PETA Sues the University of South Dakota

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South Dakota Governor Wants Livestock Research Facility

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Mike Rounds wants a biotech animal research facility built in South Dakota. The summit on genetically engineered animal technologies drew about 200 people from as far as South Korea and New Zealand. This looks like its for farming of livestock, not medical research, but that's bad too. Research on animals is research on animals. From the High Plains Journal. The Argus Leader reports that Rounds announced Sept.

What is the State Bird of South Dakota?

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South Dakota went a different way, designating the Ring-necked Pheasant as the state bird in 1943. In fact, the bird is so popular that it was also chosen for South Dakota’s bicentennial commemorative quarter! Birds Ring-necked Pheasant South Dakota state birdMany states choose their representative bird based on common, native birds spending part or all of the year within the states’ borders.

Humane Society Ranks States on Animal Welfare

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drum roll please) South Dakota!!! Here's a way to find out how your state ranks. California is #1 again.yay! Washington State, where I currently live, is #6! At the bottom.(drum humane society animal welfare

Humane Society Ranks States in First-Time Report

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Ohio, Mississippi, North Dakota, Idaho and South Dakota are at the bottom. It's their first annual "humane state" report. California and New Jersey came out on top.

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Best & Worst States for Animal Protection

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New Jersey Illinois Massachusetts Colorado Maine WORST STATES Ohio Hawaii Alabama North Dakota Mississippi Idaho South Dakota (worst) According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the states fell this way. BEST Illinois (best) Maine Michigan Oregon California WORST Mississippi Idaho Hawaii North Dakota Kentucky. According to this Technorati article , the Humane Society rated the states on their animal protection laws. BEST STATES California (best-yay!)

Animal Legal Defense Fund Ranks States on Animal Protection

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And the worst: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, South Dakota, Wyoming You can check out the whole report on their web site. The ALDF has released a report on how different states' animal protection laws stack up. Among the best: California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon.

Bob Barker Offers to Pay to Move Canadian Elephants to Sanctuary

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I grew up in South Dakota and I know a little bit about cold, and it's just not the place for an elephant.". I hope, when I reach their age, I'm as active and effective as Bob Barker and Betty White are in the animal rights movement. Excerpted from CBC News. Legendary game show host Bob Barker says it will cost $200,000 to move three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary, and he doesn't mind paying for it himself.

Obama's Rules Freeze May Help Wolves

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Wildlife conservationists say the freeze will delay and possibly prevent the removal of gray wolves from the federal endangered species list in Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and also in portions of Washington, Oregon, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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Sentencing for Bird Killers

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In a completely unrelated case, a South Dakota man, Randy Albers, pled guilty to charges related to poisoning Canada Geese on his farm and was sentenced to a year of probation. An Indiana man, Wade Bennett, and a minor have pled guilty for their involvement in the shooting and killing of a critically endangered Whooping Crane way back in 2009, and been sentenced to probation and the paying of fines and fees.

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10,000 Birds goes eBirding – Part II

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Many of these “missing” states are in the Midwest or South, far from most of the writers. As devoted readers of 10,000 Birds know , the writers contribute checklists to a joint eBird account called the “ 10,000 Birds Collaborative.”.

The Importance of Nurturing Young Birders

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I began a program for PBS on a group of young kids in a small town in South Dakota. On Mother’s Day, an F2 Tornado hit the small town of Delmont, South Dakota. But the kids in South Dakota are going to be ok now. Timothy Barksdale is a birder/biologist turned filmmaker , passionately pursuing birds with a television camera for the last 24 years. His work is the foundation of the Macaulay Library video collection.

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Some Chinese Pheasants

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North Dakota. South Dakota. Apparently, there is a traditional Chinese saying that seeing one pheasant in the wild is better than seeing ten other birds.

