The Link Between Animal Welfare and Human Welfare

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This is an interesting opinion piece about the link between animal welfare and human welfare in nations. human rights human behavior animal welfareFrom the Huffington Post.

Hope for Hen Welfare

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Animal Welfare Groups Win Industry Backing for First-Ever Federal Regulation of Hen Welfare Groundswell of Public Support Results in Full Court Press for Nationwide Law Protecting Chickens to Replace State-by-State Initiatives WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. history, the United Egg Producers (UEP) has agreed to support national legislation that will, upon enactment, improve the welfare of all laying hens in the nation. battery hens legislation farm animal welfare farm sanctuary

Animal Welfare in the State of California

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California really is at the forefront of animal welfare and this is an excellent article detailing what's going on in the State and the challenges animal welfare faces. california legislation humane society farm animal welfare animal welfareIt also does a great job at profiling Jennifer Fearing who led the victory of Proposition 2. She sounds amazing.

Humane Society Ranks States on Animal Welfare

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humane society animal welfareHere's a way to find out how your state ranks. California is #1 again.yay! Washington State, where I currently live, is #6! At the bottom.(drum drum roll please) South Dakota!!!

Apparent Welfare Improvement at British Horse Fair

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Welfare officers from international animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary have reported an improvement in the welfare of donkeys and other equines at this year’s Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria, which finished earlier this week. Staff from The Donkey Sanctuary worked closely with the RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Redwings Horse Sanctuary and The Blue Cross to promote donkey welfare at Britain’s largest horse fair. donkeys UK animal welfare

Ted Kennedy and Animal Welfare

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Interesting article on Senator Edward Kennedy that highlights his little-known contributions to animal welfare. Tags: legislation animal welfare It's from the Humane Society.

Animal Welfare Supported in Islam?

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Animal Welfare at

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Did you see that now has an Animal Welfare page? As far as I know, is the only relatively-mainstream site with a broad, global audience, that has made this distinction and doesn't lump welfare and rights together as if they're the same thing. I think this is fabulous because Stephanie Ernst (the AW blogger is Stephanie Feldstein, so be careful referring to "Stephanie," or to the blogger with the pit bull!) is clearly someone who advocates for animal rights.

Animal Welfare Act Inadequate for Farm Animals

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How many people know this about the Animal Welfare Act? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “farm animals are regulated under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) only when used in biomedical research, testing, teaching and exhibition. Tags: animal cruelty proposition 2 cattle farm animal welfare agribusiness This is really interesting. I certainly didn't. No wonder there is so much "farm" animal abuse out there.

Michigan to Follow California on Farm Animal Welfare?

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Another Fake Animal Welfare Group

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The National Animal Interest Alliance is an association of business, agricultural, scientific, and recreational interests dedicated to promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals. I was browsing for some quotes when I came across this group - The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA).

Ontario Animal Welfare Law Goes Into Effect

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Faith and Animal Welfare Issues

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Here is a good article about trying to link religion with animal welfare. As far as Christianity, I still don't see how at least American Christianity can be coupled with helping animals. Not that I want to lump all Christians into one monolithic group. But, taken as a whole, they will vote for a gun-toting, moose hunting, tax cheating, serial liar just so long as she opposes abortion. Because that's what Jesus would want. Dontcha know that? Your evangelical candidate

What's the Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights?

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EU Sends Inspectors to Portugal for Farm Animal Welfare

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Key AETA Supporter Suspended Over Animal Welfare

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From She was recently suspended from working with animals, a “rare move prompted by what officials called a ‘clear pattern’ of problems with animal welfare.” Michelle Basso was a researcher at the University of Wisconsin who worked with primates. She testified in favor of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Now, she's been suspended from working with animals.

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Farm Animal Welfare Fight Heats Up in Ohio

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Ohio 100

Pig Castration in Europe - An Animal Welfare Concern

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Ontario Updates Animal Welfare Law

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Finally. It's the first update since 1919. That's right 1919. Yeesh. Bill 50 makes it a provincial offence to abuse any animal, and it establishes the strongest penalties in the country for those charged with animal cruelty -- including the potential to prohibit offenders from owning animals ever again. The Ontario SPCA now has the ability to inspect facilities that keep animals for exhibition, entertainment, boarding, hire or sale.

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Ag Industry Looks Ahead to More Animal Welfare Issues

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Another big issue gaining momentum is animal welfare. Tags: farm animal welfare us agribusiness It's a small mention in this Ag Week article about issues coming up in 2009 , but worth noting. The recent passing of a proposition in California to strictly manage how laying chickens are kept serves notice, he says. There are people who are saying, ‘This is just ridiculous,’ but that’s not how the general public sees it,” {Washington agricultural correspondent Jerry} Hagstrom says.

An Animal Welfare First in Spain

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From Spanish News - RTN (Round Town News). No need to click. Here's all it says. Woman fined for abandoning her dog at the doors of an animal rescue organisation It's the first time that an owner has been fined in such circumstances.First Instance and Instruction Court Five in Segovia has fined a Madrid woman 120 € after she abandoned her Rottweiler dog at the doors of the El Refugio animal refuge at El Espinar, Segovia in May 2008. She has also to pay 2,688 € to the animal refuge.

