A pelican in the poo pond

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The latest of the “Amado” surprises is the appearance of an American White Pelican. Here is the American White Pelican when it first arrived. The post A pelican in the poo pond appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Birding Amado WTP American White Pelican Southeast Arizona Birding

Pelican Brewing Company: Brut India Pale Ale

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One of these is Pelican Brewing Company of Pacific City, Oregon, with their Fly ‘N Dry Brut IPA, which we have to enjoy this week (thanks once again to fellow 10,000 Birds beat writer Jason Crotty for sending me a can!), If you haven’t tried a brut IPA yet, Pelican Brewing Company offers a great introduction to the style with Fly ‘N Dry. Pelican Brewing Company. The post Pelican Brewing Company: Brut India Pale Ale appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Pelican Release with International Bird Rescue

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There are advantages to being a “Pelican Partner” for International Bird Rescue ! First, you get to tour one of their California centers , you get a special opportunity to see a Pelican getting its final medical exam and numbered leg band, plus you get the honor of releasing one, or in my case, two of their rehabilitated pelicans! Such was the case with the two juvenile Brown Pelicans I was chosen to release back into the wild.

Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

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The system starts with a small pool bursting with Little Egrets , Pygmy and Great Cormorants , Black-headed Gulls … I am driving by it and, through the opening in the bushes, see a… Pelican! Such a large bird in such a small pool and only the first of many Dalmatian Pelicans I will see that day. Numerous flocks of White Pelicans make for the largest and the most obvious species. Local guide: Georgos Spiridakis - Pelican’s Eye (@: info@pelicans-eye.gr).

Peregrine Falcon vs Brown Pelican?

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Birds Brown Pelican nesting birds Peregrine Falcon //www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wpM1LwKaak. v=-wpM1LwKaak. When doing some research for a presentation on cavity nesting birds of Northern California, I came upon a reference titled “ Cavity Nesting Birds of North American Forests.” ” The book listed the Peregrine Falcon as a cavity nester which I thought was curious.

Saving Pelican 895

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HBO’s new documentary “SAVING PELICAN 895.” Directed by Academy-Award nominee Irene Taylor Brodsky (HBO’s “The Final Inch” and “Hear and Now”) the film is the story of the 895th pelican to be rescued and rehabilitated by a dedicated team of wildlife experts and everyday people, many of whom travel the world responding to oil disasters. The Brown Pelican, the state bird of Louisiana, has endured a turbulent history along the Louisiana Coast.

The Brown and Peruvian Pelicans

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The Brown Pelican and the Peruvian Pelican are closely related and once were considered the same species. They are indeed very similar in all plumage stages, but the Peruvian Pelican is nearly twice as big as its northern counterpart. Both pelicans are still common, but their population have been negatively affected by strong El Niño fluctuations and by exercise use of pesticides. Brown Pelicans in non-breeding plumage. Peruvian Pelican in non-breeding plumage.

Greece: Pelicans galore at Lake Kerkini

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We are entering a long boat and sail by the wooden poles in the water, decorated with Common Terns (and one Black Tern that I’ve dipped), towards the greatest attraction of the lake, the pelican colony. Dalmatian Pelicans – Photo (c) Georgos Spiridakis. Off we sail to another breeding colony – that of threatened Dalmatian Pelicans. Dalmatian Pelicans – nesting platform. Trips Europe Greece pelicans

Dalmation Pelicans on Caspian Sea in Trouble

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Here’s hoping they manage to save the Dalmation Pelicans , the world’s largest pelican. Asides pelicansWith the Caspian Sea frozen over for the first time in years Russian authorities are scrambling to feed the desperate birds that have no way to get to the fish beneath the ice.

Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

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The other day I was exploring a new area for the first time, birding the national park that I’ve watched only in BBC documentaries, the place famous for the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world – more than 1300 pairs! Add more than 350 pairs of White Pelicans to that picture, numerous herons and up to 700 pairs of Pygmy Cormorants breeding in the same reedbeds (cover photo)… It must be bursting with activity in spring, but I was there in mid-September.

