birded were Australia, Costa Rica, UK, India, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Serbia and USA. Redgannet’s trip to Malaysia brings the life country/province/territory/Special Administrative Area/Kingdom/principality/fiefdom list to 39. May saw eBird’s Global Big Day, a collaborative effort that puts our humble endeavours in the shade.

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Laughing at you, not with you

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As the name indicates, the Malayan Laughingthrush (Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia) does not live in China but (hint given in the Latin species name peninsulae) on peninsular Malaysia.

The left-overs. 10 birds that didn’t make it onto the blog.


Black-crested Bulbul (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Greater Leafbird (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). The week between Christmas and New Year is always a good time to reflect on the year that just was. Amongst the highlights that featured in published posts, we find the drafts that never quite got finished, or didn’t have enough photographic support to appear on the world wide web. The left-overs.

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Pycnonotidae: A Critical Review

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I saw the Spectacled Bulbul at Taman Negara, Malaysia – an awful place for bird photography. The Grey-cheeked Bulbul (Taman Negara, Malaysia) essentially looks like a couple of other bulbuls. So does the Ochraceous Bulbul (Fraser`s Hill, Malaysia).

Connecticut Oil Company President Illegally Owns Primate

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Pierce Onthank, the president of an oil and gas company, was charged in January with illegal possession of a primate for keeping a siamang, a type of gibbon that is native to rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia and can weigh up to 30 pounds and stand 3 feet high. I'm starting to wonder about Connecticut. It's the same state where the Travis incident occurred. However, this time the owner is an oil and gas company president , not some eccentric woman on Xanax.

Two Birds

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Black-and-red Broadbill (Taman Negara, Malaysia, Nov 2019). Here`s another entry in the category “Rejected topics for bird-related coffee table books”, following my recent “Blue Birds” post. With remarkable accuracy, each of the photos below shows exactly two birds.

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Vietnam Getting into Swift Nest Business

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Already a $200 million a year industry largely concentrated in Malaysia and Thailand, the farming of swifts is now being ramped up in Vietnam. While eating the nests of swifts is nothing new, the large-scale production of these nests is. Because they will rebuild the nests made of their own saliva when they are taken, and because they are worth more alive and building nests than they are dead, the practice does not harm the swifts and gives a positive economic incentive to conserve them.

Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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now the pace quickens: USA; Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia; Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam. 1 en), Malaysia (781 sp / 19 en) (all 7.1 %). Malaysia, Rwanda and Ecuador top my wish list. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website.

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A few Barbets

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The red tufts of the Fire-tufted Barbet (Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia) look like they are poisonous to touch. Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!

Guide to the Birds of China

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To say that an update of John MacKinnon’s “A Field Guide to the Birds of China” (2000) has been highly anticipated by birders interested in Chinese birds is almost an understatement.

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Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrushes

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Today it is found in its own genus, Rhinocichla, with its close relative the Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, which visitors to montane Malaysia and Sumatra might have seen. I love babblers, and whether you treat them as a single family or several (and I understand the jury keeps getting called back on that one), its a hard family not to like.

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“The 125 Best Bird Watching Sites in Southeast Asia”

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This guide describes the 125 best birding sites for both common and rare species, covering Myanmar, Thailand, Laos (officially Lao PDR), Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor Leste. The 125 Best Bird Watching Sites in Southeast Asia, edited by Yong Ding Li & Low Bing Wen.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of December 2012)

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I’m headed to Singapore in a week with stops in Japan and I hope Malaysia. Nothing stirs this birder’s sense of excitement and adventure like the preparation involved in a trip to a new part of the world. Studying field guides, reading trip reports, and arranging meetings with local birders can be a process that takes more time than the trip itself, but makes the anticipation that much more delicious.

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Hill Mynas: A Touch of Tropical Asia in Miami

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Distributed across a broad swath of territory that includes India’s Himalayan foothills, Thailand, Indochina, peninsular Malaysia and western Indonesia, this species occurs in moist or semi-evergreen forests that may include secondary growth and degraded habitats in its native range. Miami, Florida has a reputation among the birding community for being overrun with exotic bird species. It is well-deserved.

Miami 66

15 expat-friendly countries for a birder to move to

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Malaysia (702 / 781). What are the best countries for a passionate birder to move to? And why? I discovered this map a while ago, hidden somewhere at the not so easy to navigate BirdLife International’s website, and I have used it as my computer wallpaper ever since. Usually, I interchange some birdy wallpapers several times per month, but this one has stayed for several months already. It makes me think what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Why am I here?

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City Hornbills

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Singapore lost a lot of birds during its urbanisation, but as the city has tried to green itself some have been coming back Pulau Ubin is a lovely undeveloped island near Malaysia with lots of forest left, and having made it here the hornbills have also begun to be seen on the main island of Singapore too.

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A Broadbill for Christmas

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The first broadbills I ever saw, a small flock of Long-tailed Broadbills in Peninsular Malaysia, were jaw dropping to me. The broadbills are always a family* that birders visiting South East Asia want to see, and who could blame them? They usually take up one or two pretty plates in the guide books, next to the even more desired pittas, and rammed in between the non-passerines and the passerines.

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Some Birds to See in Costa Rica around Carara National Park

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Riverside Wren : One of the more handsome wrens, this near endemic seems to be imitating some babbler species from Malaysia. Carara National Park isn’t just any old protected area. It’s one of the top birding hotspots in Costa Rica and Central America.

2016 59

Come@Me: Bird Photography is a Fantastic Waste of Time

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For the entire existence of Wikipedia, one of the world’s largest and most important websites, no one has contributed a better image of this relatively easy to see species (relatively easy if you live in Malaysia anyway). Birders are fairly easy to spot. Many wear awful clothes, variations of beige and khaki with legs that can be zipped off to make uglier shorts. Far too many have those awful binocular harnesses that look like rigging for a parachute (what is up with that?).

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Disaster in the Sundarbans

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Endangered Masked Finfoot photographed in Malaysia (Wikimedia Commons). I dreamed of birding the Sundarbans delta – roughly the size of Connecticut or Cyprus – ever since my very dear friends Tim and Hanna Balke told me a story of their visit to these swamps where the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Mehgna rivers converge in the Bengal basin.

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