If Birds Were Beers

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Photos, in order, by Suzie Gilbert; South Dakota DGFP; Jason Quinn; Graeme S. Normally I’m not much of a beer drinker, although I can become one after I’ve spent three hours hiking seven and a half miles up and down a mountain. My friend Ardal, a beer connoisseur, took advantage of this last weekend, which was how I ended up sitting in The Dutchess Biercafe two hours before the Super Bowl. “It’s It’s called a beer flight ?” I said, in astonishment. “In

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The Why of Ferrets

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The first resurrection, or more properly resurfacing, of the black-footed ferret happened in 1964, in Mellette County, South Dakota. When the South Dakota ferret numbers began dropping, they captured nine animals in hopes of starting a captive breeding population.

The Unique Black-necked Stilt

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I found these beauties at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, one of the many locations the Black-necked Stilt breeds in the California Central Valley (map courtesy of Terry Sohl at South Dakota Birds ). Black-necked Stilt ( Himantopus mexicanus ) photos by Larry Jordan Click on photos for full sized images. This female Black-necked Stilt ( Himantopus mexicanus ) is distinguished from the male by her paler brownish back and scapulars.

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Tundra Swans In The California Central Valley

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Range map courtesy of Terri Sohl of South Dakota Birds and Birding. Now you know why the most numerous and widespread of the two swan species in North America used to be known as the Whistling Swan. The North American Tundra Swan ( Cygnus columbianus columbianus ) migrates in flocks of family groups… leaving their Arctic breeding grounds in late September and arriving in their wintering grounds in November and December 1 (click on photos for full sized images).

The Popular Barn Swallow

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Growing up in South America, I distinctly recall the arrival of “the swallow with a deeply forked tail”. They fly from extreme northern North America to the southern tip of South America and are seldom seen perched during migration. Another cool fact was learning that the Barn Swallows has started to breed in South America since the 80s. Swallows have migrated north to south along the Americas for millennia. Adult and fledglings in Murdo, South Dakota.

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Big Year Birding Update

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Lynn Barber is chasing the South Dakota big year record and has reached 314 species, which leaves her 18 short of the record of 332. Seeing as it is near the midway point of the year I thought it would be nice to check in on how the blogging Big Year birders are doing thus far in 2012. It’s quite a list! Josh Vandermeulen is sitting pretty at 317 species for the year in Ontario, only 21 off the province’s record of 338, set by Glen Coady in 1996.

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Greater White-fronted Geese at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

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In North America, the Greater White-fronted Goose breeds in open tundra areas of the low Arctic from Point Barrow, Alaska to northeastern Keewatin, Northwest Territories, and it winters south to Chiapas, Mexico, thus having the broadest latitudinal range of any arctic-nesting goose 1. Range map courtesy of South Dakota Birds and Birding. Colusa National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex in California’s Central Valley.

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Ross’s Goose, the Little Snow Goose

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Map courtesy of Terry Sohl at South Dakota Birds and Birding. Every autumn, tens of thousands of Snow Geese arrive in California’s Sacramento Valley following their long journey from the Canadian Arctic (click on photos for full sized images). Waterfowl numbers at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex may exceed two million by December, after the wetland areas of the Klamath Basin and other areas to the north become frozen.

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Willow Ptarmigan in Jefferson County, New York!

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Well, below is the range map for Willow Ptarmigan , borrowed from South Dakota Birds and Birding. On Thursday, 24 April, Eugene Nichols was minding his own business, birding along the shore of Lake Ontario on Point Peninsula, in the far northern reaches of New York State. He found an all white bird that didn’t belong and eventually deduced that he was looking at a Willow Ptarmigan.

Fire and Rain

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There is currently a push to place the Black-backed Woodpecker, in its Oregon/California and South Dakota populations, under the protection of the Federal Endangered Species Act. This morning it is drizzling. It rained hard last night, with hail and funnel clouds in Billings and lightning all along the storm’s path.

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10,000 Birds goes eBirding

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After those five, there are relative handful with over 100 species: North Carolina (172), Michigan (159), Arizona (155), Washington (144), North Dakota (141!), Many of these “missing” states are in the Midwest or deep South, far from most of the writers. Since 2016, writers at 10,000 Birds have been contributing checklists to a joint eBird account called the “10,000 Birds Collaborative.”