A Brown Pelican at Montauk Inlet

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A pelican is always a good bird to see in New York State. Both American White Pelicans and Brown Pelicans are rare but regular, almost always showing up at least annually, usually somewhere along the coast for Brown Pelicans and either along the coast or on Lake Erie or Lake Ontario for American White Pelicans. This year, however, the Brown Pelicans have been scarce and there haven’t been any that could be chased. And we saw no pelican.

“A wonderful bird is the pelican” – Pelican Brewing Company: Hazy Rock India Pale Ale

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American White Pelicans have been making a bit of a splash in the northeast United States lately, with more and more birds straying into the region over the years. This week’s beer is in the New England IPA style, brought to us by Pelican Brewing Company , a two-decades-old beachside pub and brewery on the Oregon coast in what should be staunchly West Coast IPA turf. Pelican Brewing Company: Hazy Rock India Pale Ale.

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Pelicans

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Though he destroyed more than 1,000 nests worth of chicks and eggs of the American White Pelican nearly obliterating a colony on land he rented, a guilty plea by Minnesota farmer Craig Staloch means that he faces, at most, six months in jail. Justice? Asides

American White Pelicans in Key West

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In addition to sharks, barracuda, rays, and fishes, we had also spotted Double-crested Cormorants , Brown Pelicans , and Magnificent Frigatebirds. As we pulled to a stop at the sand bar and hopped out into the hip-deep water, I literally couldn’t believe my eyes: a flock of American White Pelicans. I should not have been too surprised to see them; American White Pelicans winter in Florida and I had already counted dozens of their brown cousins diving into the colorful waves.

2017 40

The American White Pelican Scoops Up Fish As It Swims

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The American White Pelican ( Pelecanus erythrorhynchos ) is a huge bird! In breeding plumage, adult American White Pelicans have a distinct “centerboard&# or “horn&# on the ridge of their bill. I did see several American White Pelicans though, including this immature bird (click on photos for full sized images). Unlike the Brown Pelican, the American White Pelican scoops up fish while swimming. Birds American White Pelican waterbirds West Coast

Australian Pelicans

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Australian Pelicans – Pelecanus conspicillatus are easily observed at the Broome Poo Ponds as they roost on the banks of the ponds. The Australian Pelicans really can’t be mistaken for any other bird species and most people are familiar with Pelicans throughout the world. Not only are Australian Pelicans a large bird, but they also have a large bill and they use this to dip into water to feed on fish. Australian Pelicans. Australian Pelican.

The Pelican is not a New Zealand Bird

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This is the story of the pelicans of New Zealand. Australian Pelican ( Pelecanus conspicillatus ) at Centennial Park, Sydney No pelicans were recorded in New Zealand when the Europeans first arrived, and it wasn’t until 1930 that fossils of pelicans were discovered in a cave in central North Island. Gilbert Archey, who found the remains, attributed them to the Australian Pelican. Birds Australia New Zealand pelicans vagrant

Farewell to 2020 – Marin Brewing Company: Albion Amber Ale

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Birding Food Reviews Belted Kingfisher Birds and Booze Brewer's Blackbird Brown Pelican California California Scrub-Jay Golden-crowned Sparrow Great Egret San Francisco Say's Phoebe Western Gull Western Meadowlark wildfires

2020 82

Saving the Drowning Cormorant, or the Kerkini Lake, Greece

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Common Nightingales were singing, a squadron of Dalmatian Pelicans was in the air and everything was exactly where it should be, including myself. European Bee-eaters were now filling the sky, there was even a distant flock of Great White Pelicans , easily told apart from their Dalmatian cousins by their rosy plumage (clearly pale-rosy even at a distance; Dalmatians have a grey tinge). At mid-day, we took a boat tour of the heronries and the pelican islands with Nikos.

2019 63

Peli Can-Do

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He’s talking about Brown Pelicans. “We He told me about last summer, when Bird Ally X received 246 Brown Pelicans covered not with petroleum, but with fish oil. Pelicans, waiting for a free meal, stood under the pipe and were seriously slimed. They eat like hogs, with 250 pelicans eating hundreds of pounds of smelt a day. Pelicans are incredibly cool birds,” he says. “We But I have to say, it was just so much freakin’ fun to play catch with a pelican.”.

