Blinded Turtle Finds New Home in Aquarium

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The Archelon rescue centre in Greece previously looking after Homer believes this is what happened to him. Fishermen in Greece deliberately blinding turtles? Tags: UK greece animal rescue turtles I'm not posting this because of the rescue (which is a good thing), but because of HOW this turtle was blinded. From the BBC. The aquarium said it hoped Homer would help raise awareness about the plight of his species.

Rats help save humans.

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In ancient Greece and China, if you were suspected to have tuberculosis, doctors would burn your spit with a stone or hot flame and interpret the fume’s odor.). Long before CAT scans, X-rays, blood samples and colonoscopies, physicians used the good sense they were born with: their sense of smell. That’s because bacterias, cancers and infections create unique smells. Sweet, fruity breath could mean diabetes. A foul-smelling wound might spell an infection. Liver disease?

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Several countries, including Austria, Bolivia, Colombia, Greece, Peru, Britain and Paraguay, have already imposed or approved bans. To the Editor: Re “ Worry Under the Big Top as Mexico City Moves to Ban Circus Animals ” (news article, June 15): Mexico City joins the growing list of cities that have banned the exploitation of animals in circuses. Why is the United States lagging so far behind?