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You may recall that Massachusetts voters let their opinions about dog racing be heard when they voted to ban racing in their state. Rhode Island's only dog track, Twin River, will be "suspending" dog racing. And not every dog's career ends in death or broken bones. Some get adopted into great homes. But for me, the number of adopted dogs doesn't make up for the fact that we have no right to breed dogs to use them as gambling chips.

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

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Right before Christmas on December 23rd, orphan dogs and cats available for adoption visited the New York Stock Exchange to ring the closing bell and raise awareness for pet adoption! Current Adoption Update: Dog/Puppy 467,015. Total estimated adoptions 878,812.

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Star studded Valentine Doggie Dinner Party

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On a snowy NYC evening, celebrities and dog-lovers alike gathered at Gotham Hall in New York City, to attend Chef Michael’s “Be My Valentine” Doggie Dinner Party! The donation will help support’s mission to find forever homes for homeless dogs.

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Mexican Activists Staged Protest Early this Month

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MEXICO CITY – Animal rights activists staged a protest against the sale of pets in Mexico City, urging residents to adopt dogs and other animals instead of buying them. Two of the activists, one painted to look like a dog and the other like a cat, stood in gift boxes holding signs that urged people not to view animals as toys and to adopt pets instead of purchasing them. Late on this story. I copied the full article from the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Chock Full of Celebration

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11pm: Tuck foster dog (aka Munchkin – after 34 they’ve all become “Munchkin”) in on the couch and head off to bed. 9:30am: Take Munchkin and forever dog to the dog park. Forever dog runs around like a maniac. 1:30pm: Hop in the car with my mom, forever dog, and Munchkin.

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