Finding Shelter

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Finding Shelter is an amazing documentary about an English family who found themselves unexpectedly rescuing street animals in Bulgaria. The film shares how the family has shared love and compassion for the homeless animals in their town. It’s not just … Continue reading → The post Finding Shelter appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats dogs people helping animals

Planning and executing birding plans in the times of corona-virus

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First, 800 km of driving from Belgrade through Bulgaria to very NE corner of Greece and the Dadia Forest National Park with its 36 species of diurnal raptors, out of Europe’s 38. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

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We are Just Money Grubbers

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They do breed in the Balkans, in Montenegro and Greece where I observed them, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. Although some sub-populations have shown recent increases (including in Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey), this species’s population is suspected to have decreased rapidly over the last three generations… “Former declines were primarily caused by wetland drainage, shooting and persecution by fishers.

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The Top-5 Birding Hotspots of Serbia

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Unlike the previous hotspots, which lie close to Belgrade, the Kompenzacioni bazen lake (literally “compensation pool”), is in the town of Pirot, close to the border with Bulgaria and about 300 km from Belgrade. “I would certainly recommend Serbia to visiting birders. My own trip was not an intensive birding experience, and August is clearly not the most productive month. I chalked up 132 species in a pretty relaxed eight days, during which birds shared the agenda with culture.

Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

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The sun rises over the village of Chrysochorafa, by Kerkini Lake in the north of Greece, not far from the triple border with Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia. Early September morning. Barn Swallows and Eurasian Collared Doves on the wires… I was here for the first time in April this year (find about it here ) and easily made up my mind: this is a place worthy of many returns.