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The Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Wish List

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Out of over 30 respondents, almost everyone wanted money for better facilities, paid staff, on-call veterinarians, emergency vehicles, food, and protected land – from Terry and Lindsay in California to Cindy in Michigan, from Sally in Kentucky to Mickie in South Dakota, and Lisa and Lia in New York. Self-cleaning pens, never-empty feed buckets,” wrote Angel in South Carolina and Zoe in California. “A It’s August, and first on the menu is: Fried Rehabber.

WPAs: America’s Duck Factories

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The resulting properties—WPAs—are small ponds, wetlands, and associated grasslands, primarily in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana, but also in Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Iowa. The Rainwater Basin is located south of the Platte River in south-central Nebraska, at the narrowest point of the Central Flyway, making it one of the most significant waterfowl stopover areas in North America. Snow Geese over Kulm WMD in North Dakota (USFWS).

Little Big Year – Week 34: We visit Colorado and Texas

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With Wyoming and South Dakota in our rear view mirror, we look toward Colorado, and a hot spot I have been anxious to visit. Trinidad Colorado is located just a few miles north of the Colorado – New Mexico border, and home to the Trinidad Reservoir. This area also is where I hope to fill in a few target birds, like the newly spilt Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay, Pinyon Jays and Prairie Falcons.

Black-backed Woodpeckers and Forest Fires in California and the West

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Range map courtesy of South Dakota Birds and Birding. It was July of 2012. I arrived at Lassen Volcanic National Park around 7:00 a.m. It was a cool 48 degrees. I had taken the short drive to the park to search for a family of American Dippers sighted near the visitor center by a fellow birder a few days before. What I found was more than I could possibly hope for.

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Wrap-Up of 2012 Big Year Birding

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Lynn Barber was chasing the South Dakota big year record of 332 and managed to smash it with 350 species. It looks like 352 species is the new South Dakota Big Year record but it is unclear to me if more than one person reached that number or even exceeded it. There were quite a few big years that took place in 2012. Here are the final results, so far as I was able to figure them out. Did I miss anyone? Please let me know in the comments.

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Lewis’s Woodpeckers Are Back

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The truth is that Lewis’s Woodpeckers , named after the famous explorer Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame a few years after being discovered in 1805, are found in the United States mainly west of the great plains (range map courtesy of Terry Sohl at South Dakota Birds ). Lewis’s Woodpecker ( Melanerpes lewis ) In Flight, photos by Larry Jordan Driving home from work last week I finally saw my first Lewis’s Woodpecker ( Melanerpes lewis ) of the fall.

After Some Merritt Island Specialties

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Although, these birds in Florida are pretty far south. This species has three populations that reside in the northern tall-grass prairies ranging from South Dakota up though the Canadian prairies. Southern Florida offers many unique wintering birds, but perhaps none more so then the sparrows that call different parts of Florida their winter homes. Tom Dunkerton tipped me off to an area on the Black Merritt National Wildlife Refuge where some of my target birds can be seen.

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The Traveling Birder

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Prairie Pothole Region of the United States , primary in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. In a recent post, Corey listed five things to do when it is too cold to go birding and one of those things is planning birding travel. Here in Portland, Oregon, it is more frequently too rainy rather than too cold to go birding, at least comfortably. Regardless, planning trips is one way to do something birding-related without getting cold or wet.

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How much bird is there, anyway?

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But if you look at a bit of prairie in South Dakota during the dead of winter, you may see very few birds and a lot of bison. I was looking out a car window the other day and noticed that of all the wildlife most of it was bird. I’m sure there were a lot of insects in range of my eyeballs, hiding behind leaves or camouflaged against bark as insects are wont to do. A squirrel skittered by … a squirrel is not a bird.

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2011?

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Jidhu Jose Mar 18th, 2011 at 2:53 am superb shot happy SWF My Skywatch Friday lina@womens perspectives Mar 18th, 2011 at 3:20 am Lovely sky and birds…lots of birds rofi Mar 18th, 2011 at 3:22 am Wow, it’s my first time to see so many flying birds on the sky… Jochen Mar 18th, 2011 at 9:56 am Wow, “skywatch&# takes over … I’ll be birding (and watching the sky as we are expecting rain) … around my stompin’ ground south of Heidelberg.

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