McDonalds Makes Positive Move to Help Sows

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I'm no fan of McDonalds, but any little bit of help is progress. The McDonald’s Corporation said on Monday that it would begin working with its pork suppliers to phase out the use of so-called gestational crates, the tiny stalls in which sows are housed while pregnant. McDonald’s believes gestation stalls are not a sustainable production system for the future,” Dan Gorsky, senior vice president for supply chain management for McDonald’s North America, said in a statement.

Peta Releases Anti McDonalds Video Game

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You can play the game here.

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Groups Urge FDA Ban on Feeding Chicken Feces to Cows.Wait, WHAT???

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McDonald's Corp., Well, you learn something new every day. A coalition of food and consumer groups that includes Consumers Union and the Center for Science in the Public Interest has asked the Food and Drug Administration to ban the practice. the nation's largest restaurant user of beef, also wants the FDA to prohibit the feeding of so-called poultry litter to cattle. Yeesh. Happy Halloween

ALF's Campaign Against Fast Food in Mexico

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16 - Fake bomb left at McDonalds Oct. Every time I go to Bite Back Magazine , I'm struck by how many times ALF activists in Mexico have targeted fast food outlets. I suppose they are easy to get at. Here is just a brief summary: Oct. 24 - They left some sort of awful smelling liquid at a KFC Oct. 21 - Arson at a Burger King Oct.

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Animal Ethics

McDonald’s, are you listening? To the Editor: Re “ New Way to Help Chickens Cross to Other Side ” (front page, Oct. 22): PETA is proud to see that its hard work behind the scenes with Bell & Evans and other companies to encourage implementation of this new, less cruel form of slaughter is finally coming to fruition. By carrying out a slaughter system that greatly reduces the suffering of chickens, Bell & Evans and Mary’s Chickens show that animal welfare and good business go hand in hand.