2013 77

Birds Suffering from Oil Spill

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Pelicans unable to fly due to being coated with oil. Several pelicans were coated in oil on Barataria Bay off Louisiana, their usually brown and white feathers now jet black. Pelican eggs were glazed with rust-colored gunk, and new hatchlings and nests were also coated with crude. Tags: birds marine life pelicans 2010 oil spill It's the Exxon Valdez all over again.

What is the State Bird of Louisiana?

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Brown Pelicans are quite popular in Louisiana. One of the state’s nicknames is “The Pelican State,” the bird is on the state’s flag, the state seal, the state painting (yes, apparently states have official paintings), as well as on one of Louisiana’s bicentennial coins. Officially designated as the state bird in 1966 , the Brown Pelican has since enjoyed its status. It’s easy to see where the fascination with pelicans lies.

You Never Know What You’ll Find in Kansas

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However, there was no mistaking them: we had happened across a large flock of American White Pelicans ! If you’re like me, you probably picture pelicans along oceans or seas, bobbing in the salt or brackish water as they feed in their bright groups. In fact, my mental association between American White Pelicans and the coast probably draws as much from their similarity to Brown Pelicans as their actual habitat and habits.

Survival challenges in the wild

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Gulls, terns and pelicans are all subjected to the predatory nature of the frigatebirds. Just about the time the Osprey got its catch airborne, a small flock of American White Pelicans came screaming in, in an attempt to get that fish away from the Osprey. I have never seen any kind of pelican exhibit this kind of behavior. The White Pelicans were very determined, and they had numbers! Birding American White Pelican La Paz Mexico Magnificent Frigatebirds Osprey

2017 42

The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

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Among the more notable species of this section (Greater Flamingoes and Dalmatian Pelicans were spread all over the lake) I find one Red-breasted Goose , 7 Bewick (Tundra) Swans , one young White-tailed Eagle and 5 different Greater Spotted Eagles – 4 of them in the same morning and two of those right next the dyke, plus one magnificent pale fulvescens form. Further south, heading towards the dam, is a cove from where Nikos Gallios sails out for Dalmatian Pelican photography tours.

The Long-billed Curlew

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In the picture below, you can see the Curlews, along with the American White Pelicans, American Avocets , (a lot of “American” birds here in Mexico) Greater Yellowlegs, Dowitchers, Terns and Willets. Birds American Avocet American White Pelican La Paz Mexico Long-billed Curlew Tidal FlatsIn my continuing coverage of the return migrants to the lower Baja, todays story is of the Long-billed Curlew. This extremely large shorebird, coming is at nearly 24 inches.

2016 46

Santa comes to La Paz early

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We have for the past few years had a small resident population of 10 or 11 American White Pelicans , but now our number is up to 48. I was able to get a shot of this Reddish Egret sitting on a stump, exposed by the falling tide…… Only to have this American White Pelican quickly run it off. Birding American White Pelican La Paz Mexico Long-billed Curlew Migratory Species Nikon Tidal Flats

2016 50

A visit to Dog Lake

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The first was the presence of 10-12 American White Pelicans. Birding American White Pelicans Dog Lake Oregon Turkey Vultures Western GrebeOn the final leg of my “Old Home Week”, I travel out to Dog Lake, a pristine high mountain lake, surrounded by mature Ponderosa Pines. Located about 20 miles from Lakeview, Oregon, and sitting at an elevation of 5100 feet, this 208 acre lake is home to many species of fish, including Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Bluegill.

2017 44

Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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Brown Pelicans , and the northernmost Brown Booby breeding colony on this side of the Pacific. Ringer Anhingas and darters , cormorants and shags , frigatebirds , gannets and boobies , pelicans , and the tropicbirds all share a characteristic found in no other living bird: Their feet are totipalmate. Over the last 20 years, as molecular analysis techniques have improved and multiplied, strong evidence has emerged that tropicbirds and pelicans belong elsewhere in the avian tree.

