Greyhound Racing to End in Rhode Island

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As you may have heard ( here and here are two of Stephanie's posts on the matter), Rhode Island legislators were going to hold a special session to prevent Twin River from shutting down live racing. But thanks to the many people who care about the dogs and don't believe they should be exploited, dog racing at Twin River--in Rhode Island--will end on August 8.

Good News for Greyhounds

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Rhode Island's only dog track, Twin River, will be "suspending" dog racing. Mooney Rhode Island We who want humans to stop using sentient nonhumans have few victories to celebrate. But one area that continues to provide them is the fight against the use of greyhounds as a source of entertainment (and gambling revenue) by forcing them to race. Here are a couple recent bits of good news.

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Be aware of areas where Lyme disease (a common tick-borne illness) is prevalent: the eastern coastal states and the north central states, especially parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin and northern California. 5 ways to de-bug your pet this spring: Ticks can be difficult to spot. Ticks are tiny, some about the size of a pin head. They can resemble freckles, moles or even specks of dirt.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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Such bills have been introduced in the past by elected officials in Rhode Island, Colorado, and Tennessee, and the first-ever bill for a statewide registry in California was today announced by its sponsor, State Senator Dean Florez. I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. They are pioneering legislation in California to make public animal abuse registries. In our opinion, this is a wonderful idea, and we wanted to help them spread the word.