PETA Exposes Horrible Practice of Reptile Skinning

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Bird vs. Reptile in Key West

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Here’s something you don’t see all the time. “We We had a call one morning about a snake and a hawk,” says Tom Sweets, the executive director and chief rescuer of the Key West Wildlife Center , located at the very tip of Florida. Along with animal care director Peggy Coontz, Tom and a number of volunteers rescue and care for injured and orphaned wildlife within 15 miles of the Center, as well as those spotted on small islands around Key West.

Turtles of the World: A Guide To Every Family–A Book Review by a Turtle Lover

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Turtles are the reptile everybody loves. This culture chapter is necessarily brief but did make me wish for a reptile equivalent of Birds and People , where I could read more about turtle imagery in religion and literature. Reptiles book review turtles

Tourist Tries to Smuggle 44 Lizards in Underwear

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Tortoise Smuggling on the Rise

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South African Caught Smuggling Live Crocodiles

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Yikes! Two TONS of Snakes & Tortoises Seized

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The Loveliest Lizards

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The death of Lonesome George has robbed the world of not only a (sub)species (albeit one that has been functionally extinct for a long time since) but of one of the few celebrity reptiles. For this reason, I’d like to take a break from my bird recital and talk for a minute about the truly marvelous reptiles I saw in Spain. Reptiles Lizards

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Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake

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Reptiles Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake Texas Positive reinforcement tells me that I should be finding snakes in Houston, TX. The first one was found simply by accident, but consistent herpetological luck at Houston’s Arboretum makes me look harder and longer until I find one. It took two visits during this trip, but I was rewarded with a very intimate look at a charming little snake. This is the Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake Thamnophis proximus orarius.

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African Pythons Targeted for Removal

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Reptiles The invasive Burmese Python ( Python molurus ) is well established in the Florida Everglade. Another species of Python, the African Python ( Python sebae ) has established a small population in the 2,877-acre Bird Drive Area (BDA) in South Florida. The BDA is adjacent to the Everglades National Park and it is bordered by highways and urban areas. The African Python has a reputation of being more aggressive than its Burmese counterpart.

Birding With Alligators

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It took several days in Florida for the idea that I was pretty much surrounded by giant reptiles that could kill me to sink in to my brain. Alligator bites are serious injuries due to the reptile’s sheer bite force and risk of infection. Reptiles American Alligator Florida space coast

There’s More to Birding than Birds

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Birding Lizards Mammals Reptiles Trips animals Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field. In New York and Chicago, they’ve been pretty mundane—a White-tailed Deer here, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit there. And of course, way too many chipmunks and squirrels and raccoons and turtles to count.

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Iguanas Love Roti!

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Reptiles Lizards Trinidad and Tobago West of Port of Spain in Chaguaramus, off the Western Main Road, is a very large boatyard. Hidden away in that boatyard is an amazingly good spot to buy roti, which rivaled doubles as my favorite food that I sampled while in Trinidad and Tobago. What, exactly, is roti? It usually refers to an unleavened bread of the type made in south Asia.

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Turtles of Brigantine

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According to the Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of New Jersey (link is a PDF) there are thirteen species of turtle that can be found in the state, so I have already spotted just under a third of the turtle species that there are to see in the Garden State. Reptiles Brigantine new jersey turtlesAs I may have mentioned before , I have been spending an occasional hour or so doing the auto loop at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, better known as Brigantine.

Everglades Long-Legged Birds Feed Their Young To Alligators, Everything is Good.

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Birds Reptiles Alligators Brood reduction Co-evolution everglades Facilitation Watership DownYou know the famous novel about rabbits , wherein among other things the traveling bunnies find themselves in a warren where everyone is well fed and happy, and that’s a problem. There is bird version of this in the Everglades. Apropos the Presidential election season, we note that in life the critical choice is not always the best among near bests, but the least worse among bad choices.

10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets

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They also insure parrots, reptiles, tortoise and even pygmy hedgehogs! 10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets – by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect ExoticDirect offer pet insurance for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, mice and other small pets. pet care

Lizards of New York City

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… Sources used in writing this post: Lizards of New York State (link is a PDF) Natural History of New York City by John Kieran Amphibians and Reptiles of Long Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan Wikipedia: Italian Wall Lizard and Eastern Fence Lizard … a. Reptiles Lizards New York CityNew York City is well known as a city of immigrants so it makes sense that the only lizards living within the five boroughs are immigrants as well.