2011 60

Most Well-endowed Birds

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That honor belongs to the imaginatively-named Australian Pelican ( Pelicanus conspicillatus ), which is quite conspicillatus indeed with a beak from 13-18.5 Pelicans, with their infamously indiscriminate appetites, have been described as the Sarlacc of the bird world , so try not to imagine what this Aussie icon does with so formidbile a maw. Birds Bird Love Week hornbills Long-billed Curlew pelicans Sword-billed Hummingbird toucans

2012 65

Parry’s Lagoon Nature Reserve

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Buff-banded Rail There were only four Australian Pelicans in the area that we could see and they spent most of the hours that we were in the hide busy trying to find food. A Little Black Cormorant seemed to be a lot more successful than the Australian Pelicans at finding small fish. Australian Pelicans Apart from the large Magpie Geese there were numerous Green Pygmy-geese and they happily paddled by the bird hide.

2012 64

Marlgu Billabong

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The Australian Pelicans were not overly concerned and it is more likely that the crocodile would take a wallaby on dusk as it came in to drink. Australian Pelicans and crocodile. Trips Australia darters herons and egrets pelicans On our recent birding and camping trip we decided to return to Parry’s Lagoon Nature Reserve because we had enjoyed our visit there last year in September.

2013 54

Oil to Hit US Shore Either this Sunday or Monday

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The animals threatened most by the spill are bluefin tuna, sea turtles, brown pelicans, shrimp and sharks. That's when the full impact of the oil spill on wildlife will be seen. Right now, there are still no confirmed deaths due to the spill, but rescue groups are gearing up for the worst.

2010 100

The Unknown Costs of the Oil Spill

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There are many animals that are "charisma species" that capture our attention, like pelicans and turtles, but what about the animals farther down on the food chain that we don't see. This post on Mongabay.com discusses whether we'll ever know the full extent of the oil spill's impact on wildlife. They may not be cute and charismatic, but they are the ones that support those that are.

2010 109

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of October 2020)

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A distant American White Pelican on the East Pond was Corey’s 264th species in Queens this year, which tops his previous best by three species. October is when rumors of the next season become harder to deny.

2020 65

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of July 2020)

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He missed Brown Pelicans , a Brown Booby , and dozens of Great Shearwaters. Another weekend is in the books. With hope, this was a memorable one for you, even if the birds weren’t particularly rare.

2020 86

Another Depressing Oil Spill Story!

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With some 400 species estimated to be at risk — from the tiniest oil-eating bacteria to shrimp and crabs, endangered sea turtles, brown pelicans and sperm whales — experts say the impact of oil and chemical dispersants on the food chain has already begun, and could grow exponentially. “A It's the "gift" that keeps on giving. From the Khaleej Times Online/AFP.

2010 109

Birding and Wildlife photography at Limneo Lodge, Kerkini Lake, Greece

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Also Dalmatian and Great White Pelicans are resident species, breeding successfully on artificial platforms (close to 300 pairs). 10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of May 2019)

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As such, his Best Bird of the Weekend is the Brown Pelican , a bird that always amazes Corey in places where they are common. Seeing a squadron on pelicans just past where hundreds of beach goers swim is always an interesting juxtaposition. In the midst of a three-day Memorial Day observance, many American birders still have a day left to nail down a BBOTW. If you’re not happy with your progress so far, make the most of what is left of May.

2019 43

Heading Out for the First Day of the Great Backyard Bird Count

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And a lone American White Pelican , its impressive wing span reminding me for the umpteenth time of the hugeness of this species. . Note: Erika is the Communications Director for Audubon Florida.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of April 2018)

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I dropped in at Montezuma NWR before the errant American White Pelican could pull itself away from the carp-filled canal. Only the awesome rarity and pelican pulchritude of this vagrant could top the other amazing birds at Montezuma right now. Don’t freak out, but even the most frost-rimed regions in the Northern Hemisphere have noticed subtle signs of spring.

2018 40

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of December 2012)

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Corey’s BBOTW was a Brown Pelican at Montauk Inlet, a good bird in New York State, especially in December! Since my waxwings shots weren’t that hot, let’s enjoy Corey’s wayward pelican. This is one of those weekends where actually watching birds gets in the way of writing about them, so I’ll cut to the chase. See any nice birds lately? The best bird of my weekend was Japanese Waxwing spotted where else but in Japan!

2012 53

Come See Birds and…Everything

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The medieval flint churches of Norfolk stand right in the center of the most exciting birding in England, and our Black Sea cruises from port to historic port feature Dalmatian Pelicans and Audouin Gulls.