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The best-kept birding secrets of Belgrade

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The very best wetland birding around Belgrade, Serbia, is not to be found in the locally famous and tourist-promoted Obedska or Carska Bara Ramsar areas, but at Beljarica Backwaters and the fish farm triangle of Centa, Baranda and Sakule villages, in the Tamis River floodplain.

Boars 77

Grouse in PA, Grouse in Costa Rica

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Grouse are the chickens we would love to lay eyes on. “Gamebirds” to some, cool, cryptic understory birds to the birding people, grouse crouch protected as unfettered winds sway the top of the tall prairie grass.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of July 2021)

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The onset of summer birding doldrums in the temperate range of the Northern Hemisphere generally means highly restricted avian diversity… except in those places where it does not.

Worth Protecting

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I wrote, a few weeks ago, about seeing my first Sedge (now Grass) Wrens through the kind invitation of a local biologist, and new birder, on whose property these live. Last week he messaged me to ask if I could go birding with him just south of Morelia’s urban area.

April Showers 4.30


Brown’s Brewing Company – Helles Rebuke

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Many birders find gull identification one of the more difficult aspects of this hobby and classifying gulls when they appear on cans of beer is often no less vexing a problem.

Little Egret in the Indian Ocean

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On our recent walks along Cable Beach checking on the pairs of Pied Oystercatchers that are currently breeding we have often observed a Little Egret. There is only ever one Little Egret and it runs around in the shallows of the Indian Ocean. It appears to be successful at catching small fish.

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