Wagler’s Pit-viper

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If you liked this post and want to see more great images of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects, make sure to check out 10,000 Clicks , our big (and growing) page of galleries here at 10,000 Birds. Reptiles features snakesIt is possibly heretical to admit as much on such an ornithologically biased website, but one good snake can often be the highlight of my birding day.

Sea Snakes and other creatures of the beach

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Reptiles Australia sea snakesAlthough I usually write about the birds that we observe we are always encountering other creatures along our coastline around Broome and it has been almost five years since I introduced you to some of our local Sea Snakes. The problem with Sea Snake identification is you are supposed to count scales and check other identifying features, which we often don’t do too thoroughly!

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The Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

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Unfortunately for the Green Iguana , which are known to some who eat them as “bamboo chickens” they are, in addition to apparently being rather tasty, one of the most popular reptile pets in the United States though they are difficult to keep and most die in their first year in captivity. Reptiles Honduras LizardsIt is not every day that one gets to see a pair of Green Iguanas sunning themselves on a bush from close range.

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Victoria's Secret Stops Selling Exotic Animal Skins

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Anyway, I'm wondering if the decision could have been influenced by PETA's investigation of how reptiles are being skinned alive for these sales. Victoria's Secret was selling what? I didn't know they were doing this in the first place! And I just bought something from them last month for the first time. This PETA post doesn't claim the credit though.

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German Canines to Help Catch Smugglers

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They have been taught to focus on 16 specific smells including feathers, leathers, reptiles, caviar, coral, ivory and bone. Interesting. Amy, a German shepherd, and Uno, a Labrador retriever, have joined the team at {Frankfurt,} one of Europe's busiest airports — the first two dogs in Germany trained to sniff out live animals, plants or derivatives or remains of them.

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SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer, Part Deux

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No living group of nonhuman animals--no existing species of invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or nonhuman mammal--is ancestral to humans. Although we have reptilian ancestors, we didn't descend from reptiles or any species alive today (105). I realize that in writing about "old speciesism" I failed to define this term that Dunayer uses. I think of "old speciesism" as analogous to racism and sexism in that it is exploitation based on species.

27,000 Animals Rescued in Texas

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A lot of these animals are reptiles, spiders and amphibians, which explains the large number. Holy cow! That's HUGE. It was an exotic animal importing firm (why the eff do those even exist?) that was allegedly mistreating its animals. This rescue is the result of a PETA undercover investigation. See, husband, this is why I like PETA!) From the Detroit Free Press. The raid followed an undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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Birding Shanghai in January 2022

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And if I needed an excuse for showing more photos of White’s Thrush , I would say it is because I have finally understood that my fascination with this species comes from the reptile-type look it is given by its scale pattern, general body shape, and habit of mostly standing absolutely still.

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Photograph Wildlife Worldwide with Wildlife Explorers!

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Their subjects involve mainly birds, mammals, and butterflies, but also reptiles, amphibians, orchids, and underwater creatures. 10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations.

Pet Safety During Home Improvements

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If you have a bird, small mammal, or reptile in a terrarium, don’t leave them in their normal place while you paint or sand paint fumes and dust that are only a mild annoyance to you can make small pets (particularly birds) very sick, or even kill them. Simple tips to keep pets happy and safe while you work. Infants and pets can present an interesting challenge when you want to get some repairs or remodeling done around the house and the dangers aren’t always obvious.

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Great News! Feral Cats to be Removed from Plumb Beach, Brooklyn!

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Seeing as Plumb Beach is a known stopover area for large numbers of shorebirds, a known breeding area for a variety of saltmarsh species, including Clapper Rails , and habitat for a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, insects, and other bird species, this is a long overdue move. Nature lovers, rejoice! The National Park Service is finally going to remove the feral cat colony from Plumb Beach, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Signs like the one above went up late last week.