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Animal Welfare Concerns May Be Influencing UK Animal Research

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This article in the Herald Tribune claims that animal rights is winning out over animal research. I would take the article with a grain of salt. I've read the same on the other side. It depends on who's writing the article of course.I think it's still a long, long fight. But perhaps these are positive signs. In a very depressing fight, every sign is worth something. UK laboratories animal rights medical research

Kansas University Tries to Correct Welfare Violations

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Kansas University Medical Center was nailed by USDA inspectors for violations including improper treatment for sick animals, aging facilities and failing to provide appropriate enrichment opportunities for animals who appear to be under psychological stress. Now they're bragging about spending over a million dollars to do what they should have been doing in the first place.

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On Project Treadstone and Welfare, OED-Style

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Welfare Angus has requested the Oxford English Dictionary' s description of the history of the word welfare. Synne 3928 yf ou euer haddyst sorow oer kare Of y neghëburs welfare. 582 My lyfe, my lustes, be me loothe, For al welfare and I be wroothe. . 71 It was one continued Series of Actions, for the Welfare of the People. 264 They know not, cannot guess How much their welfare is a passion to us. worldes welfare and my goddesse. on (the) welfare.

Animal Welfare

Animal Ethics

The Ohio State University is hosting an Animal Welfare Symposium next month

Irish Senator Complains of Animal Welfare "Cabal"

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This complaint is the result of proposed legislation to ban puppy mills in Ireland. Legislators are being contacted by people around the world to support the legislation. They are blaming the dastardly Green Party whose leader proposed the legislation. The dog breeding legislation, intended to outlaw “puppy-farming”, was prepared by Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment John Gormley. The draft Bill proposes a new regime of annual inspections and fees for dog breeders.

Humane Society Likes Obama's Animal Welfare Picks

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I bet you didn't realize that Obama had any animal welfare picks, but he did. And, in general, the Humane Society and its Legislative Fund likes them. They are very enthusiastic about Tom Vilsack, the proposed Secretary of Agriculture. In fact, he was their top choice. They're not so sure about Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior, but they see some promise. He has a strong environmental record and he has supported some animal issues in the past.

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The Conflict Between Animal Welfare and Agribusiness

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This article pretty much sums up how the two agendas are simply at cross-purposes. Compassion is perceived to hurt profits. It spotlights the Humane Society, but I think it's a pretty universal comparison.

Senator Maria Cantwell Receives Award for Animal Welfare Work

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She is a US Senator from our home state of Washington. My husband worked for her years and years ago, when she was just a State representative. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) received the Humane Society’s Legislative Leader award for her leadership in protecting animals. The Humane Society of the United States cited Senator Cantwell’s efforts to improve marine mammal rescue capability, including such challenges as disentangling marine mammals from fishing nets.

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World Farm Animal Day is October 2

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Horrible Animal Abuse at Iowa Pig Farm

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Adopt a Turkey Next Month

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turkeys farm animal welfare farm sanctuary thanksgiving turkey massacreFarm Sanctuary has a cool "Adopt-a-Turkey" project. I definitely want to do this.

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Alleged Abuse at Butterball Turkey Farm

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meat mercy for animals turkeys North Carolina farm animal welfareOnce again, the wonderful Mercy for Animals provides footage of possible abuse of turkeys at a Butterball farm in North Carolina. The full story is at CNN.

Turkey 122

More Alleged Abuse At Iowa Egg Farms

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Horrible Tail Docking Video Spurs Call for Ban

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Plea to Help Downed Farm Animals

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downed animals USDA gene bauer farm animal welfare farm sanctuaryHard to read emotionally, but short and informative. Written by Gene Bauer and appearing in the Huffington Post.

First-Ever Conference to End Factory Farming

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farm animal welfare farm sanctuaryThis sounds wonderful. It will be in Arlington, VA at the end of October. Someday, if it becomes an annual event, I hope I can go. link].

Surprising NYTimes Editorial about National Egg Production

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battery hens eggs egg production hens farm animal welfare agriculture agribusiness chickensSurprising to me at least. The editorial advocates a national standard that establishes humane standards in all parts of the country.

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Support Farm Sanctuary!

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farm animal welfare farm sanctuaryLove this group! Here's a book that you can buy about rescued farm animals and their stories. It should be inspiring and it's a great way to support an extraordinary organization.

Chicken Wars in the Pacific Northwest

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SAEN Files Complaints Against University of Washington Again

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It’s too early to say whether any of the incidents violate the Animal Welfare Act, the yardstick for triggering enforcement action, he added. animal abuse animal research Stop Animal Exploitation Now medical ethics animal welfare act University of Washington medical research animal laboratoriesFrom the

EU Backing Cloned Animal Products

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It's bad enough having to deal with the welfare of normal farm animals, but what about the welfare of cloned animals? If they are cloned solely for the products they provide, will it be more difficult to argue for their welfare as living creatures? Concerns surround the ethics of the process, the welfare of the animals and a lack of research on food safety. Tags: europe cloning farm animal welfare

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Horse Slaughterhouse Proposed in New Mexico

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mexico meat horses horse slaughter Slaughterhouse farm animal welfare united statesThis article reaffirms my belief that it's more humane to slaughter horses in the US than to ship them for slaughter to Canada or Mexico. I don't like it either way, but one is better than the other for sure.