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Animals of Kruger National Park: A Book Review

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Even better is a guide to mammals and reptiles, because snakes and lizards are pretty much up there with mammals when you’re exploring new territory. The guide covers 57 mammals, 17 reptiles, and 8 amphibians—“most of the mammals and the more common reptiles and frogs that you are likely to encounter on a 1-2 week visit to Kruger or the adjacent reserves.” I’ll never forget my introduction to the mammals of Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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Where I Went Birding that Third Weekend of September 2020

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Sometimes it is a flower (of which there were oodles), a reptile (lizards, and a small snake), or an insect. Faithful fans of 10,000 Bird will know that each Friday Mike invites us to comment where we plan to go birding that weekend.

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Visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge and Spa

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Over 400 species of birds have been spotted at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa and its forests are also a hotspot for several interesting species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Laughing at you, not with you

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The Scaly Laughingthrush (Baihualing, Yunnan) once finished as runner-up at a birds-that-look-like-reptiles contest that was won by a Scaly Thrush (not shown).

Backyard Beneficiaries

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I’ve noted at least nine species of reptiles and amphibians, even our native opossum and squirrel. With any project or investment we’re involved in, the topic of beneficiaries always surfaces some way or the other. Who is going to benefit aside from the original investor?

Birding Shanghai in February 2022

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The White’s Thrush will keep pretending to be a reptile. Unfortunately, Nanhui – in the past, a great place for birdwatching in Shanghai – is continuing its decline. Last time I was there, it reminded me of a Franz Kafka story that I vaguely recalled and then looked up.

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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The relevant numbers involving cats, the people that cherish them, and the birds (and small mammals and reptiles) that they kill are all too large to mean much; you might as well use the funny word “gazillions.” Mark Gamin, a Cleveland lawyer, likes cats and birds both. He likes books too, which made him the ideal reviewer for Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer. This is Mark’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds.

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Mike And Corey Are Going To Uganda!

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Uganda boasts a checklist of well over one thousand species of birds and host of mammals, reptiles, and interesting insects. This coming Thursday both Mike and I will be jetting our way to a continent neither of us have ever visited. Yes, we’ll be heading to Africa, more specifically the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda. We’ll be attending the 3rd African Birding Expo and the pre-Expo familiarity tour.

Red-backed Kingfishers

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The Red-backed Kingfisher hunts large insects and small reptiles and can often be seen perched on open dead trees. Around Broome we have several members of the Kingfisher family, with the most common being the Sacred Kingfisher and the Red-backed Kingfisher. They are similar in size, but the Red-backed Kingfisher is more often seen inland and not necessarily near water.

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A Gray Tree Frog in the Garden

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One of Desi’s favorite things to do when we are visiting his grandparents is wander around the yard looking for bugs, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals – basically, anything living thing. I spent this weekend at my parents’ house in my hometown of Saugerties, New York, which is nestled nicely between the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River.

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The Mysterious Case of Fighter the Fighting Fish

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Dogs aside, I’ve tended to plenty of small mammals and reptiles in my years, and have seen some pretty interesting things. We are pleased to welcome Garth Stein for today’s guest post. Garth is the author of Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog. Enjoy! The Mysterious Case of Fighter the Fighting Fish. by Garth Stein. As a boy myself, and again as a father of three boys, I can tell you, I’ve had some pets in my life.

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Teaching Ornithology in High Schools

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High school graduates would not only know birds, but would also be more aware of the native plants, insects, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that inhabit the woodlots, grassy fields, sea cliffs, and other habitats around their homes.

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Roebuck Plains in flood

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It isn’t just the birds that seek the higher ground, but also the reptiles. Over the last few weeks we have had some significant rainfall in the Broome area. It didn’t take too long after the big rain event at the end of January for Roebuck Plains to flood and the birds to arrive.

Further flooding across Roebuck Plains

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The highway was a popular route for lizards, goannas and other reptiles that were a bit sick of all the water. Last Sunday we checked the Travel Map to see if we would be able to drive across Roebuck Plains on the Great Northern Highway to the south of Broome.

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Bringing Your Pet to Disneyland

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Dogs, cats, birds (given there is no avian bird flu alert), rabbits and non-venomous reptiles are allowed. You’re planning to take the whole family to Disneyland. You’ve got all the details down: budget, accommodation, a list of rides for the kids, restaurants to try, and even your outfits are planned out. Everything is all set. Then you hear a bark and realized, who’s taking care of the dogs when you’re away? Suddenly you don’t feel so excited anymore.

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